How to Write Dropshipping Product Description that Boost Sales?

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A well-written item description has the power to move your consumers through your sales funnel. By injecting imagination and item advantages into your item description, your shop ends up being most likely to transform the casual internet browser.

Nevertheless, many business owners make a typical error when composing item descriptions: consisting of details that merely explains their product. This leads to lower conversions as people are not able to comprehend the special worth proposal of an item or how it provides a service to an aggravating issue.

In this post, you’ll find out how to compose item descriptions that offer and discover an item description author, gain from item description examples, and we’ll present an easy-to follow item description design template.

What Is An Item Description?

An item description is the copy that explains the functions and advantages of an item to a client. The objective of the item description is to supply the client with sufficient info to force them to wish to purchase the item right away.

To master item description writing, you require to find out how to compose convincing copy for your items. Plus, you require to address every concern a client might have, such as:

  • What issue does your item fix?
  • What do I get from utilizing your item?
  • What separates your items from others on the marketplace?

Your quick description requires to address these concerns in a manner that is simple to check out.

Your quick description requires to address these concerns in a manner that is simple to check out.

What Is The Very Best Item Description Format?

It depends. Like every other element of your site, item descriptions might or might not be required. It requires to be divided checked. Each site has a various design, character, and design which might need a various item description design template.

Some shops might transform finest with only bullet point descriptions. Others might require a long paragraph, or a mix of bullet points and a paragraph. And some sites might transform finest without any copy at all. You can utilize A/B split tests tools like Google Enhance to identify what format works best for you.

Here’s an item description example without any copy. According to VWO, an online shop called FreestyleXtreme ran a split test. Their test consisted of 2 landing pages– one with and another without an item description. They were shocked when they learnt that the page without copy transformed 31.88% much better and had a 96% self-confidence level.

There are a number of aspects regarding why the item descriptions didn’t transform well. It’s possible they weren’t composed properly for the audience, they were positioned in a less noticeable location, or were composed in the incorrect format. Nevertheless, when it pertains to your particular shop, screening whether you ought to have item descriptions, in the very first location, can assist you much better comprehend how to enhance future item pages.

Advantages of Composing Item Descriptions

Having actually enhanced item information can assist enhance your SEO. By enhancing your product description to consist of particular keywords, you can assist enhance your possibilities of ranking high up on Google. Without item descriptions, you might have the ability to enhance your images for keywords, however your item page might not appear high in search engine result due to an absence of material.

Item descriptions can likewise inform your consumer on the item. The item description provides additional item details that the photo can’t do by itself. For instance, you likely would not purchase a laptop computer by taking a look at the photo alone. As a buyer, you ‘d wish to check out the laptop computer’s requirements and functions. This likewise uses to style– some people might dislike particular materials and require to understand the product of the clothes you offer on your shop. By offering consumers with crucial item details, you avoid a develop of customer care queries. It likewise assists consumers understand if that particular item is ideal for them, which can assist lower return rates.

An item description can likewise be utilized to make a consumer laugh to boost the bond in between your brand name and consumer. It can likewise guarantee clients that your item will fix their greatest discomfort point or boost their life in some method.

Things to Bear In Mind

It is very important that your item summary consists of sincere and transparent info. Stating an item is totally free when it truly isn’t is misleading. Stating your item is of the greatest quality when you have numerous grievances about the item quality isn’t going to deceive people into liking your item.

For instance, if numerous people discover that the product is thinner than anticipated, you can point out that in your copy without significantly affecting sales. It offers your consumers a truthful expectation of the item prior to they get it. Your consumers might even choose thinner materials on summer season days.

Being truthful does not suggest composing all of your items defects however highlighting its strengths. Is the style what’s offering the item? Put a focus on the appearance of the item when explaining it.

You’ll likewise wish to bring your consumer into the item description utilizing words like you. Assist your consumers imagine themselves utilizing your item. Make them part of your item’s story.

Keeping it casual can likewise assist your item description stick out. You’re not composing a thesis, however a luring description to bring your item and your consumer together. Usage contractions in your composing like you’re, you ‘d, who had actually, and so on

How to Compose Item Descriptions That Offer

1. Compose your own
Prevent utilizing the maker’s item descriptions. By composing your own copy, you prevent being punished by Google for replicate or thin material. Plus, you enhance your possibilities of composing an item description that transforms your consumer.

2. Make it scannable
Your item description ought to be simple to check out. Having 2 sentences explaining the item with numerous bullet points enables clients to get the info rapidly so they can buy right away. If you offer laptop computers, you’ll wish to turn the specifications into bullet points for a simple read.

