How To Use Youtube Paid Ads for Dropshipping Stores?

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What is Dropshipping Business?

Dropshipping is a method of retail fulfillment in which the business does not keep its products in stock. Dropshipping is when a retailer sells a product by purchasing it directly from a third-party (a manufacturer, wholesaler or another retailer) and then ships the product to the customer.

Dropshipping allows you to act as a storefront for customers who visit your site and place orders. You charge the customer once they place an order. The drop shipper then charges you. The actual products are never yours to handle.

Dropshipping is a method of managing your supply chain. Dropshipping is a method of managing supply chains.

The drop-shipping partner, either the manufacturer or wholesaler, will notify you. They will then package and ship the product to your customer.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Drop-shipping partners charge you, the retailer for the service and you charge your customer.

It was rapid to get yourself started with the advertisement; looking back at the very first days of Shopify Dropshipping, all you had to do was make a Facebook Marketing campaign with an illustration as to your commercial. People would go wild about it just the way Chief Wiggum goes about D’oh nuts. After that, Facebook began encouraging people to use video ads; the way they did so was by raising CPM for a Picture.

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Time elapsed, and there were many reports from significant ecommerce firms and brands over how to drop shippers copied their video advertising, ad clones, and landing page content, so Facebook had to deal with it. They raised CPMs for stolen content ads.

Then the time came for Cambridge Analytica’s name to become famous and make Facebook users (aka Facebook Product) aware of how Facebook is an insecure place for their data, the thing that once and for all made many people leave Facebook.

That week at Cambridge, Analytica was the worst in the history of Facebook since it lost billions of dollars to Facebook. But they had to boost CPMs on almost every advertiser for them to get a percentage of what they missed.

This is Facebook’s tale for the past seven years, and if you’re tired of harassing you, you should have known that they don’t want your business model on their website, so before you understand more and become a pro, you should look for something else to promote your business.

I assume that you haven’t tried any advertisement site other than Facebook, which is a pity. You saw all the gurus boasting about dropshipping and Facebook advertising, and you figured that Incorrect Facebook was the only way to make money on e-commerce.

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I’ve been using YouTube Ads, Google Shopping Ads, Pinterest Ads, and many other promotional tactics that you’ve never heard of for about a year, and I’m seeing some significant ROIs and retention rates that I’ve never seen using Facebook Ads before.

I don’t suggest that Facebook Advertisements are no longer lucrative; I’m just saying that they’re not friendly to newcomers, and if you come from a marketing context, you can be better at them.

I strongly recommend that you start with YouTube Advertising if you’re new to the dot com universe, and go back to Facebook when it is right to scale up your business.

A- Why YouTube Ads:

YouTube Advertising is rapid and beginner-friendly to create a new advertisement; unlike Facebook, everything about it is necessary and can be learned within a few days. Still, the fact that Google can give you $100 to use in ads for free until you reach $25 is just Awesome!

Think about this: If they know they’re not going to make anything other than that for you, will they give you $100 for free? They are confident you can find what you need in YouTube Advertising, and for years to come, you will continue to buy ads from them because they know how effective their system is.

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This dilemma is no longer with YouTube when it comes to removing your ad account with Facebook; once they figure out that the video you’re using is not yours, they won’t encourage you to advertise using that same video, and they’ll disapprove of your advertisements before you decide to man-up and make your material.

In this respect, what Facebook does is uninstall your ad account, and if not, your ad will be accepted, and your CPM will be lifted to the moon, while YouTube is happy to forgive and offer lots of second chances.

Although the best thing is the contrast between all these channels between the concept of an “Impression.” Although Facebook counts as an impression per 3-second view, YouTube does not see it as an impression until the one watching your ad reaches more than 30 seconds or clicks on the connection (whichever comes first). Also, something other than that is not treated as an impression, and your bill would not contain it.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Let’s offer an example because you’ll have a simple thought in mind… Let’s say you’re watching a video on YouTube, then immediately you’re being served a ClickFunnels ad. You’ve not deemed an impression if you missed the ad within the first 30 seconds because Etison (the company that owns ClickFunnels) would not be compensated for seeing the ad. But if you want to watch for more than 30 seconds or click the connect before watching for 30 seconds, your impression will be billed to Etison.

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The stability of their results is another critical factor you MUST use YouTube Ads. Unlike Facebook Advertising, you will still have tight numbers of revenue every day until you reach viewers who respond to your product the way you want in YouTube Ads.

I’ve already told you that you can quickly get on your nerves with Facebook Advertisements; one day you’re going to have 52 sales, the other day you’re going to have just 18 with the same ad invested, and you might start cursing, yelling, and maybe hitting your low forehead’s walls.

B- The Kind of Video Ads You Should Use on Youtube:

While watching random videos, you have already seen lots of YouTube advertisements, so you have found that you can miss the ad in 5 seconds.

As an advertiser, I concentrate on making ads that will draw my audience in the first 5 seconds, and the first way to do that is to market items that address issues my audience has in real life. I love to remind them of times they needed an answer to that dilemma, but they didn’t find any.

You have to concentrate on making advertisements in which viewers are involved in what the video has to offer them in the first 5 seconds, or the campaign wouldn’t pay a penny and would end up being a waste of time.

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Another important thing you need to know when making the video is that before you even get down to 30 seconds, you’ll have to start talking about the product at some point. The reason you should start doing this is to exclude those who have no intention of purchasing something from your audience and who are viewing the video only for fun and wasting time.

Making sure you give them the idea that you’re trying to market a product to them so they can say “What the heck” and miss the commercial until they reach 30 seconds because then you’re going to have to pay for their impression. This way, only those who are interested in the comfort that your product offers can watch and press the link until the end.

