10 Winter Dropshipping Products to Make Money

Best Dropshipping Products to Sell in Winter

Winter is probably the year’s most outstanding shopping season. That means it’s also the perfect time for business people to make sales, too. And you’re in the right spot if you’re hunting for the ideal dropshipping goods to sell this season.

We’ll break down our list of the ten best dropshipping items to be available in winter 2020 in this article. We’ll clarify why we feel that this winter, most of the products in this article will sell well, and we’ll dropship some marketing ideas that will help you secure your first sales of these products as well.

We have used data from Oberlo, Google Trends, and social media analysis to direct us if you’re curious how we came up with this list. And, of course, to land on the right goods to market in winter 2020, we focused on our entrepreneurial background too.

All right, no time to lose. Let’s immerse ourselves in the list, shall we?

Workout Gear

We’ve got training gear to kick off our list of the best dropshipping goods to market in winter 2020. Sure, with the first entry on our list, we have gone huge, but there’s a good reason for that.

We really couldn’t narrow things down and chose a single piece of fitness clothing since fitness gear is super standard in winter in general.

And that could at first be a little bit shocking. But think about it, at the turn of the year, many people give themselves new exercise targets, which is precisely why they have a lot of new workout gear.

From December to January, you can see searches for the word “workout gear” spike continuously each year.

And more individuals shop online for fitness gear means more individuals who are interested in buying these items. This is precisely why these are some of the best dropshipping items to be sold in winter 2020-there are many individuals who want them already.

Everything you need to do is apply to your shop these items, and we’re confident you’re going to be able to find success in selling them.

Skiing Gloves

Alright, with the next addition to our list of the best dropshipping items to be sold in winter 2020, we bring the sports theme – skiing gloves. As you can see in the data below from Google Trends, these are incredibly seasonal items.

There are significant search volume fluctuations for these items that occur at the end of November every year. Again, that means a curiosity in these goods is undoubtedly there.

This is because, without these things, skiers and snowboarders can’t ski or snowboard. Seriously, it can get pretty cold to slide down an ice mountain at high speeds. To have an excellent time, you have to make sure you’re tied up.

You want to show how strong and sleek they are and how terrible skiing and snowboarding would be without them, and try some video marketing strategies for these things.

Winter Hats

We had winter hats next on our list of the best dropshipping goods to market in winter 2020. Of course, it is no wonder that, during the colder months, these items are super popular.

Yet, there are far other explanations for marketing these items than temperature fluctuations. They’re generally light and relatively compact for starts, so they’re eligible for ePacket delivery. For your customers, that means quicker and cheaper delivery.

They are also available in a wide variety of designs, colors, and fabrics, which means that when you are looking to add more to your shelf, there will be plenty of items to pick from. They are still pretty inexpensive to the source, so you will be able to make good margins when you market these goods and when you sell them to your customers at a reasonable price.

Combine all these variables, and it is clear that one of the best dropshipping items to market in winter 2020 is winter hats.

Reusable Bags

Next up on our list of the best dropshipping items available in winter 2020 are reusable bags. That’s because there is a growth in sustainable shopping. And here we don’t yet care about clothes.

Buyers worldwide are becoming more and more aware of how their shopping patterns are influencing the world. And that’s precisely why consumers are searching for eco-friendly solutions like these goods. Only look at the global hunt for “reusable bags” over the last five years.

The amount of lookups is just going up. That means that these items are being searched for by more and more people.

Factor this in that family meals that are too large to stop in one sitting are usually included in the holiday season, which provides for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and you have a recipe for success.

Think about it, for the planning work that goes into those dinners and keeping the leftovers fresh, these items would be super useful. So you’ll find customers flocking to your shop if you can come up with some smart marketing campaigns to sell these items.

Alarm Clocks

We had alarm clocks up next on our list of the best drop-shipping goods to market in winter 2020. Now, you might be wondering why we suggest that you sell alarm clocks, mainly because a lot of people use alarm clocks on their smartphones.

Yet, it might not be the safest choice to use your mobile as an alarm clock. Many people assume that there are adverse health benefits of sleeping in the same room as your mobile, including disturbed sleep and poor quality sleep.

And there’s lots of competition in these items if you check out the Google Trends details below. Searches for alarm clocks in the United States have declined a bit over the past five years, but there are increases in searches every year in December for these items. We don’t know if they’re people who are going to buy presents for the holiday season, or if they’re people who are buying for themselves.

