PowerAdSpy Review Social Media Ad Spy Tool

 It is important to find out what your competitors are doing and not doing.

device allows us to find the most effect

Facebook has a lot of potential clients. Your competitors are more likely to use Facebook ads.

Your competitors are achieving the same results.

My answer is simple: Use POWERADSPY TOOL! !”.

This simple-to-use tool will solve all of your marketing problems! It’s all done in one go!

While there are many tools available (such as Adbeat, AdEspresso AdPlexity and AdsXposed), to analyze your competitors’ advertisements, Poweradspy is the best! We have written a PowerAdSpy Review 2022. This review includes detailed information about the tool as well as the pros and cons.

This post contains a PowerAdSpy review and PowerAdSpy coupon codes. These codes will allow you to get a special discount on PowerAdSoy. Let’s get started.

What is PoweAdSpy?

PowerAdSpy has the best FB Ad IntelligenceSpy tool currently available. Poweradspy can easily spy on the best Facebook advertising strategies of your competitors and you can then use them to your advantage.

Is PowerAdSpy a good tool?

This PowerAdSpy video review will provide you with the answer. Yes, PowerAdSpy works and is very legit.

After I’ve talked a lot about Poweradspy, let’s move on to UNDERSTANDING THIS TOOL. The Poweradspy tool allows you to filter over 6,000,000 ads from 15+ countries to find the ones that work best for your needs, regardless of whether you’re an entrepreneur, digital marketer, or freelancer. You can filter/search ads using:

Demographics (Age and Gender, Interests Annual Income and Spending Patterns). –

Poweradspy allows you to determine whether your competitor has a male or female target audience, whether they are a low-income or high-income group, etc. This allows business owners to identify their niche.

Location –

The country, the city and the area in which the target audience lives determines the communication channel and the communication pattern.

We can learn from the competition how they communicate with their target audience in different countries and devise our own communication strategy to ensure that our message (about the product or service) is effectively conveyed and fits into the local culture. This alone could be our Unique Selling point (USP). Revealbot can help you put your ads on autopilot.

Advertiser –

We can use the Poweradspy tool to filter Facebook ads by “advertisers” to gain insight into the marketing strategies and tactics of major companies like Nestle and Procter & Gamble. This will enable us to take inspiration from the top-performing ads in the market, and then incorporate the best practices into our own strategies.

Call to Action (Play/Save, Like Page, Shop Now. Watch More. Donate. –

This Poweradspy tool allows us to determine the best call to action for our brand. A simple “Shop Now” CTA can result in amazing conversions, as opposed to an advertisement that simply states “Read More about this product”. Poweradspy allows us to determine the best Call To Action in our Ad.

Other tools

While we recommend an adware program, it is not necessary to monitor all media vendors.

Let’s say, for example, you want to know how and what other countries support a particular mobile Wi-Fi website.

A VPN service can be used with the extension User Agent Switcher to your browser.

You can simply connect via virtual private networking to the country that interests you. If you have the User-Agent Switcher extension installed on your mobile device, go to the website.

If you don’t know where you want to go, you can run the campaign through the ad network and spend 50 cents. You will get a long list of sites in the stats.

For suggestions on advertising a specific offer in a certain segment, you can also contact your account manager. We are confident that you know more than you think.

PowerAdspy Key Features :

Date –

Online shopping is dependent on timing. Online shopping is more popular during festivals, holidays and weekends. We can look at the strategies of competitors to see how they are making use of these real-time opportunities. What dates are they advertising on? What offers are they offering on which dates? We can then plan our ads and discount to outsmart the competition. This goal can be achieved with the Poweradspy tool.

Keywords –

Keywords are used to search for items and products in internet shops. It would be helpful to see which ads are displayed when a keyword is searched. We can create ads that are more effective than the ads of our competitors if we work together on the same keyword.

We can also place image ads if our competitor shows a text ad with a keyword. We can also place a video ad if the competitor is using an image ad. Video ads are more engaging than images. This is where Poweradspy comes in handy.

