How to Increase Dropshipping Sales and Revenue ROI?

Dropshipping is more than opening a shop. It is also not enough to have a great product. Dropshipping is a business that requires a lot of marketing. Online dropshippers are just as important as physical stores.

It can be daunting to choose the right business model for you as a startup entrepreneur. There are so many things that could go wrong. But you don’t need to be worried. This post will cover all you need to know about dropshipping and how to increase your sales.

You might make mistakes when you first start your business. That’s normal. These expert tips will help you manage your dropshipping business like an expert and increase your sales quickly.

Now, let’s get started.

Ensure that you stock your store with the right products

It’s obvious, right?

You must have products in your shop if you want to increase sales. It is not enough to add a few products. You have an online shop that is competing with thousands of others. Keep adding new products to you store so that it generates more interest.

Listing new products regularly will make your store appear conprisistent and up-to-date with current trends. You can list at least 10 products daily in your dropshipping shop. It’s easy to do and only one click away.

Log in to your WooDropship Account. If you haven’t already, download WooDropship Chrome extension.

Next, click Go to AliExpress to search for the products that you want to add to your shop. To send the product to your Product Import list, click on the import button.

You can then edit the product description and title and push the product to the store with just one click.

Easy, right?

It is, I swear. Don’t delay, list your amazing dropshipping products now. And remember consistency is key.

Pricing strategies for Dropshipping businesses

Have you ever had to choose between a product you like and one you don’t because it is too expensive?

Here’s a myth buster:

Dropshippers should choose low-cost products, and then price them higher to increase their profit margin. However, there is a stigma associated with choosing a more expensive product. Industry experts agree that no one will buy a high-priced product.

Here’s the truth:

If you love a product and believe it will be a good addition to your store, you shouldn’t hesitate to add it. Some products are too expensive to be bought outright, but they are still part of an impulse shopping spree or as an addition to the existing collection. It’s important to think about it from the perspective of your customer.

Dropshipping stores that sell vintage items might be interested in adding a vintage Barbie or other doll worth $1000 to their inventory. You might find a collector willing to pay the full price and help your store make a big sale.

Dropshipping is a great way to make money even if you don’t sell anything. Dropshipping allows you to remove the product at any time, even if it isn’t sold. You’ll also make a huge profit if you find the right person to buy your product.

Isn’t it worth it?

Keep additional suppliers available

AliExpress allows you to sell your products online through millions of suppliers. Dropshippers make the same mistakes I’ve seen and I don’t want to be one of them. This is why you should read it carefully.

Think about your first order. Yay! You are now able to place an order. Wait! What can you see? The supplier does not have any items in stock. You will need to find another supplier or email the customer an apology and request a refund.

Dropshippers tend to choose the first option, but it can be difficult to find another supplier last-minute. You must plan ahead to avoid this. It is a good rule to have at least three suppliers for every product you sell in your store. This will prevent any unplanned crisis from happening in your store.

Promote your store and your product

Everyone knows how important advertising and marketing is for your store. What’s the new? There’s an important catch that dropshippers don’t see and the ship sails by the time they realize it.

Promoting your store is not enough to drive more traffic to your site. It is also important to create ad campaigns for each post and promote them. You should also dedicate at least one blog or post to each social media account of your company. You can also post some benefits or reviews about your product on Youtube.

This will increase traffic to your store, improve your SEO ranking, and boost your brand’s credibility. You will increase the likelihood of a sale if you focus on specific products in your store and promote them with as much enthusiasm as your store.

To increase sales, you can use methods such as Facebook Advertising and Instagram Marketing.

Customer service is the king

Dropshipping is easy with semi-automation via WooDropship. You don’t have to worry about inventory, shipping or packaging. You must remember that the customer may not know that there is another person (supplier), and that they will always look up at you for answers or questions.

You should have the knowledge and ability to resolve customer questions and help them until they receive their package. You can also add FAQ pages to your store that answer questions such as delivery time, payment method, shipping policy, and any other general queries.

This will allow your customers to find the answers they need quickly and build trust in your brand. With exceptional customer service in your dropshipping shop, you can always retain customers for life. This will improve customer-business relationships and increase loyalty among your customers.

Plan your customer acquisition funnel

Dropshipping is a low-cost way to get customers. Attracting customers is the key to digital marketing strategy.

Your website’s content and aesthetics should be inviting Internet users to find out more about your products. You can also transmit trust and security by including clear text and contact information. Your website design should be responsive as many people search for products online. You should have your digital marketing strategy in place.

Search Engine Optimization

This promotion, also known as SEO, allows natural referencing professionals to influence search results (like Google) so your e-store appears on the first page for keywords. Its algorithm states that good positioning depends on many factors, including the competition for the keywords. If you want to increase dropshipping sales by doubling your profits, it is important to create an SEO strategy.

Dropshipping is still a viable strategy that will deliver the best results. You must be patient and meticulous as it can take 6-12 months to see the results.

SEO is a key element of any marketing strategy, no matter how long-term or short-term. Without it, sales will stagnate.

You can customize the product descriptions

Post custom and standard product descriptions. You need to learn how duplicate product descriptions can be optimized for search.

You can make your products more appealing and encourage people to buy them. Particularly if you’re selling luxury products.

Create a blog

Use a blog to promote your content marketing strategy. This will allow other people to find your store via indexed content. Formative content can be created, including tutorials, data and manuals, as well as recommendations, advice, and other information that can help educate your audience about aspects of your industry. It is possible to create content that appeals directly to users’ emotions. This helps you establish a strong connection with your audience.

Email to reach potential customers

Email is one of the best ways to engage customers and potential customers.

Dropship fashion, engineering products, and decorative pillows will all be available to customers. They will receive periodic newsletters in which you inform them about the latest offers, remind them about the products they like, and even send material as an added value.

