Dropshipping Customized and Personalized Products Guide

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Dropshipping custom products allows e-commerce websites attract more customers today’s market and make them happy. Companies are responding to the growing demand for customized products and design products.

Customers can now easily get their products via e-commerce. Dropship personalized products are up-to-date with the most recent technology, which allows them to provide the best service to their customers. You don’t have to accept the standard printers’ offer and go elsewhere to get what you want.

Dropshipping custom products

It is now possible to create custom products and designs with the help of technology. Your e-commerce store can stand out by offering personalized products. Many entrepreneurs believe that custom-made products will cost more than manufacturing standard products. It is actually only slightly more than manufacturing in bulk.

According to the research, the global market for custom-made gifts will reach USD 31.63 trillion by 2021. America is expected to be the largest regional market, with highest incremental growth and revenue.

People are also increasingly interested in personalized products with a specific design. It is a common trend, especially among young people.

The custom product market, which is characterised by the presence of many vendors, is highly competitive and mature in developed countries. The developing countries have significant growth potential due to their young population and increased awareness. Vendors are investing heavily to capitalize on this opportunity. Companies are now focusing on dropship products to meet the growing demand.

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A custom product that is successful must fulfill a functional or aesthetic purpose based on the preferences of the consumer.

You are searching for the best custom dropshippers


Another company that prints on-demand is CustomCat. Online retailers can use this service to create, customize and sell high-quality products around the world. CustomCat’s proprietary “web-to product manufacturing and fulfillment system” allows for premium pricing, low-volume customization, and eliminates costly setup. They offer custom products such as T-Shirts and Sweatshirts, Hats and Jerseys, Tablet Covers, Laptop Sleeves and Sleeves, Pet Accessories, Phone Cases and Cases, Drinkware, Jewelry, Hair Brush, Pants. They are also dropshippers of designer shoes.


Dropshipping is offered by this company. It integrates with Shopify, Woocommerce and Storenvy platforms. They target small and medium-sized online shops that want to sell custom printed products such as posters, canvas, and t-shirts, but cannot fulfill or deal with shipping. Online retailers can use Printful to outsource fulfillment and shipping. Printful prints each item as soon as the order arrives. This saves a lot of time and hassle of printing and stocking inventory. It also helps to reduce wastage. This is both good for the environment as well as your business. Printful handles shipping so you can get your order in time and at a cheaper price.

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* There are no monthly or setup fees

* A wide range of brands and products

* API for custom solutions

* Mockup generator to create products and mock-up images

* Option for direct manual ordering

* Simple to use, high reputation, and useful tutorial documents.

Dropshipping custom products works?

The buzzword in the market is custom products. It is ideal to have both sides of the same coin. It is beneficial for the environment and consumers, but not so much for entrepreneurs. These are the main drawbacks of customization.

* Higher prices:

The cost of customizing any product will be higher because it requires extra money, manpower and materials. If the product is mass-produced without customization, it will cost less. This leads to a lot of research. This can only be done if the sale is higher or if the customer bears the brunt.

* Consistency challenges:

It is important to maintain product consistency. If you have to create a custom product from scratch, it can cause problems for your regular products. One negative image can cause serious damage to a company. When customizing products, it is important to ensure that the quality standards are maintained.

Who is it for?

Drop shippers are not likely to choose selling customized products. Starting a business as a solo venture is risky. This question is best left open to interpretation as each person’s perspective will be different.

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It can be run as a business by entrepreneurs who are shoe dropshippers or other designers. Anyone who works with designer products or anyone else can do it as long as they are mentally ready for the consequences. If you don’t mind a lower sales volume, starting as a dropshipper for designer products could be great. However, there are also target segments that only want customized products.

Dropshipping Personalised Products

Dropshipping allows you to fulfil orders without having to stock the product. Dropshipping is a method whereby a business buys an item from a third-party and has it delivered directly at the customer’s door.

You can display items on your website and receive payment directly from customers whenever they place an order.

Dropshipping is a great business model, especially if you’re just starting in eCommerce. Once you’ve decided what product you want, you can start building your website and marketing it. There is no need to worry about stock, a store location or delivery times. Dropshipping is the best option for cash-poor customers. No stock = no risk.

Dropships can be risky because you may give your fulfillment reputation to third parties. Trust them. Dropshippers can let you down. Others will promise the moon but not deliver. This is the risk that you need to be aware of.

As consumers demand more, the personalised product market is growing in popularity. We want to not only receive personalized product service, but also to actively participate in it.

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Dropshipping is a well-known business model. With the right product, it can be very profitable. Dropshipping personalized products can increase traffic and convert more customers.

Brian O’Donnell is the Managing Director at Map Marketing. He shares his tips and insights on how to sell personalised products via dropshipping, which will ensure your long-term survival.

Map Marketing, based in Devon (UK), is a manufacturer and distributor of maps and jigsaws puzzles. They sell primarily in the UK and USA and supply jigsaw puzzles and off-the shelf maps. They are experts in dropshipping, having shipped more than one million personalised map puzzles.

The lure of personalized products

One advantage of personalized products is their uniqueness. The majority of commercial products you see in stores are generic and mass-produced, without any personalization.

A personalized product gives it a new life. Personalized products have high perceived value and are unique.

These three elements make personalized products the perfect gift. Personalized products are most often driven by gift giving and gift purchasing.

You want your gift to be unique when you give it. A $100+ gift is more expensive than a $200 gift, but it will be rare for a $20 gift to be truly unique.

Personalized products can be as simple as $15. They can be very unique and thoughtful.

