How to Dropship from Walmart to eBay, Amazon, & Shopify?

Walmart Dropshipping is the new way to go. Shopify will take care of your inventory while you relax.

Dropshipping can take care of everything, from product listing to product testing. Dropshipping is one of the easiest methods to fulfill orders.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Because it includes a shop, sales order, and third-party supplier, your struggle is no more a problem. This is a simple way to make money by selling and promoting other people’s products while also saving some money.

For newcomers, some aspects may be difficult to grasp. Fortunately, we’ve put together this guide to help you get started with Walmart dropshipping. Let’s get started.

What is Walmart Dropshipping?

Walmart operates on many e-commerce websites, as you may be aware. Walmart is also an online retailer. When a customer orders, Walmart will send the item directly to that customer.

Walmart created a more user-friendly platform. Drop-ship vendor ships directly to customers and performs all the functions of a drop ship provider.

Drop shippers can join Walmart’s stock list through the supplier chain center. Once you have received it, send it to the seller who will then fulfill the request and deliver it directly to the customer.

Why choose Walmart for your Dropshipping Business

Free “NextDay delivery.”

Walmart offers a wide range of products with the “Next Day” delivery option. This convenient option from Walmart’s supply chain allows you to display an attractive and exciting search algorithm on eBay.

There are a lot of products

Although this study might seem a bit out of date, Walmart claims that it has over 46.1 products in 921 stores that offer same-day delivery.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Dropshipping Products

The vast majority of Walmart’s products are from well-known dropshipping niches. Let’s take an example: Walmart currently has 9.2 Million items under the “Beauty and Personal care” category and 5.2 Million in the “Home and Gardens” category.

Walmart also offers exceptional and very helpful customer service. You can also make huge profits from any high-priced product.

Price Matching Policy

This price-matching strategy works extremely well. Walmart customer service can be contacted to have the product re-evaluated if it was purchased at a higher price than you expected.

You will be refunded the approximate price. It’s easy and profitable, it is.

Pros and cons of Walmart Dropshipping

A few hard and soft truths to be aware of before investing your entire savings into the Walmart dropshipping business plan.


Temporary Market Research

Walmart Dropshipping can be a difficult long-term venture. However, it can be possible to use it for short-term projects.

Dropshipping can be a great way to reduce the risks associated with trying new products in market research. Dropshipping is a way to sell a product without having any experience.

This will give you a better understanding of how the product is perceived and how it will be sold. You will know how much you should order. Dropshipping offers a significant benefit, reducing the risk of potential problems.

Transporting high-cost goods with lower-cost products

You could be bankrupted by high-priced goods while they are in transit. It is possible to dropship goods and save them in certain situations.

You can also classify “high-cost” items in a variety of ways. For example, you can categorize heavy items as valuables, incredible items, or delicate items. Other than that, there are certain circumstances where goods must be refrigerated and exposed to ultraviolet light.

Dropshipping can be useful in both these cases. If your company is specialized in these situations and has made arrangements for shipping, it’s not necessary to pay the shipping fees. You can also use dropshipping to sell these items and satisfy your customers.

It is easy to ship in difficult locations

Shipping issues are the biggest problem with rising to the top in your industry. Dropshipping, on the other hand can be a viable option for areas that are not within your production zones.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Saving money

Competitors are always changing, even for the most experienced and skilled brand members. A dropshipping supplier can be a nice choice instead of adding needless products to your inventory. Walmart dropshipping can be a great option for seasonal or unpredicted high overstock.


Extremely competitive:

During a boom, you’ll find more ambitious, motivated, passionate, and ready to-do anything entrepreneurs. They ignore everything and put a premium upon low overhead.

Due to the low capital required to run a dropshipping company, this stumbling block causes a slew of issues for investors, not to mention the current overburdening situation.

Walmart, on the other hand is a huge corporation that can reduce markups in order to sell low-cost goods easily. You might not have enough deals with your suppliers. You should also be aware of the possibility that your competitors might be selling the exact same product as you. You’ll be competing against a lot of experienced competitors, especially if you’re young.

Customers can contact other suppliers easily to purchase products at lower prices. Why would they choose you instead?

It is not easy to be recognized.

