3 Tips to Find Saturated Products

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Last Updated on August 09, 2020

Hello Everyone,

Today I am going to share some tips which will be useful to know whether a product is saturated or not before you start testing.

1) If the product is 6 months old, do not test it. Tons of other promoters would have promoted.  So if we promote it after 6 months, people already exposed with other dropshippers we would not get any engagements.

2) Look at the product count at Aliexpress, if it has more than 1000 orders then it is a saturated one. Do not test it. Move to next product.

3) Type the product name in Facebook search and tap to videos, if you get more than 10 video ads with large number of views. Skip the product and move to next one.

If you are testing no saturated product, still no sales. Please check the solution here.

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