How to Find Virtual Assistant for Dropshipping Process?

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7 Ways to Find VA’s (Virtual Assistants) Online for Your E-commerce Business

In this post, we’ll show you how to discover a virtual assistant for your e-commerce firm in seven distinct ways. 


Upwork is a freelance marketplace that caters to a wide range of industries and job types. 

Upwork has time and screen recording tools, which is a nice feature. So you can easily keep track of your virtual assistants’ working hours.

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Payments are simple because you only have to pay Upwork. They are the ones that are responsible for paying the virtual assistants. 

The virtual assistants’ payments are automatically delivered to them every week, based on their working hours. 

The disadvantage of Upwork is that all payments must go via them. Thus they charge exorbitant fees. 

Upwork charges virtual assistants anything from 5% to 20% of their earnings, making it far from the cheapest place to locate a virtual assistant for your e-commerce business. 

However, keep in mind that Upwork is the largest site for locating virtual assistants and freelancers from all over the world, but it is also the most expensive. 

On the other hand, there are several excellent virtual assistants available. Because you can check how much money a virtual assistant has made from Upwork on Upwork. 

So, if a freelancer makes $10,000 and receives 95% favorable feedback, we can presume that he is quite experienced and knows what he is doing. 


The third site is, which is quite similar to Upwork, except that Guru is considerably less expensive and has fewer freelancers, but you can search on both sites to see which one you want to use. 

These are the first two websites, and they are very similar. We’ll now move on to other types of websites. 

Online jobs ph

The second choice is online job pH, which is solely for freelancers in the Philippines. The advantage of this website is that the costs are quite low. 

This is because the site does not charge any fees for payments, and we do not pay through the site; instead, we pay directly to the freelancers using PayPal. 

The disadvantage is that we will need to purchase time tracking software to track our working hours; for example, you might use time clock wizard or hub staff. 

The advantages of this site are that it has a large number of low-cost freelancers because it does not charge any fees. 

They have many different freelancers who have already worked on eBay dropshipping so that you can find experienced people there, but you should verify their scores, feedback, and reviews first. 

Online job pH issues are that you can’t inspect and contact the freelancers with the free plan. Thus it’s not practical to work with this site without paying a subscription cost, whereas Upwork and the other sites are. However, you can still apply for jobs.

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We already know several major drop-shippers who prefer this site and hire virtual assistants only through Online Jobs PH. The smallest subscription in Online Jobs Ph that might work for you costs $69 per month, and it’s occasionally worth it. They purchase a one-month subscription, find VAs, and then terminate the subscription. 

So you can work with this site or with Upwork; Upwork is easier, but it costs more money in the short term; however, Online Jobs PH is much better in the long run because you only pay once to discover freelancers. 

Upwork is better for the short term, but Online Jobs PH is better for the long term. 

Upwork, Guru, and Online Jobs PH are the first three sites. We’ll now look at some more options for finding virtual assistants. 

Dropshipping Facebook Groups 

The fourth option is to go to any Facebook dropshipping group, such as AutoDs, and post that you are looking for a VA. 

This strategy is appealing since virtual assistants who have already worked for other drop shippers can be found. Perhaps those VAs are already aware of methods that you are unaware of.

Many virtual assistants have unique strategies and methods of working. This may be the most effective method of locating VAs. 

The first reason is that it is free, and the second is that these virtual assistants have a lot of experience. 

In general, if you post a job in AutoDS Groups, you have a good chance of finding a virtual assistant who has previously worked with AutoDS. You can call them, and things will be a lot smoother from there. 

Virtual Assistants Facebook Groups 

The third alternative is to join Facebook groups, such as this Virtual Assistant Network Philippines group. This is also a free option, but it’s risky because you don’t know the feedback and experience of the people you’ll meet here.

If you choose this option, you will only need to conduct a lengthy interview and ask your virtual assistant numerous questions. So you can be confident the VA you’re speaking with is the right fit for your needs. Because you never know who will emerge from these organizations. 

When it comes to groups like AutoDS, you may be sure that the person has already worked for someone else who uses AutoDS. As a result, you can quickly write a blog article inquiring about virtual assistants. Then, other drop shippers will share their experiences with that virtual helper, and you can make an informed conclusion. 

They can also be general dropshipping groups, such as eBay Dropshipping Mastermind, where we can go and write a message. There are also a slew of other large dropshipping groups where you can look for vas.

So we have Facebook groups for general dropshipping and Facebook groups for virtual helpers. You can also use groups created by Dropshipping Tools like AutoDS. 

Talent Hub Staff

Hub Stuff is a platform that allows you to log your employees’ time, and Hub Staff added a feature that allows you to discover virtual assistants. 

You will find a large number of freelancers here, and if you search for eBay dropshipping, you will find a large number of extremely inexpensive and experienced eBay virtual assistants. 

The cost of a virtual assistant is usually between $2 and $5 per hour. So look for something in this price range. 

Virtual Assistants Training Companies

Various third-party companies hire VAs and train them in their offices. Then you may contact these businesses to employ a virtual assistant. 

It’s important to remember that these virtual assistants work for the firm, not for you. As a result, the fees are greater, and the VAs will function according to the company’s instructions. 

You want to train the virtual assistants on how to use your approaches. Because the tactics that these businesses typically teach their workers are quite generic. 

As a result, we recommend that you learn how to train and manage virtual assistants so that you can work with them directly. 

We hope you enjoyed reading this post. If you enjoyed this article, please leave a comment. Or if you already have a system in place for finding VAs.

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