List of High Margin Baby and Kids Products to Dropship

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Best Baby Products to Sell

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Looking for the best products for babies of 2020? We break down the top baby clothes in this segment of the article, and new parents will get obsessed with baby stuff. So if you have a baby accessories shop, you’re going to want to have these baby products on your ASAP shelf – you’re not going to want to lose out and end up crying over spilled milk.

Organic Baby Wipes

Organic Baby Wipes are the first baby product we suggest. For infants, soft and gentle is important. Every year, parents go through hundreds of these packs. This is critical! This is a must-have for at-home or on-the-go use in a diaper bag.

Check with a few different suppliers to provide the customers with a few other priced choices. Take a look at the sizes as well. Packs and bundles come in various sizes.

Hand / Footprint Ornament Kit

Next up on the list is an item that has been famous in recent years and continues to be so. The Cutest Way to Make Memories is with the Hand/Footprint Ornament Kit. Ornaments are often associated with Christmas trees, but they may also be given as a thoughtful gift.

It’s a perfect gift for a newborn or baby shower, a wedding, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or Christmas. New parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles would love this!

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Inflatable Water Play Mat

The third thing on our list is a delightful way to spend some time in the heat. However, this isn’t just a toy. Babies need growth and relaxation to survive. This incorporates the best aspects of both worlds.

It’s been shown to be an effective tool for strengthening the head, neck, and shoulder muscles and improving hand-eye coordination. Furthermore, motor and social skills are improved because it is a sensory pleasure that promotes brain growth.

Dispenser For Baby Wipes

Diapers, diapers, powders, creams, and a wriggling baby on the changing table are many to deal with. A dispenser makes diaper changing simpler by keeping wipes within easy reach and allowing for one-handed operation.

Furthermore, wipes are easy to dry. This will keep them fresh and moist for a long time. If you sell these along with the first item listed (organic baby wipes), you’ll have a nice package for parents all over the world.

Teething Toys

Even though it is referred to as a toy, it is a necessity. Teething is a well-known problem for infants. When teeth are first developing, they need something to relieve the discomfort. There are so many bright, eye-catching teething toys to choose from, so be sure to mix it up.

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Diaper Caddy Storage Bin

The seventh item on the list is a storage solution to assist the organization. Everyone struggles to maintain a clean and tidy home at times. When you add babies/kids to the equation, it gets even more complicated.

This Diaper Caddy Storage Bin is the perfect size for at-home or on-the-go storage. Keep in mind the various colors and patterns. Provide a few choices for your customers to choose from.

Pregnancy Brace

Expectant mothers bear extra pounds when they are pregnant. It may be challenging to take the weight. Fortunately, a cure for women is there that you can provide: a brace for pregnancy. All a maternity brace does is helping sustain a woman’s pregnancy while her baby grows. In the last few months, this popular baby product has seen thousands of orders. It has a review of 4.9 out of 5 stars, and over 2100 orders.

You’ll want to use Google Ads to promote this drug. You can target keywords like “maternity belt,” “pregnancy harness,” or “best support belt for pregnancy.” You can also create a blog that aims to pregnant women to find your website free of charge via organic search.

For pregnant women, you can also join Facebook groups to help you find your target audience. Focus on relationship-building by posting as your account. Don’t try selling your products over there. Focus more on brand recognition. They will learn to find you on their own by commenting as your post.

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Baby Hip Seat

Baby carriers are amongst the most common baby goods. For a few years, the search volume for the keyword “baby carrier” has been stable, with peak season occurring around June.

However, to keep up with trends, manufacturers have altered the design of baby carriers such as this baby hip seat, allowing parents to comfortably carry their baby on their hip while standing without having to use both arms.

Want to start your SEO strategy now to get more eyeballs on your baby hip seat during the peak June season.

When your entire shop is catered to the niche of baby goods, you will build up blog content that will appeal to your audience. Twice a week, you can build content around topics like “How to Raise a Baby,” which has 4,400 monthly searches-small enough for a new blog.

When your blog expands from your continued content over the next few months, you can start producing content around higher-volume terms such as “baby carrier.” But in the meantime, to capitalize on earlier sales, you can share those blog posts on Twitter, Facebook groups, or similar baby forums.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

As long as you have a Facebook pixel and a retargeting ad that runs in the background, you can more affordably monetize your blog content while attracting qualified traffic to your website. Once you start making regular Facebook ads, you can then use this data to create lookalike audiences.

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Baby Moccasins

Child shoes often generate the “awe” element more than anything when it comes to baby clothing.

How can one’s feet be so tiny and adorable?