Drop shippers should understand that they do not get credit for their work, just like people who are on the sidelines. If the product is captivating, your customers will focus on the brand only and not their shopping experience. Your logo is not necessary on the product.


Because you don’t have an official inventory or shop, overhead and returns will be lower. Because Walmart dropshipping is easy, it’s low-cost for you. It is all handled by the suppliers.

On the other hand, the money you get would be sufficient to cover your advertising, website maintenance, sales order management, and other expenses.

Complex Supply Chain

If consumers are dissatisfied with delivery speed, return policies, or product quality in conventional and direct e-commerce, you may be the one to answer their concerns. Dropshipping is different. Although you are not directly connected to the supplier, you can still communicate your concerns with your customers.

Dropshippers often find themselves in an awkward situation because they depend on their suppliers to deliver their messages while still satisfying customers. Contact is another bonus, as the dropshipper must be between the supplier’s customer and the supplier. If all three of these individuals are not connected, problems can arise.

In some cases, things can get worse. Negative reviews from customers can spell doom for your business. Let’s just say that you need to consider all these factors before you start Walmart dropshipping.

You will still be able complete the task if you are able to pay attention to every detail. Be wise and cautious before making a decision.

Walmart Dropshipping Software


Versatile settings
You have complete control over the initial cost, shipping costs, and handling time for each product.

Delivery by Auto Designate
Designate tax and shipping for each provider based on the complimentary shipping limits.

Super Fast
Simply enter the source URL, and the listing URL. We’ll do everything else.

Don’t stress about changing expenses, out-of stock products, or losing money.
We track the expense rates and stock availability for all your products and can instantly update your Walmart listings.
In real-time, syncs with your repricer

You can adjust shipping and managing time as well as tax settings.

Products are paused and re-listed as soon as they become available.

To make it easy for you and your team to manage, we instantly pull order information into the software application.

You can instantly validate deliveries to Walmart

Revenue is determined based on selling and expense.

Customer support, returns, and refunds.


Our Walmart dropshipping combo will help you grow your ecommerce business. You can quickly list your products on Walmart’s market, manage sales orders and auto-update Walmart stock.

Dropshipping for Walmart is easy with our platform. ecomdash can help you manage multiple providers, upgrade tracking information, orders and listings.

Multichannel selling doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. Ecomdash has many functions that will help you manage your ecommerce services more efficiently. You can offer more for a fraction of the time that you are investing today.

Sync Shipment Monitoring
Our automated shipping and tracking updates allow you to sell without the need for human intervention once a product has been received by your provider.

Other Groups
You can handle items from Walmart in different qualities, such as size, color and product.

Multichannel Integration
You can quickly expand your business with a variety of ecommerce options.Dropshipping with ShopifySoftware application

Several Suppliers
You can combine with multiple providers, but you should focus on the one that gets the client’s order at the item level.

Simple Fulfillment
You can instantly route new client orders to a provider without having to visit Walmart.

Handle Returns
Walmart Refunds App allows you to process refunds without having to visit Walmart.

Ecom Circles

  • You can quickly list your products one by one or wholesale on any of the supported platforms.
  • To prevent stock-outs or losses, upgrade stock immediately and frequently across platforms
  • Instantly compare your products with theirs to win the buybox. This will allow you to get more sales and instantly reprice them.
  • Organize your orders with statuses that allow you to easily see where each order is in dropshipping.
  • Tracking for delivered plans from more than 20 providers is available immediately
  • To save time and reduce the time required to fulfill orders by hand, place orders immediately at your providers as soon as your customers position them.
  • An easy-to-read control panel shows you how your service is doing with key metrics such as sales, earnings and expenditures. It also includes important metrics such as buybox wins, top sellers, and more.

With hands-free operation, you can get your life back
EcomCircles can automate nearly every aspect of your dropshipping business, beyond customer assistance. We’re working on that! Spend more time growing your service and less on repetitive, laborious tasks.

Incorporate your group members
A group is essential for growing an ecommerce business. You can add as many employees as you need to help you run your business. You can also change their authorizations to restrict access to employees based on function!

