How to Test Dropshipping Products Smart & Quickly?

Why Dropshipping Products Should Be Always Tested

In the wake of the 2020 pandemic, dropshipping has seen a surge in popularity. eCommerce was responsible for 16.1% of all retail sales in 2020. Dropshipping is booming because of the increased number of customers who shop online.

It’s not possible to sell any product and expect it will make you a millionaire overnight. Customers need to be satisfied with your products. Otherwise, they will shop at your competitors and look elsewhere for their needs.

Yes, Dropshipping is an easy way to quickly get your eCommerce business up and running without having to spend a lot. Although you may rely on your supplier to do most of the work, you still have control over what the business sells.

You must verify the products that you sell if you want to have any chance of lasting success. Dropshipping can be easy to get too involved and make mistakes. To build a brand and compete with dropshippers, you need to ensure that everything in your supply chain works well. This will help you to create a long-lasting business.

Benefits of testing your products

Do not rush to sell new products. You must approach products with care, even if you feel pressure to be first to market with the hottest product.

Product testing is expensive. If we are being truthful, product testing is the best money you can spend on your company. If you are going to invest in a product, testing is crucial. Three ways to protect your business:

You can save time and money

Your products won’t sell if they don’t sell. This is in addition to all the marketing time and money you have spent. Dropshippers cannot assume that a product will be a success just because they “think” it is. Unvalidated products can cause you to lose a lot of money and time, and could even cost your business.

Products that are good sell themselves. This allows you to spend your time on more important aspects of your business, while the sales come in. Validate your products instead of putting money into a money pit.

Meet customer expectations

You must prove that your product idea and ability to make money is feasible for you business. You can’t just add a product in your Shopify store and see what happens. You have to sell products that solve customers’ problems.

It is important to identify your target audience early in product testing. These are the people that will be most interested in your solution. They are also the ones most likely to refer others to your products.

You can test your products to see if they work and what doesn’t. Dropshipping doesn’t serve your ego. Don’t be taken personally if customers don’t like your idea. Dropshipping is all about solving real problems. Product testing can help you do that.

Prove your supplier’s quality

Dropshipping is great because your supplier can store, ship and fulfill orders. You need to be able to trust your supplier and prove their worth.

Product testing can help you identify sub-standard suppliers and ensure you are working with an excellent supplier from the beginning. Even though a supplier might appear to be a good choice online, once you actually see the product in person, it is possible that their products are not as good as they claim.

Before you sell their products, you can test the product to verify their claims. To ensure quality, you can test the products of multiple suppliers if you are having trouble choosing. You risk being partnered with a poor supplier that can destroy your business in a matter of hours.

How Smart Dropshippers Test Products Quickly

Pete Boyle–Chief Copywriter at, has today an article by Smart Dropshippers Test Products Quickly.

Welcome to Pete and learn from his priceless experience in our blog!

I heard a Eugene Schwartz lecture this morning on my manner to the office. The renowned author deals with copywriters ‘ nature in the book.

He claims that authors are a rare race, but they only try to win. He claims. They’re people here and there who don’t care about an additional 0.5%.

You want the whale to land.

You would like to gain enough for the costs of one year from each letter.

It’s too ambitious.  

This ambition prevents other marketers from doing something.

They always test. They’re always testing.

It implies that they have done a great deal, but these errors are a step in the right direction.

It’s a notion with which I fully agree. It does not apply only to copywriters, however.

The internet induced an enormous rise in the amount of businessmen whose sole aim is to discover this large victory. People who are repeatedly tested.

And one of the most important organizations to find that large victory is dropshipping and eCommerce experts. This entrepreneurial approach.

These are individuals who test fresh thoughts and goods continuously. Tweak their funnels and publicity for ever. You seek the product and strategy that could transform your life, like any entrepreneur outside.

The issue is therefore, how can you discover the concept that could transform your life rapidly?

We all dream that key product offering produces 80% of our revenues. The secret to business success in the Drop shipping and Ecommerce industry. That kind of thing our brand will transform into the next Beardbrand Dollar Shave Club.  

That’s because we all focus so much on the result that the process and the trip to get there is usually overlooked. You will find several tests of what your audience would like to buy if you look at the history of a prospective shop.

