7 Best Shopify Dropshipping Store Examples (Niche & General Stores)

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For ecommerce companies, Shopify is an extremely large deal:

  • 800,000 merchants use their platform in 175 nations.
  • Over the past 12 months, 1 billion individuals purchased from Shopify shops.
  • Shopify retailers sold products worth $14 billion in Q4 2018 (more than $4.9 billion in Q4 2017).

But enhanced attention and merchant influx to the Shopify platform implies more trouble for YOU.

It’s no simple job to stand out in a sea of excellent shops.

If you’ve come to this page because you want to start a company that doesn’t need you to worry about storing your inventory or how to handle it, dropshipping is an outstanding option. You get to run your own company while still avoiding any of the more serious issues that other business owners face. And it’s here that.

Starting a dropshipping website is challenging and comes with its own set of obstacles. The first is that you must identify your area of expertise. You can’t just sell something in your store, and narrowing down your niche is a perfect way to focus your company on a small market.

Another factor you’ll need to consider is the appearance of your website. In this case, checking out other shops that are still operational is a brilliant idea because the only excuse to do so is to get some inspiration. You’ll be able to see how other dropshipping sites with a lot of traffic operate, as well as get a decent idea of who the competitors are.

Inspire Uplift

The first website we’ll discuss is Inspire Uplift, which is, ironically, the polar opposite of what we told you needed to know about your shop. They are a general dropshipping Shopify website, rather than concentrating on a single niche, but we have to admit that they are among the few that are good at it.

The homepage is the first thing that comes to mind while visiting this website.

Their homepage is exceptionally well built, catching the eye right away and emphasising the value of a well-designed website. Another feature we like about this website is that it has user feedback.

They also have pictures next to the ratings, which will help you increase the website’s social media presence. Another feature they have is a simple view of their social media accounts, something we think every website should have.

They also have a beneficial Help Line that can quickly respond to all of their customers’ inquiries.

Dude Gadgets

Dude Gadgets is the name of the following Shopify dropshipping website that we’re going to look at.

This is another of those general dropshippers; nevertheless, they have had a decline in visitors over the past few years, but we still think their blog is a decent example to look at. When you first arrive on the platform, the first things you’ll find are some text-filled buttons on the top left side.

And, although they may seem odd at first glance, one of their best features is that they attempt to instantly adapt the text on the web to the customer’s preferred language.

So, while this function isn’t the most attractive, it is beneficial and can significantly increase your traffic. Another feature of the website that you can think about incorporating into your own is the easy view. Dude Gadgets has a compilation page that helps consumers browse their items quickly and conveniently without accessing several product sites. Above all, this would be very helpful for the clients, which they would undoubtedly enjoy.

They’ve now introduced a convenient support icon that consumers can use at any moment, which is a fantastic concept that you can steal.


Gadgetox is the last dropshipping inspiration for Shopify websites that we’ll look at, and it’s the only one on the list that supports what we’ve already said about dropshipping companies.

This is a niche market, and the niche is gadgets, as you would expect. While the website is attractive and easy to use, one of our favorite features is the product descriptions.

Many people undervalue or do not consider the relevance of product descriptions, which is a mistake you do not want to make, and this website is an excellent example of why. When you’re setting up your products and making them ready to go on your website, make sure you’re using a readable font and simple language. It would help if you did not use slag because you do not want to lose clients.

You’ll need great pictures in addition to great explanations. Take precise images of your high-quality items, as Gadgetox does, and blend them for the best result. Another great feature of the site is that it tells consumers how much money they can save if they shop with them, which is a perfect tool to use if you want to ensure that your clients can shop with you again.


Key Takeaway: SkinnyMe Tea seamlessly integrates Facebook Messenger into their store to provide shoppers with an on-demand shopping experience.

More than 1.3 billion individuals globally are now using the Facebook Messenger platform every month to send emails to friends and family, receive news and updates from their favorite brands, and yes, shop.

Messenger chatbots are rapidly storming the Shopify ecommerce universe, and SkinnyMe Tea is capitalizing on what is a huge chance.

Everything begins with their homepage. Shoppers ‘ eyes are drawn to the small blue icon in the upper right corner of the screen:

Casual tourists and shoppers alike are provided with the Messenger choice which leads straight to a tailored sales funnel set up by the SkinnyMe Tea team:

The picture above shows the seamless shift from their website to their website. Users see a casual message of welcome and “Learn More” or “Shop Now” choice. Naturally I chose “Shop Now” which provided me with a range of pre-selected products instantly.

After choosing the “Browse,” I got several of their Teatox Pack choices available:

There is the beauty of using the exclusive Facebook messenger integration in your shop. Shoppers have the capacity to learn something about your goods or even “Buy Now” at the press of a button Cha-ching!

Facebook Messenger’s greatest advantage on Shopify is that Shopify offers easy integration for online stores to get began immediately with Messenger.

Shopify and Messenger integration Visitors are supplied with a “Shop Now” option using Shopify’s Messenger marketing channel that immediately displays the product catalog of a merchant and allows them to tap or click to browse and purchase. The purchase is produced straight through the checkout portal of Shopify, which works within Messenger solely.


Key Takeaway: M2S Bikes, an electric bike company in North Carolina, USA used one cart abandonment popup to generate $51,994.28 in sales in 50 days.

Website popups operate flawlessly. Our study demonstrates an average conversion rate of 9.28 percent for the top popups.

