Best Dropshipping Suppliers for Handmade Products

Amazon Handmade

Amazon’s business may have begun as an online retailer, but it has not become a multi-billion dollar organization by only selling textbooks and novels. As a company, from offering tech resources through Amazon Web Services to supermarkets with food available, Amazon has moved into almost any area they can. It is also fair that the world’s largest marketplace does not want to lose out on artisan sellers’ potentially lucrative sales revenue. In 2015, Amazon released Handmade to enable artisans to sell on the Amazon website.

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Handmade has not yet made it to all the various Amazon outlets worldwide, but on,,, Amazon. It,, you can list your handmade goods in Europe. In North America, on,,, Handmade.

At present, Handmade helps dealers to sell in the following categories:

House, Outdoor & Home Maintenance, Jewellery & Watches, Kitchen & Cooking, Pet Equipment, Recreation & Outside, Stationery & Party Supplies, Toys & Games, Furniture, Artwork, Baby Goods, Makeup & Personal Care, Clothes, Shoes & Luggage.

You’ll need to follow unique requirements to apply for Amazon Handmade:

You’re an artisan who works alone, or you’re an artisan who works with fewer than 20 people in a group. If you are a joint association of artisans, such as a cooperative, a non-profit, a non-governmental entity, or a social enterprise, you can still apply. It is possible to consider other types of artisans, but applications are considered case-by-case.

Products outside these categories, including automated or downloaded products, food & grocery products, and electronics, are not authorized to be sold on handmade products. You will be able to sell on Amazon if you wish to trade in any of these categories, but not at the moment in the handmade marketplace.

However, homemade is not always the perfect choice for Etsy vendors, much as sellers on Amazon. Amazon consumers are going to the website because they are searching for affordable goods, quick shipping (usually the same day), and access to more products than they would ever dream of. There are questions about cheaper, artisan brands that commoditize the brand and cheapen the brand’s prestige by selling on Amazon.

Not just that, when you sell products on Amazon, there is no way to connect to your website, you cannot apply advertisement materials to consumer orders (so there is no way to promote your website there), and you cannot use any email addresses to reach consumers outside of Amazon. Amazon owns your client, so they can’t get any information from you.

Amazon Handmade is therefore not inexpensive. It is all free to enter, build a handmade store, and list your items, so anytime you make a deal, Amazon takes a referral fee of 12 percent-essentially, commission. However, if you list your goods as a daily Amazon seller on Amazon, if your products apply for Handmade, it is worth switching to Handmade, as artisans on the site do not pay the monthly £ 25 Skilled Selling Plan fee for your products.

Suppose you’re curious if you should make Amazon Handmade DropShip products don’t. Amazon strictly monitors who is authorized to sell on Handmade, and they are well aware of consumers on the main website who are DropShipping. That means you’d spend your time trying to sell handmade DropShipped products, even though they’re handmade, just by someone else.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

You will find out more about handmade Amazon here.


For American artisans, Aftcra is a platform to sell their goods. Customers can buy from any country, but all sellers on the market need to be based in the USA. Artisans prefer Aftcra because setting up your shop is free, and no listing fees are available. Listings are available for six months, which means you don’t have to re-add the listing or before the item sells, and buyers only pay a purchase fee of 7 percent after the item has been sold.

Aftcra is likely to be a beneficial marketplace with categories including clothes, home and furnishings, jewelry, and festivals. You have handmade items made by you, and you are based in the USA. They tell it usually takes less than five minutes to set up an Aftcra store, and there are just six steps to get started: checking your PayPal account, registering with Aftcra, then becoming a seller, and building your seller profile, entering your store information, then uploading your items.

Unfortunately, Aftcra is not the venue you’re searching for vendors that are looking for new markets for DropShip goods. Much like Etsy, it explicitly states in the Aftcra seller rules that “reselling of products that are not created by the owner of the shop” is not permitted. If you are revealed to have been reselling or DropShipping, you run the risk of making your Aftcra shop shut down because it pays for the same thing.


Zibbet is a fascinating business, and it’s certainly worth a look if you’re trying to sell handmade pieces. You can sell on the Zibbet platform across a variety of categories, but what is most unique about Zibbet is their service that lets you track your inventory, listings, and orders across websites like Etsy, Zibbet, A.C. Moore Marketplace, and Stitch. Their pricing is simple-you list your things on it’s only $5 a month per platform. You need to have a minimum of two distribution outlets, and you will still need to pay the fees for the sales channels, much like other order management systems like Linnworks. There are no listing or sale costs on the Zibbet marketplace – your membership pays them.

Zibbet is undoubtedly not the best forum for sellers who want DropShip goods. “The Zibbet terms and conditions state that “Even though they are ‘handmade,’ we do not accept resellers or mass-produced products on Zibbet.


Folksy can be called the UK’s reaction to Aftcra, and they have styled themselves as ‘the birthplace of British craft.’ Although about 15% of Folksy consumers buy internationally, Folksy only sponsors UK sellers. To sell through Folksy, you need to be based in the UK, so Folksy might be the right place for you to start selling whether you can manufacture jewelry, homeware, clothes, paintings, wedding supplies, or stationery.

