Dropshipping Dealers for Kitchen Appliances

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Why Dropship Kitchen Supplies?

Simple answer: the industry of cookware and kitchenware is experiencing an unprecedented growth. The market has seen an increase in sales over the past decade. Let’s examine this fact using global statistics.

In 2020, the global kitchenware market was worth $62.01 billion. Researchers believe it will reach $77.40B in 2025. This is a huge, but impressive shift in statistics!

The reasons for this growth are obvious. This growth is driven by a rapidly growing global population. People are now more inclined to modernize their kitchen spaces.

Manufacturers are creating a variety of kitchenware products. This includes size, functionality, and capacity. You can also find kitchen supplies in non-electronic or electronic versions.

These factors all contribute to the rapid growth of this huge industry. In recent years, the food industry will experience rapid growth. A growing number of restaurants, hotels and retail food chains will fuel the demand for kitchen equipment.

Why not become a top kitchen dropshipper and join the circle of dropshippers?

This seems to be the perfect time to begin kitchen gadgets dropshipping. Dropshipping kitchen gadgets to your customers will make shopping easy.

Dropshipping allows you to offer a wide range of kitchen products to your customers. Dropshipping makes it easier to sell your products.

Dropshipping agents can make things easier. Every business requires someone who can handle numerous backend operations.

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Irvinstinware Dropship Program

Dropshipping is a great option. All the information you need to upload our products to your website, including product images, product information sheets, and inventory feeds, is available for download.

Product Spreadsheet
A Product Data spreadsheet is provided by us that includes all the information needed to upload to your website. Dropshipping is possible for all products except the Wrought Iron or Pallet Art.

Product Photos
You can download images of all our products from our website.

Daily Stock File
Our website posts an inventory update file twice per day that you can download and use to import to your site. Each item is displayed on our website with real-time inventory.

Placing Drop Ship Orders
You can order online, send your PO(s), fax them to 570-539-2711, or call 888-700-8233 Monday-Friday 8-4 ET.

FedEx and Priority Mail deliver in stock orders within 1 business day. Shipping costs are 18% of wholesale prices, with a minimum $13.50 per shipping address.

Tracking Your Orders
When your order is processed, you will receive an email order confirmation. You will also receive an email with your tracking number once your order ships.

Southeastkd Dealership

Our distribution centers are stocked with 8 types of cabinets, so you can trust us to have the products you need at all times.

We have a long history of business relationships with top suppliers around the world, which gives us expert buying power. We can offer the best products and service possible because of this.

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SEKD is a distributor licensed for Midwest Cabinet Company. We offer affordable wood cabinets for wholesale distributors and dealers throughout the Southeast United States.

Are you interested in becoming a SEKD dealer? Fill out the form below. We will review your application and send it to:

Compactappliance Vendor Program

We are always open to new brands, products, and services. We are committed to improving customer service and being a one-stop shop.

We occasionally use secondary suppliers if we are selling out of a particular product line. We might be interested in working with you if your company values excellent customer service and offers drop-shipping.

We are available to help you if you are a manufacturer or re-seller and would love to sell your products to us. Please call us at 512-874-3530, or email us at dealer@edgestar.com.

Jilliandistributors Dropship Program

No up-front cost! Get your business started without spending a dime.

Wholesale Prices –
Benefit from bulk buying without overhead. Wholesale pricing is available regardless of how many you buy.

Turn-key Solution
If your website is already up and running, you can add our products to it using the Product Datafeed or Images provided, then place an order on our website.

No Minimum Orders and no Inventory to Carry –
After your customers have placed an order from you, place an order from us. The merchandise is shipped to you without your knowledge. You don’t have to handle the merchandise.

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Drop Shipping Method

  • Use our shopping cart to select the items that you wish to dropship.When your order is complete, click on the checkout button.You must complete the shipping information with customer information.You should complete the billing information with your information.Any marketing materials or packaging lists branded by the company will be discarded.

Drop Ship Questions

  • Sign up to receive drop shipping from Jillian Distributors.
  • Signing up or joining is not required. However, it is highly recommended.
  • To what geographic area can you drop off your ship?
  • Only Continental US customers can be dropped off by us.
  • What’s your return policy on dropship orders?
  • Refer to our Return Policy for more information.
  • What policy applies to the use of your product images?
  • We permit the use of product images.
    Right click and Save to Your Picture Folder
  • Do you have a minimum order for drop shipping?
  • There is no minimum order.
  • What do my customers see in the packing ship?
  • It will show the following:
    All items purchased without a price are available to your customer.
  • Do you have to pay a dropshipping charge?
  • All orders are subject to a $2.00 handling charge, regardless of whether they are drop shipped or bulk ordered. These fees are included in shipping costs. Drop shipping is free of charge.
  • How much shipping will cost?
  • Click on the link that says “Actual Shipping” to place your order.
    Enter the zip code and state. Continue clicking. You will be taken back
    Add the shipping costs to the cart
  • Do your prices change?
  • Prices can fluctuate from time to time.
    We don’t send any price change alerts.
    You can monitor any price changes on the website.
  • Stock
  • We are running out of stock. Our customers are very fortunate as they often buy large quantities of product to get additional discounts, and sometimes even completely deplete our stock for an item. We don’t send out “out of stock” notices. You can monitor our website to see the current inventory status.