To optimize your email distribution, make sure to research the best time to send an email blast.

Watch on YouTube

If you’re not familiar with video, it can be hard to get behind the camera. It might take some time to get used to it at first. You should also know that more internet users than 80% are using social media. Visual content is more engaging than text. Even more remarkable, 80% said they watched a YouTube video about a product before buying it. These statistics show that video marketing is an effective strategy in e-commerce.

You can create videos that are related to your activity in order to create amazing content for YouTube and sell without selling. You can reuse your written content, show your products and talk about yourself. Making a store feel more human online is a great asset.

Retrieve abandoned carts

It is highly recommended to learn how to convert abandoned carts into dropshipping. Cart abandonment can be caused by many factors. Some internet users lose motivation to purchase when there are too many steps before they can enter credit card information and confirm their order.

Other customers are reluctant to place an order if they don’t have enough information or delivery terms.

A variety of payment options and prominent information can make a big difference in convincing buyers to buy a product.

Abandoned Cart Notification is a powerful tool that can have a significant impact on your business. More than $1 million in revenue. Marketing spend has a 10:1 return on investment. Black Friday revenues increased 81% These are just a few of the many results Shopify Plus stores have achieved using SMS and abandoned cart push notifications.

Create your LinkedIn profile

Linkedin will enable you to get in touch with people from the sector or groups that share similar interests. This can also help you receive recommendations from clients as well as from people you have worked with. This medium can also be used to make contact with people who can help you grow your business.

Use paid advertising

An SEO strategy can help increase dropshipping sales but only over the long-term, as you might have seen. Paid advertising, on the other hand, is more about generating traffic quickly. Content is fundamental work. Google AdWords or social media advertising (Pinterest, Facebook), can quickly become expensive.

It is crucial to create effective advertising to distinguish yourself from your competition. You can hire a copywriter, or an AdWords consultant to help you. This is a full-fledged job that requires analysis of many factors, including conversion rate, cost of acquisition, cost per click, and targeting of typical customers.

Increase the volume and value of the average basket

Dropshipping is another way to increase sales. Customers should be able to add more items into their cart. Your online store will usually integrate this type of solution by using phrases such as “These products may also be interesting to you” or “Related Products”. You should also note that it is better to not send users directly to the shopping cart after they have added the product to their cart. These are some additional sales opportunities:

  • Cross-selling is when you offer related or associated products.
  • Moving upmarket (upsell). When a customer selects a product to buy, you can suggest they compare the features of another (more costly but with more advantages) so they can choose according to their needs.
  • Free delivery starting at a certain amount: You offer free delivery on all orders above 100 dollars. He has 80 items in his cart. What’s he going to do with all these items?
  • Additional offers (order bump): Gift-wrapping and membership cards, for example.

Keep your customers coming back

It is no secret that acquiring new customers is more expensive than bringing them back. Once you convince him that he requires your products and services, it will not be difficult to get him back for more. How do you retain customers and make dropshipping more profitable? These are some tips that will keep your customer coming back to you site.

  • Create your own brand. Investing in customized packaging, or private label products will pay off. Locate dropshipping companies that can produce your packaging or private label products.
  • Create a newsletter to communicate your latest blog articles and news about the store
  • You can animate your social media networks. A useful post on Facebook can get you a few clicks and improve your store’s visibility. It also encourages a few customers back to buy again. The customer doesn’t forget about you.
  • Give a gift, whether it is digital or physical, to show your appreciation. This creates a relationship of reciprocity and shows that you value your customer. You can get advice by thinking of an everyday gift that will not end up in the garbage or in the closet.
  • Send promotions and other special offers.

Dropshipping is a long-term endeavor. Dropshipping is not a one-size fits all approach. To find the right answer, you will need to keep trying until you succeed.

These twelve (12) marketing tips can help increase sales at your dropshipping shop. You must also humanize your brand, which is something you cannot ignore.

This could be achieved by letting your clients know that there are people behind your business name. Don’t forget to include images so that the public can get to know you personally.

These tips and humanizing your brand will help you double your dropshipping sales.

What is ROI?

The formula allows you to evaluate the potential return and the potential for monetary investment, as well as compare the options. This formula can be combined with the risk assessment to give you a solid idea of whether or not you should invest your money.

Knowing the expected ROI will allow you to correct and prioritize existing expenses based on how efficient certain items are. Try different things to find the best.

What is a good return on investment?

The final calculation results are not subject to any standard. While a positive return can be considered a good return, it doesn’t matter how high it is. According Forbes, 7% or more is a great number.

Four industries with the highest ROI

According to CSIMarket Company the top industries for the highest return on investment in terms of ROI are:

Home Improvement (55.82%)

Our home is where we go at the end of each day. It is where we spend most of our time, so it must be perfect. The second rank is for those who offer a variety of products to improve the homes and make them more appealing and useful for customers.

Computer hardware (43.80%).

Hardware includes keyboards, monitors, mice and keyboards. Computers are an integral part of our daily lives, so it’s not surprising that the computer industry thrives.

Forestry & wood products (29.48%)

The texture of real wood is unbeatable. It is durable, natural, and has been used for centuries. It’s easy to see why!

Retail apparel (25.42%).

Some people consider clothes a necessity. Others see them as a way to express themselves and have a sense of pleasure. You can wear it every day, as well as underwear, sleepwear and shoes. They are essential for survival.


It would be great to have WooDropship if you’ve already set up your dropshipping shop. This will automate the process and keep track of price changes and product stock. You can also remove watermarks on images using the built-in tool in the dashboard.

This tool is a great choice for both experienced entrepreneurs and new dropshippers who want to spend more time on business promotion and marketing strategies. These tips were helpful for your business.