Best Dropshipping Suppliers for Facebook Marketplace (FBMP)

The Facebook Marketplace has been a top place for dropshippers since 2022. Because it is a relatively new platform, we have the ability to sell multiple products at a high profit with little competition.

Facebook is a relatively unknown platform for dropshippers. It was originally created as a local platform to allow communities to sell and buy used goods. It has the potential to compete with, and even bypass sites such as Amazon and eBay.

After you have set up your shop, you will need to choose good suppliers that offer products that are likely to sell. As dropshippers look at their prospects on Facebook Marketplace, the question is: How do I find good suppliers?

This article will discuss the top Facebook Marketplace dropshipping (FBMP) providers, with fast delivery and top-notch customer support to help you succeed with your Facebook Marketplace dropshipping shop.

These are the top Facebook Marketplace dropshipping (FBMP) providers with a proven track-record. These suppliers have proven themselves to be reliable dropshipping sources over and over again.


Amazon is the world’s largest e-commerce website. We have a large supply of sellers and products. Although not all products are suitable for dropshipping here, many are.

Amazon has almost every product you could want in any niche. It’s a great place for product research. You can test different products or niches in your store.

Amazon’s Prime feature is the best quality. You can be sure that your Facebook shipment will arrive on time for every item marked Amazon Prime. Prime offers fast, reliable two day free shipping

Its 30-day return policy allows us to take all the time necessary to process returns for Facebook customers.

CJ Dropshipping

CJ Dropshipping, as its name implies, is intended for dropshippers only and not regular customers.

Although their products are made in different countries, they maintain multiple product-filled warehouses throughout the US. We can ship Chinese products at speeds comparable with Amazon’s US Products. We can therefore buy the products at a lower price and increase our profit margins.

CJ Dropshipping’s most appealing feature is Print on Demand and POD products. This allows us to offer customized products to our customers with their name, birthday message or other writing.

You have a wide range of options when it comes to POD. There are endless possibilities for niche stores that we can create.

This supplier has many advantages and is essential for any dropshipper who wants to start a business on Facebook. This supplier would be one of very few, if any, people selling personalized products on Facebook. This article will provide more information about CJ Dropshipping.


Walmart is one of America’s most popular superstores. You will find a wide range of products at affordable prices. Their clearance section is an excellent place to find high-quality products at a fraction the price.

Walmart offers next day delivery, which is a unique feature among other suppliers. You can offer next-day shipping on all items. This ensures that your product will arrive on time. Buyers will be thrilled to receive their product within a few days.

It can also help you reach customers who are looking for your product immediately.

If you have a keyboard for sale on Facebook and offer next day delivery, your customers may choose to shop with you over other e-commerce sites. Even if the product is less expensive elsewhere, customers might choose to buy from you because of the ease of quick delivery.

Don’t miss out on your Walmart+ membership if you decide to shop at Walmart. You’ll get free shipping, and you can offer the same to your Facebook friends.


This supplier is known for its fast, free shipping, , and price match guarantee. Overstock is located in the US and ships most items in 1-2 day.

We are dropshippers through Facebook so we have peace of mind knowing that shipping won’t be an issue.

Overstock guarantees a price match on all products that drop in price. This has a few advantages:

One, we can increase our profit margins after a purchase of a product. We can also send our customers a small refund, which they will no doubt appreciate.

Furthermore, Overstock is another dropshipping-friendly supplier made for dropshippers. Each product can be your next best-seller.

Home Depot

Home Depot is a Facebook supplier that specializes in the most popular categories.

Home improvements have been a huge deal in US households for years. The popularity of this category grew exponentially with the pandemic. The consumer now spends more time at home and is always looking for ways to improve his or her living space.

This category is also one of the most popular on Facebook Marketplace right now.

Home Depot offers fast and free shipping across the US. Its return policy is also unbeatable. Ninety-day free returns for all products Your buyers can get a guarantee of satisfaction at a fair price.


Costway, a US-based supplier is available to dropshippers. All items are eligible for free shipping with UPS or FedEx. These three shipping companies can be used to mark items as shipped in Facebook Marketplace.

