Solution: Lots of Clicks But no Sales

Hello Everyone,

Solution for a most frequently asked question. I am getting clicks but no sales.

Before going to below test, kindly check whether your product is saturated or not ?

Few questions to ask yourself.

  1. Would you buy from your store ?
  2. Does your store have trust signals ?
  3. Is the product description unique and does it have spelling errors ?
  4. Do you have a currency converter app that auto switches currency ?
  5. Is your page load time slow (Over 5 seconds on ?
  6. Test checkout funnel on both mobile and desktop
  7. Make a test purchase.
  8. Install lucky orange Shopify app to see what visitors are doing ?

If the all the above is fine then its your product selection or targeting or both.

(In 90% cases its likely a shit product)

No ATCs and no purchases:

1) Try lowering price point & improving product description.

2) If still not ATCs the possible reasons are:

* Ad is not clear and sending curiosity clickers to the product page with no buying indent.

* Quality of traffic is shit (if you are running WC – VC try something else

* Product is old/saturated.

* Product is not appealing.

3) If you really believe in the product try different audience.

More than 6 ATC’s and no purchases:

  • Work on your abandoned cart follow up.
  • Use klaviyo plain text emails.
  • Install Recart app and set up messenger marketing.

LTC’s and small number of purchases:

Normal ATC – PUR ratio based on campaign objective and optimization.

* WC – PUR = ~20 – 25% (1 in 4)

* WC – ATC = ~17 – 20% (1 in 5)

* PPE = ~13 – 17% (1 in 6)

Explained Detailed in the Video

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