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Last Updated on April 30, 2021

Dropshipping In Mexico: How Tony Made $42,100 + His First Sale In The Month

Good reports about our clients come from across the globe. Sharing new good dropshipping locations with you is exciting to us! Tony, our guest of today, has plenty to say about dropshipping in Mexico-and we’re happy to welcome him to our blog!

Disclaimer: All the success stories published in AliDropship blog are the product of written interviews. Although the editors can make some slight improvements to the grammar, spelling, and/or punctuation, the types, views, viewpoints, screenshots shops, and personal images of the respondents are kept unchanged.

Hi , please just introduce yourself!

Hi, I am Tony, Mexico’s 25 year old Mechatronic Engineer.

I started working in the automotive industry after I graduated from college but I didn’t have much time for myself or my family with a 12-hour working day and a long commute. I knew the life I wanted for myself wasn’t this, so I started searching for other choices. I always dreamed of getting my own company, and I was hooked when I heard about dropshipping and I decided to try it.

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How did you come to the option of working here in Mexico from home?

After my internship in the car industry I had some trouble finding a new job. They always told me after many work interviews that I was overqualified for the work, or that they needed labor operators and had no vacancies for newly graduated engineers. So, I stayed unemployed and no one could give me the opportunity to get the job I wanted.

That’s how I saw this innovative business model that fascinated me as an opportunity to work from home. I took this opportunity and this is the best decision I could have made. I am grateful for the many “Noes” that I have got, for it has brought me to a new challenge: becoming an entrepreneur.

Why did dropshipping seem more interesting to you in Mexico than other choices online?

Since dropshipping business model allows me the versatility of time, and it doesn’t matter that you don’t need your own warehouse to start a business and place.

I had no experience in e-commerce at the beginning of my journey, I have never sold anything online, or in person. But it cannot stop me from getting started!

How did you launch your journey of dropshipping?

In November 2018, I heard about dropshipping. I’ve studied multiple dropshipping options, and for me AliDropship seemed the best one. What held me hooked was that everything was easily described on the AliDropship website and had so many tutorials for a novice like me and I can now say that it definitely helped.

I began building my store in January 2019, choosing vendors and gathering items. Not only did I buy AliDropship plugin – I also got Addon Package to help me with the promotion of the company. I think these solutions are key elements of my success, particularly social rabbit because I can program automatically when to post. Also I like the Recent Sales Pop up effect.

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My store was absolutely ready by March 2019: I opened it, and started running social media. My first sale happened on June 19th, 2019, after three months of my store being online.

I remember that I woke up, had a Sunday morning breakfast, and I found something on my website … The dashboard appeared with money! I was very surprised and checked on orders immediately and I had 3 new orders from the same guy, I was shocked and excited and processed them immediately. I was very upset and couldn’t believe it.

Actually I’ve been working hard to make this happen. I launched several social media campaigns, was engaged regularly, and spent a lot of my time in SEO and improving my website.

How does your business now perform?

This is my only shop, for now. Here’s how this worked during my first selling month!

In June, in the final days of the month, I unexpectedly sold over $20,000 USD.

How did you pick a niche in your store?

I followed Alidropship’s tutorials on how to pick your niche. One thing that caught my attention was that I really like and know it has to be something. But that is what I’ve done.

What is your strategy on the product?

I was motivated to get the latest goods by maintaining a strong working relationship with my providers. They always notify me when they have a new update, but I checked with them first if they approved dropshipping orders, and also checked their credibility. Also, if I place a big order they often upgrade the shipping option free of charge from epacket to DHL depending on the region.

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I search my providers’ stores for new products to add new products, hold those things in Import List and publish them every few days.

To set the prices I use the price formula recommended by Alidropship. I adjust it from time to time, keeping my prices competitive.

How can you get the shop promoted?

Often, through ads on social media. I have a strong Twitter presence: I got 150,000 unique views there. Moreover, SEO has boosted my organic traffic considerably.

For my social media ads, many experiments and trials helped me recognize who’s my target audience. I knew my buyers were 18-35 year old guys.

66 per cent of Twitter users are male, according to some statistics I’ve read. I found that my Twitter posts ‘views increased, my potential customers’ interest in my store also increased, and during promotional times I got more direct traffic.

I’ve also tried to promote my Facebook shop, but that was quite a challenge. I began a campaign that hasn’t reached as many people as I would like. My target group might not have been present. And then I had my account blocked and hasn’t had a Facebook page for my website ever since.

I ‘m spending about $20 / month on ads.

How does that look like your normal dropshipping routine?

I maintain my social media accounts within 5 hours of each day, update my profile on Twitter, build content for my social media and process orders.

The processing of orders which take more time than the other tasks because new orders arrive at various times of the day. I double check the orders to see if it’s all valid so I can process them. The activity called “place order automatically” helps me a lot.

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For me the hardest challenge is customer care. I always strive to have the best customer service I can, but you can’t help from getting some customer issues. Often they don’t read my Terms and Conditions or Delivery Times, and think they’re correct when they say “I’ve ordered this today, will it arrive tomorrow on time? So I have to deal with them politely and kindly, always address their questions and try to answer them as soon as I’m always in a position to do so within 12 hours.

It’s time consuming but I think it helped me to react cordially and make them repeat customers.

And there was a customer who had purchased an item for 20,000 units.

His order was immediately cancelled via his Credit Card. This customer has contacted me and asked me when the products will be delivered, although the order has been cancelled. He continued to insist he paid, even though it was marked as Cancelled and he did not receive a notice of the transaction. The most difficult thing I’ve dealt with in customer service has been dealing with that guy.

What are the legal criteria in Mexico for dropshipping?

In economic terms, as an emerging market, Mexico is embracing entrepreneurs and encouraging us to start businesses. But, legally, we get Small Business help. If your corporation receives less than USD 100,000 annually, you may report it as personal taxes.

So right now, I do not need to register my company. But I’ll be able to register my company as a Society when I reach the annual number. I expect to register my company as a US LLC, as suggested by Alidropship’s blog post, in the future. I would also like to make a new store, as a long-term strategy, and employ some people to run it so that I can have some more time for myself.

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What can you advise our readers-those who are already running their stores and those who have not yet started their business?

Maybe it’s a slow process, don’t give up, be patient, have confidence, continue every single day before you do it. It might seem like nothing is happening but one day you’re going to wake up and see an order in your site and you’re not going to be able to believe it … But it’s true and it happened to me, so just wait!

As you can see, Mexico has a truly exciting potential for dropshipping. We are excited to hear about the accomplishments of Tony’s company and we wish him the best of luck with his successful venture!

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