What we do know is that the demand for these items is apparent. And we know that you might be the visionary who transforms curiosity into sales and takes advantage of it.

Christmas Decorations

Without including Christmas decorations, we could not make a list of the best dropshipping items to market in winter 2020, could we? But let me be sure, to incorporate these items into your inventory list, you do not need to create a whole new store.

There are so many different items out there that, no matter what you sell, you will be able to find some Christmas decorations that match in your store. For example, you could add some novelty Christmas earrings to your shop if you are running a women’s clothing company.

Or, you could add some Christmas themed socks to your shop if you’re running a men’s clothing store. Of course, there are so many different table decorations if you are selling home ware items to add to your store.

Take the time to find and ready your store for the holiday shopping spree with certain items that suit your niche.

Plush Toys

Next up on our list of the best drop-shipping items to market in winter 2020 are soft toys. These dropshipping products are useful because they are available at reasonably low price points, which mean that you will build some reasonable margins when you market them because they are the sort of commodity that is sometimes purchased without any study. That’s recognized as a buy on impulse, and that’s just what the ad strategies should be tailored for.

There are so many customers out there who, during the holidays, are shopping for gifts such as plush and inflatable toys for younger children. And they’ll know just what to buy their loved ones until they see an ad from your store, advertising items like these. From your online shop, a plush piece. To add to your shop some plush toys, and see if this winter you can find success.

Vacuum Containers

Next on our list of the best dropshipping products to market in winter 2020, we have a beneficial product up next. It’s a vacuum tank. These items are great for all people who are out and about in the cold weather during the winter months.

That’s how they keep hot drinks, like coffee tea, hot, so you can stay warm on your commute to work or for Christmas gifts when you’re out shopping. Like the reusable bags we mentioned above, they often fall in line with the drive for more sustainable products, so consumers who use these products will use fewer plastic cups when they’re out and about.

And that’s precisely the sort of branding that, aside from the app’s main features, would be perfect for your marketing strategies. We advocate advertising these items with video marketing strategies that show people outdoors in the cold weather enjoying a hot beer.

Anyone with Mulled Wine?

Channel those Facebook video advertisements to people interested in sustainability accounts and who are also lovers of popular hot drinks in the regions in which you run your ads. Before you start landing sales, it will be a matter of time.


Undoubtedly, scarves are one of the better dropshipping items to be sold in winter 2020.

About why?

It’s straightforward. During the cold winter months, these items are super handy.

To any dress, they will add a touch of elegance, and they keep your neck warm and cozy. Fashionable and practical, they are.

And they’re also suitable for dropshippers. They are registered for ePacket delivery, which will allow you quickly and save money to deliver the goods to your clients.

They’re available in a wide variety of styles, just like the winter caps we described earlier, so if you sell clothes online, you’ll probably be sure to find any items that suit you. Give scarves a shot this winter-they are high-potential items, and by selling them, we can’t wait to see you succeed.

Winter Boots

We have a classic rounding off our list of the best dropshipping items available in winter 2020. They’re winter boots.

Honestly, the knowledge about Google Trends speaks volumes about how famous these goods are. As you can see, the search for these items floods every winter.

And it is because, during the winter months, these items are a favorite in the wardrobes of many consumers. As founders, that’s awesome for us, as we hardly need to persuade our viewers why they should buy these items.

Instead, we need to think on whether we should buy these goods from them.

So, for the ad strategies, if we can hit the right customers, advertising these items at a reasonable pricing point, you’ll be able to make sales.

Seriously, with these items, Facebook targeting is our best mate, so take a look at our in-depth guide and make sure you’re releasing advertisements that have a great potential to thrive.

Yeah, and, of course, you can check out our YouTube channel if you like video content.

Congrats, in winter 2020, you made it to the end of our list of the best dropshipping items to market. Now you’re armed with some great things that you can market during the winter months in your shops. It’s all over for you now to make those profits. You will use Oberlo and Shopify to open and run your very own dropshipping company if you do not already have a store set up.

You can register for free with Oberlo and find all the items we’ve mentioned in this article. You can only press to get started on the “Start selling now” button next to each of the items in this article.

And you can use Shopify to create and run your store, all on one side until you’ve found the goods you want to sell. Okay, so that’s it from us. So, what are you thinking? Have we lost out on any products? Are you in love with the items we have added to our list? In the comments section below, drop ship us in line and let us know we’re reading them all!