Engagement level for the Ad (Shares and Likes, Comments, and Comments) –

To understand the market, it is important to study the ads that have the highest engagement in terms comments, likes and shares. Video ads were once a great way to get people talking, but now memes and funny content are the best. Poweradspy allows you to perform this analysis and plan content.

Ad Position –

The world is saturated with products and services today. Since the advent of internet/online marketing, small brands have no limitations on their marketing budgets. The screen size, whether it is a mobile or laptop screen, falls short of the number and quality of the advertisers. A better placement of an ad can result in more clicks, and thus conversions for digital marketing. Poweradspy’s ability to filter ads by their location and understand their metrics can help us place our ads more effectively in relation to our competitors.

Search for Affiliate Marketing Campaigns or E-commerce.

PowerAdSpy a smart tool that allows you to find the right advertising campaigns. You can collect ads from over 15 countries. Facebook offers access to approximately 6 million ads.

Most people assumed that they would get information and graphics from similar ads when using FB advertising campaigns. This tool is needed to determine the display of specific niches.

This tool is a great help for Shopify and e-commerce. This tool allows you to see the strategies of your competitors so that you can display more effective ads. Advertisers are able to identify which ads have the highest ROI. Advertisers will therefore look for these ads and do a great job. This results in increased sales, and therefore in a better business outcome.

PowerAdSpy Features Review – Spy on Your Competitors


Keywords are used to manage searches and articles in the Internet Store. It is important to view the ads displayed when you search for a keyword. We can make ads that rank higher than those that are using the same keyword if we wish to.

We can also serve image ads when an affiliate posts a text ad with a keyword. Video ads can be started as well, since they generate more interaction than images ads, even if the competitor uses an image ad. The Poweradspy tool is crucial in this situation.

Grade of engagement with ads (actions/likes and comments): To understand what works and what doesn’t, it is important to review ads that demonstrate the highest level of engagement through actions/likes/comments.

Video ads used to work well at times, but now memes and funny content work better. This analysis can be done using the Poweradspy tool. Then you can program the content.

Digital marketing can be easier if you place ads more efficiently. Poweradspy allows you to filter ads based upon your location. Understanding your stats will help us position our ads more effectively with other competitors.

Incredible search algorithm

Facebook has millions of ads. It is unlikely that you will search all of these ads. You must first define your goal. PowerAdSpy offers an excellent search algorithm that will help you find these ads.

Display ads that are based on keywords and phrases. You can easily order them after you have found them. You can classify them by actions, preferences or publication dates. After sorting and searching, you will find the matching ads for your campaign.

PowerAdSpy makes selecting specific ads easy. If you require an ad, there is no need to search the internet. You can highlight specific ads and then access them as you need. This will make it much easier to update your ad inventory.

A big database

A common advertising spyware tool can only process data from one to two countries. This makes it incompatible with running campaigns anywhere in the world. PowerAdSpy has access to millions of data in more than 15 countries.

This data is easy to access. This data is available in just a few clicks. We all know that ads can be published in different publications.

Ads can be delivered in different ways depending on their position. PowerAdSpy offers a separate filter that searches data based on location. It is easy to determine which ad has the highest conversion. This task is possible in any niche.

Working With Shopify

Shopify store owners publish different types advertising for various products. Some of these ads look very appealing. Some of these ads may not work. It is difficult to find Shopify tracking tools. PowerAdSpy is a better choice than relying on other tools.

This software detects many successful advertising campaigns that Shopify store owners have run. These campaigns can be used as a guideline for your own advertising campaigns. This will increase the effectiveness of your Shopify advertising campaigns. These campaigns will generate more profit.

These plans also come with discounts. This PowerAdSpy deal does not require any additional coupons.

Search for device

Many visitors today use mobile devices to access the internet. These visitors can turn into a lot of customers. It is therefore better to have different advertising campaigns for different device types.

PowerAdSpy can be very helpful in this regard. It is useful to filter out successful ads for different devices. These devices include iPhones, Android phones and other cell phones.

It can be used with many e-commerce platforms. You must track the performance of an ad campaign when it is launched. PowerAdSpy offers a tracking system that can help you accomplish this task.

