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Maintaining a successful business with a personal label, brand, or design is challenging. The run toward competition is hoisting the flag on the top is even harder. However, you don’t have to fight back anymore, as the simplest solution is right here. Despite struggling with your own label, it would be better to drop down the products directly into the wholesale websites of China. 

Yes, it is possible, and you can get it done easily. There might be a pinch of risk involved, for which we have sorted the most trusted list of 8 best websites for China’s drop shippers.


Aliexpress has become a brand and is part and parcel of Ali Baba Group which is based in Hangzhou. Firstly, it is just an online podium where the products are sold. It is the reason; it is advised not to mistake it with an actual seller site. In reality, the site works in B2C format i.e., Business to Customer. With the progress because of various products, extremely affordable rates, now customers are shown keen interest in it. A large number of customers are now buying products Aliexpress in bulk and are selling on other platforms, including online. 


Just like the earlier one, this website is also an element of Alibaba group but works on B2B format. This website holds a perfect place to find wholesalers, suppliers, factories, dealers, companies, etc. in one click. To make things more effortless, even the payment is made online. Well, there is a communication gap, as the website totally works in the Chinese language only. For this, you can hire a translator because the outcome of 1688 is excellent. 


Alibaba does not need any introduction, as it is explicitly the finest option for incorporating B2B work. In the earlier, there were many missing ends, but with time, Alibaba has joined each one of them. It added wholesalers, online payment options along with tonnes of trading companies with wholesalers. If you want to know the bona fide sellers listing, then reach out to this site.


Again, this website is also a baby of Alibaba group with working areas China, Hong Kong S.A.R, Taiwan, and Macao S.A.R. As with the regions; it is easy to understand that the website works in Chinese language making it difficult for the overseas customer. Coming to the objective of Taobao is a B2C website, while many claims it is C2C as well. It is mainly because of the lowest pricing strategy and availability of endless Chinese products. 


The site came into the business during mid-2000, with 10,000 wholesalers working together in one platform. In a small span of time, it attained the tag of the most trusted drop shipping and wholesaler sites in China. It has all the features that a premium site in this niche holds, and the product range is also incredible. 


This website is genuinely suggested by Alibaba, and there are many of good and inspirational stories about the working on the site too. Tomtop came to live in 2004 and has been successful among the reliable ones. Also, the product list, including electronics, garden items, jewelry, clothing, etc. are fine lines and falls within budget. 


This site has a motto that has really worked in their favour – “Best Gear Best Life.” It is one of the websites making space in the heart of its customers in a short time. The credit for this goes to its security systems and exclusive categories of products, like electronics, gadgets, and men’s fashion. 


Do not get confused as Wish is a mobile-based application and is not a website. With their headquarters in the land of the United States, it can be identified that it is not a Chinese company. Now, one more thing, it is the B2C website, and you won’t be able to find wholesalers here too. The site has made itself a brand because of its glorifying services that combine shipping for the customers, low pricing, and a vast number of products.

Hope, you can now make your decision and reach your target customers with their product list. These 8 best websites for China’s drop shippers are the ideal ones, so buck up and start with your business plan. 

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