Honest Green Dropship Review and Real Customer Feedbacks

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What is HonestGreen Dropship?

Honest Green Dropship is a major supplier of everyday necessities in the United States and Canada. Honest Green uses the dropship model, where the dropship merchant supplies the products directly to customers. Dropship merchants don’t have to handle products one-on-one at any stage. Honest Green Dropship recognized the urgency and realized that customers today needed everyday necessities in the best form possible.

Honest Green Dropship is dedicated to providing food and groceries of the highest quality for customers to fulfill their daily needs. Their team includes over 1,000,000 storekeeping unit specialists who specialize in providing freshest and most unique seasonal fruits. Honest Green Dropship offers everything one could want, from a wide range of cheeses to countless fruits and vegetables. Honest Green Dropship offers many additional services, such as updating product descriptions, monitoring online orders, and other features that make it easy for dropship sellers to list their products on the website. The website provides all the support a dropship seller needs, including information and other help. This will make it easy to start a dropshipping business.

Pros and cons of features

Honest Green Dropship is able to integrate technology and understand the need for organically-produced food products. It has successfully established a business model that keeps dropshipping at the core. Dropshipping is a popular method of delivering groceries and other essential items to customers around the world. These are some of the key features that have allowed Honest Green Dropship to set its standard.

* Distribution Centres – The company has 33 distribution centers located in the major U.S. and Canadian areas. This makes it easy for all areas to be reached. Honest Green Dropship allows dropship sellers to access remote areas that were otherwise impossible. Dropship sellers can deliver commodities quicker, depending on the customer’s requirements, because they have well-planned centers.

* Customer satisfaction – Honest Green Dropship knows that customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal of any seller or organisation in this ecommerce world. Honest Green strives to provide the highest quality service possible, while still meeting the needs of every customer. This increases customer satisfaction which in turn leads to increased demand, which in turn leads to an increase in sales for dropship sellers.

Honest Green Dropship offers flexibility in pricing. The dropship seller can set the price. The seller can charge whatever amount he considers appropriate for his product. This allows him to maximize profits. Honest Green Dropship offers various delivery and marketing support, which helps to minimize costs.

Honest Green does not require a minimum order amount or frequency. This is to remove any barriers that may be put in the way of dropship sellers growing their business. Honest Green knows how important each order is for dropship sellers and has taken no steps to limit the size or frequency of orders.

* A variety of customers – Green House Dropship has a wide range of customers. These customers include home-based customers as well as top-notch restaurants. Green House Dropship sells a variety of products that are required by many consumers. These include everyday consumers at home, schools and juice bars to name a few.

Honest Green Dropship now delivers organic and natural products to your doorstep. All know that this type of service requires excellent mobile cold storage facilities to ensure that food products arrive in good condition. These are the shortcomings of Honest Green Dropship.

* Inadequate logistics – Honest Green Dropship does not have the logistics necessary to deliver everyday green products. There is no channel available to deliver the products to every corner and nook. A large number of trucks would be required to deliver the green products to all doorsteps.

* Product quality – Everyday essentials must be delivered in a fresh and edible condition. Honest Green lists products on its website but has no control over what products are delivered. Honest Green Dropship customers can leave negative reviews if dropship sellers provide inferior products.

* Limited operations – Honest Green Dropship cannot expand beyond the U.S. and Canada because of insufficient logistics. Honest Green needs a global supply chain management system that is efficient and scalable to allow for further expansion.

Honest Green Dropship Reviews

There are not many Honest Green Dropship reviews that can be found online. Below are some reviews.

To set up an account, they charge a $50 one-time processing fee. Bangalla’s drop shipping fee is $19.95 and Speedy Dropship offers a free setup. Their $25 fee is $25. They don’t accept returns unless the product/s is damaged or incorrectly shipped. Honest Green is the largest supplier of organic products (and brands) out of all three.

Chinabrands.com – A solution to all dropship issues

Chinabrands.com is one of the most popular dropship companies in the world and has all the tools to overcome the problems faced by Honest Green Dropship or other dropshippers. This is the main problem that causes many other problems, namely. chinabrands.com can easily handle logistics.

Chinabrands.com already has partnered with more than 200 logistics companies around the globe, which it can use to help solve Honest Green Dropship’s current problem. Chinabrands.com has a strong network with dropship sellers and can easily expand its business into areas that Honest Green is not able to reach. This will allow it to become a household name among the locals.

You also get CB points for every purchase on the site. These points can be used as cash or rewords. You can enjoy more discounts and more CB points if you sign up as a member. You can get CB points and prices that are extremely low. This will allow you to maximize your profits and cut down on your costs.

Chinabrands offers additional valuable services.

Drop shipper provides SEO-optimized product descriptions which you can download and upload on your online shops like Amazon, eBay, or any other online shopping site. This will make it easier for you to create product descriptions and improve your store’s ranking.

The company has professional teams that choose the most popular products to sell. Many store owners are overwhelmed and don’t know what products to sell. Chianbrands’s team searches the market and adds data-proven bestsellers to site every day. You can also upload any product to your store.

Chinabrands also has highly-trained QC teams that ensure quality in every product manufactured by major brand suppliers.

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