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How to find your best keywords for Facebook Ads?

Without a proper keyword plan, it’s difficult to design any online marketing or publicizing activity — almost unthinkable. Internet marketing, on Facebook or some other site, relies on strong SEO, which depends on keyword arranging and use. Content matters a lot, yet in the event that the correct keywords aren’t utilized in that content, words and expressions that people are really hunting down, content input is constrained.

This is where helps you. In light of insights gathered from numerous web indexes, is a Free Facebook Ads Keyword & Interest Search instrument that enables clients to appropriately enhance their content and meta tags while expanding PPC campaigns. It makes a rundown of expressions and words that searchers use to discover items and administrations like the ones offered by explicit brands and gives data identifying with words and expressions that direct traffic to clients.

Facebook ads by searching appropriate keywords for your ads. (opens in a new tab)”>This tool is especially helpful in case you’re looking into keywords for a record concentrating on a geographic market that you’re not familiar with. For example, that you not just need to sell digital watches in the United States, yet additionally in Australia however, traffic for the term “digital watches” in Australia is low. So, you can go other keywords in Australia. is one of the best tools to improvise your Facebook ads by searching appropriate keywords for your ads.

What’s new? lets you search more than on keyword in one go. You can search as many words at the same time. Isn’t it time effective and efficient? provides both long-tail and short keyword research, along with information on keywords for both organic traffic an PPC campaigns.

This tool also provides you with ads keywords that exactly match the keyword or the phrase that you’ve searched for along with many similar and related keywords.

It is free to use. You need to have a Facebook account to start using this tool (which you can also create for free).

 Check the free tool here

Why should you use Facebook Ads Keyword Targeting

Facebook Ads offers many great targeting options. However, it is possible to use your keyword data to start your Facebook ads campaigns quicker by using existing keyword data.

This method has the advantage that you can avoid using interest-based Facebook ads or try other targeting options together.

If you find that a keyword is ideal for your business and do keyword research, you can use that information in your Facebook ads.

A keyword may be more targeted than the interests of Facebook Ads.

This method can be broken down further to reveal the two methods of getting similar results:

The paid method via Google Ads is the best. However, you can also use other search engines marketing platforms. The other method allows you to access pre-existing data for free.

While the method in this article is not intended for everyday use, it can be very useful in emergency situations.

If you find a keyword that works well, you can profitably scale up your advertising spend.

We will only use one keyword in our Google Ads. This amount can be modified by changing the number of keywords you require and how diverse you want your keyword-based audience.

How do you target keywords in Facebook ads?

To bring people to our website we will use A Google Ads campaign. We will choose the keywords that we are interested in or have researched earlier. The Facebook Pixel will be used to create custom audiences.

You can still use data from existing visitors to your Facebook Ads. However, it is best to use Google Ads.

Google Ads offers speed. We can quickly build keyword-based audiences which allow us to be flexible in our digital Marketing strategies.

Before you attempt this method, there are a few things that you will need to do.

What do you need to target keywords in Facebook ads?

Before you can begin with the techniques, make sure that the Facebook Pixel is installed on your website. Without it, the technique will not work.

Learn more about installing Facebook Pixel on your website here.

An additional crucial step is to install Google Analytics.

The next one is optional but highly recommended:

Google Analytics Goals and Conversions: Setting up Facebook Ads (event setup in the Events Manager for example). )

Use Google Ads to Target Keywords in Facebook Ads

Let’s begin by creating a Google Ads Campaign. We will not be interested in building one as we only care about the data we get from campaign results.

If you need assistance, you can find the Google Ads Guide here.

  1. Create your campaign
  2. Select the bidding options
  3. Important STEP: Select the location. This is essential for later.
  4. Select the keywords that you would like to target in your Facebook Ads campaign.
  5. Create your ads

Next, think carefully about where you want to send your traffic.

This page will contain the data that we will use for future Facebook Ads campaigns.

To get the best Google Ads results, it is a good idea to have your landing page keyword-optimized. You’ll also use your landing page for the Facebook Ads landing pages.

Make sure that your Pixel is tracking every aspect of your campaign as it progresses.

We can convert the data into a keyword-based audience using Facebook Ads if you have at least 100 clicks in your Google Ads campaign.

