How to Create Good and Money Making Ads for Dropshipping?

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The anatomy of Dropshipping’s perfect facebook ad

The dropshipping looks like an excellent business model at first sight.

Running a web shop without having to stock will make you to invest less startup capital. Big margins because you buy cheap items to sell them at a large mark-up… You touch these products without ever touching them.

Who would not want that?

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shopify dropshipping store set up

That is why the dropshipping model soon attracted enormous international attention. Thus the space was super-concurrent. Therefore it’s more than ever important to be creative and bring new audiences and new products, but you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Many best practices, especially with regard to Facebook ads are available in dropshipping. Some ad strategies work only.

In this article, that’s what I’ll show you.

I have literally analyzed hundreds of Facebook ads (using the Adspy tool) which are most successful in finding common patterns in their ad copies, creative and offerings. I’m going to present in this article what I found was the anatomy of the perfect Facebook ad.

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Dropshipping Facebook ads should have the sensation that virals encourage buying impulses

The types of products which are good for dropshippers are generally purchases of impulse. You don’t want people to compare your product actively and deliberately or to look for alternatives. Anyone who sees your ad should no longer scroll on their mobile phones and take their credit card to buy the product right away. This offer should be so enticing that

This is also the impression that your ad is supposed to create.

You ought to have a viral feeling.

How are you doing that, then? In addition to the social evidence of likes, comments and shares?

The most important advertisements are made with emojis in the ad copy. They often pick emojis which are like surprise, love or laughing over the ground. They support the strong emotional reaction they want to trigger if someone sees the ad.

Request tag & share

Much of the top ads ask people to tag and share the ad to involve their friends to support the viral character of the ad. People like to share things if they are funny, surprising or adorable–for example, because they are part and parcel of it. However, be careful because Facebook does not actually permit tags or share requests. Many people still do this and don’t dismiss their ads.

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Besides the emojis, let’s dive into a perfect ad copy with tags & shares.

Most of your ads appear on the mobile phone, while people scroll around their time line brainless, with the best Facebook ads for dropshipping using a short and persuasive copy. Your ad should catch their eyes, stop doing things and get them to act (click on your site and buy the offer).

That’s a big question. This is a big question.

So with long stories and a lot of information you can’t distract them too much.

When we look at Facebook ads from top ranks, we’ve noticed a few common patterns in the ad copy.

Start with a question or statement

Unconsciously a question stops people from thinking about the subject. It is therefore best to start your ad with a short question concerning your product’s main pain point. For instance: “Wake up with your back pain many times?” or “Will your teeth not be as white as they used to be?” Or a brief declaration such as “Must-have opener.”

Keep it short

As said earlier, the best announcements are those with the minimum word available. As said before. It is usually sufficient to use only 1 or 2 phrases after your questions are opened. How your product solves their problem is to be described. “The toothpaste will whiten your teeth in seven days without irritating your gums, for example.” You can use the emoji green tick to create a short list instead of writing a long copy if you need to copy them more to highlight specific characteristics.

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shopify dropshipping store set up
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Creating an irresistible offer

They should be irresistible to persuade everyone who sees your ad to buy your product at once. Looking at the top of Facebook ads by other dropshipping, we have observed that they often share large discounts (from 50 percent and even higher), add urgency (now only), scarcity (only 50 units in stock). Most of the dropshipping ads also offer FREE shipping worldwide.

Use a clear call-to-action

It appears that most top dropshippers have agreed on the best call for action in their Facebook ads. The last “Get yours here” call in 99 percent of the ad copy is followed by a hyperlink to your product page. Why, then, does the wheel reinvent?


I have presented the anatomy of the perfect Facebook advertisement in this article. Not because of my opinion or taste but because of the analysis of hundreds of the very best ads. I used an Adspy tool to find these ads and sort them by the people I like most. I only looked at ads in 2019 to reflect what’s happening now.

This post I will probably update to the latest examples later this year.

I hope you’re inspired by these top-level ads. Or confirm that you’re on the right path already because most of these elements are used.

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Only one thing more…

You should also check out the Facebook interest tool we created, if you are serious about running Facebook ads for your business. It supports advertisers of all sizes by reducing their costs and by bringing out thousands of target interests hidden in Facebook Ad Manager to relevant audiences.

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