For instance, Beardbrand introduced its shop behind a blog. A blog that brought prospective clients into the market and enabled them to figure out which regions of their audience were not used and which products they wanted.

In this interview, the founders mention;

“Beardbrand fosters style for the urban beardsman. We noticed a trend with men growing their beards out, however companies that served beardsmen tended to gravitate toward the hippies, outdoorsmen, or bikers.

We noticed there was a more white collared beardsman that was not being served and with that we launched Beardbrand.”

Okay, great small story?

But these people had a famous blog, where they could use their product offer for advice and suggestions. What if this doesn’t exist?

You probably won’t have a fixed crowd to ask for advice if you are just beginning out. So what are your next murderous product choices?

Well, it comes back with his concept of constantly testing thoughts. Eugene Schwartz.

To see what sticks, you must bring out as many concepts and products. This is not a new idea, and this concept is the driving force behind many of the major companies today. Then, you discard what doesn’t work but keep what is.

This is actually why Jeff Bezos attributed the achievement of Amazon. He was cited as stating,

“Our success at Amazon is a function of how many experiments we do per year, per month, per week, per day…”

He explains further that if you have a 10% opportunity of a 100X payoff, you should always take this opportunity–as it pays off in the lengthy run.

Here’s a cool little representation of the idea.

Many people don’t appear to think these small errors are the last mistakes. Actually, they are the pillars of this large victory.

If you want to win big, you must be prepared to fail severely.

You don’t want to be worried if you want to begin your dropshipping shop or plug in a fresh product line.

The main thing to do is test distinct products and sees what traction gets the most. It’s hardly a science of rockets. But for such an aggressive product testing timetable, the steps are necessary. So I’m going to be through the easiest manner to explore a lot of products across every social network to assist you discover your next 100X victory.

Each unsuccessful product test is just one step towards that 100X victory.

Aggressive testing to find your ideal product

The more tests you take, the shorter your successful trip.

But an issue is there, okay? When you try to test dozens of different products, you cannot keep putting up fresh product pages, ad campaigns, optimize many funnels and stand on top of your path.

So what’s the answer?

Sell messages and updates directly via your social media channel.  

Remove shop, product page, and check-out and dropshipping campaigns. Give yourself a direct way to sell yourself to an audience–in social media. The friction will be almost eradicated by removing these phases and establishing a quicker feedback loop for what individuals want to purchase.

With technological progress and the increasing popularity of Messenger marketing, your social media accounts can be automatically checked out efficiently. Here is how.

Rely on Your Suppliers

Businesses around the world need trust to succeed.

Trust between your customers is a key component of your business.

Dropshipping is a great way to build trust with suppliers.

You can have a stunning online store and exclusive products that you love. But none of this will matter if the supplier isn’t up to the mark.

What’s the best way for you to determine if your supplier is right for drop shipping?

Yes, that’s right. You will need to place a test purchase.

What happens if you sell products from more than one supplier. You can place a test order for each supplier.

Don’t worry. This is extra money youcan use to improve your store in many different ways.

However, it is a good idea to place test orders and get a better understanding of your suppliers’ operations before you launch your dropshipper store.

It’s worth it.

You can rest easy if you see that your suppliers ship high-quality products in well packed parcels and arrive within the time frames stated. Trust the supplier and you can focus on your business growth and sales.

On the other side, if products aren’t great or arrive late than expected, it will be who finds out. Your customer.

Yes, it will cost you more to order test items, but you can save a lot of money by not having to return or refund orders from lower-quality suppliers.

Dropshipper best practices for testing new products

Before selling products to customers, drosphippers must always test them. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to test your products. These 5 best practices will help you validate your products quickly and efficiently.

Get feedback from real shoppers

While you can do surface-level research using Google Trends, the best way to find out if your product is going to sell is to talk to your customers.

This means:

  • Analyse your data: Do you have any past engagement data for products that were sold? You can learn a lot about the product’s potential by looking at its website, eCommerce platform, or social media analytics. Are there many shoppers looking for red shoes on your website? This indicates that there is genuine interest in this type of product.
  • Invite a small number of customers to try a product. Think of it as a focus group. In return for honest feedback, you can offer the product free of charge. Ask customers what features they love or hate and how much they think it is worth. This will help you to work with your supplier to determine the features that people really like and to price the product accordingly.
  • Preorders: These preorders allow you to prove your idea before you place thousands of orders with your supplier. The demand for a product is measured by the number of people waiting on a list. If the numbers are low, you need to either market your product better or find a new product.

