13 Trendy Car Accessories and Auto Parts for Dropshipping

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What do we need for a niche to be considered profitable? It’s a demand, first of all. Let’s look at how popular the ‘search request for car parts on the Internet is.

According to Google Trends, the interest in car parts has stayed steady over the past few years and increased sharply. Looks spectacular.

What’s more, pay attention to the level of motorization in most countries. For example, in some EU countries, the level of motorization is off the scale, with more than 600 cars per 1,000 people.

Let’s move forward. Note that in the US, the number of cars per household is now around 1.9. The most striking thing about this, meanwhile, is that it has remained largely unchanged since 2001. So, can you believe what we are talking about as a potential target audience now?

Beyond this, total revenue in 2019 amounts to more than $3 billion, according to IBIS World. Annual growth in this sector, meanwhile, is 5.8 percent, which also sounds quite impressive. So for a person who is going to start dropshipping, what does this mean? Right, that means that it’s incredibly promising to dropship car parts and accessories!

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In 2019, the e-commerce automotive aftermarket size is valued at over USD 42 billion and will increase by $ 41.86 billion between 2020 and 2024. It is the booming e-commerce market that drives online automotive parts sales, according to Technavio. The growth of the global e-commerce industry has skyrocketed over the decade due to low-cost 4G data links. The confidence built among customers worldwide by the e-commerce industry is becoming a crucial factor for developing the e-retailing market for the automotive aftermarket. Countries such as the US, Australia, and Italy have some of the highest per-capita vehicle numbers. Factors such as increasing demand for vehicle customization and increasing vehicle lifespan make automotive parts an optimistic online sales sector.

Due to the positive outlook for the automotive industry, particularly online sales of auto parts and accessories, it is clear that the industry also offers many opportunities for auto parts drop shippers. It is easy to start a dropshipping company for automotive components.

There are several ways to sell online car parts, but dropshipping can be one of the better ones. With dropshipping, merchants only need to find a dropshipping company that offers auto parts accessories products and then find the products they want and publishes product information and images on the merchant’s online store.

When clients place orders in your shop, you buy the items from the dropshipping auto parts supplier. The goods will be shipped directly by the retailer to the end customers. The process is that fast! There is no need to buy the auto parts in advance and do the packaging and shipping on your side with hard lifting.

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Best Car Parts for Dropshipping

A car is among many people’s most prized possessions. Any chance to upgrade their ride is an opportunity they’ll take! More people are shopping online for car parts, from regular car enthusiasts to auto shops looking to refill their stock.

Car Dashboard Colored Lightbulbs

The colorful dashboard lights are a choice for car enthusiasts wishing to add elegance to their car’s interior. This can suit a range of types of vehicles, and seems fairly easy to use for those with car experience. Especially for the younger male crowd, and for those seeking how to attach lights or style a car, it might be either best on Instagram or on forums.

Car Interior Detailing Vinyl

The product also extends to the automotive style enthusiast, who wants to affordably customize the look of their car’s interior. It is definitely for the younger male audience, maybe between the ages of 18-24, and they have expressed interest in details about how to affordably customize a vehicle. As such, they browse information about repair methods on Youtube or forums. As such, it would make most sense to advertise through Youtube, AdSense, and Instagram.

Car Exterior Detailing Vinyl

Similar to the interior car detailing vinyl, this product is also for the enthusiast of car design, who wants to customize their car’s exterior look affordably. It is definitely for the younger male audience, maybe between the ages of 18-24, and they have expressed curiosity in details about how to affordably customize a vehicle. As such, they browse information about repair methods on Youtube or forums. As such, it would make most sense to advertise through Youtube, Adsense, and Instagram.

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Car and Motorcycle Color Markers

This product also falls into the “car customization” category, and is possibly most wanted by a young male audience searching for inexpensive ways to detail their car tires. In targeting this form of customer, advertisement through Youtube, AdSense and maybe Instagram might make most sense. A video ad that would be a great way to promote this drug, before and after.

Scratch Remover Paint Pen

This product is meant either as a pre-emptive measure for new car owners, or as a reactive measure for those who have just scratched their motorcycle / car. More possibly, this type of product will be better suited for an adsense style ad, where people go to a website to learn how a scratch can be repaired easily on a vehicle.

Door Edge Protective Film

It is more of an add-on product for those searching for ways to keep their car secure. This would definitely be for new car owners, as that appears to be the case when car owners are most concerned with keeping their vehicles in good condition. As such, selling this to those who have recently purchased a car, or are considering buying a car, would make sense. Maybe a reasonable way to do this would be to market a kit for ‘new car owners.’

Motorcycle Bike Chain Cleaning Brush

This product is intended for motorcycle owners who want to keep their motorcycle in good condition. For those searching for ways to clean up bike tire chains or clean a bike in general, this could be better posted on forums. The audience looking for this is typically male, but the age range may be very wide on this.

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Car Cleaning Gel / Goo

This commodity is intended for gathering dust in areas that are hard to reach. To those that want to keep their car clean, even in areas that are hard to access, such as the air vents (which usually go uncleaned due to the inconvenience). The product can serve an age- and gender spectrum.

Car Cleaning Towels

To those willing to invest in cleaning materials of higher quality which will avoid scratches / damage to the vehicle. New car owners who want the best for their car will definitely buy the high quality cleaning towels. That would be another good item to include in a package for ‘new car owners.’

Double-Sided Brush for Air Vents

Similar to the ‘gel / goo’ vehicle, this is a product for those who want to keep their car clean, even in hard-to – reach places such as the air vents (which usually go uncleaned because of the inconvenience). The product can serve an age- and gender spectrum.

Bluetooth Transmitter

This product is intended to minimize the use of a phone when driving, with a computer that can perform such wireless tasks on the car. This has both a convenience advantage and a safety advantage, and the product is advertised with many communications ways ( i.e. prevent injury, avoid having a ticket, use your phone conveniently and securely while driving, etc.)

Reflective Tire Rim Tape

This product is probably used primarily for aesthetic purposes, though it also comes with the added safety benefit of being more visible to other cars. It may be particularly useful in less well-illuminated areas. As such, this could be sold to both male and female audiences, checking for the side of style and/or the side of protection. Though we can imagine that the most likely consumer for this product might still be young males interested in cars

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Rearview Mirror Anti-Fog Film

It would fit into an automotive-themed drop shipping site’s category of “security.” This is a glass or sticker that avoids rain and fog, in adverse weather conditions allowing for better vision. This will be perfect for marketing during winter and spring, when the weather is especially difficult to drive in and driving safety is a priority. For this the audience is large, covering a wide spectrum of age and gender.

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