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Personalization can transform generic, often low-quality products into something unique with high perceived value.

Dropshipping personalized products gives you an advantage because you can sell something that cannot be purchased elsewhere.

Sentimental value is a product that has a name, a personal message, or even a photo on it. The gift’s monetary value is often irrelevant because of its sentimental value.

You will often overlook the monetary value of a generic mug purchased in a shop as a Christmas gift. However, if you purchase a personalized mug with your personal message, you may consider it a $15 gift.

This is important to remember if you sell customized products. You aren’t selling the actual product. Personalization adds sentimental value to the product.

Because the product has more value than the product itself, you can charge a premium.

Dropship Personal Products

You can sell customized products online in one of two ways. You can buy generic products, then invest in a laser engraver or printer to personalize them yourself.

This option is expensive upfront, but offers much higher profit margins.

Dropshipping personalized products is another option. This is possible thanks to Shopify and the print on demand apps.

The advantages of print on demand is that you do not have to invest in any inventory and thanks to some Shopify apps, your customers can personalize products and it is all automated or at least semi-automated.

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Print on demand eliminates the need to manage any products. This allows you to concentrate on product development and marketing.

You can personalize dozens of products through print on demand partners. Print on demand is a great way to sell personalizing products online because of the variety of products and commercial printing facilities.

A huge advantage is the fact that many mainstream print-on-demand suppliers don’t charge extra for personalization. The cost of printing a generic design or a personalized design on a product is the same.

You can charge more for personalized products, however, because they are perceived as having greater value.

Print on Demand and Personalized Products

Print on Demand is as easy as sending a graphic to a partner/service like Printful. Once you have received an order, the design will be printed on any product that you choose.

The majority of the work is handled by these print on demand apps. Once an order is received, it is sent to the partner that prints it and then it is shipped to you.

You are paid the retail price by the customer. You pay the print-on-demand service cost price, and you make the profit.

This model is quite simple and you probably already know it.

It is a form of dropshipping where products are only created “on demand” since nothing gets produced upfront or stocked anywhere (except for the blank products).

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Everything can be printed on demand so it is easy to personalize. It doesn’t matter if the design printed on the product has a generic or personal look.

It’s a technical interjection about what graphic is printed. This idea was quickly adopted by some print on demand partners who now offer personalization in their Shopify app.

These apps allow for complete automation of personalization.

Some partners who print on demand do not have personalized Shopify apps and may need hacking or third-party apps.

Dropshipping products can also be personalized in a third way.

This is a more “secret method” where you personalize generic products from Aliexpress by engraving the product or printing a design on products that are not usually available through the mainstream print on demand apps.

Let’s take a look at three options to personalize dropshipping products

7 Recommended Personalized Products to Dropship

It’s more than allowing customers to print their names on personalized products. Print on demand is all about the design. If you combine a great design and creative ways to personalize it, you will be a winner.

You can customize your print on demand design and give it a new life.

Many products are great gifts and lend themselves to personalization. Personalization makes the product even more special.

Keep in mind that gift giving will drive the majority of your sales. This makes it easy to target traditional gifting occasions such as Valentines Day and Mothers Day, Fathers Day and Birthdays, Christmas, and Fathers Day.

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This is where you can combine these events with hobbies or niches that are close to your heart. A personalized golf shirt for dads is like candy being sold to babies.

There are many options available if you have a little creativity. These are 10 popular dropship customized products. Here are some ideas to get you started.


It goes without saying that jewellery is a popular product to personalize. For decades, people have been engraving jewelry and making pendants with photos for many years.

Personalization is easy with jewellery because of its personal nature. ShineOn allows you to print on demand and offers many options for personalizing a variety products.


T-shirts remain one of the most loved print on demand products. They are a staple in many print on demand shops.

To create great designs, you will need to think outside the box. Simply printing someone’s name on a shirt is not enough.

T-shirt sales tend to be driven by something quirky and funny. You could have great success if you combine this with personalization.

Also, consider gift giving t-shirts. These shirts are great for babies and toddlers, as they can be used to give gifts and add personalization.


Mugs make great gifts and are affordable. Mugs are more personal than T-shirts, making them a great gift to personalize with a photograph or message.

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It is a great gift for small, thoughtful gifts.


It’s an interesting topic, and I have written a detailed review of print on demand underwear.

Personalized underwear has been a huge hit thanks to the “face on boxers” phenomenon. This trend continues to be popular.

You can create some amazing designs with underwear. Even if you only have a name, you can still create a great design.

Water Bottles & Tumblers

The demand for non-disposable beverage containers has increased dramatically due to the global war against plastic. Print on demand metal drink bottles are now one of the most in-demand products.

Practically, drink bottles are often lost which makes tumblers and drink bottles with printed names a highly sought-after product.

Customers can print their names or combine them with a niche or favorite hobby in many different ways.

Children love to drink bottles, which is why it’s so popular with them.


Socks are a rage. These socks are very popular in boardrooms. It’s a long tradition to give socks as Christmas and birthday gifts.

The ‘face-on-sock’ trend is similar to the face on boxers’ trend. Many people find it hilarious to put their faces on socks and then give them as gifts.

Dropshipping personalized products is possible by printing your dog’s or your child’s faces on socks.

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Every parent is aware of the importance of the ‘back-to-school’ market. Parents will stock up on school supplies and replenish them for the next term at the end of each term.

The school bag or backpack is an important item. This back-to-school niche is well-suited for personalized backpacks that include a name or a number. Many parents purchase multiple bags each year.

It’s great to combine personalization with niches and gender-specific designs.