How to Write Dropshipping Product Description?

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Are you an entrepreneur trying to sell your products online but are having trouble? You’ve tried many different strategies but failed to succeed.

I’m here to lift you out of despair and encourage you to give it another shot. There is a step-by-step guide that will help you create unique product descriptions.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

It can be difficult to sell your product online, especially if you don’t know your content marketing environment. However, a well-structured, long-term strategy will help you sell your dropshipping product like crazy.

There is much clamor about eCommerce.

Different people might suggest different strategies. One person may have suggested that you focus on the buyer’s personality.

You may have been asked to improve your SEO. Others may have recommended that you use online rewriting tools such as to create unique and flawless product descriptions.

These techniques are all essential for an e-commerce store. However, a single one of them cannot bring in sales.

We need to understand what a dropshipping product description means. Next, we’ll move on to the main topic: How to write a product description.

Defining a dropshipping product description

The product description is your first introduction to potential buyers. It’s more like a marketing message that lures people to buy your product.

It is crucial:

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A description is essential for every product. Without it, the person who landed on your site will not be able to find out more.

Online shoppers cannot see you in person to learn more about what you sell. It is important to learn how to write product descriptions.

Online shopping is often viewed as a scam by many people. To build trust, you will need to describe the product.

Online shoppers want to be sure that the dropshipping product is right for them. You might have a shoe shop, and your customers would like to see the designs, colors, and sizes of its products to suit their needs.

A product description is the best way to get a customer.

This is why I’ve compiled some tips and tricks to help you create a unique dropshipping product description for your online shop.

How to write a product description: useful tips for better descriptions

Concentrate on the buyer’s personality

Remember! It is not possible to sell your dropshipping products to machines or unanimated objects. Your buyers are real people whose minds are intricate and complex.

A buyer’s persona, or fictional representation of your audience, is a fictionalized depiction of your customer that includes all of the characteristics and even life.

You have many options to find potential customers and to assess their behavior to build a buyer’s personality.

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Some of the most exciting techniques in the last two decades have been created by the intermixing of data and human behavior.

Although it might sound strange, stores have developed sophisticated analytics tools to monitor customers’ behavior, house addresses, and interests. They can then predict their customers’ moves by analyzing this data.

Charles Dhuigg, author of “The Power of Habit”, explains how Target created customer personas. Not to mention that they sent baby-related promotions before a girl’s family knew she was pregnant.

This is our own Service Offered by the Blog Author.

shopify dropshipping store set up

A lousy buyer can look like a peg in a square hole.

These essential elements should be present in your buyer’s persona to give a more complete picture of your customer.

  1. Demography/Location.
  2. Interests/Triggers.
  3. Problems.
  4. Search Medium.
  5. Aims.

These tools can be used to find all the information you need online, which you will also find easily on Google search.

Tell a story

Product descriptions should not consist of boring words. People don’t like boring words when they read dropshipping product descriptions. In fact, they retain less information on the screen if they aren’t.

study found that the average screen attention time has fallen to 8 seconds.

This is why it is important to tell a story that resonates well with customers. They should find a story that helps them to do their catharsis and can relate to. Customers should feel that they are only dealing with their problems.

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You need a story, no matter what kind of content marketing you do. These are the three components of general story-making in content marketing.

  • Characters.
  • Conflict.
  • Resolution.

You must first introduce a character. It can be in one person or two nd persons, or three rd people.

When you introduce a character, the First-person is “I”. You can continue this story with your self-journey, or end at a resolution.

A second person is also often used in story-telling because it has more impact. The reason is that readers are more likely to pay attention and feel connected through a story.

You can also use a third party, especially if your goal is to give case studies.

HubSpot has provided a picture that outlines the definition of a sales tale.

This is how the story continues and the character solves a problem in their lives. The story ultimately ends with a call for action.

Get to know your buyers emotionally

Although we have been taught that Aristotle said that “man is a rational being”, in reality this is not true.

Our emotions are what have driven us so much that scientists recently discovered the need for emotional intelligence to be a part our overall intellect.

FMCGs are constantly coming up with new marketing strategies to market their dropshipping products and increase sales. Let me give you an example of the power and impact emotions can have on your sales.

