Dropshipping Customer Service Tips and Template

Dropshipping success is dependent on providing excellent customer service. Although it may seem difficult, the investment in customer service will be hugely beneficial in the long-term. Dropshipping shops are not known for providing excellent customer service. They pay dearly for this. This article is intended to emphasize the importance of customer service and how to do it!

What is Dropshipping?

Let’s get started with the basics. Dropshipping is a fulfillment method that has gained popularity in recent years due to the ease of setting it up. Dropshipping stores don’t need to stock products. Instead, customers place orders with third-party suppliers. They are responsible for shipping the order.

Although it might seem like a quick way to get rich, it’s far from it. You must be a team player if you want your business to succeed. Each business has its challenges and needs daily management. While there are many important aspects to consider, we will be focusing our attention on one aspect that is often overlooked: customer service.

Dropshipping Store Customer Service – Yay or Nah?

A big yay! You might spend too much time on marketing and other expenses when you are a dropshipping shop. This could be a problem. We want to remind you that customer service is just as important as any other department in your dropshipping business. Why is this? This is because it’s a direct link between your business, and your customers. Dropshipping shops that focus on customer service are able to offer better services and are open to new ideas. You could print customer service quotes and have them displayed at work. These will be a reminder of how customers should be treated.

Happy customers are the best advocates for dropshipping.

How can you make sure you have as many satisfied customers as possible? Good customer service! Are you still not convinced?

These compelling reasons are just a few of the many that you need to invest in customer service when dropshipping.

Customer retention Vs Customer acquisition

Did you know that a 5% increase in customer retention equals a 25% increase in profit according to Bai? Why is this? Because repeat customers will spend more with you brand, What’s more? 67% More! Retention is cheaper than acquisition of new customers and generates more profit because repeat customers spend more at your dropshipping shop.

Customer Service Represents your Mission, Values & Brand Image

Your direct line to customers is customer service. This is where you can effectively communicate your brand’s values and mission. It is therefore a vital part of dropshipping and should be properly focused.

Happy Customers = Brand Ambassador

HubSpot reports that 77% of customers share positive brand experiences to others. The bottom line is that customers who are happier will share their positive experiences with others. By providing exceptional service, you are creating brand ambassadors for dropshipping shops, which will help you increase your sales.

Brand loyal customers

You’re giving your customers a positive experience by having a list customer service quotations. What does this mean for your dropshipping business? It is very unlikely that a customer who has had a positive experience will shop elsewhere. Your dropshipping shop will be preferred by them over your competitors.

Customers Will Pay More for Better Customer Service

Did you know that customers who have had positive customer service experiences are more likely to purchase from a brand in the future? In 2019, , 28% of customers would be willing to pay more for better customer service.

Customers Get a Lifetime Value That Goes up!

Dropshipping stores should consider the customer lifetime value. This is the sum of all the revenue you can expect from one customer. This indicates that customers are spending more often or at higher levels. Dropshipping can be made more profitable by offering excellent customer service. A customer who has had a positive experience with your customer services is more likely than not to place another order. You may also be shared by their friends. You can cross-sell and upsell easily.

Explore Marketing Opportunities

This is where proactive customer care comes in. This proactive customer service is about showing customers that you are willing to go the extra mile even after they make a purchase. Your customers can get solutions or information about discounts or deals that will help them save money. This creates a mutually beneficial relationship. You can even suggest products to dropship based on customer purchases!

Get an edge over your competitors!

Dropshipping is about standing out from the rest. Without breaking a sweat, great customer service is key to making your dropshipping store stand out from the rest. Microsoft estimates that 60% of customers will stop doing business with a brand if they have had one bad experience. A good customer service experience can help you increase your client base while also keeping them happy.

How can you provide amazing customer service to your customers?

You now know the importance of customer service for dropshipping stores. Now, you need to figure out how you can provide it to your customers. These tips will help you create your customer service slogans and ensure exceptional service.

You Have Full Ownership and Responsibility for Your Brand

It’s reasonable to assume that your customer service team has been frustrated if they have not responded. There is a good chance that the customer ordered something, but it was delayed or that the product didn’t meet the description. You don’t want your customer support team to blame someone else, no matter how small the source. This will only make the situation worse. It will only escalate the situation. Your customer service team must actively listen to customers, take responsibility, solve their problems.

Always Be Respectful

They will get angry and sometimes even furious. You must treat them with respect. Customers should feel understood by customer service representatives. They must also be taught how to treat them with respect and humility. Customers can often relax when you speak to them in a respectful manner and offer to help. Do not underestimate the power and importance of kindness and calmness!

