17 Secret Strategies to Increase Dropshipping Sales and Revenue ROI

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What is dropshipping? This is a form of retail fulfillment system where goods are not held in storage by a store owner. Alternatively, he or she delivers a customer’s order to the company or retailer. And then, shipment and distribution would be the responsibility of the latter.

If you want a profitable online company, but you do not have the budget to rent a warehouse, your problem can be eased by dropshipping.

What is dropshipping? This is a form of retail fulfillment system where goods are not held in storage by a store owner. Alternatively, he or she delivers a customer’s order to the company or retailer. And then, shipment and distribution would be the responsibility of the latter.

It is one of the most comfortable places for goods to be sold online. It would help if you did not have to hold an inventory because of stocking the goods in a supermarket. Instead, you will have to set up a website for e-commerce to make sure you generate visitors and customers.

How do you make your dropshipping company prosper, given the tight rivalry in the e-commerce industry?

It is natural to make a few errors along the way while you are starting. We will cover a few helpful tips in this post that will encourage you to handle your dropshipping business effectively and meet your sales goals along the way.

Sell Products with Excellent Reviews 

It is usual for the owner of a dropshipping company not to see their goods. Thus, selling products with an outstanding ranking on popular websites such as Amazon will be perfect.

And because you do not have complete control over the content of the goods you sell, your profits will be improved by offering products with excellent feedback.

Bundle Your Products 

Bundling your goods is also one of the ways to increase your revenue from dropshipping. Using so causes a much higher price to be commanded.

This allows you to improve your average order value, especially if you add and compare the items’ original prices. You make your customers happier as you increase the value of what you are offering. Therefore, they are more likely to buy anything from you. This helps for your part to create more sales. This is the same technique that other retail outlets often use for marketing those items.

Use Tempting Pricing 

As a dropshipper, the way you should sell your goods is up to you. But it would help if you were innovative with your pricing and product listing to improve your dropshipping revenues. You are searching for the perfect mix. Offer your merchandise at reasonable prices without excessively risking your earnings.

Ideally, you can sell your goods according to the selling price suggested by the retailer (MSRP). Be honest and reliable with your costs, and in the long term, you will reap the benefits.

Use High-Quality Product Images

Although this tip can sound simple, there are still online firms that use photos of low-quality items. Your product photos are one of the essential elements of your brand.

Since consumers can’t touch and feel your items, the pictures would be the only basis. If you have the money to film your items, you should collaborate with a talented photographer. This means that high-quality product images are produced that would draw prospects to buy from you.

As long as you create high-quality product photos, you can even pull off a DIY product shoot. It doesn’t need to be fancy like that. What’s essential is to take a picture of the product from various angles. It will also help to take a picture of how the items can be used.

Write Great Product Descriptions

It is necessary to write fantastic product reviews, similar to your photos.Ninety-five percent of respondents believe, according to a survey, that commodity knowledge is essential when making a buying decision.

Another advantage of an impressive product definition is that it also impacts the SEO. You can put yourself higher in the search engines when choosing the right keywords, helping you bring more traffic to your site.

Hire the Right Supplier

In dropshipping, vendors are typically the ones that store your goods, delivering them directly to your customers. Now, when picking the wrong one, consider all the stuff that could go wrong: late delivery, defective goods, and lousy packaging.

It’s essential to pick the best supplier. You should, however, take it seriously.

That’s why choosing a reliable provider to help the company succeed is imperative.

You may also make use of having several vendors. That way, if one supplier at the moment does not satisfy your needs, you have a replacement.

Here’s the thing: Now, the retailer may be selling a particular stock, but in the next few weeks or months, it may go out of stock.

What would happen if you get an order, and then your supplier is out of stock during that time, it happens to fall? If you do not have a contingency plan, you will lose a large amount of money. Having a few vendors would allow you to deliver a more broad variety of goods to consumers.

Automation of your website

One of the easiest ways to produce passive income is to automate the platform. For almost every form of the sector, automation provides smooth operation. 

You do not have the right automation equipment at your disposal around your shop 24/7. Automation lets you identify top-selling goods; automate your social media messages, target addresses, and many more. Another significant factor to remember is the UX of the website. Improving both UX and UI is the first step to taking steps if your clients are frustrated or hate using your website, and you should start by using full-scale analytics software to help you along.

Publish Unique Content 

For your clients, you need to build exclusive and custom content. How will this be achieved? Live product reviews can be created on your social media pages.

The most critical thing here is to produce high-quality content that you can like and share with other individuals to be one step closer to enabling your customers and ensuring that they stick around.

Add Ratings and Reviews 

It is usual for consumers to be cynical about the goods you are offering at first while operating a dropshipping shop. That’s why a perfect way to develop that trust is to incorporate consumer feedback, recommendations, and testimonials.

