Why Should a Business Launch Its Own App?

Consider the following statistic: by 2021, there will be 15 billion mobile devices in use worldwide. There are millions of apps available for download from the Apple Store and Google Play store. If one of these does not apply to you, it may be time to explore expanding your horizons.

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There are many reasons why you should, and we are about to list out some of them right now. Let’s get started!

●    Increased Sales

Here are the three main ways in which mobile apps generate additional revenues for a company: Firstly, because the majority of people own a mobile device, applications stimulate repeat orders from customers who are constantly moving about their day. Consumers are more likely to purchase through apps than they are through websites because of the sheer simplicity and convenience of apps.

Second, through the use of apps, a corporation might gain access to a new advertising revenue source. Third, the app itself may be so appealing that you will be able to charge a fee for it.

●    Reduced Marketing Costs

A hidden benefit of apps is the low cost of marketing they provide — as compared to traditional advertising and direct marketing, sending notifications to clients who have downloaded your app is rather inexpensive. For example, you might wish to publicize an upcoming event or a new product offering.

●    Apps Are More User-Friendly Than Websites

Despite the fact that many websites don’t appear good on small phone displays, mobile apps have been specifically created to be easy on the eyes and simpler to use for the user. Apps also provide customers with immediate access to your contact channels — with a single touch, a client can dial a phone number or start a web chat session.

Users that have their location enabled will be able to see where they are in real-time, as well as receive location-specific information and directions from the app. The Uber app, which is causing havoc in the taxi industry, even allows you to see your car approaching as it is being dispatched.

●    An Advantage Over The Competition

While most sectors have embraced apps, it’s possible that your company operates in a niche where your competitors do not yet provide an app; if this is the case, you can use this to your advantage as a differentiator in the market. You can also incorporate one-of-a-kind features into your software that are not available anywhere else – the possibilities are unlimited.

●    A Larger Market Share

If you don’t have an app, you can be missing out on a portion of the market that wants to conduct business in this manner instead. Looking at the percentage of users who use mobile devices to access your website is an easy way to determine whether or not you have a mobile-addicted market. Additionally, common sense implies that youthful consumers are more likely to desire to transact using an app than mature B2B buyers, to name a couple of examples.

●    Customer Retention

What better approach to build brand loyalty with your customers than to put your company’s logo right in their pocket? Apps, as opposed to mobile webpages, remain permanently accessible on the user’s phone’s home screen. Customers are more likely to interact with firms that are accessible at their fingertips, which makes apps an excellent customer loyalty tool for businesses.

●    Improved User Satisfaction

Mobile applications open faster than a mobile website, and many of their features can be accessed even when the user does not have access to the Internet. Customers expect services and products to be delivered as quickly as possible in today’s digital age, and the company that wins the race will gain more customers as well.

●    Easily Feedback Collection

Conducting an “in-app” survey or analyzing user evaluations in the App Store are both simple ways to obtain meaningful insights from your consumers and generate revenue.

●    Control Over Customer Relations

A platform for direct communication with your customers, without the use of a middleman, is provided by mobile applications (apps). Customer retention is more likely when you know who your consumers are, where they are, and how to approach them, according to research.


Mobile applications may not be the best choice for every company, but for the vast majority of them, they provide enormous appeal and a return on investment that is easily quantifiable. With the prevalence of technology all around us and the need for instant results rampant among the people, there has never been a better time to harness this tech and build your own app. Make the most of it!