Finally, be open about your company so that you can see your earnings and sales, as well as your costs. You can also get reports on your VAs and their efficiency, the number of orders which were brand-new, processed and delivered, the quantity of products in your buybox, your top sellers, and much more.

What is Walmart’s RetailLink?

A Retail Link is a collection of data, reports and custom applications that can be used by suppliers to manage their business through Walmart.

A Walmart Retail Link could be described as a way for Walmart to keep track of your dropshipping business. This was a revolutionary concept that all businessmen had to grasp at the beginning of the Retail Connection years. A Retail Connection, in other words, gives suppliers more power, autonomy, and strength.

Walmart’s Retail Connection makes it easy. Walmart Retail Link allows suppliers to monitor their data, revenue and inventory volume.

Walmart’s Retail Links

This vigilance will ensure that suppliers do not suffer losses that could threaten their future as Walmart dropshippers.

Walmart uses a particular method to connect with suppliers: The Retail Connection system uses data for connection. It is a universal tool that provides rewards and strategies to help sellers become more profitable.

You have a lot to do when you have many details. Suppliers are responsible for inventory tracking and Walmart has a strong and classified Retail Connection System.

It is important to keep your list updated in order to be a successful and well-known Walmart salesperson. Walmart may decide to part with you if the products you are selling are out of stock or not in stock at critical times.

A Retail Connection splits a seller’s Sales Keep Units in seconds. Every day brings new knowledge. Some well-known brands hire people to closely examine their direct relationship stats. The person hired is responsible for ensuring that the supply chain runs smoothly, much like a locomotive.

Retail Link offers excellent data that allows brands to forecast peak demand, predict sales trends and maintain consistent inventory supply.

If companies have this information, they can gain insight into consumers’ minds and help them shop more effectively. Furthermore, since consumers will be buying items they need daily, sales will naturally increase.

Most Popular Walmart Dropshipping Products

It is difficult to find goods that you can sell on eBay, and then ship them to your local Walmart. Walmart stores are easily found everywhere, but not all people have them.

Other than that, not all Walmart stores sell the same merchandise. Walmart is not available in all regions.

There are some Walmart dropshipping products. Here are the most popular.

Action Figures

There are many action figures that depict legendary and historical characters like Indiana Jones and Batman.

You can also find Yoda, Han Solo and other Star Wars action figures, especially on eBay Europe or eBay UK.


One thing is certain: Barbie merchandise won’t be hard to find. Other popular toys include Lego, Harry Potter and Fisher-Price.

Remember that December and November are the most lucrative and critical months for all vendors. But there’s a catch: You must be quick and ready to grab the latest and greatest toys, even if that means giving up sleep.

Sport Fan Apparel

Walmart also sells gear for sports fans. Unfortunately, fans in remote areas will not be able to purchase the merchandise.

Selling sports merchandise like football jackets and caps, flags, jerseys, flags and hoodies will increase your profit margins.

Disney Products

Any Disney fan will love Lizzie McGuire and Hannah Montana.

According to estimates, Disney bedding sets were highly sought-after throughout Christmas season. They were able to raise revenue and earn fair amounts.

Electronic Goods

It is easy to buy electronic goods: sell products and promote them during Christmas.

Wii is one the most popular electronic devices. Keep an eye out for new and exciting additions.

Digital Cameras for Kids

A good option is the well-known Kid Tough Camera. It comes in either blue or pink. Do some research about the market and adjust your pricing accordingly.

Discontinued Products

Cosmetics and skincare are two of the most in-demand products. So if you can find a few, you’ll be fine.

Aveeno cream was, for instance, discontinued in 2008. It was initially priced at $10 but was eventually suspended and sold for $40.

How to Locate Reliable Walmart Dropshipping Wholesalers and Suppliers

There are many obstacles to overcome when searching for the perfect Walmart Dropshipping provider. Would dropshipping suppliers be worth it, even though many companies include them?

When you’re looking for a supplier, keep these tips in mind; they’ll help you find the right one for your dropshipping company.

Price –

The first step to finding a supplier is setting your quota. Before you can do anything else, however, you need to assess your financial situation.

You should find a supplier who is within your budget. If he wishes to bargain, you might be able to make an exception.