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Edward Bernays was a marketing specialist of the early 20 th centuries who sold cigarettes to women at a time when smoking cigarettes was taboo.

He used cigarette smoking to manipulate women’s emotions. There was a term “Torches of Freedom” that emerged.

This is how you can make your customers feel better, and get them to buy your products.

Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle can also be used. He presented his idea about asking the right question in his famous Ted-Talk. His marketing model of asking Why? can be used.

The purpose of your product description should be to answer why you are selling it. Focusing on the reason for your sale is best.

Simon believes that only a handful of organizations understand why they are selling this dropshipping product.

Your core reason for selling products could be the answer. It could also refer to the value of your e-commerce store.

Your readers will be able to answer the why question and understand the value of your dropshipping product if you focus on it. This is also a key part of branding. All the core values that underpin your work are part of your brand identity.

Learn the algorithms of E-commerce shops

Imagine that you are opening a shop on an isolated island. You are able to sell the most valuable products at a fair price. Do you still believe your products will be hotcakes? If so, you’re chasing a dream.

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This dream must be broken and you need to focus on the real world.

You must also be aware of the dropshipping product marketing environment. What is the process and how do you maintain your authority?

There are many e-commerce retailers, but Amazon is the most prominent.

You must understand Amazon’s algorithms to be a successful retailer.

Amazon’s state-of the-art A9 algorithms work in a similar way to Google, but with different sales conversions.

Amazon is a likely investor in this type of business, whose revenue depends on more sales.

These factors are what A9 is focused on, so you need to align your dropshipping product description with these factors.

Improve the SEO of your product listing

Increase sales conversions.

Amazon has its own search engine, just like Google. Customers visit Amazon with the intention of buying something. They type that information on Amazon’s search bar.

This means that the keywords they are looking for are actually products. Amazon tracks these keywords using Artificial Intelligence. This is because you need to identify the right keywords that will rank your product in Amazon SERPs.

You have two options when searching for the keywords that will best describe your dropshipping product. The trivial approach is the first.

This is more common sense.

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If you sell clothes, for example, you will know that Amazon customers will search for those clothes as well. You can also add keywords like “best”, “seasonal,” and so on. You can also use online keyword research tools. You can find many of them online.

You can improve your search visibility by using the right keywords.

Sales rate

Conversions are another important factor. Amazon uses sales data to determine the profile of your store. A store with a significant number of sales will be more likely to be referred by customers. You have a greater chance of being enthralled by customers if your store has a high number of sales.

Your product description should be concise and attractive.

Writing is not easy. Writing a dropshipping product description requires more skill.

You must tell a story in order to engage your audience. However, this does not necessarily mean telling a long story you have heard from your grandmother.

Use sentence connectors to make your listing more concise. Listings should flow naturally, without unnecessary jargon or excessive details.

It is difficult for most people to summarize a vivid, unique and compelling description. We recommend the article rewriter that is online to help them automate their task.

Make sure to use attractive visuals

Although a picture is worth a thousand word, it must convey the dropshipping product details. Your customers visit your online shop because they don’t know how your product feels.

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Poor pictures can make it difficult to sell your product. It is important to be careful when adding images to your listings. There is also a lot psychology involved in colors.

Colors trigger our minds in different ways. Colors can also invoke brands, regardless of whether the shell is yellow or the coca cola red.

You should therefore choose the most appropriate color combination for your product description. You can get high-quality photos taken by a professional photographer and edited with the best colors.

Wrap it up

As such, any guide for writing a product description will only give you facts and techniques. The most important thing is your product marketing strategy, and your perseverance. You should create a marketing plan and follow it.

Inbound marketing is one of my favorite marketing strategies. Inbound marketing is like a freewheel. Once it starts, it never stops until you feed the highest quality products.

Your customers are your ambassadors in inbound marketing. Keep your description short and include the relevant keywords in bullets if you can.

Next, optimize your content using SEO and create an engaging story. Finally, use emotion and ask why questions.

These tips can be applied to an existing store or to a new store. However, you need to set realistic goals before you start to implement these strategies. Now is the time to start.