Alisave Dropshipping Chrome Extension Review

If you’re doing certified dropshipping with Aliexpress, this Chrome extension can help optimize your store. It sifts through customer reviews to locate real product images and provides details about their seller.

HubSpot users will find this Google Chrome extension an invaluable asset, helping them prepare and send invoices automatically.


Alisave offers many useful features for dropshippers who use AliExpress dropshipping businesses, including finding hot products quickly and importing them efficiently as well as keeping an eye on prices and managing product research efficiently. Alisave should be seen as an essential tool when starting up any AliExpress dropshipping venture.

AliExpress extensions offer one of the most useful capabilities: searching by image. With this capability, users can upload an image of a product they like and get a list of similar products; this feature is especially helpful in finding cheaper versions on other websites; additionally it can also help identify best seller ratings for an item.

Another feature of this extension is its ability to help you create engaging meta titles and descriptions for your products, helping increase online visibility while drawing customers into your site and improving SEO rankings by including all keywords in descriptions.

In addition to its many features, this extension is easy to use and integrates with multiple tools. Its plugins enable syncing with Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo email services and its calendar allows for task organization. Furthermore, its connection with Google Drive enables easy file and document sharing.

These nine must-have Chrome extensions for dropshippers will help increase productivity or save time, whether that means increasing productivity or saving time. From tracking browsing history to helping with product research, these apps will save countless hours while making you more profitable. You can download all nine for free via Chrome Web Store or visit their official websites, just be sure to read through any terms and conditions before installing an app – this will avoid issues in the future.


Dropshipping can be an effective way for eCommerce business owners to generate extra profits online, provided they know how to utilize the appropriate tools. There are both free and paid extensions available that can help in your dropshipping efforts; such as:

AliSave is an extension that makes it easy to download high-quality product images and videos from Alibaba and AliExpress. This tool sifts through product uploads and reviews to find genuine pictures of products you are considering purchasing, while simultaneously saving multiple photos at once to save both time and bandwidth usage. Furthermore, this extension organizes downloaded pictures into clear categories for easier browsing – main images and product videos being just two examples.

PriceBlink is another helpful extension for dropshippers, alerting them of any coupon offers that might be available and providing the lowest price available as well as previous prices and buyer ratings for that item. Furthermore, it helps prevent unauthorized sellers and protect your brand identity.

On the web you’ll find numerous chrome extensions tailored specifically for ecommerce businesses. These can help optimize and increase sales on your site as well as improving content and design. Some are easy to install and integrate into existing stores – or spy on competitors and improve marketing strategies!

These extensions will help increase sales and boost customer retention rates, improve search engine optimization, save you time by automating repetitive tasks, and save the environment at the same time! For optimal use of these extensions, customize them specifically for your own business – this way ensuring it runs smoothly!

No matter if you’re starting from scratch or expanding an existing shop, these extensions make finding products and suppliers simpler than ever. Plus they save both time and money by streamlining workflow – meaning these tools will help your business quickly grow into something profitable and sustainable!


Chrome extension that provides dropshippers with access to high-quality product images and videos from AliExpress, search by image feature for quickly finding similar products elsewhere, free and pro versions with different features; one being batch saving ability. There’s even an import csv file option to import reviews into your store easily!

Up Assistant is another essential dropshipping tool. It provides more in-depth ratings of sellers than simply feedback; taking into account factors like seller tenure and communication capabilities with customers as well. Up Assistant can be an excellent way to conduct due diligence before investing in new suppliers.

Google Cloud Print extension is an invaluable asset to businesses that need to send documents and files across multiple devices. It’s user-friendly, compatible with most printers such as Brother and HP printers, free, and requires only an active Google account in order to use.

This extension can help you craft catchy meta titles and descriptions for your blog post quickly and efficiently, creating 160-character descriptions and 70-character titles with just the click of a button. Plus, it’s compatible with WordPress as well as other popular blogging platforms.


If you’re looking for an easy way to access high-quality product images from AliExpress, then this Google Chrome extension may be just what you’re searching for. With just one click, this Google Chrome extension makes downloading all images and videos from any page on AliExpress possible – plus there is even an option that lets you download multiple photos simultaneously!

With this app, you can record both your screen and webcam simultaneously – perfect for creating tutorials or online courses! Additionally, this program comes equipped with built-in templates and graphics to make your work look professional, along with an easy drag-and-drop interface for effortless use.

Grammarly is another outstanding Chrome extension, helping writers identify errors before they become issues in their writing. Grammarly can even scan PDFs and Microsoft Word documents so you can rest assured that your content will be free from typos or grammar issues.

If you are an eCommerce seller, or dropshipper, using this Chrome extension to download product reviews and live streams from AliExpress can help your stay ahead of the competition and increase sales. Plus it is completely free with no ads or restrictions to usage!

This Chrome extension is an ideal way to conduct further research on the products they’re selling online. It provides access to an abundance of data regarding sellers and products alike – ratings, reviews and shipping times included! An invaluable asset for eCommerce websites who wish to avoid underhanded sellers.

This Google Chrome extension is an invaluable asset to both AliExpress buyers and sellers, enabling you to save product images and videos, compare them with competitor products, sift through reviews to identify great offers, as well as easily save product photos/videos/compare/rate them – it even sifts through customer ratings to find you the best bargains and products! Plus it features a sleek user experience! It should be an essential tool in anyone’s AliExpress toolkit!