7 Most Popular Home Improvement Dropshipping Products and Suppliers

Most Popular Home Improvement Products

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By introducing these unique items to your collections, take your home improvement and home supplies store to the next level. We’ll break down some of the 2020s most popular home improvement products in this section, covering everything from handy tools, organization products, and safety devices. These home supplies are trending upward, so be sure to add them to your store before the trend fades!

Best Home Improvement Products to Sell

Measurement Tool

A measuring angle-izer tool can come in handy during the process when it comes to home improvements and renovations. Sure, you can use some elements of a measuring tape. But sometimes you have to keep in mind angles.

With its simple tool, this angle-izer ruler can calculate varying angle degrees.

Between 0-300 mm, you can calculate which is ideal for small-scale home improvement projects. This niche product has only been ordered 512 times over the past six months by consumers, but with over 195 reviews, it has received a 4.9-star rating.

So while it’s a niche product, this is one that customers certainly love. When it comes to marketing home supplies such as this angle-izer measuring tool, you should concentrate on a few different markets. Next, you should approach people who work in industry types such as home renovation, construction, or commerce.

Second, in engineering or architecture programs, you should approach the students. When targeting, you can concentrate on Facebook ads using the above-listed options. This is mostly a search-based product; however, so don’t worry about experimenting with Google Ads and Google Shopping Ads.

Night Vision Security Camera

In recent months, there has been an increase in searches for “home security” inside Google Trends. People are shifting to buying home supplies that will make their loved ones and belongings healthier.

You can buy this mini surveillance camera to watch over some rooms inside your house. The moment someone breaks into your house, it immediately alerts you. This indoor security camera allows you to play video, serve as a motion detector, includes a remote control, and more.

Marketing this security camera for night vision can be tricky because platforms such as Facebook and Instagram don’t allow advertisements for security products.

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When it comes to marketing, the best bet is a search-based strategy. With links to your products, you can create blog content around home security. Then you can run the retargeting ads with Google for your blog traffic.

You can then create Google Shopping ads for keywords related to home security. Keep in mind that “home security” can be a costly and competitive term to pursue.

So focus on long-tail keywords when creating ads or blog content. For example, you could create content like “Home Security Toronto” or “Best Home Security Reviews” or “Home Security Do it yourself” instead of “Home Security.”

Water-Saving Shower Head

Looking to sell a commodity that will help the planet? Home supplies such as this water-saving showerhead were becoming increasingly popular.

Customers will get three different spray modes with a showerhead, which can reduce the amount of water they use whenever they shower. More than 781 orders have been issued in the last 30 days and more than 7000 in the last six months. That indicates this development in the company is not going anywhere.

If you are looking to create a socially conscious company, selling them will help you create a positive image of the brand. Want to get big sales to splash? You can make YouTube videos that speak about the benefits of having a water-saving showerhead, such as the impact on the environment, the money you save on your bills, etc.

For environmentally-conscious blogs, you can also write guest posts about improving the environment and adding a link back to your product page so you can get some free traffic.

Alternatively, you can reach out to environmentally friendly influencers and ask them to grant a shout-out to your website in exchange for payment. To help you find like-minded consumers interested in protecting the environment, you can create your entire store around being a socially conscious brand. To help more homes become environmentally friendly, you can also promote this product to those in the home improvement space.

Air Diffuser

For quite some time now, air diffusers have been crazily standard. Yet we hope to see them taking over the revenues again in 2020. Home improvement products such as this air diffuser have generated in orders tens of thousands. It also acts as a moisturizer that may help clear your sinuses when you’re sick. But the best part is keeping your house smelling fresh. Customers do, of course, need to select their scents for this to happen.

The word “air diffuser” causes 27,100 searches per month. You can also go for words such as “diffuser,” which has 368,000 searches per month or other similar key terms while running paid ads through Google. You can also promote your Pinterest diffuser, where the search term is trendy too.

You should hit bloggers to have your diffuser included in their lists. Or, if you are planning to focus on a home improvement or a general home store, you can create diffuser content on your blog so you can build your audience. But don’t forget to share those Pinterest blog posts.

Plug-In Wall Heater

Every season we see the rise of appliances regulating temperature. We see cooling fans take over sales in the summer, and we see home improvement items like this plug-in wall heater take top spot in the winter months. This portable heater is a perfect addition for heating in a space that is usually colder than others when the heating is broken, or you want to heat. As a winter product, this item works well in online home improvement, general or seasonal stores.

Search volume for keywords such as the “wall heater” produces 22,200 searches per month. To capitalize on the traffic in search volume, you can run paid Google advertising for this product. You can also recommend this product for Google Shopping ads so that customers can find it when they are looking for wall heater items.

Also, you can play around with other keywords to check which phrase works best for you. Terms such as “plug-in heater,” “heater,” “space heater,” and other relevant terms may be used. To find the search volume for common keywords, you can use a tool like Keywords Everywhere or any SEO-based tool, and then run ads with different terms.

Water Filter

Home improvement doesn’t always have to be about upgrades or significant technological changes, but simple products can sometimes change your life. For example, take that Portable Water Filter. It purifies the water for you so that you always drink the freshest possible water. As an alkaline water ionizer, it capitalizes on the rise in alkaline water, which, according to The Washington Post, is considered a billion-dollar industry. Alkaline water is considered a “sports drink which improves performance.”

According to Keyword Planner, the search volume for “alkaline water” is approximately 246,000 monthly searches. According to Google Trends, there is steady search growth for the keyword.

You may choose to create an alkaline-based store where you sell alkaline recipe books and items like this water filter to promote this drug. You can also run Facebook Ads that target people who practice or do high-intensity workouts to encourage their alkaline water. Another choice is reaching out to fitness blogs and publications about featuring your product in one of their roundup posts.

Sponge Paint Roller

Nothing better takes the home improvement projects to the next level than a paint job. Home deliveries such as this paint roller are ideal for DIY decor.

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Search volume for keywords such as “paint roller” get 33,000 searches per month, making it a popular product to sell. Interestingly enough, Google Trends reveals that the past couple of years have seen paint roller searches trend upward with the July peak season.

If you’re trying to capture some of those monthly searches, you can run ads on Google. If you have a tight budget, to attract the right audience, you can focus on writing blog content around the relevant keywords in painting.

Verify that your retargeting ad is running. Instead, you can post those social media articles. Your retargeting ad will display products of your painting that will help you monetize your blog content.