3. Know Your Audience
If you offer enjoyable items like unsightly christmas sweatshirts or food shaped precious jewelry you might inject humor into it. Your copy ought to be lively and light as clients purchasing those kinds of items would likely value an amusing item description. Nevertheless, humor does not deal with all dropshipping specific niches. For instance, you would not wish to inject humor into an item description about life vest, caskets, or other delicate problems.

4. Enhance Your Item Descriptions
The most convenient method to enhance your item summary is to utilize a tool like Plug in SEO on your shop. You’ll wish to utilize keywords that pertain to your item. For instance, if you offer makeup brushes, you’ll wish to specify such as ‘unicorn makeup brush’ or ‘mermaid makeup brush.’

5. Narrate
Utilize your item description to narrate. It might be the story of why your consumer requires this item to fix their issue. Or a story of the item’s advantages. Or simply an amusing story about the item that draws your consumer in.

6. Split Test It
Do not forget to divide test your item descriptions. Test various formats, lengths, words, and more. Split screening your item descriptions can assist you enhance your item page to enhance your conversion rate.

7. Spell Checker Your Work
Check out over your item descriptions to make sure there are no typos. You can utilize tools like Grammarly to prevent spelling errors.

8. Deal All The Information
Ensure that consumers have the info they require to buy. For instance, if dropshipping clothing, care info and size charts can assist consumers prior to and after their purchase. If you offer tablets, you’ll wish to guarantee you note all the specifications. If you dropship fashion jewelry, you’ll wish to consist of info such as ‘nickel complimentary’, as some might have allergic reactions to specific products.

Item Description Format

There are many approaches on how to compose item descriptions. If you’re ever stuck on a format you can follow this basic item description design template while composing your copy.

3-Step Item Description Design Template

  • Enhance the consumer in relation to the item.
  • Point out the item advantage in relation to the item function.
  • Offer a basic suggestion.

For instance, if you’re offering unicorn brushes you may attempt this item description example:

Like this unicorn brush, you are among a kind. These brushes are made with artificial bristles for a simple tidy. Set this set with our mermaid brushes for a total set of distinct makeup brushes.

If you’re offering a gown, you may follow this item description example:

Absolutely nothing will flatter your curves much better than this bootylicious evening gown. Made from an elastic spandex, this gown will hug your body on all the ideal areas while highlighting your shape. With a basic set of black pumps, you’ll finish your aim to assist you look perfect.

How to Discover an Item Description Author
Having a hard time to determine how to compose item descriptions that offer? If English isn’t your mother tongue, you may wish to employ an item description author.

Discovering an excellent author needs perseverance. You can utilize websites like ProBlogger, Fiverr, or Expert to discover quality item description authors. Take a look at an author’s evaluations, previous work, and who they have actually worked for in the past to figure out the quality of their item description writing.

Item Description Samples


ModCloth is an excellent item description example to gain from. The item description is brief and sweet with just 2 sentences. The item information consist of scannable bullet points. The very first sentence of the item description compliments the client by discussing their ‘glimmering charm.’ Nevertheless, the client compliment is connected into the ‘remarkable glimmering’ of the bolero. The 2nd sentence compliments the consumer once again in relation to the item. Pay attention to the language utilized in the copy. Words like ‘thrilled,’ ‘fragile,’ ‘greatness,’ ‘brilliance,’ ‘gloriously’, and ‘twinkles’ are utilized to catch attention while being favorable descriptors.

Tipsy Elves

Tipsy Elves is an outstanding item description example of showcasing the item advantages. Their concise 2 sentence description discusses that this one-piece suit is best for ‘lazy days on the sofa, U.S.A. occasions, and striking the slopes.’ For those searching for an attire for the fourth of July, their issue is resolved as it discusses that this clothing is perfect for it. Notification how the very first word in the copy is ‘flexibility’, which is a favorable word and is frequently related to American pride items. Their item information aren’t extremely scannable. Nevertheless, they point out the advantages for a few of their functions such as pointing out that the product is thinner for ‘all year wear.’


Chubbies is a fantastic item description example for imagination. The shorts displayed in the photo above are called ‘The Mojitos’ most likely due to its minty green color. Their opening description keeps up the mojito style though their item image stops working to reveal a mojito which would likely mix quite well. They discuss advantages with their item functions such as ‘keep you oh-so comfy.’

Naked Wines

Naked Wines keep their item description scannable with 3 bulleted points. Their bullet points artistically utilize check marks which assists clients make a favorable association with the wine. The composing design is casual with expressions like ‘who’ da believed it …’ They likewise develop brand name trust by discussing that ‘91% of you would gladly purchase it once again!’ Pay very close attention to the language utilized to explain the wine such as ‘ripe’, ‘peppery undertones’, ‘lashings of oak’, ‘mouth watering’, and ‘smooth surface.’

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