Supports multiple content

Graphic displays are highly effective. Videos work better today. You should never forget the content of your video.

PowerAdSpy quickly finds video ads that are effective on Facebook. This tool will allow you to download these videos. You can then create video ads similar to this one to get more attention.

Graphic displays can also be affected. This software can be used with the CTA-based categorization. This tool can be used to identify the most effective CTAs, which is crucial for the success of any advertising campaign.

Adplacement Analysis

It is possible to determine which position you are in (Left-hand, Right-hand, Top, Bottom, etc.). You can determine which position (Left-hand side, Right-hand side, Top, Bottom etc.) is most effective for your industry in terms of conversions. To maximize your Return on Investment (ROI), or return on your marketing investment, you can create your own ad.

Access to a large database of FaceBook ads.

Information is key to any business’s success today. The Poweradspy tool has a huge database which can help you optimize your ads to achieve the desired goal.

Sneak-Peek at the most successful ads –

The best ads are able to help users understand the body language needed to make an ad stand out in the market. A look at the most successful ads will help you build your ad campaign.

View the engagement level for an ad –

Poweradspy allows you to monitor the engagement of your ad in real time. This allows us to determine the content of our ads based on what content is most popular and shared virally. This activity can help us expect that our ad will perform well.

Deciding the niche –

PowerAdSpy lets us do a detailed analysis of the target audience of our competitors. We can identify our niche based on our competitors’ target audience and then target it with our own targeting methods.

Custom Ad Search –

Poweradspy allows you to search for ads by specific keywords. You can also search for ads from competitors using the tool. This greatly reduces the amount of ads that one must scan, as well as the time it takes to do competitor analysis, keyword research, and come up with a strategy.

How to choose the best CTA for your Ad –

An ad that is well written can bring in a lot of business for very little money. The Poweradspy tool will help you determine your niche, communication strategy, and ad placement. It will also provide you with examples of ads where the CTA worked wonders to increase the revenue generated by the ad. If the Call to Action is on track, the ad will perform better.

PowerAdSpy offers many great features that any advertiser should use to manage their advertising campaigns. These properties can be found here:

Filter for an extended search.

PowerAdSpy offers a powerful custom search option to get the best results. This allows ads to be targeted by a particular niche. This is where you will find ads that are based on keywords and advertisers.

You can also filter search results using certain demographic data. You can search by language, country, gender, or country. Filters such as the call-to action filter, the ad type filter, and the ad position allow you to filter your search results more effectively.

You can choose the Sort by option to sort the results. Because some ads work well, I selected the “longer” option. Then select your keyword, e.g. Click Search to search for “Digital Marketing”. The longest ads can be found with digital marketing keywords.

You can therefore spy on the ads of your competitors. To get more ideas about creating an ad conversion program, you might only be able to identify the competitors.

View live ads

Are you interested in keeping an eye on your competitors’ strategies? PowerAdSpy can help you make this easier. You can view the ads posted by others. You can get a complete picture of digital marketing ads that relate to your niche.

Live ads can be viewed by your competitors as well. You can search for the keyword used by the advertiser to see their ads. You will find the “Show original button” at the bottom of every ad. You will be taken to the live ad page when you click the button. You can then check the content and hashtags.

You can also see more ads on a specific FB page. Copy or read the name at the top of each ad. Next, create a Facebook account. On the search page, enter the name of your page. Click on the page you want to edit. You will find the option “Information and announcements” on the left side. Click here to view all ads displayed on this page.

This will allow you to create better ads by looking at others in the same niche.

PowerAdSpy – IN DEPTH AnalyTICS

You can find an ad in one click. You can forget about the complicated puzzles. PowerAdspy allows you to see which segments of the market are most interested in each ad. You can see your ad reach, social engagement statistics and weekly trends all on one page.

PowerAdSpy Review – The Best Facebook Ads Spy Tool

Call to Action (Save, Like, Page. Buy Now. See More. Give. The Poweradspy device can help us determine the best call activity (or CTA), for our brand.

