5 Proven Dropshipping Business Opportunities and Ideas

Dropshipping opens up a whole new world of opportunities for independent entrepreneurs. Dropshipping offers many benefits to sellers: it’s simple, low-risk and affordable.

Dropshipping is a different retail model. You take on many risks and have to start from scratch. Dropshipping offers many options, so it’s difficult to be stuck in a corner.

This is a great blessing for store owners. There are always business opportunities available and you have the opportunity to test them all while looking for your place in the larger retail space.

This post will cover dropshipping. We’ll discuss its benefits, how you can get started, what it is like, and the mistakes beginners should avoid. We will also talk about how to promote your store and choose the right Ecommerce platform. We’ll also discuss niches and products that are ripe for growth.

How to make money with a dropshipping business online?

One of the main components when beginning an online business is getting products to be sold. So how do you get products, where are you going to discover them, how do you understand if they’re going to sell them, and how do you get them to clients?

There are many responses to all these issues in the vast globe of internet entrepreneurship. You could create your own products— but that can be a long process that takes time. Or you might purchase from a supplier in bulk and then ship products as they purchase to your clients. But that’s a costly option, and you’ve got to take the risk of spending that cash in purchasing stock, storing inventory, and not having sales, which can be particularly troubling if you’re dealing with trendy products with perishable products.

There is a solution that enables you to avoid all these difficulties. And it makes the entire start-up process much easier for your internet enterprise. And it took the world of online business by storm. One of the fastest, simplest, and lowest-risk ways to get started with an online business is a dropshipping company.

Look at how to start a dropshipping company, how the business model of dro shipping works, and what important stuff you should understand before you go into it.

The following table can assist you with your decision-making method and gives an overview of the benefits and disadvantages of starting your own shipping company.



  • Expensive handling or drop-ship fees that eat up profits
  • Not all companies are willing to drop ship
  • Dropshippers must give you accurate stock numbers so that you do not sell items if the dropshipper goes out of stock on them
  • Some drop-ship suppliers have inconsistent service, slow ship times or difficult return policies

Starting a drop shipping business

Estimates differ, but industry watchers discovered that online retailers use dropshipping from 20 percent to 30 percent. So it’s a proven business model, and if you take this path, you’ll be in excellent company. Even large distributors such as Amazon are using dropshipping idea.

You can sell almost any item in any niche with dropshipping ideas. Considering that on Amazon.com you can buy just about any item-if it’s for sale on Amazon you can likely sell it with your own shipping company.

The advantage of shipping someone else’s products means you don’t have to cope with the troubles of traditional companies, such as: storing your products (it can be very costly to purchase huge quantities of inventory and lease warehouse space) packaging or shipping goods, preparing orders and boxing them up numerous times a day and going to the post office with your cash down.

Besides all the above benefits, you don’t have to worry about constructing or leasing company room, employing staff and having a big payroll, or being stuck in a physical place during ordinary business hours.

Now that you have looked at the advantages of a dropshipping idea, this is how the dropshipping company model operates.

How Drop Shipping Works

You work with a wholesaler or distributor offering this service with dropshipping. Not all producers and wholesalers, but many do, give dropshipping.

You manage all your business marketing. This implies setting up a shopping cart on your website (or setting up a virtual storefront on Amazon), writing your blog, doing social media and email marketing, and any other way you can contact your prospects and clients.

You are going to inform them all about the products and use your marketing and selling abilities to inform them how the products are going to improve their life. Essentially, to get the clients and make the sale, you do all the marketing, advertising and promotion.

The dropshipper takes over when it comes to actually sending out the item and fulfilling it. The drop-ship business has its warehouse inventory. You send the orders that come in to your dropshipper, paying for each order the wholesale price.

This can be done through email, online submission, or a spreadsheet file— it depends on the dropshipper. This process can be fully automated in many instances to take you out of the equation and save you time so you can concentrate more on your business marketing and less on your company activities.