Although collecting feedback from shoppers takes time and money, hundreds of thousands of dollars can be at stake. You owe it your business to validate each product idea with your customers.

Soft launch your MVP

Your minimum viable product (or MVP) is the simplest version of your product. This is an important way to get the market test done early, without spending a lot of money on a poor product.

You can do a soft launch selling your MVP to a small group of shoppers. It is important to limit the number of products you offer so that your orders (and billings) are smaller. This allows you to get feedback quickly and allow for more iterations.

Create a solid marketing strategy

A marketing strategy is essential to sell a product. Marketing dollars are scarce these days and you don’t want to market your new product to the wrong people.

How will you get people to notice your product? Do you have the marketing skills to market it yourself? Are you able to market it yourself? Or should you invest in affiliates, influencers, and paid ads to get things moving?

You can’t have all the sunshine and rainbows when it comes to promoting your product. Make sure you have a solid plan for the launch of the product as well.

Compare yourself with the competition

What are other people selling right now? What is your product idea?

Selling the same product to others is not necessarily bad. Dropshipping is a common business model. How are your competitors positioning the product for their customers? How are they promoting it? What are they doing to promote it?

Do your research to find out how other dropshippers market the product before you sell it. It might not be a good choice for your business if they are having trouble selling the product or it requires a lot more marketing dollars.

Verify Your Products

Dropshipping has many benefits, as we have already mentioned. It allows you to remain hands-off in running your business.

You are still the owner of the business.

This means it is your responsibility to ensure your customers receive a high-quality service, regardless of the product or source from which you are sourcing them.

It is also important to place test orders.

Your customers need to feel confident in your ability to sell them your products, knowing they will be satisfied with the product. They will be happy with the product they receive.

You shouldn’t sell products you wouldn’t like to receive.

You can only assess the quality of products you sell by inspecting them yourself.

Follow your shipping process

Dropshipping is a new business venture and entrepreneurs are often concerned about shipping times.

This is the truth: Dropshipping companies cannot guarantee two-day shipping.

But you know what? It’s perfectly okay.

Your business is not yet established . Therefore, it is unlikely that customers will expect you can compete with Amazon-fast shipping times.

Customers will be excited to receive new products. It’s therefore important to give them a realistic timeline for delivery.

Dropshippers also need to test orders.

Once you have placed a test order, you can track the delivery time of your products.

Once you have firsthand knowledge of the delivery services provided by your supplier, you will be able to predict what your customers will get.

This will allow you to set realistic expectations about when your customers will get their products and avoid unnecessary complaints about delivery times.

Be calm about shipping time concerns and place test orders before launching new products in your store.

Create Unique Marketing Material

It’s difficult to create engaging marketing materials for your company if you haven’t actually experienced your products.

You can still use stock images from suppliers and websites but they are suboptimal.

Stock images are available to everyone, so it is difficult to stand out from the crowd with just stock photos.

64% shoppers make a purchase after viewing branded video content. You’ll want to nail your video marketing efforts.

This is also difficult when you have only stock images.

Dropshippers should also place test orders for products.

You can test order to confirm the quality of your suppliers and products. creates compelling marketing content that no one else has access to.

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to create visual content that is engaging with the products you receive.

With , you can create stunning photos and videos using only a smartphone .

The visual content you create can be used for your product pages, your ads or your social media account.

Marketing is hard enough. Marketing is hard enough. You don’t have to make it more difficult for yourself. Test your products and use the opportunity to create marketing materials that are unique.

The bottom line

Was your product test a success? Great!

Sell your product idea.

Before you go all-in on your product idea, confirm it.

Your supplier may have a lot of power over your business but you still have full control over the products you sell.

To confirm that customers are interested in your products and that your supplier can deliver the order on time, test them.

These five best practices will allow you to design products that people want to buy. This will create a stable and predictable income stream for your dropshipping business.