7 Best Shopify Dropshipping General Store Examples

What is a General Dropshipping Store and what does it do?

Dropshipping stores are those that sell a wide range of products online, from different niches and categories. General stores don’t have a branding or theme and often sell impulse-buy products.

Dropshipping stores tend to focus on trendy products. They sell these products until they are no longer in fashion and then move on to the next product. General stores can prove to be difficult to transform into a profitable asset over the long-term.

Although this isn’t always true, some people are capable of doing it. However, it’s not uncommon for general stores to be short-lived. It’s also worth noting that the largest online stores are often general stores.

How to create a successful general dropshipping store

A general dropshipping business is different than a niche or one-product store. A general store’s branding is less important than a niche or one-product dropshipping store. This means that you should focus on other aspects. A general store should follow three steps.

Locating Products

General stores specialize in finding impulse and trendy products. This is why it is important to be constantly on the lookout and do product research in order to find winning products.

General stores tend to focus on unique products that have a wow factor, solve a problem, and are not duplicated elsewhere. General stores are primarily focused on Facebook advertising so products must grab people’s attention while they scroll through their Facebook feed.

Test Products

Once you’ve found the products that are profitable, you can start to test new products in general stores. After you’ve tried many ad variations, ad spendings, target audiences, and offers, it is likely that not all products make it to the final cut.

Advertising that makes money requires testing to determine the best way to make a product profitable and then extracting as much money as possible.


Ads are important as you won’t be getting much organic traffic. Writing compelling ads, creating lifestyle photos of high quality and making videos are all necessary.

Who should start a general dropshipping store?

General stores can be a great place to start dropshipping.

You can use a general shop as a test ground to find profitable products. After you have found profitable products, you can create a niche store or store that focuses on a particular product.

Although it is difficult to find one product to build an entire store around, it can be extremely lucrative. It’s also a lot of work to set up one-product stores, only to have them fail again. General stores are a great way to find the winning products.

Another advantage is that it is very easy to open your first store. Even if you make mistakes, you can still make money. This is a great way for you to get started with product research and Facebook ads, before you dive into a niche or store that only sells one product.

What are some examples of general dropshipping stores you should look at?

You would probably fail to set up a dropshipping business if you didn’t see one. Why? How do you know which products work and which don’t? These types of stores are used by many people every day. Learn from their failures and successes. How do you find out if you haven’t seen one before?

  • Which layout is best?
  • Which Shopify theme works best for you?
  • Which images and videos are most effective?
  • How do you structure your product pages and descriptions?
  • What sales and offers work best?
  • What is the best type of ad to run?
  • Which apps are the best?

I have included general stores that do it well and some that need improvement. This is important because it will tell you what to do and what to avoid. You can often learn more by seeing what stores do wrong and how you can avoid making the same mistakes.

Dropshipping examples

Trendy Goods

Trendy Goods is a company that has been in existence since 2018. This is a typical dropshipping site in many ways. Here are some important points you should be aware of.

  • Shopify powers the store and creates a theme for it.
  • They seem to be dropshipping AliExpress primarily
  • To add urgency and scarcity, they use countdown timers to display on product pages.
  • The images come straight from the supplier, and some may be of poor quality.
  • There are 49 products available. Their top-selling products include an armor phone case, and a hair color wax.

This store is simple enough that most people can replicate it. Although there are many things that could be improved, they have still had success. This shows you don’t need to do everything perfectly to create a successful general dropshipping business.


OneAppleShop was founded in 2019. The store’s main image is a beautiful one that gives it a more premium feel than other dropshipping shops. Although the design is simple, it’s very effective. Important things to keep in mind:

  • Shopify powers them and they use Brooklyn theme, a free theme.
  • They put a lot into their product pages. They have detailed product descriptions, many images, and GIF’s.
  • There are 196 products in their store.
  • They rely on Facebook ads to advertise.

7 Second Smile

The store was sold in November 2020. It is still quite strong. It is still receiving an average of 50,000 visits per month, despite not getting as much traffic during Q4 of last year.

They are an excellent example of a store you can learn from and have done a fantastic job with this store. Important things to remember:

  • Shopify is used by them and they create their own theme.
  • They have used Google ads to advertise in the past.
  • There are 634 products in their shop.
  • Each product page has been meticulously designed by the team.
  • Countdown timers can be used to increase urgency and scarcity.
  • Due to high demand, shipping takes 2 to 4 weeks. Dropshippers dropshipping from China will find this to be a common line.


This is a typical general store in many aspects. Although their website isn’t very attractive, it doesn’t matter because they are clearly making money. Their product pages are well-designed with clear product descriptions, custom images and videos. You should pay attention to these features:

  • Shopify powered and customized theme.
  • LOOX, Klaviyo, and currency converter apps.
  • They have 85 products, with an average cost of $35
  • They have been around since mid-2018.

This store is focused on creating amazing product pages and creative ads, and has found the most popular products.


This store is an excellent example of how to run a dropshipping business. Although their store looks simple, all of their passion has gone into the product pages. This is a good move for general stores, as this is where your ads will get most of your traffic.

They feature lifestyle photos of products in real-life settings and list the benefits at the top. The specifications are down below.

  • Shopify and a custom template.
  • 561 products have an average price $25
  • 31k monthly visitors
  • Only use Facebook ads
  • Since 2019.


The general store is more professional-looking than the homepage, but it lacks some features. From their shipping times, it appears that they only dropship from China. The images and descriptions of products are not high quality.

