Dropship Lengths Hair Company Review


You have just made it easier to be successful. It can be hard to start a business if you don’t have the capital required. You shouldn’t be prevented from achieving your goals by having enough start-up capital.

Dropship lengths makes it easy to sell hair without any inventory! For goal-driven people, we make it as simple as possible to get started today. Only sell hair to customers. We take care of everything else! How does that sound to you?


You promote your hair company

Prices can be set by you

You make a sale to your customer

Wholesale price: You can order exactly the same item from our company and get it shipped to you.

We will ship hair to you

Profits are yours to keep

It’s so easy!


A monthly membership fee of $19.95 and a one time sign-up fee is available. Or, you can opt for a yearly membership at $195.95 plus a onetime sign up fee. Your bundles will be dropped shipped when you join the membership. Drop Ship Membership.

Please read the following before you sign up

IN ORDER to receive our services and prices, you will need to purchase a membership that requires a $19.95 MONTHLY FEE. AUTOMATICALLY, YOU WILL BE CHARGED ON THE SAME DAY EVERY MONTH YOU INITIALLY PAYED FOR YOUR MEMBERSHIP. So, if you sign up for your membership on the 5th, you will be charged every month on the 5th. YOU MAY CONTACT DROPSHIPLENGTHS@GMAIL.COM FOR MORE INFORMATION.


You must ensure that your monthly payment is made on time. If your account goes 30 days without payment, then your account will be cancelled and you will have to sign up again for services.


You can cancel your subscription at any time with a 30 day notice. You will be able to use the MEMBERSHIP until your next payment is due. For example, if you pay for the MEMBERSHIP on OCTOBER 4, and then decide to cancel on OCTOBER 5, you will be able to use the DROPSHIPPING SERVICE until NOVEMBER 4. You will not be eligible for a refund of the MONTH you have purchased. Once you have purchased the subscription, you will not be refunded for the MONTH that you have paid.

SAME INFORMATION FOR YEARLY FEE. If you decide not to extend your membership, please cancel before the next year’s payment is made.


You don’t need labels! You can choose from a variety of pre-made designs to label your products. We also offer the option of sending you branding labels to use for your customers.


You can name it and call it whatever you want. You must ensure that you obtain the correct business license. Also, make sure to follow all local business regulations. DropShip Lengths is not responsible for your business maintenance.


You are the boss of your hair business. You decide what you charge for your hair. You are the one responsible for all sales and promotions. DropShip Lengths can only fulfill your orders.


Website plans now available There are 4 plans available starting at $199. Lay-a-way is also available for your websites! Is that what you do? We do!


We won’t reveal ourselves to your customers as your vendor. Your customer will not know where your main vendor is located. The name of the return company will be kept secret. Since they will be purchasing directly from you, we respect your business. We don’t want our customers to know the vendor information. We keep this information private. It is important that you do not reveal our headline name to your customers.


Shipping fees are calculated within the order that you place with us. To compensate us for the shipping fees you place with us, you will have to charge your customers shipping costs.


It will take approximately 3-5 business days for your customers to receive their shipment once they have placed an order with us. Depending on the sales volume, it could take up to 7 days. We do not ship on weekends or holidays.


This is a delicate subject, but we will help you determine if an order was fraudulent. Some will be caught, but others may not. If a customer places fraudulent orders with you, this will result in your chargeback. If you suspect fraud, we recommend that you do not ship an order. We will provide tips and tricks to help you identify fraud orders once you become a member.


Are you just starting out and don’t have any photos? No worries! You can purchase stock photos and videos!


You will take care of all customer service concerns and questions. We do not handle your customers. We do not recommend that you give your customers our contact information. Customer service issues are your responsibility. Your customer will also know the name of your vendor, so it is important to not mix the companies.

Being that YOU are our customer, you are allowed to contact us by emailing us at DROPSHIPLENGTHS@GMAIL.COM or you can call us during business hours

Call 770-626-3972 option 2 (Drop Shipping). (Use our main page to assist.) Please remember that our sole function is to ship orders directly to your customers. All other matters will be your responsibility.


All items not up to your satisfaction regarding quality are eligible for a seven-day return or exchange policy. If the item has been worn, damaged, worn, tampered, altered, wet or out of the original pattern, it will not be accepted back. To return hair, it must be in the exact same condition as new and with all its bundles intact. To be eligible for a refund, email or call us within 5 days. Bundles cannot be accepted after seven days. Please note that we must return the hair within 7 days from the date the customer received it.

We will also allow customers to exchange their hair one time if they are unhappy with the style, length or choice of hair. To be accepted back, the hair must be in the same condition it was sent to you. Original packaging and hair products (hair extensions, or other products) must not be damaged or used. We cannot accept the hair back if the customer tries to comb it. The bundles cannot be ripped or altered. It must be in the same condition that we sent it in. They will be responsible for returning any items that they wish to exchange and shipping costs. In rare cases, the customer may have a defective bundle. However, we will pay shipping costs and return to the customer if the bundle is found to be defective.

We don’t have a return policy. We offer only store credit.

Let’s get going! Drop Ship Membership