How to test Dropshipping Products on Facebook?

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Testing Drop Shipping Products on FaceBook – Here’s how

If Teespring has shown me anything, your socks will be tested!

Regardless of whether it is drop-shipping, Teespring, affiliate marketing or any company, it is important to spend cash on testing where your clients are in control.

This might imply the difference between a few hundred and 100 thousand bucks.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

I believed today that I would walk you through my normal Teespring / Drop shipping morning.

I also wanted to mention shortly a personal forum, which I will shortly be launching with over 70 Premium video tutorials.

It contains case studies in income of over $50 K and will be an incredible location for ecommerce growth, discussion and learning.

This is for a different post, anyway.

The column ‘ Amount’ demonstrates how much I have spent up to now.

The goal is to demonstrate you my testing methodology and why I believe that you have a lot of cash in the bank to begin with.

My way is to build up a wide network and concentrate on which signs of interest work / show.

I have a number of gems advertised above and the price per commitment differs in the’ cost’ column.

The reduced the cost, the more commitment you receive.

But the last column is the REAL interest value here. Or’ Cost by Click’ by CPC. What’s the click? Naturally, the product link!

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It is one thing for people to like, comment, share post. In fact, people click the connection to see the item? That’s another thing now.

Normally, I go about $0.50 to $1.00 for CPC’s. This implies I get $0.50–$1.00 from Facebook for my website per individual.

One thing you will realize is that FaceBook information is sometimes off for a long time. Although it says, in the second last column (Unique Web Clicks) that I have had about two to three clicks per ad set on my page (with the top exception).

Most of my products go farther than what I’m told by FaceBook. Therefore, it is not necessarily 100 percent precise what FaceBook tells you to charge per click.

This information should be used mainly to assess the campaign’s potential.

This is our own Service Offered by the Blog Author.

shopify dropshipping store set up

Some goods do perform others, anyway.

Let’s look at a full ad set in which I try 3 floral shaped rings. FaceBook informs me the first is the most famous necklace. (Ignore the T-Rex necklace)

However, I have just spent a few bucks on every ad, it’s still far too early to be said!

Unless you perform really badly, I’ll let my exams run to about $20.

1 Sale.

Nothing is insane about it, but given that I have spent around five dollars on each ad set, it means one of them is (so far) lucrative.

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This isn’t an award winner yet.

A winner will sell you regularly. You can scale that’s when.

The trial method and my mentality behind it was just I wanted to show.

I will proceed and spend 13 products, or so, that I have established. I will proceed.

I could spend $100 to $150 to try them with a few sales to cover my expenses here and there, but one of these will always be lucrative.

It would gain me a couple of hundred to several thousand if that was the case.

Occasionally I could reach more than $100k!

This entire exam may seem like a costly investment; but in the long run, with these winners loading your bank balance, you will discover that the income weighs up the expenses enormously.

This is the core model of Drop Shipping / Teespring and is used by me and many others.

Hopefully, you’ll learn how I operate my company in this post.