  • Shopify powered this site and used the Portland Turbo theme.
  • 90 products have an average price $33.
  • Their best-selling product is LED strip lighting.
  • They have been around since 2018.

Until Gone

This is a huge dropshipping site that seems to be making a lot of money. You will find a wide range of products, including items that are not available in dropshipping stores. This store may be the right store for you if you have big plans for your store.

  • This store, unlike the others on this list is powered by BigCommerce.
  • They receive an average of more than a million visits per month.
  • 97% of their traffic is from the US.
  • 64% of their traffic is from Facebook.

This store is focused solely on selling hot products at low prices. They are relying on the images and descriptions that came with their products, which results in a poor customer experience.

Life Booster

Although this general store is new, it appears to be doing well. This general store focuses primarily on impulse-buy products at a low price, which is a common theme across many other stores. They ship exclusively from China, judging by their product selection and shipping times.

  • Shopify powered and customized theme.
  • LOOX app is used to review products.
  • Stock 352 products have an average price $23.
  • A good selection of impulse-buy products.

Dude Gadgets

Dropshipping shop that sells a variety of random products geared towards men. The majority of the products are AliExpress gadgets and products that are perfect for gifting men. They aren’t the most beautiful website, but they are doing great since they have been around since 2016.

  • Shopify powered and customized theme.
  • 298 products have an average price $29.
  • Their most popular product is teeth whitening.
  • 70k Instagram followers (They could be fake followers).

Sibling Gadget

Dropshipping is another popular option. Their store focuses on the most popular AliExpress impulse products. The product pages of their store are the same images and descriptions that you will find from Chinese suppliers.

Their success is similar to many general stores: They choose the right products and run ads. Important things to keep in mind:

  • Shopify powered and customized theme.
  • They have 800 products, with an average cost of $32.
  • They have been around since early 2019
  • Orders over $30 qualify for free shipping


This general store sells accessories for phones and cars, as well as quirky gifts. Although their website is not themed or branded, they have invested more time into product pages than most general stores.

They have been in business since 2016, so I am surprised that they make a good profit. Many of their products are expensive. Important things to note:

  • Powered by Shopify, we initially used the Brooklyn theme but have since switched to a custom theme.
  • They are using LOOX, Wheelio Spin and other apps.
  • 787 products have an average price of $20.
  • There is no home page or logo.


This is an example of a dropshipping shop that has done more than copying and pasting information from their suppliers. The videos and images they have of their products in action and how they work are great so customers don’t feel confused.

Although their website is simple, it is easy to find general stores. They have put all of their effort into their product pages as this is where they send their paid traffic.

  • We currently receive around 250k visitors per month.
  • Shopify can be used with a custom theme
  • Only use Facebook ads
  • 816 products.

ZZ Sales

The store sells the most popular AliExpress products. In many ways, it looks similar to a general dropshipping shop. It is very spammy and salesy looking, with large sales labels everywhere, countdown times, sales popups, and discount coupons.

  • Shopify and DebutTheme, which is a free theme.
  • 810 products have an average price $29.
  • They have been around since April 2020.
  • They ship from China, and some products are shipped from the USA.


Since early 2019, this large dropshipping shop has been in existence. Their product pages are extremely descriptive, with a lot of images, videos, and GIF’s. They have been around since early 2019. These products are similar to the AliExpress products that you will find in general stores.

  • Shopify and a custom template.
  • They have been around since early 2019
  • 2396 products are listed.
  • Stock mostly impulse-buy products from China


The store has been in existence since September 2020 and boasts a staggering 124k monthly visits. Although their website displays the usual countdown times and popup sales, it doesn’t seem as spammy than other general stores. The product pages have good lifestyle images and are very descriptive.

  • Shopify powered this site and the Debutify theme.
  • Only use Facebook ads
  • Adroll, Klaviyo, and LOOX advertising apps.
  • 632 products have an average price $32.


Motrendy, which has been in existence since 2005, focuses on sporting and gift related products. Their success is in finding and testing profitable products, as well as regularly testing new products using ads. Motrendy’s website is basic and doesn’t have any branding. However, they put all of their effort into landing pages as well as ad creatives.

  • Shopify powered and custom-made theme.
  • They may use a Chinese shipping company that takes long shipping times.
  • Orders over $30 qualify for free shipping worldwide
  • All advertising appears to be done through Facebook
  • 669 products are listed.

New Amazing Trends

They have been in business since mid-2019 so they must be doing something right. As with most general stores, all of their effort has gone into their landing pages.

Although their homepage looked like a high-end technology store, scrolling down revealed the popular AliExpress products. This store was difficult to navigate and some products were hard to find. All that said, the product pages were excellent which is the best aspect of general stores.

  • Powered by Shopify, using the Booster theme.
  • I currently receive 139k monthly visitors, 58% of which are from Brazil.
  • Their traffic is mainly from Facebook ads.
  • Klaviyo, Reconvert Upsells and Facebook Track apps.


Is theft legal? It depends on what you are stealing. It’s a good idea to steal from the best stores, but not to make your own.

The purpose of looking at other stores’ general stores is to help create the best. It’s important to understand why certain general stores are successful and not others.

Some shops have succeeded in creating a sustainable, long-lasting business. Some stores simply set up Shopify and added some trending products to the store using images from their suppliers. They also ran basic Facebook ads in an attempt to increase sales. These stores may be able to make some sales, but they might not last long.

Dropshipping is a highly competitive industry. It’s not enough to be the same as everyone else.

Your goal should always be to make your store stand out from the rest.