Best and Ultimate Guide to Dropshipping for Beginners

Dropshipping is an e-commerce option that doesn’t require a warehouse. All e-commerce logistics are managed by suppliers who send the goods directly to the customers. The digital store owner is responsible for customer service and product marketing.

Dropshipping has suffered from poorly managed online shops, gurus who promise great things and have a lot to sell you.

You’ve come to the right place if you are tired of searching for answers.

This article will provide a detailed analysis of the business model for developing an online shop that uses dropshipping.

We’ll take a look at the basics of the system, what it means, how it can be started, the various ways it can be improved, and all the options it offers. Social media marketing is the engine of the entire system. We will also learn about it.

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Is dropshipping safe?

Dropshipping is a business model that allows you to manage customer service and market the products you sell. You will need to send the shipping information to your supplier when you receive an order. The supplier will then send the goods to you.

This is where I think you’re asking at least one of the following questions:

  1. Dropshipping is a scam?
  2. Why should customers purchase from me, and not the supplier?

It isn’t a scam, so the answer to your first question is no. Traditional commerce is based on the principle that you can buy and sell at a higher price. It is legal to resell a product if you convince someone to purchase it.

This leads to the second question.

It’s all about selling and buying online. Technically, your customers can go directly to your supplier, which will save you money. This is especially true if your online shop is just starting and you are shopping on AliExpress. There are some things to consider.

Dropshipping: How does it work?

First, you need to know about the existence of the product before you can buy it. Dropshipping success is not accidental. The most popular products tend to be unique and unheard of. The average customer is drawn to new products and becomes excited about buying them.

Dropshipping items should be priced between $10 and $30. This is the type of purchase you can make quickly without spending too much time researching.

Your online store is another important element of the equation. There are many tricks and techniques to increase conversions that you hear about in sales funnels. It is important to ensure that your customers have a pleasant shopping experience.

Your online shop should make your customers feel relaxed and give them the opportunity to indulge in a well-deserved gift.

People are willing to pay more to have that moment. AliExpress is the best online marketplace for shopping.

Online shops that believe they can bombard customers with pop-ups from the moment they land on the page to lose customers due to the price are at risk of losing them.

Dropshipping: Advantages and Disadvantages

This business model has the advantage of allowing you to quickly launch an online shop, even if you start from scratch.

You can test new products from your online shop without having to invest in a warehouse.

Dropshipping presents a challenge in that dropshipping can lead to long delivery times and poor customer service management. Sendcloud provides the solution to these issues.

Dropshipping Trends: The hunt for the viral product Guide

Dropshipping is only possible if you have a product to sell. The choice of the product is crucial.

Some products become viral and generate net revenues in the four- to five zeros range. Others will not.

What makes these products different?

Although the answer is in millions, it is also very variable. However, there are some guidelines.

  • It must not be a common product, as we have said before. You will not sell anything that isn’t available in the local shop or Amazon.
  • It must be useful. It could be a winner if it solves a problem or improves the lives for those who use it.
  • You have an added advantage if the product is connected to a hobby, such as DIY or golf. People will spend more money to pursue their passions. This makes it easier for social media marketers to identify the audience.

It takes time to find a product that is promising. There are many ways to do this. To find a solution to a common problem, you can pay attention to the advertisements on Facebook and Instagram.

Once you have found a product that is promising, it’s time to look for a supplier.

This is an important stage, as unreliable suppliers can cause enough problems that you are forced to fail.

AliExpress Dropshipping Guide

Switching to AliExpress is the fastest way to test a product before you start dropshipping it.

AliExpress, a huge Chinese e-commerce website, has thousands of sellers and offers a wide range of products at very low prices. There are many categories that offer a wide range of items.

It is important to remember that the product must not be branded. AliExpress has many products, so you can sell them freely without worrying about copyright issues. You can order directly from the manufacturer to have your product brand printed if you are able to generate high sales volumes.

We are still searching for the first supplier, but let’s not get ahead.

Although shipping from China is very affordable, it can take a while to get your goods. You must do your best to prevent any issues that could delay delivery or cause dissatisfaction among your customers. If the supplier sends you the wrong product.

Only trust top-rated sellers who have been in business for at least two years. Check out the customer reviews and how many orders they have received.

Once you find a seller who has all the necessary papers, it is time to start building your shop. Let’s look at the future, if all goes well.

Keep in mind, AliExpress is only one of many great dropshipping platforms you have the option to choose from. AliBaba and DealExtreme are also options.

Dropshipping through an agent Guide

AliExpress is an excellent startup platform that allows you to test products. If the product is a success and the sales volume keeps increasing, you’ll need to hire a sales representative to help scale your online shop to the next level.