Product feedback can also help prospective visitors appreciate what the product has seen from past consumers. That way, you can persuade a prospective customer to buy from you.

One realistic tip is to put on your product page a written review line, inviting shoppers to leave a review. You will raise the purchases by up to 14 percent – 76 percent by following this technique.

Use Trends to Your Advantage 

Trends are an outstanding opportunity you can take advantage of. Therefore, keep an eye on goods that are on the increase. You will make a good profit out of it that way. As a dropshipper, you are not bound to the typical shops’ tight laws. It is easy to move goods and formats any time you choose because you do not bring actual inventory.

Offer Outstanding Customer Service 

The need for impeccable customer service we could not help but highlight. If clients are not satisfied with your operation, you cannot build a steady stream of revenue. But with exceptional customer support, the customer is very likely to be coming back again.

Though the market is fierce out there, what will set you apart is impeccable customer service. They can feel more important as clients see that you can answer their issues. As a consequence, they will come back for more and will recommend to others your service.

Make it a point to answer the questions of the clients. Please provide them with updates on their goods’ distribution status in real-time and instruct them on how their orders should be put.

You should set up a FAQ tab on your e-commerce site to make it a lot simpler for you. This will provide your customers with immediate responses to their questions and more faith in your business.

Be Active Daily 

Since dropshipping is an online company, it does not imply that you should not make an effort to grow it. While you do not have to be active all day, to check how your online store is doing, you need to spend an hour each day. This can include the processing of orders, dispatching, processing your payments, and much more.

Also, you don’t have to do things manually. Many instruments at your disposal will make it possible for you to do mundane, repetitive tasks. This involves receiving orders and then transmitting them to suppliers or producers.

Similarly, to do these menial tasks for you, you can also work with virtual assistants.

Offer Free Shipping 

Another way to boost your dropshipping sales apart from product bundling is to offer free shipping to your customers. For a certain amount, you should offer it to clients who have reached the threshold. Let’s say that if they only have $200 worth of products, you can offer them free shipping.

Keep in mind that one of the main reasons prospective buyers abandon their online carts is shipping costs. One way to prevent cart abandonment and boost your online revenue is to provide them with a free shipping option.

It is also a great way to encourage potential shoppers to purchase more from you. You’re also giving a boost to your average order value.

Leverage Social Media 

If no one is aware that it exists in the first place, it is no use setting up an online store. That’s why the best way to promote your online company is through social media marketing and advertising.

Social media networks provide a whole lot of customer information to help you run targeted advertisements. This ensures that people who are more likely to buy with you get your ads on the newsfeed.

Social media is also an outstanding tool that lets you connect on a more personal level with your target customers.

Use Retargeting Tactics

Chances are, 98% of your visitors won’t buy your site on their first visit. This is challenging because traffic is tough to come by for many dropshipping merchants. Retargeting makes it possible for you to capture this lost chance.

In short, retargeting is a strategy that allows you to target visitors who have come to your site but have not taken any action. You can show relevant ads to visitors who have left your site with a robust retargeting approach. To get your visitors to come back, you could also run a targeted ad. Approximately 70 percent of your visitors are more likely to revisit your site when retargeted with display ads.

Upsell And Cross-sell

You want to maximize the transaction as much as possible in your dropshipping business. You can choose to cross-sell and upsell your products to help maximize your transactional value.

Note that the two differ subtly from each other and function best in a single marketing strategy. It encourages impulsive purchases and helps boost your profits.

Offer Promotions 

This is probably one of the oldest, yet the most efficient, tactics out there.Although many brick and mortar stores commonly use this, you can also apply this tactic online.To stimulate your sales, you can offer your clients promotions through coupon codes, vouchers, and sales.

So, if you plan to launch your online store or struggle to sell your products, promotions will encourage individuals to buy from you. No one can refuse a good deal after all. Generally, these promotions will depend on your brand as well as what you can afford:

  • Vouchers and coupon codes: This is something most shoppers love because it makes them feel special. To maximize the effect, you can try to make it exclusive. For example, you can reward them for signing up on your email list with a voucher.
  • 2-for-1: If you want to get rid of any unwanted inventory, this generally works best. As you build a more stable customer base, this helps attract bargain hunters and keep you afloat.
  • Discounts and sales: Ultimately, if it is only there for a limited period, your sales will double. This gives shoppers a sense of urgency, helping you to boost sales.

Over to You

Marketing is always necessary to help companies succeed, whether or not you are in the world of dropshipping. Over the past decade, different marketing channels and strategies have emerged. These can, however, make it difficult for dropshipping firms to maximize their potential. Luckily, the marketing mentioned above tactics can help you make the most of your online business.

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