In addition to some kind of clarification about where to click to access your landing page, your video should be in the range of 45 to 100 seconds. You should also include a call to action at the end of each segment because people can often be stupid and need a shepherd to lead them through.

C- How to Create a Profitable YouTube Ads Campaign Right Now:

You can build one by clicking here if you do not already have a Google Advertising Account.

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Campaign Type and Preferences:

Please create a new advertisement after you set up your ad account and have it in order.

I prefer to use “Product and Brand Consideration,” “Traffic,” or “Leads” for the intent of my promotions, based on your long-term target. “Sales” is not a choice for Youtube Advertising. For better performance, you can use it for Google Shopping.

You should still abandon the campaign without any objective and continue, but in the next part, it allows you the freedom to use all the alternatives. Select a video for the form of a campaign.

Offer your campaign a name and a budget after you progress to the next section; make sure that the account is set for every day, with standard delivery. I still go with the highest CPV (Cost per View) for the bidding technique. I display my advertisements on YouTube search results and YouTube videos when it comes to the network. Depending on where you choose to advertise, the language and country.

It’s useless to put English as a language if you’re doing local ecommerce in France and the video is in French. I don’t change much about the “Content exclusions” aspect because I don’t even believe it impacts my advertising output. Restricting the number of impressions for each user lets me minimize the costs and keeps users from becoming bored after looking at the first 5 seconds. That’s why I restrict to 5 times a day the number of impressions per person.

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I want to run my advertising from Mondays to Fridays from 6 pm to 1 am when it comes to the ad schedule, Saturdays and Sundays all day, so I want to see people’s commercials while they’re in their spare time, not to bother them when doing anything important.

Ad Group or Target Audience:

This is the part where you’re going to find out how good YouTube Advertisements are!

Now, send your ad group a name you would first know to continue with the targeting. Then select your target audience’s demographics, such as gender, age, parental status, and household income.

The first thing I do is uncheck “Unknown” from these alternatives, and it’s time to learn more about the crowd. The Audience Insights of Facebook will be useful to get this done.

Particularly when attempting to sell high ticket goods, the household income choice is so right.

You may have assumed that Facebook advertisings were the best and only one of its kind when it comes to attracting an audience, Google has it all worked out, but you were wrong, my friend… Google Ads may be more effective in targeting those who are more inclined to engage with your product.

You can reach viewers by what they are interested in, their behaviors, and what they are currently searching for and preparing. You can choose the subjects, in which you want your ads, and you can also choose a particular platform or video on which you want your ad to show, such as whether you are advertising a travel-related product, you can choose a travel-related video or channel, or pick a travel-related product.

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It would sound good, but it’s not as good as it sounds when talking about YouTube Ads. I wouldn’t say I like using Keywords. When you go for Google Shopping campaigns and Search Advertisements, they may come in handy. You can find it stressful as a novice to determine how much your offer will be, so let me explain how I do it; my ideal CPV bid depends on the niche between $0.05 and $0.25. When you figure out how much you pay for each view, you should still start with $0.1 as your bid and change it. The last step is to put the connection for your video ad that you want to use with your campaign, and you’ll be nice to go. 

The next part is to build more ad groups to reach as many markets as possible, I will add two more ad groups for a niche product and see how the product functions with both of them, and you can even recommend checking each audience for at least two separate video commercials, so often people like one but skip all the others. Still, you have to try and see for yourself.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

How to convert more people (Bonus content) from the same amount of traffic in 3 steps:

When it comes to where you’ll make people land, you need to look and sound professional for you to maximize your conversion rate.

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I wouldn’t say I like the regular product pages personally, and I never use them. Instead, I create a custom landing page for each item (and every audience if the product is comprehensive).

I like to create landing pages that talk to the audience about how the description of the product is written, how the page is organized and the color scheme.

In addition to testimonials, live chat, and frequently asked questions, I always make sure to include a phone number on the landing page so that people have all the questions answered in their minds, which makes them consider my brand as a trusted brand, then click the call-to-action button to be anxious about my brand, then bounce from my landing page.

To build my landing pages, I use Shogun Page Builder; it’s a lot like building a ClickFunnels or Thrive Themes landing page, except it’s a Shopify app that’s not as pricy as the other options.

I wrote a whole article on creating stunning converting landing pages, so make sure you read the valuable insights I share and implement what you’re going to learn to boost your conversion rate.

The second step is to eliminate all the unnecessary steps, such as the cart page, so I use the One-Click Checkout app. They are redirected directly to the checkout when my customer clicks the buy now button without going through the boring add to Cart Page.

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The third step is to have a one-step checkout process because I found that the standard 3-page Shopify checkout process is not as good as the one-step checkout process used by ClickFunnels and other funnel builders. This is why I use CartHook to make the checkout of my Shopify store as robust as possible and convert more people with the lengthy process instead of annoying them and drive them to leave.

Take a look at my Shopify vs. Clickfunnels article to understand the differences and apply them to your Shopify store if you want to learn how to turn your Shopify sales funnel into a powerful one that converts more.

Dropshipping isn’t all about Facebook Ads; you’ll have to go through the same issue over and over again once Facebook disables your Ad account if you can’t open your eyes and explore all the options you have.

Try other advertising platforms instead of putting all your eggs in one basket while investing a decent amount of time making your store SEO Friendly because the future is SEO.

I hope this has helped you see what others can’t do. If you find it helpful, make sure you leave a comment below. I’d love to know what you guys are thinking. Have a pleasant journey!

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