Dropshipping and Fulfillment for AliExpress and WooCommerce

Shop owners can import AliExpress products to their WooCommerce store using ALD Dropshipping and Fulfillment. This allows shop owners to easily manage their online business with an extensive range of AliExpress products and make more money.

This plugin is now Top 1 in the Aliexpress Dropshipping category for WooCommerce.

Important Notice:

  • Based on WooCommerce plugin, Plugin works.
  • To connect to chrome extension, your site must use SSL certificates
  • Your permalink structure cannot be “Plain”.
  • Our plugin does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or currentness of raw data imported from AliExpress. We will not be held responsible if this information is not up-to-date or otherwise meets your needs. We are not responsible for any risks associated with raw information or the material.
  • Sometimes, information may contain typographical errors, inaccuracies or omissions from AliExpress. This includes product descriptions, promotions and pricing. Shipping fee, availability, delivery times, and availability are all examples. Except as required by law, we do not guarantee to update, modify, clarify, or correct such information.
  • It’s available on WordPress.org. You can download it for free and use it to create themes for sale.


Import products

This plugin allows you import products from AliExpress into multiple WooCommerce stores at once.

Since version 1.0.3, you can authenticate your extension using WooCommerce REST API authentication(recommended) to reduce errors. You must turn off Coming Soon, Maintenance Mode, and Under Construction mode when authenticating.

Although it is possible to connect with extensions using secret key, it could be removed in an update.

  • Import from a single product page
  • Import from the category page

Set up rules for all imported products

In the product setting, you can create general rules that apply to all imported products.

  • Global product attributes – You have the option to import global or custom attributes (newly added in 1.0.4)
  • Products Status – Choose a product status to import products from AliExpress. You can choose from three product statuses: Draft, Pending, or Publish.
  • Catalog visibility This setting determines the shop pages where products will be listed.
  • Product Description: After adding products to an import list, customizing the product description.
  • Select product pictures: When you add the product to your import list, the gallery will show other images.
  • Images from description – You can download the image from your product description to your server. Then you can use other plugins for editing it to fit your store.
  • Default Categories: These are the default categories that will be used for Import products
  • Default Product Tags: Fill out the tag titles.
  • Product variations can be seen on the product pages: Make variations of imported products visible from the product page
  • Manage stock – Allows you to import and manage product inventory. If you disable this option the product stock status of your product will be set to “Instock” and no product inventory will be imported.
  • Hide Ship from: Allow to hide the attribute Ship from China.
  • Search and Replace: Find strings in the product title or description, and replace them with their values.

Establish rules for pricing all products

  • Product Price Setting: This allows you to set price rules for all imported goods.
  • Import product currency exchange rate: This allows you to determine the exchange rate that will convert the import currency into the expected currency for your store.
  • Show shipping option Shipping costs can now be added on to the product price. Before you import products, you can choose the shipping country and company.
  • Rules to set pretty prices: Prices can be automatically set up based on your rules. Prices will appear in pretty format prior to imports such as 23.67=>23.99 or…

AliExpress’s currency is USD. But, I need to convert it into VND for my Woo store. Therefore, the current exchange rate of 23000

If the field is set to 1, it indicates that there has been no currency change (USD by default).

  • Price starting: This field will allow you to set price rules for multiple quantity ranges. An action type can be used to set a quantity range.
  • Action : An action is defined with a number range. These can include: Increase by a fixed sum; Increase by a percentage Set to (a particular value)
  • Sale price: Set a rule for sale price. If there is no sale price, set -1
  • Regular Price: Create a regular price.

After making the payment, install the rules for all products

After making payment, this Setting will allow you to define the general rules that apply to all products.

  • Carrier Company: Choose a default carrier for all AliExpress products in your WooCommerce shop.
  • AliExpress Order Notes: These notes will be added after an order has been fulfilled with Chrome extension.
  • Show action – To show that an action has been completed, you can set the Order Status. These statuses can be set: Pending payment; On hold; Completed, Canceled or Refunded; Failed

Set simple product attributes

You can now configure the products in the Import List. Here you can edit attributes, product price, product images and variations, before pushing them to WooCommerce store.

  • Import all – Allows you to import all products on your Woo store.
  • Search product : Search for a product in the import list.
  • Product : Display imported product attributes.
  • Product Attributes You can edit the product attributes names, values, and remove undesirable attributes before you import.
  • Description Copy the product description to AliExpress. You can also edit it.
  • Variations – This setting allows for customization and management of variable products.
  • Gallery – Copy gallery on AliExpress, or choose one from your Woo shop.
  • View products on AliExpress: This will allow you to access AliExpress directly.
  • Import and Override : Choose to import or override the product in your Woo store

Manage your imported product list

In the Imported setting, you can briefly manage the product attributes.

  • Product Title : Name of the product you have in your store.
  • Sku : The stock keeping unit for the product in your shop
  • Price: Product price on AliExpress
  • WooCommerce Prices: The price of the product in your store
  • Delete
  • Override : You can override the original product with an alternative.

Manage the sold orders for imported products

AliExpress orders can be distinguished from your first store order and managed in WooCommerce’s Order Setting.

Orders tracking for WooCommerce: Compatible with Orders tracking for WooCommerce, so you can manage tracking data easily

Variations SWATCHES: Compatible With Product Variations Swatches For WooCommerce. This allows customers to choose product variants in your store just like AliExpress.


  • All features of the free version: All settings/imported items/fulfilled orders are retained after upgrading
  • Frontend shipping – Instead of having to import product with a specific shipping cost, customers can choose the shipping company based on their country. This is similar to AliExpress. You can mask the fact that you’re a dropshipper by using shipping companies
  • AliExpress Orders: This page is a separate one to manage your AliExpress orders. You can bulk fulfill orders, or fill orders with extension.
  • Bulk Orders: In addition to being able to fulfill AliExpress orders individually with the chrome extension you can also bulk fulfill your orders quickly. This will help you save tons of time.
  • Price and Quantity Sync: AliExpress now allows you to automatically sync your product price and quantity using cron. You will be notified by email if a product is out-of-stock/changes in price, or is offline. The log file allows you to track the progress.
  • Tracking number synchronization: This is similar to product tracking, but it’s automated. To check if a tracking number is available for certain orders, you don’t have to log in to AliExpress. You can wait for them to sync.
  • Automatically update the exchange rate: You can schedule the plugin to automatically update the exchange rate every day at a particular time.
  • Split Variations into the Right Products: Many AliExpress products are too varied (more than 100), so this feature allows you to break down those products into smaller units for easier management.
  • Product attribute mapping – AliExpress attributes are often in complicated terms that are not easy to understand so you’ll need to edit them before you import. This feature saves you a lot of time and makes it much easier.
  • Premium Support: Each purchase includes 6 or 12 months premium support from VillaTheme.

Is dropshipping legal?

Dropshipping is legal if you have permission from the suppliers to sell their products. Make sure you run honest marketing campaigns. Be compliant with the online sales tax laws.

How do dropshippers make a profit?

Dropshippers must balance their revenue and costs. Consider the wholesale price of the products that you source and your marketing efforts. Price your products carefully to ensure you are making more money than you spend on dropshipping.

How can you make smart dropshipping profits? Keep your prices competitive. You want to be able to pay your expenses and still make a profit. You should research the prices of your competitors to find a range that is reasonable. Then, choose a profit margin that will win you customers.