High-Quality Products

Dropshipping models may mean that you don’t have complete control over some aspects of your market. However, you do have the power to choose a supplier. Look for suppliers that are able to consistently deliver high-quality goods at an affordable price.

You might know that consumers are more likely to buy high-quality goods with lifetime warranties. So make sure to provide quality products to your customers.

One of the challenges of dropshipping with a supplier is that you won’t inspect the product for consistency. You can order samples from your supplier if they don’t have them. You can evaluate the product from the perspective of a buyer once you have received it.

When it comes to advertising, every business owner will tell victorious stories about the brand. When looking for dropshipping suppliers, it’s a good idea to read feedback and ratings. Although these reports will be helpful and motivating, we don’t mean what you will find on the company website.

To get feedback, visit independent websites. Get honest feedback from customers and suppliers, as well as all the data and expertise you need.

You should never do business with a company that has hundreds of negative reviews. It is important to understand that not all companies will receive perfect feedback. There will be ups and downs. But if you look at both your strengths and weaknesses, you can find your supplier.

High-Efficiency Shipping

It can be hard to find a supplier when most retail products require high maintenance. Things can become more serious when other suppliers are con artists.

Dropshipping scammers are all over the internet. These scammers target inexperienced Ecommerce entrepreneurs.

The aim of telling you this is to give you advice on how to choose a dropshipping supplier. Go for the supplier who has some qualifications and positive feedback.

Method of Payment

You can fight fire with fire by learning more.

If your supplier doesn’t have legitimate information regarding their payment methods and contact information, it’s a red flag.

Some vendors also claim monthly fees which can be a fraud. If you’re careful and cautious, nothing can go wrong.

Also, check to see if the supplier has a valid payment method listed on his website.

Walmart Dropship Returns

Get it in

Start your return via the Walmart app or Choose the items that you wish to return, and the reason why. To get a return code, choose “Return to Store”. You can review the summary of your return and submit it. Take the email confirmation along with your item to the store.

Send it back

You can view your order history on the Walmart app and at To print your return label, select each item and click “Return by Mail” You can package the item with all accessories and packaging, and drop it off at FedEx or USPS locations.

Let’s help

Are you unsure where to begin? You have two options: either bring your item to a store, or you can print a shipping label. To start your return, keep your receipt or order number handy. Follow the link to begin your return.

How to become a dropshipper at Walmart

Following the advice above will allow you to avoid scams and embrace real deals. There are many possible suppliers, but you don’t have to trust them all.

Drop shipping skills or experience can be useful in this scenario. You will need resources to become the big guy. This is just like any other Ecommerce job. These are some tips to help make you the best Walmart drop-shipper.

Dropshipping is a great way to make a profit.

Dropshipping involves purchasing large quantities of goods in bulk. Be on the lookout for products that have high profit margins.

The industry is extremely wild. Each month brings new trends to the market. It’s always better to get an outsider’s opinion on what’s hot and not.

To avoid any complaints from consumers, if you are looking to buy trendy goods in bulk, be sure to check the consistency of each product’s build.

Upload the products to your store

Dropshipping is your business. Upload all products to your online directory and make it available to all customers.

An up-to-date website is essential for any dropshipping company on Walmart. However, not everyone has the time or ability to maintain a website. If you have a new product in your inventory, it is a good idea to hire someone to update your site.

Price and Stock Monitoring

Modern drop shippers are the best way to become a Walmart dropshipper.

It is important to keep track of stock fluctuations and prices so you don’t lose money. The situation with suppliers is slightly different. In this instance, however, you are the supplier.

AutoDS can be used to track the price and stock of your material. This will keep you in touch with your business and help you stay alert.

Manage your Orders

It’s one thing to be busy, but it is another to be organized. If your inventory isn’t organized, you won’t be able keep up with your orders.

The golden rule is to never under-promise or over-deliver. This will make your order delivery stand out. To verify that your order has been received, I also like to add some personal touches and finishing touches.

To optimize your customer support

Customer retention strategies are the best way to improve customer service. If you have a team, make sure they have the tools and training they need to offer exceptional customer service. You should also try to establish a strong relationship with your client.

Social media and other content marketing techniques can be used to support your company on all platforms.