You can convert great if you simply place “buy now”, in our buy advertisement, instead of an ad that only provides “more information about the item”.

The Poweradspy device allows us to find the most effective action call for advertising.

Which days should you align your ads? What offers are available on which days? We believe that we could make our advertising and discount rates smarter than our competition.

It is essential to see ads when you search for a particular term. We can get much more publicity if we use the exact same sentence as our competitors. This is why our advertising costs are higher than those of our competitors.

Image ads may appear when a competitor places an ad in a message that contains a keyword.

It’s not as it seems. Video clip ads have made work more interesting, with the most up-to-date memes, and the best material to make you laugh.

A better ad placement can easily lead to more clicks and converts than electronic advertising. The Poweradspy feature that filters system ads by geographic location and shows their metrics could be used to dramatically improve the appearance of our ads in comparison to our competitors.

This amazing tool for monitoring FB ads allows you to see more information about the type of ads being displayed, their creations, angles, and trackers.


Poweradspy is extremely easy to use. Follow these steps to get started!

  • Purchase one of the PowerAdSpy tools.
  • Get the tool.
  • Turn PowerAdSpy ON by clicking on the icon in your browser
  • The Poweradspy chrome extension is activated once you have opened your FaceBook profile via chrome.
  • You can now see all ads in your Newsfeed, as well as ad insights, and the history of publishers ads.

PowerAdSpy Pricing

Three packages of the Poweradspy tool are available to marketers:

  • Basic package: The $ 49 per month basic Poweradspy package includes the following features: This package does not include basic features such as keyword search, sorting (by shares, likes, comments, newest, and longest running), or Data interval search. You can upgrade to a higher-level service by looking at the Premium Poweradspy Tool package or the Standard Poweradspy package. These packages are more expensive but offer better value.
  • Standard package: The $99 per month standard Poweradspy package includes the Poweradspy Tool package. The basic package includes many filters, such as the gender filter, target audience age filter and the ad placement filter. It also includes searches, such as the advertiser search or the domain search. The Ad Insight is included in the standard package. This includes all metrics, analytics URLs and CTAs. The ad. You can also examine the Call to Action using the standard package.
  • Premium package: This premium Poweradspy package is $ 249 per month. This package is one step above the standard and allows us the opportunity to analyze the Affiliate network, tracking systems, E-commerce platform and funnel. We can also filter by iOS and Android.

The standard package includes everything you need to create a great marketing strategy for your business. The basic package is also good for those who are just starting out and have limited budgets. This package gives you an idea of what to do when it comes to FaceBook advertising. For established businesses, the premium package is better.

PROS to PowerAdSpy tool

  • PowerAdSpy helps you create a winning marketing strategy for your company. This tool helps you to understand the market, and provides a great return on your investment.
  • PowerAdSpy allows you to have access to a database of over 6 million Facebook ads. This will allow you to learn from the best-performing ads. Your ads can be created in accordance with your preferences.
  • PowerAdspy allows you to identify your niche and understand your target audience. This allows you to create targeted advertisements that appeal to your audience.
  • PowerAdSpy allows you to analyze competitor behavior and empowers you in the long-term.
  • You can use the PowerAdSpy tool to determine what your ad content should look like to attract the attention of your target audience.
  • Poweradspy allows you to place ads in a way that maximizes conversions.
  • You can use the Poweradspy tool to apply the right Call to Action to your ads.
  • Poweradspy is simple and easy to use. The dashboard is easy to use and requires minimal training.
  • It is a great tool with many benefits. The price is negligible. You don’t have to waste money on advertising that isn’t right. The basic plan costs $49 per month and allows you to analyze ads and data in just $49 per month. This will allow you to increase your advertising ROI.

CONS for PowerAdSpy tool:

  • To use this tool effectively, one must be highly analytical.
  • An error in analysis could bring down the entire campaign or strategy.
  • If you want to make the most of this tool, it is important to have a good understanding of marketing.
  • With the Poweradspy tool, one must be well-versed in internet usage.
  • A beginner will struggle to make 99$ per month for the Poweradspy standard tool package. Although the basic version is cheaper, it does not offer much.