These are Chinese professionals who act as dropshippers’ intermediaries. They are in direct contact to manufacturers and can guarantee lower merchandise costs than AliExpress. Also, they have fewer problems handling orders. Agents are a direct contact with the manufacturer and can reduce the processing time. They also greatly improve the management of any issues.

Dropshipping is a viable option if you do not have an existing online store. You will need to place between 30-50 orders per day before an agent can assist you.

How can I locate a sales representative when it is needed? You can place an advertisement on Upwork.

Guide create a dropshipping store

Once you have found a trusted supplier and product, it’s time to start building the shop. You now have two options: build a shop that sells a single product or go on a multi-product journey.

We will now discuss the pros and cons of each option. Remember that if you structure your brand correctly, there is no reason why a single-product store cannot evolve later.

Single product shop

One-product stores are built around one object, which is the symbol of the brand. Although it may seem restrictive, this option has many advantages and is an ideal place to begin.

The principal advantage is optimizing resources.

Dropshipping shops are basically a way to reach potential buyers through targeted social media campaigns.

Concentrating all your creative and economic efforts on a single product will allow you to keep marketing expenses low, so you can test all campaigns until you achieve the highest efficiency. You will generally have better-performing and more accurate content.

A single product store can be made to gross more than a million dollars if it has the potential for virality and the marketing is well-managed.

Not all products win, and not all stores sell well.

A single product store’s ultimate goal is to reach such sales volumes that you can make arrangements with the Chinese manufacturer directly. This allows you to have your products made with your logo and customized packaging.

A product that is authentically manufactured by a trusted brand increases credibility and conversions.

If the sales of the product continue to grow, the associated brand gains value and the option to buy it when the growth rate slows.

Option 2: Transformation into a brand

You can also expand the store by adding products that align with the brand philosophy, and making it a real brand.

If the product does not sell well, but it is still profitable enough to continue the brand path, you can close the case and start a new product.

The only problem with a single-product shop is that it doesn’t allow cross-selling.

You’ve probably been to IKEA and bought two plates and two glasses, only to return home with a pot, placemats and a chopping board. Cross-selling is a powerful tool, and many of us have been its victims. Cross-selling allows for you to spend money on one product, and then sell more products to the customer once they arrive at your store.

This is not possible in a one-product shop. Nevertheless, there are many benefits that it provides in return.

A single-product shop is the best option if you’re just starting out.

Multi-product shop

Multi-product stores are intuitively able to sell more than one product. This type of shop was common at the beginning of dropshipping and featured a wide range of products.

It is not a smart idea to open a generalist shop today.

Let’s just say that the first multi-product shops didn’t care about guaranteeing refunds, replacing damaged goods or responding to emails. This shop was viewed with suspicion over time. This topic will help you avoid unhappy customers by providing guidelines for complete returns management, low shipping costs, tracking, and tracking.

A multi-product shop will be a successful shop that focuses on a specific niche. Remember what I said about hobbies and passions before? You can have dogs, cats, read, sew, golf, or DIY. The important thing is that it exists.

A strategy that creates an ideal environment for a particular group of people can be very profitable.

This is what you should consider: Having more products means more marketing material, more complicated order management, and more starting capital.

These are not the best steps to take in e-commerce.

A multi-product store is possible if you have the right experience and you have a team of professionals to support you.

Which dropshipping platform should you use?

When choosing a platform, it is important to think about order automation and logistics automation.

You must notify the supplier of the buyer’s details when you receive an order so they can ship it.

Dropshipping is an activity that can be done with low margins and high volumes. Dropshipping offers merchants an alternative to Amazon FBA. To ensure things run smoothly, you should aim to receive dozens of orders each day. Drop-shipping from Aliexpress is a good option. If the product fits, it’ll soon be impossible to manually enter them.

Shopify is a popular platform to create dropshipping shops. Here are two reasons why it is so popular:

  1. It is very affordable and easy to get started.
  2. AliExpress offers several native applications that allow you to automate your orders.

Oberlo is most well-known, but AliExpress has its own dedicated application that allows orders to be automatically filled.

Things change once you switch from AliExpress to an Agent. Agents can import and export data using.CSV files. Others may be able to integrate your site with their management system.

Sendcloud is the best option. Sendcloud automates the entire logistics process once an online store has been created. Sendcloud allows you to automatically print waybills and track, manage returns, handle international shipments, and view customs forms, HS codes and commercial invoices.

What are the Dropshipping alternatives?

You’re probably wondering what the alternatives to dropshipping are. Let’s have a look.

You don’t have to choose between a niche shop or a single product. There are many options. Keep your hands on the wheel and don’t let go.

Product package

The first alternative is a direct product derivative of product resale but with a twist on creativity. You can create a new product by combining different products.

This is a great idea for hobbyists.

Instead of setting up a DIY shop, you could design a project, and then sell it as a complete package, including all the tools and materials.

This strategy requires creativity and sector knowledge, but it can be very effective in creating added value.