In reality, in less than two years, Sumo users collected 23,645,948 email addresses with popups from List Builder. They can now use email addresses to expand their ecommerce companies and boost Shopify revenues.

Successful Shopify businesses such as M2S Bikes use a behavior-based popup to capture email leads on their shopping cart page and then use discount codes to transform them to sales immediately.

Popups can be awkward and intrusive if performed wrongly, but this one is distinct. It includes an easy, precious CTA to get 10 percent off your order and you can only see it when you have added something to your cart and then try to exit the website.

Here are the sales findings of M2S Bikes popup looks like:

As you can see offering 10 percent off to shoppers who are about to give up their cart to simply complete their order makes buying almost irresistible. Even if tourists do not buy immediately, they will have an additional incentive to come back in the future.

All-in-all, here are the outcomes of this one-cart abandonment popup:

  • 577 individuals saw the popup
  • 130 enter their email
  • 26 redeemed the discount code
  • $51,994.28 purchases produced in 50 days

What made this popup so successful was that M2S Bikes used Sumo’s Reduce Cart Abandonment Shortcut (accessible on Sumo’s free scheme) to offer distinctive discount cards to individuals after entering their email on the popup.

This made it simple to redeem and purchase the discount code for their website visitors by one-click.

For Shopify shops that sell both low cost and high price products, we personally saw this strategy job:

  • M2S Bikes electric bikes range from $1,450 to $2,950. With this one-cart abandonment popup, they produced $51,994.28 in 50 days.
  • A tiny Australian shop in Shopify sells leather goods between $159 and $199. With this one-cart abandonment popup, they produced $50,522.13 in 30 days.

Most individuals are going to visit your shop and never buy a product. That’s ecommerce’s difficult nature! Use this cart abandonment cash machine approach to turn shoppers into buyers to get their attention.


Key Takeaway: WP Standard a previous winner of Shopify’s Design Award, proving that minimal, yet elegant and timeless website design is a rock-solid way to attract customers and sell your product.

As Judge Tina Eisenberg of Shopify writes, “Whipping Post (now WP Standard) is an ecommerce store’s beauty: a clean, well-balanced site that echoes beautifully the design of its products. Strong photography, tasteful typography, adequate white space, as well as a beautifully balanced color palette.”

Whipping Post has lately altered its name to WP Standard, but the vital components of the excellent landing pages that earned them the Shopify Design award remain. They’re in detail here.

First, let’s break down their homepage so you can replicate their success with your own Shopify shop:

Focus on this easy “design checklist” Eisenberg mentions above on your homepage:

  • Strong typography
  • Tasteful photography
  • Clean, Minimum Balanced color palette

If you can get these four elements correct, you’ll have a winner making.

Next, let’s check out all the components you’ll need for a minimal product page that will assist boost conversions on your website:

Displaying a short, cute and point-to-point product page, if you want to build a Shopify shop that stands out from the remainder, this is the strategy you should consider. And just look no further than the WP Standard if you need some inspiration.

What I think about building your shop using the Shopify platform is that Shopify provides something for everyone. If you’re just getting begun you can readily use one of their hundreds of pre-made topics to construct a website from scratch. You can do that too if you are an experienced web developer and want to customize your website completely.


Key Takeaway: Beardbrand uses a variety of eye-catching visuals and graphic techniques that have allowed them to grow to $120k in monthly sales in less than one year.

Human beings are visual animals by nature.

And while there’s a lot of discussion about how much quicker our brains are transmitting visual data relative to text, the ancient adage “a picture worth 1,000 words” has been demonstrated by science over and over again.

A single photograph of your product can provide more appropriate product quality data than text paragraphs.

Let’s try this theory. Would you rather:

a) Did I use only phrases to define the Beardbrand website or

b) Just look at it?

Indeed, the Nielsen Norman Group discovered that consumers have time to read at most 28 percent of the phrases during an average visit on the average web page; 20 percent is more probable.

But there’s one thing about the Beardbrand website that really captured my eye. And they helped them produce 7,000 fresh email subscribers in just a few months, according to their founders. The little red icon in the upper-right:

Beardbrand utilizes this easy method to produce leads to their newsletter to our desire to constantly clear our email, slack, and social media notifications. Here’s what happens when I click the icon:

A kick-ass popup (remember our prior lesson?) requesting visitors to join their newsletter kick-ass.

Pure. Visual. Genius. No wonder they’re kicking ass in their Shopify shop.

Of course, you still need to follow SEO best practices when adding pictures to your Shopify shop. Doing stuff like optimizing your image file size, adding alt characteristics, and using picture sitemaps is still an significant component of your website experience and achievement (including on Shopify).


The great thing about Shopify shops and ecommerce marketing is that you can draw inspiration from infinite data out there.

Shopify makes building a killer online store in a matter of minutes ridiculously simple and efficient for company owners and companies of all shapes and sizes. What counts is what you’re doing with that shop.

  • SkinnyMe Tea [Shop With Messenger]
  • M2S Bikes [Cart Abandonment Cash Machine]
  • WP Standard [Minimal, Elegant Design]
  • Beardbrand [Eye-Catching Visuals]
  • Taylor Stitch [Mobile-First Shopping Experience]
  • Ratio Coffee [Product Videos That Sell]
  • Untuckit [The Product Referral Machine]

Start tiny and use one or two of these strategies to experiment. Double down if it works. Cut your losses if it doesn’t, and move on to the next experiment.

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