Costway is a dropshipping platform that only sells proven products. Costway saves dropshippers a lot of time researching products. Simply select the products in your niche and list them.

This is another great place to dropship on the Facebook Marketplace.

How to Find Dropshipping Suppliers

Remember that Facebook Marketplace is a Social e-commerce website. We have regular interactions with our buyers, and our ratings significantly impact our future success.

A social platform such as Facebook allows for transactions more personal and based on mutual trust. To maintain this social e-commerce style, Facebook enforces more stringent standards.

Facebook also wants customers to feel confident and able to make a purchase quickly. Consider the following qualities when choosing a supplier:

High Quality Products and Sellers

Review the product and get feedback before you buy. Only list top-quality items.

Also, ensure that you choose sellers with a positive reputation. They must be able to deliver high-quality products and have the ability to ship them on time.

Fast Shipping Times to The USA

Facebook’s time requirements for items to be shipped within two days after purchase, so let’s not forget about that. This makes it crucial to choose sellers and suppliers that ship quickly. This should be true for all items we list from any supplier.

Simple Returns

We should choose a supplier that has a simple return process. Facebook’s strict policies can lead to some losses if we don’t properly process returns.

We have a time limit to respond to a buyer who is unhappy with the purchase. Facebook may decide to refund customers at our expense in certain situations.

Facebook often sends buyers surveys. Facebook can close your Marketplace account if our survey results are negative too often. We can avoid problems by working with a supplier that has a simple return process. This allows us to offer a seamless return for the buyer.

The supplier we choose should be responsive and provide return shipping labelpromptly.

Reliable Tracking Info

We will only choose suppliers who have a track record of providing reliable and timely tracking information. The buyer on Facebook will eagerly wait to track the package and know when it will arrive.

Facebook can cancel an order if we fail to provide tracking information within a few days of receiving it.

It is therefore essential to select a supplier that ships quickly with reliable tracking information. This allows the buyer to track the events.

It also helps to avoid buyers asking about the location of their packages. They’ll be able check their packages for themselves with good tracking.

Excellent Customer Service

Last but not the least, make sure you only use suppliers with good customer support. Dropshippers expect dropshippers to have a service that is at least equal to ours. We can quickly resolve any problems, keeping the customer satisfied.

A good customer service will ensure that your selling account is in good standing. Facebook sends surveys asking our customers about their experiences buying from us.

We can expect high ratings as long as our suppliers offer great customer service and we do the exact same for our customers. Dropshipping will continue to grow over the long-term.

Working with Multiple Dropshipping Suppliers

We will probably choose more than one supplier. We don’t want all our eggs in the same basket. We can either sell the same item from one supplier or something similar from another supplier if that supplier runs out.

We want to create a niche on Facebook and then sell products that are popular. Many times, the products that sell well on our Facebook store are from multiple sources.

If one supplier fails to deliver, another supplier can take over.

AliExpress, for example, is a Chinese supplier and sometimes cannot fulfill orders for up to three weeks because of Chinese holidays. Our store can lose credibility if it relies solely on AliExpress.

Working with multiple suppliers is always a good idea. Although it can be difficult to balance, AutoDS is able to solve this problem because it supports more than twenty-five suppliers.

Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping Software


Automated Facebook Marketplace:

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Bugs? Broken features?
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In Summary

Facebook Marketplace offers a great opportunity to dropshippers new and old. It has the traffic that Amazon and eBay can only dream about.

Dropshipping can be done on Facebook. See results quickly. We only need to find reliable suppliers who sell high-quality products, and adhere to Facebook’s Commerce policies.

Your suppliers should ship your items within two days. Also, make sure they offer easy returns. Facebook customers can interact directly with us via social selling platforms. Each purchase can impact our seller rating and even our profits.

Many suppliers meet the requirements. Amazon, for example, offers free shipping within two days and returns within thirty days.

Actually, it’s a good idea to use several suppliers . We always have other options if one fails. Each supplier has an advantage that can help us gain a competitive edge. Costway, for example, saves us time when researching products, and CJ Dropshipping is known for its POD products.

Your ability to choose good suppliers products is the key for maximizing your dropshipping profits. We have many options available to us, so we can start with a winning mindset.