You will see a greater return on your investment if you have more clicks at this stage. The more detail you can collect about user behavior at this stage, the better your Facebook audience will be and your lookalikes.

You can, for example, specify which users didn’t leave the page or bounced the most. You’ll need at most 100 users. However, if you have a successful Google Ads account, this shouldn’t be an issue.

Creating the Audience for Facebook Ads Keyword Targeting

Now that we have enough data to create effective custom and lookalike audiences it is time to make them work.

Go to Audiences in your Facebook Ad Manager or Facebook Business Manager.

Creating the Keyword Custom Audience

To create your keyword custom audience:

  1. Make sure that you choose the correct Pixel
  2. Select “People who visited certain web pages.”
  3. “In past X days”, – select the day amount that you ran your Google Ads Campaign
  4. In URL Section – Select the landing page to whom you sent traffic using Google Ads
  5. Name your audience accordingly Keyword – Audience – Landing Page – Purpose

You have now created a custom audience using the keyword you previously selected.

Technically, we created an audience for retargeting with keywords in mind. You can use this audience to retarget people who have visited your Google Ads landing pages.

Creating the Keyword Lookalike Audience

We are now seeing the true benefits of this method. Without the keyword-lookalike audience, it would be just a retargeting advertisement. We want more.

  1. Choose Your Lookalike Source – Select from the list to create a custom audience.
  2. Choose Your Audience Location – Select the exact same location that you used in your Google Ads campaign.
  3. Select audience size
    1. Between 1-10%
    2. The size of the keyword audience indicates how similar they are. 10% is the furthest, and 1 % the closest to any given location.
  4. Create an audience
  5. In your next Facebook Ads keyword targeted campaign, use the audience.
  6. Bonus tip: You can create multiple audiences that look similar to the same audience by using 1-10%. This can be used later to test your hypothesis.

Testing Your Facebook Keyword Audiences

You must ensure that your audiences are being used in your ads.

Although the method does not guarantee better results, it can be used to help diversify your campaigns.

How can you test your campaign?

Follow the performance marketing mindset and define your goals. Then measure the results against them.

Now that you have this out of the way, you can create multiple ad set within Facebook ads campaigns, which use different lookalike audiences sizes.

This will allow you to test different audiences sizes and increase your chances of finding the right keyword audience.

This type of keyword-based campaign should be tested against interest-based campaigns and other similar audiences.

A lookalike could be created from all visitors to your website and used as a default to test keyword-based lookalikes.

Remember to also test your performance against Google Ads, since this method makes use of Google Ads quite a bit.

This is where the focus should be on finding a profitable online marketing strategy that will work for your company, and not exploring a curiosity.

Keyword Targeting Free Facebook Ads Method

Only difference between the paid method and the free one is that we won’t be using Google Ads for keyword-based traffic to a particular landing page.

Instead, we will use our analytics to identify organic landing pages and create custom audiences and lookalike audiences using those landing pages.

The method is the exact same. Choose the landing page URL that has received organic traffic.

You will be able to perform better analysis if you connect the Google Search Console with your Google Analytics accounts. This will allow you to determine which keywords influence which landing pages.

Create a spreadsheet with the URLs and keywords that are relevant to those pages. Then, start building audiences in the same way as we did earlier.

The cons to the free method are very obvious:

  • It will be difficult to identify the keyword that triggered a landing page for these users. Organic landing pages will likely have higher traffic sources due to the larger user base.
  • Speed. This method is slow. The search engine optimization results don’t always appear immediately. It is only beneficial to use an older page that ranks in Google.
  • Traffic may come from many different places, which makes it difficult to create similar audiences. You must perform at least 100 actions within a country or region to create lookalike audiences.

Facebook Ad Checker – 12 Ways to Find Relevant Keywords

Facebook is more than just another advertising channel. It is an essential component of any strong marketing strategy. It is therefore crucial to do online marketing correctly. To ensure that your ads get approved, you must use the relevant ad targeting strategies.

Advertisers pay attention to the keywords used in their copy. Keyword research is crucial when creating a Facebook campaign. It is possible:

  • help enhance your lead conversion rates;
  • Find the most important interests you should target.
  • Increase traffic
  • Bring in more customers
  • Increase sales
  • You will get better engagement.

