Niche Vs General Store | From My Own Experience

General VS Niche Store

Answering a regular question which people ask me repeatedly.
Which niche i has to choose ? 
Let me answer this from my own experience.
How i Failed in Niche stores ? 
Initially i started my aliexpress dropship store with one niche. i failed.  I started another store with a niche. Again i failed. Burned lot of money and time in Facebook ads.
I thought of moving from dropshipping and moved out.
Turning point in my Dropshipping Journey:
Few months later, Accidentally i visited a dropship general shopify store with some best niches but not a popular one.
I checked the traffic, Facebook likes, Instagram followers. It is amazing.
I checked the domain age too, it is just 4 months old site.
How i succeeded in General Store ? 
I used the same tactics in my store.  Started a general with top niches and some cool products.  Few niches performed good. Few niches low performed.
I used Facebook video ads in conversion objective. Spent only little money on ads, my videos gone viral. When i check on performance metrics, i got more organic sales than the paid one.
I keep on removing low performing products and adding new ones.
Then i started a niche store with the best performed one from my collections.  It was good then i started 2 more niche stores.
My Success Formula: 
Choose some products which is not easily available in local stores, target with the right audience.  You will get it.
So i personally recommend beginners to go with general stores with some best niches what are all in your mind.
**Note:  I did not say niche stores are not recommended for beginners.  Good niche with right targeted audience always wins.
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