Getting started with the standard plan is free, but the primary goal is very restrictive get just three listings for free. You’ll pay a 6 percent commission on the simple package, plus £ 0.15 + VAT on each item that you list. As opposed to Amazon Handmade’s 12 percent referral fee, it’s pretty cheap. The Folksy Plus membership will cost you just £ 5 a month if you need to step up, which gives you unlimited listings, free Etsy imports, and featured listings, as well as up to ten photos per listing. You’re also going to pay a commission of 6 percent, so you’re not going to pay premium fees for each piece, so this is an economical way forward if you’re making tones of sales.

Unlike many of the mass markets, there’s one significant advantage when you sell on Folksy-they don’t keep track of your money when you’ve made a profit. All the money from your orders goes straight into your PayPal or Stripe account, so you can use the money quickly to keep your company expanding.

“Folksy does not support DropShipping on the market-the terms and conditions state that “you must have made the product you are supplying (unless it is a commercial art supply). Otherwise, you must be able to show that the product has been designed. Folksy is helping individual designers and producers; Folksy is NOT supporting resellers. This means it’s not worth attempting to DropShip on Folksy unless you’re able to risk losing your time and efforts on a few purchases.


Storenvy is a US-based marketplace that tends to feature curated artisan items. You do not need to be located in the US because while rates on the Storenvymarketplace are all fixed in US dollars, consumers can buy from anywhere in the world. Generally speaking, rates are marginally more costly than on Etsy, and Storenvy has fewer vendors. The audience that Storenvy is targeting, though, is young, fashion-forward types, meaning that certain types of handmade products are less appealing.

In addition to a marketplace, Storenvy gives sellers access to a free personalized online store on their plus and pro subscriptions, which takes less than five minutes to set up. The marketplace has a free subscription, with the plus option charging $14.99 per month and $29.99 per month for a pro.

In terms of what you can sell, Storenvy notes that you can determine where to source your goods, ensuring that DropShipping to Storenvy can be done for you.

As the focus is still on handmade and independent labels, Storenvy would probably not be effective in attempting to market readily available products. Look at offering vintage-style print-on-demand pieces or DropShipping items.


Society6 is a marketplace primarily built for designers and innovative people. There is a collective of vendors benefiting from pattern analyses, creative input, and so forth, with the ethos that one succeeds when one succeeds. They also have a team that can take care of wall art, home decor, furniture, and clothing manufacturing, and shipping worldwide.

Artists get paid 10% on each order, and artists can set their rates above the regular 10% for art prints, framed prints, and canvas prints. There are more ways to raise revenue in the partner scheme, but Society6 vendors that refer clients will gain an extra 10 percent on such purchases.

Since Society6 lets artists sell more using DropShipping’s print on-demand model, you would be able to benefit from your creations if you are a designer first and foremost, rather than wasting time thinking about meeting your orders.


nuMONDAY is another British marketplace for innovative people and companies located in Britain. It’s a pretty young website, just formed in 2016. Unfortunately, if you’re outside of the UK, you can’t sell on Monday at the moment, and there’s nothing to say that’s going to change any time soon.

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Fees are incredibly inexpensive – provided you can afford to pay up-front, starting at just £ 90 for the entire year and £ 10 a month if you need to pay month-to-month. This excludes the expense of unlimited listings. There are no commission costs, which ensure that craftsmen and performers can make the most of their hobbies and turn them into a lucrative side-hustle or profession. Stripe’s purchase charge is added, but for European cards, this is just 1.4 percent + £ 0.20.

We have scoured the terms of usage when it comes to DropShipping, and the only mention that we believe will extend to DropShipping is “You are responsible for ensuring that the material you submit is your own and is not owned by others.” Since nuMONDAY focuses on homemade goods, we don’t think DropShipping would be accepted for long on the nuMONDAY marketplace.


Bonanza is a marketplace with a focus on out of the ordinary products. Their advice notes that their focus is on products that are not shiny, young, and mass-produced. Sellers want to use Bonanza to make purchases because the app provides too many features, including built-in photo editing software, product synchronization with other apps, and more. Bonanza also offers consumers the option to create a webstore with themes, so it’s quick to cut costs and build your brand.

You’re looking at commission-based on the final bid value, plus delivery when it comes to how much it takes to sell on Bonanza. You will pay 3.5 percent of the absolute bid value on items priced under $500 (although $0.50 is the minimum fee, you will have to pay at least that amount regardless of how high the item sells for). You can use promotional features that can cost you more, but they are voluntary, and you don’t have to use them to be able to sell them on Bonanza.

You will find out more, including explanations in this article, about Bonanza pricing.

There do not appear to be any limitations for sellers when it comes to DropShipping-we were unable to locate or resell any connection to DropShipping directly. However, for sellers who apply to the Titan level membership, there is a limit of 100,000 products. This means that we are delighted to be associated with big sellers. Because you can access at least certain items through DropShipping sites, you might be thinking about using a Bonanza shop and selling on their marketplace.