Address them using Their Names

It’s a good idea to address customers using their names. It makes them feel empowered and more special. This little tweak can make a big difference in your customer’s satisfaction.

Apologize & Mean It

Customer service is a complex business. Words are crucial. It’s not enough to simply say sorry. We recommend that customers who are unhappy express their regrets in a way that shows that they understand the problem and is honest. A customer does not want to be excused half-heartedly. Customers want to hear the truth and they are more interested in what you plan to do about a specific scene than why it happened. Always follow an apology with a solution.

Connect with Customers

Customers expect answers when they contact you. You might not be available 24 hours a day. Good customer service software is a must (p.s. If you use live chat, it can help you serve multiple customers at once. It can be set up to respond to non-work related queries and create tickets. Your customer service team will be able to quickly and efficiently sort through the queries and respond promptly when they come in to work. Bonus tip: Bonus tip: Give your customers multiple ways to connect with you customer service. They can reach you via social media channels or through your dropshipping website. It is also helpful to include the working hours to help set expectations.

Create and Maintain an Incredible FAQ Page

Keep in mind that customer service is not always available, so it makes sense to have a FAQ page for dropshipping. It is important that customers find the information they need easily. You could have a section dedicated to returns and another for refunds. This will reduce the workload on your customer service staff. This page should be updated regularly. You can also use customer service software to provide analytics on the problems customers are having. This information can be used to create FAQ sections.

It’s All about the Customers

Your customers should be able to do things quickly and easily. Your policy must be clear, and it should clearly state whether you are returning the item or giving a refund. You should also listen to your customers, and do everything possible to resolve the problem. Customer service is all about being able listen and solving the problem of your customers.

Offer the Best Customer Service – Invite Loyal Customers to a VIP Sale

Your customers should feel part of a tight-knit, exclusive community. How can you achieve this? You can make your customers feel special by giving them VIP status. Excellent customer service is all about showing your appreciation for your customers. After a customer purchases at your dropshipping shop, you can upgrade their status to VIP. You can arrange VIP events periodically. You can either create exclusive discount codes or a sale for VIP customers.

Customer Service should be playful and fun

Netflix and Amazon seem to have it all figured. Netflix uses a conversational tone to respond on social media. Amazon customer service representatives will sometimes pretend to be Avengers in order for customers to believe they are. To keep things lightened, instead of asking customers to send you a direct messaging (DM), communicate with them directly. This is a great way to get your brand noticed, even though it’s only a small number of brands.

Email Template for Angry Customer Response

Uh oh. It’s a customer who is angry and wants to leave your company. There could be many reasons why this happened. You might be upset about outside factors, but not your business. Keep calm and think rationally. Fighting fire with fire is the worst thing that you can do.

It is okay to let your mind cool before you type a reply. Do not take the email as gospel. Sometimes customers are so upset that you don’t have the ability to do much damage control. It is best to wave the white flag, and then move on.

This template should only be used if the customer has indicated they are moving their business elsewhere. Template #4 is best if the customer is not complaining, but still wants to work with you.

Questionnaire Email Template

You can send your customers a variety of questions. Each questionnaire provides valuable information to your company, including customer satisfaction surveys and demographics. A survey can allow you to gain insight into your customers’ minds and help you make improvements to your service experience.

Customers can easily click on a link to a questionnaire to close the tab. You can encourage them to complete the questionnaire by briefly mentioning it or offering an incentive. Pro tip:Use one of these “Thank you in advance” alternatives for politer communication.

Thank You Email Template

It’s nice to say thank you once in a while to your customers. Your customers’ loyalty is essential to your business. You can send this to them in several ways: after they have made a purchase, on their anniversary, or when they refer a customer.

You should not try to sell anything in a thank-you email. It is a way to express your appreciation.

Customer Apology Email Template

Sometimes, customer service won’t be in a position to offer any kind of refund or discount. This can create a stressful or awkward situation for the customer, particularly if they feel your company is wrong.

Although you should always personalize your apology, this message can serve as a starting point to help you recognize the mistakes of your company.


Dropshippers know how important it is to have a product that attracts customers. You also need to keep your customers satisfied after they purchase.

We have provided a number of tips and tricks to help you handle clients and keep them happy. But let’s take a look at what makes an eCommerce client happy.

We can use the Amazon example to see why Amazon is so successful in ecommerce.

  • Excellent Customer Service
  • High quality products
  • Shipping Fast

How can a dropshipping shop provide these services? This article already addressed the first point about providing excellent customer service. In this conclusion, we will concentrate on the second and third points.

We need to find a supplier who can deliver high-quality products quickly. Dropshippers rely on Chinese suppliers to fulfill orders. Most of these Chinese suppliers are AliExpress resellers.