Facebook’s 20% text rule states that an image used in a Facebook advertisement should not include more than 20% text. Brands need to be careful about what they include within the ad copy. Your ad’s chances to pass Facebook’s ad-checker will rise if you include more relevant keywords.

Facebook targeting isn’t easy. There are many options when it comes to the keywords that you can choose from. Here are 12 ways you can find the right keywords for your Facebook ads.

Find the niche topics that interest you

When researching keywords for Facebook Ad Checker, the first step is to identify the interests of your customers. Find out what your customers’ problems and needs are, and then see if you can match them with the solutions that your company offers. Focus on the most frequently asked questions about your products by customers. You will be able to use this information as a starting point for creating valuable content.

Check out your Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights can be a great tool to track user interaction on your Facebook Fan Page. It is a free tool that allows you to perform keyword research and determine what interests your audience. It contains tons of information about Facebook users. You can filter your target audience by age, gender, and behavior under the “People” tag.

Facebook Audience insights

Another section can provide you with relevant information about the people who clicked on your ad. The best place to start your keyword research is your Facebook audience profile data. You can do keyword research using demographic information by going to Ads Manager.

Use keyword search tools

These tools are vital for copywriters who work with Facebook ads. These tools help them to determine which keywords will allow their ads to be seen by larger audiences, and which keywords should they be optimizing for.

SEMrush is one of these tools, and it’s a great tool to have. It allows users to access data on keywords popularity based upon how many searches they receive, their CPC Adwords prices, and how competitive a keyword is.

Moz’s Keyword Explorer feature is a powerful tool for SEO. Moz offers a simple interface with easy-to-use controls. It analyzes keyword searches monthly and displays the results numerically as well as visually.

Use Facebook Ad Intelligence tools

Facebook Ad Intelligence tools help you analyze competitors’ ad strategies. One of these tools is PowerAdSpy. This allows users to track ads, copy, landing pages, and other information about the competition. This tool allows you to run in-depth analysis and create niche-specific marketing strategy.

Advertisers who are looking for inspiration for their own advertising campaigns will find it a treasure trove of over 50,000,000 real-world ads. PowerAdSpy’s most notable features include:

  • Ability to follow as many competitors as you wish;
  • You can filter ads according to your interests.
  • You can view Facebook ads live.
  • Find out more about location and targeting details
  • Save the best ads to your bookmarks

Talk to your customers’ Facebook pages

You can learn a lot about your customers by checking their Facebook profiles, particularly those who are active with your brand. These customers could also be interested in other brands like yours. You can get new keywords ideas from these clients to target your ads.

Lay terms

This is the easiest way to create relevant keywords for your Facebook ads. What are you supposed to do? Think about the terms people might use to describe your company. For example, if a client doesn’t know the name of your company, what words would they use to search for you on Facebook?

Created specifically for Facebook advertising

Think about the keywords you want to associate your brand with when researching the right keywords. You should also consider keywords that are related to popular services and products.

Create a keyword list

Different keywords can have different traffic potential and demand. It is important to identify which keywords are most profitable to bid on. These keywords should be grouped into semantically related groups.

Keep your keyword list up-to-date to keep it competitive

To ensure you only use valuable and relevant keywords, you must constantly refine your keyword list. WordStream’s free keyword tool is one way to do this. This tool will give you a complete list of search queries as well as their Google Search Volume.

Social Bakers Solutions

Social Bakers Solutions can be a powerful tool for social media analytics. It can help you identify influencers and trends. It will help you find the right keywords for your social ads.

Use the “holy”, Google, and its Trends section

When it comes to finding the most relevant keywords, sources other than Facebook are equally important. Google Trends may be the ultimate source of keywords. To find keywords that are relevant to your niche, you should look into related categories.


This is how to create keyword-based targeting for Facebook Ads.

This technique has a great advantage: If you are relying on Google ads for paid traffic, this technique can help you expand and scale those sources of traffic with similar audiences.

Facebook Ads offer targeting options that allow you to discover new audiences from different perspectives. These options can help you reach new audiences with your brand, and not just keyword-based advertising.