How do I dropship from Walmart to eBay?What is the best way to get started?

Dropshipping from Walmart to eBay starts with AutoDs Finder. This allows you to locate in-demand dropshipping products.

Get all product and niche sites and then upload them to your store with the AutoDS extension. To upload your products to your eBay store, you can use any product lister found in AutoDs.

After that, price tracking and stock tracking kick in. AutoDS checks to determine if stock/price have changed. AutoDS will adjust the price and stock tracking if there are any changes. AutoDS will also calculate shipping costs and add them to the final price.

The AutoDs Helper Chrome extension allows you to fill orders and add customers addresses to Walmart. AutoDS also allows you to manage events, refunds and customer service simultaneously.

How do I dropship from Walmart to Shopify?

Shopify is an excellent option for companies looking to sell Walmart products online. offers a free trial that allows you to dropship to Shopify from Walmart. Create an account to stock your store with products.

Using an app like Oberlo or Spocket to start dropshipping on Shopify is the easiest way to get started. These apps will allow you to quickly locate suppliers and produce your goods in a timely manner.

How do I dropship from Walmart to Amazon?

You can use the Amazon service to dropship items from Walmart to Amazon. This program allows you to ship all your products directly to customers.

Drop shipping from Walmart to Amazon is the best thing about it. Amazon offers fast services that will ensure that your goods arrive on-time.

Walmart Dropshipping Tips & Tricks

Even the most experienced retailers can make mistakes. If you are new to dropshipping with Walmart, you will need some guidance. These are some tips that will make drop shipping more fun and less risky.

It is important not to place price before all else. If you focus only on price, you will lose the battle. While price is important, so is the attempt to justify a higher price. There are many ways you can get a lower price and still make a sale.

Dropshipping at Walmart is a great way to show your knowledge. This will help you to know what your customers want. You can resell items that you have used and ensure they are in good condition.

Outstanding customer service is the next step to achieving outstanding dropshipping results. You can make the customer feel like a baby and give him all your support. To make shopping more enjoyable, you can also include notes in the customer’s packages.

Dropshippers who are active use multichannel dropshipping. This allows vendors to sell their products on multiple online sites.

Make an effort to improve the product details. No matter what product you sell, accuracy in the terms used in your product listings can make a big difference to the customer. Many dropshippers copy product details from manufacturers because it is the easiest and fastest way to get noticed.

Questions and answers

1. What is the cost of starting a dropshipping company?

Before you can start earning money from dropshipping, you must first invest some money in the process. You must first budget at least $500 for the start. The rest will follow.

2. What are the steps required to become a Walmart contractor

First, prove that you are a valid supplier. After that, you will need to submit documents regarding your supplier setup. To purchase a Walmart study, you will need to enter your D&B Number.

3. How to become a vendor at Walmart

Visit to learn how to become a Walmart supply partner. You’ll find all of the information you need there.

4. Walmart’s goods are sourced from where?

Five of Walmart’s most important suppliers are Plug Power Inc., Primo Water Corporation. Green Dot Corporation. Funai Electric Co. and CCA Industries Inc.

5. How does Walmart develop supplier relationships?

Walmart establishes business relationships with suppliers on the basis of legal, effective, and equitable business rules. Often, the main goals are distribution, purchasing methods, price, product suitability and consistency.

6. Are Walmart’s grocery choices good?

According to customers, Walmart offers high-quality, new items. In a nutshell: Walmart sells high-quality groceries.

7. Walmart is it a wholesaler or retailer?

Walmart sells wholesale and retail products but mainly sells retail. You and the store must reach a fair wholesale agreement.

8. 8.Can I upload only items that Walmart sells?

Walmart products can be placed on your website as long as both parties consent.

Final thoughts on Dropshipping at Walmart

The Walmart vendor guide ended there. Dropshipping from Walmart can be viewed as a cost-effective way to become a supplier. You can’t do anything in E-commerce if you just take the easy route.

Our guide is intended to help you with your dropshipping venture. Although the process is tedious and time-consuming at times, it will be worth it in the end.

Furthermore, we wish you the best of luck in locating or becoming Walmart suppliers in this age of dropshipping.