Fortunately, the “awe” element will help you make some sales with shoes like these baby moccasins. This design comes in 13 different colors and three different sizes to match every boy.

Store owners will make a profit by selling these baby shoes for between $19.99 and $29.99, with a price point below $6. Searches for “baby shoes” witnessed a slight volume increase.

With the aid of influencer photographs, this product will probably work best. In return for your custom photos, you can reach out to influencers with newborn babies and offer those shoes and compensation.

Afterward, the influencer can share the images with their audience, naming your shop. This helps you to get revenue from their great circle. You can then use your personalized images in ads and social media to draw other new parents and promote their sales.

Pacifier Feeder

Recent years have seen Silicone baby goods rise in popularity. And this feeder to the silicone pacifier is no exception.

It’s seen thousands of orders issued in the last months. This has an outer protective component to avoid vomiting, allowing the baby to feed on fruit juice.

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It is pretty popular with a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars and over 3100 reviews. It’s best for four-month-old babies. Over more than five years, the search volume over “pacifier” has been steady, so it is a popular commodity to sell on your infant goods website.

You’ll want to target “New Parents” on Facebook to advertise this baby pacifier. You’ll want to select the correct age range, such as over four months, as described on the product page. Also, you can promote it on other popular baby blogs to help new parents find their purchase. And you can, of course, launch your blog on your online store to draw expectant and new parents to your website.

Mother and Baby Beanie Hats

How could be better than a mother and her baby matching sporty hats? Not too many. This mother and baby beanie hat set is one of the most popular matching sets this year.

They’ve made hundreds of transactions over the past 30 days alone. But in five distinct colors, the corresponding package comes: red, beige, green, white, and brown. The set of two beanies cost store owners under $6, although the value appears to be higher since customers purchase two products.

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By reaching out to new moms on Instagram, you can market those mother and baby items. Have a picture of her mom and her baby wearing the beanie. Then she can post the image on Instagram, giving you a shout-out.

However, if you paid her for the photo, you can also use the picture to attract new parents for your adverts. By taking a cute matching photo, you’ll be more likely to entice new moms about their newborn babies who are entirely head-over-heels.

Winter Clothing

For new parents, seasonal clothing is a must. They don’t want to freeze their newborn in the winter months, so selling winter clothing early in 2020 can help you capitalize on seasonal sales. In recent months, this trendy winter animal romper has been chomping with thousands of orders on sales. It even has a 5-star rating of 4.9, and more than 1100 reviews to boot.

The baby clothing market has little emphasis on retention, and creating an email list is always short-lived. Which means you have to focus on the purchase? This can be achieved with Facebook or Google Advertising, which are charged.

You can also concentrate on getting backlinks to your website so that you can get free traffic back to your site. You can reach parenting blogs about including your product to get back to your website with a backlink and free traffic. You can use your discretion to know if the price they charge for the backlink is fair or not, or you can continue to ask until you get them for free. You may also sign up for HARO to get backlinks to your website when reporters ask for parenting advice, babies, and the like.

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Spill-Proof Bowl

Imagine running around a house with a baby and making chaos. Things are destined to get messy. Now think of that kid playing with their food and spilling it all over the floor.

This universal spill-proof bowl solves the problem. A few years ago, it first entered the scene, but its innovative design continues to be a must-have bowl for parents with young kids.

And with hundreds of customer orders over the past month, sales for that little gem are still going strong. The easiest way to commercialize this spill-proof bowl is by creating a short video showing how the bowl works.

To make a video of the toddler attempting to spill the bowl and failing, you should contact an influencer with young children. You can also use the video for your ads to explain how the product works and to entice other parents to purchase the bowl at supper time to avoid messes.

Hipseat Carrier

Closeness is one of the baby sector trends that we will see a lot of in 2020. That is what makes products such as this hipseat carrier so appealing. It can be uncomfortable to carry a baby in your arms, particularly when they start to gain weight. Using a hipseat carrier allows you to hold your baby close by keeping the load on your hip instead of your body. It is practical too. It will enable their babies to face their parents’ faces in the same direction so that they have a good view of where they are sitting.

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You’ll want to approach new parents on Twitter to advertise your hip seat carrier. You can also run Google Ads that target keywords such as “hip seat carrier,” so parents will find the exact product they are looking for.

You can also use your online store to run a pregnant and new mom blog. You can write SEO-driven content tailored to new moms who are continually searching for various common keywords. In this way, your online store gets more attention from the increase in traffic on the website. You can also hit other mom blogs about getting your hip seat carrier featured on their website, and you get back to your site with referral traffic.