It is simpler to create similar product packages such as a school bag with a backpack, case and diary.

This combination combines the best aspects of product resale: cross-selling and focused marketing.

Problem is supplier management. It is best to create your own package around the products you sell. This will ensure that all components are shipped together and delivered to the customer simultaneously.

You will not only ensure a better shopping experience for customers but also save yourself tons of customer service management headaches.

Print on demand

Ok, I’ve only talked about pure speculation. Buy cheap, sell for a lot (Wall Street fashion). Dropshipping allows you to create more value by using print on demand, for instance.

Print on demand shops require marketing skills as well as the ability to find reliable suppliers. This includes creating original designs that can be printed on mugs, sweatshirts and posters.

If you are an artist, you can either hire a freelancer or create the designs yourself. It’s basically the same as a regular tshirt shop. It’s dropshipping, so there is no need for a warehouse.

It’s hugely beneficial in the case of T-shirts because it eliminates the need to stock unusual sizes.

The suppliers are here to help.

Print on Demand specialists specialize in the real-time printing and management of shipments worldwide.

You should consider the quality of your base material (such the cut and fabric type of the T-shirts), as well as the quality and speed of shipment.

You should compare prices and delivery times to find the one that can deliver the best results and make the most compromises.

Remember that the clothing industry can be very competitive. Quality is an important component of any clothing line.

E-commerce is an extension to a physical shop

Let’s say that managing complex international communications and solving supply issues is not something you want to do. Do you think it means that dropshipping is out of reach?


One option is to open an online shop that acts as an extension of your local shop.

Many businesses could profit from having an online presence but don’t have one. Perhaps it’s because they lack the initiative or knowledge, or for another reason. It doesn’t matter what the reason, you can still take advantage of it.

It will take longer to find a partner than just going to AliExpress to choose which product to sell. However, it is a benefit to have a partner who can help you with customer support management and share in the risks.

Dropshipping social media marketing guide

No matter what type of dropshipping model you choose, one thing remains constant: the dropshipper, in essence, is a marketer. The bulk of their job is to sell products.

This is how you become an expert in social networking marketing.

The way we market online has been completely transformed by Facebook and Instagram. You can target the right audience for your product with extreme precision through their platform.

Let’s find out how.


Instagram is the most popular social network right now. 500 million users post daily, making Instagram one of the most popular social media platforms.

It means many potential customers, when it is translated into practical terms.

It would be difficult to find the right buyers with such a large user base. There are many thematic pages.

Instagram has a page for every topic. There are many interests, from pregnant mothers to how to best weld titanium.

You only need to find high-engagement pages that are related to your product, create posts to promote it, and then get in touch to the page manager.

An advertisement post on a page about a topic can take between $20 and $80 depending on the page traffic and niche saturation. You can still get thousands of views and high volumes of traffic quickly and for very little cost.

This will enable you to provide a lot of preliminary information to Facebook’s Pixel.

What is Facebook Pixel?

The Facebook Pixel is the heartbeat of dropshipping operations and the key to scaling your business.


Facebook is the place to be serious.

Facebook’s Business Manager gives you access to the best marketing platform for creating targeted campaigns.

It works like this: Facebook has 2.5 Billion users and knows lots about each one. It knows their location, where they live, their interests, how large they are, how many of them they have, and what devices they use to connect.

It’s not a great idea, I’m sorry, but it’s possible if you’re a businessman and are looking to make a profit.

The Facebook pixel was mentioned earlier. The Facebook pixel is a simple string of code that you can install on your store to record incoming traffic and cross-reference it with Facebook databases.

Pixel lets you distill the ideal buyer profile and show your marketing content only to those with similar profiles to yours.

This is important because Facebook campaigns can be very expensive. By focusing on people who are most likely to buy, you can keep your return margins high.

The pixel must have data in order to work well. The more traffic it gets, the more data it must process to optimize your campaigns.

Facebook campaigns are great because you can increase your product’s effectiveness exponentially. Simply increase your daily budget.

It is crucial to ensure that your provider can handle the demand in order to scale a campaign. You will need enough cash to pay for the campaign and purchase products while customers make payments.

Is dropshipping convenient?

Dropshipping isn’t a scam. It’s not an easy way to make quick money. Dropshipping is a legitimate business model, which allows you to manage your e-commerce business from anywhere without having to have a warehouse. You can focus on supplier and marketing.

As with any business, it takes research, effort and some sleepless nights.

You can start a business that is profitable with little capital and determination. This will help you to become a digital entrepreneur.

Your shipping partner

Relying on trustworthy partners is a key element in any activity. Sendcloud helps more than 16,000 European customers with shipping and logistics (including dropshipping ecommerce).

Sendcloud takes the worry out of the merchant’s after-sales. It is completely automated. This video will show you how Sendcloud works.