The dropshipping company puts together the order and ships it directly to your customer, without including any pricing details or supplier information, so the customer thinks that the package came from you directly.

For this service, drop-ship companies charge a fee. Every business is distinct, but it is generally about $2 to $5 per product or order and is often referred to as a processing fee or dropship fee. That’s in addition to the product itself wholesale price and shipping cost, which adds up.

However, despite the thinner margins, you can still create a profit as a dropshipping company. You can raise your prices if you want to boost your profits — at least as much as your industry is going to bear. You can sell more quantity as well. And to negotiate a lower handling fee, you can always contact your dropshipper.

Another approach is to do white labeling or personal labeling of the products you sell, which means you put your own name or brand on them so you can differentiate yourself from all the rivals selling the precise same thing. This enables you not to compete on the cost alone.

Remember, however, that you are not up front risking your cash. You pay these fees only if you sell a product.

What products are dropshipped?

As with any online business, you want to be in a “hot” market where the products you sell are ready for purchase by a large number of people. The niche you are specializing in should also match one of your private interests in the best-case situation.

If you’re passionate about a particular market or product type, that enthusiasm will make your marketing efforts stronger, and by expanding your business. Not only that, but you’re actually going to enjoy what you’re doing, making your work more enjoyable.

Luckily, dropshipping businesses are working with just about every industry, niche, and product type. This includes baby items, yoga clothing, electronics, clothing, art, books, beauty supplies, supplements, items from home and garden, and more.

Large online e-commerce platforms like Amazon are a great place to check for hot niches. And there’s eBay. Whatever items are on the bestseller lists, the fit for a dropshipping business idea could be great. But keep an eye on trends that you see on Facebook and other social networks as well. Also, look for news products and listen to the items you’re talking about from your friends and family.

Related products can do very well during the holiday season, soccer season, back-to-school and other unique times of the year.

A big mistake many people make when they start any kind of business, including dropshipping, is that when they see other people doing it they think it’s too competitive and they can’t make any cash in it. There could be nothing beyond the truth. If you see a lot of competition, this is a sure indication of a large, healthy and lucrative market.

Keep in mind that while you can sell trendy and/or seasonal goods, you will also want to make sure that you sell “evergreen” goods, which means they will always be in demand and sales will be more coherent.

Choosing a drop shipper

Before you begin working with a dropshipper, go through the order process from the point of perspective of a customer. How simple it is to order the item, how long it requires to ship, and how the dropshipper handles any returns or issues is essential to see.

Ask potential dropshippers how they will notify each product of their stock levels. If you sell an item to a client but the dropshipper is out of stock, it can cause you an enormous dilemma and generate angry clients.

This will also offer you the opportunity to see the product’s value as well. Make sure that the products are at the quality level that your clients will be proud to give. Dropshippers are prepared to give you a complimentary item for assessment in some instances or at least sell it to you at their expense.

You can test the product yourself if you are in a niche and have used other comparable products. Use it, research it, and see if the promise is being made. Is it produced of material or ingredients of quality? Check others ‘ feedback online to see if they match your experience.

If you are not in the niche, attempt the item with a friend or family member. Do your studies as well by scrutinizing carefully internet reviews and forums in that niche to see any user remarks and any associated Facebook groups. Knowing the item will also assist you sell it, making it much more authentic and efficient in your marketing.

Here are some of today’s top dropshippers and dropshipper directories:

  • Sunshine Wholesale
  • Dropship Direct
  • Worldwide Brands
  • Oberlo
  • Salehoo

To find other dropshipping companies, you can also do a Google search for “dropshipper” or “(niche) + dropshipper.”

Dropshipping is the best home business opportunity.

People have discovered that working remotely can be a viable option. The internet is a blessing for independent entrepreneurs. The internet allows you to make a living from home and not even have to leave your home.

There are many business models that you can choose from.

You can buy wholesale products and then resell them. This is a traditional retail model. You buy bulk products and then sell them. However, you must pay for storage, packing, and shipping.

Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA). Amazon FBA allows you to sell products while Amazon packages and ships the items from fulfillment centers.

You can make your own products. You can sell your products online if you are skilled in making your own products, such as baked goods, clothes or arts & craft.

Affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing isn’t strictly retail. Instead, you promote other brands’ products and receive a commission for each sale.

Dropshipping. Dropshipping is all about this! The seller sets up the store and selects a supplier. The supplier manages all the inventory headaches.

You can read our blog post How To Start An Online Business to find out more about these Ecommerce business options. Each one is broken down and discussed in detail.

Dropshipping is the best way to make money at home if you look at the bigger picture. Dropshipping is a great business opportunity because it’s low-risk, easy and affordable.

In a traditional retail model, where you purchase in bulk from a wholesaler you must manage all inventory. You will need to have the necessary resources to store the goods and transport them, as well as any warehouse space. Perishable goods can cause high operational costs as you need to purchase climate-controlled storage and invest in inventory management.

Amazon FBA will require you to pay fees, which could impact your profits. Remember that online retail can have very narrow profit margins.

Affiliate marketing is not a good way to make serious income. It’s also very difficult to make a living from it.

Let’s reexamine the question: Why is dropshipping the best opportunity for a home-based business? The amazing benefits are simple! Dropshipping can be simple, low-risk and affordable.

What are some Dropshipping Business Opportunities

We now move on to the point of truth. Let’s take a look at dropshipping opportunities. We also highlight niches and products that are hot, which could make a great addition to your dropshipping shop.

Before we get into the details, here are some things you should know. Remember how we talked about Google Trends? It’s a powerful tool, and Google Trends is your friend. It may seem silly to rhyme it, but it helps you remember it when you are trying to find trendsing niches or products.

In the sections below, we’ll use data from Google Trends as well as some from SEMRush. You can also use Jungle Scout’s Opportunity Locator, but Google Trends remains the only 100% free tool. It is a great tool to identify dropshipping business opportunities.

Let’s take a look at the correct and wrong ways to use Google Trends. Below is the graph for fidget spinners.

This is exactly the opposite of what you want. Are you still a fidget spinner mad from years ago? There’s a good chance you do if you have children under 10. The graph shows that fidget spinners were popular in 2017’s summer, but then declined quickly.

What does this signify? This means that the product was a fad that quickly faded away. Although you could make a lot of money by jumping on a trend at the ground level it is not a long-term strategy. It’s not a long-term business idea.

Fidget spinners were here, they left, and they won’t be coming back!

It is important to choose products that are trending well for the long-term. Many niches and products experience spikes and drops, as well as sudden increases in popularity that drop back down. If you look closely enough, you will see that the overall trend is upward for the niche or product, it could be a solid business opportunity.

Dropshipping allows you to test out products and niches without the need to buy them in large quantities. Dropshipping is a low-risk way to make a profit. Find a supplier, add the products and wait to see if they sell.

These business opportunities are all available through GreenDropShip. Anyone can sell these products online with a membership.

Final Words

GreenDropShip has products for each of these categories. Each blog post that we have linked to will provide more information. All the information, strategies and products that you need to get the best out of every dropshipping opportunity are provided by us.

Shopify’s dropshipping app makes it easy to add these products to your shop. This app partially automates dropshipping so that it makes an already simple business model even more efficient. We offer product feeds if you prefer to not use our app to automate dropshipping. This allows you to still use Shopify’s basic dropshipping platform to sell products.

You can also use it to your advantage – we are the only app that allows you to sell groceries on Shopify as of April 2021. Dropshipping food and beverages on Shopify is not possible from any major supplier, such as AliExpress or Oberlo. This makes it a great time to take advantage of this opportunity.

We discussed in the previous post how dropshipping can be a great way to work from home. But you can also contact us about bulk buying – we are both a wholesaler and dropshipping supplier.

GreenDropShip has over 20,000 organic and natural products. Most of these are made in the USA. We are a specialist in specialty, premium, and gourmet goods that are highly in demand.