Best Furniture Dropshipping Suppliers from USA and UK

Best Furniture Stores that Dropship

It is difficult to start a viable company if you are unaware of the best suppliers of dropship furniture you can use. In this article we’ll show you the best vendors of furniture in the USA and the UK.

You’ll see the advantages of dropshipping furniture in the first chapter.

In the second section, I ‘m going to include a list of dropshipper furniture in the USA and UK

There are some tips and tricks in the last section about choosing the right dropshipping furniture vendors, selling the furniture online and Q&As in the furniture industry.

Let’s get started, then ..

Why Dropship Online Furniture?

Back in 2018 , the global sales of online furniture and homeware reached USD$190 billion, according to Statista. By far the biggest online furniture markets were China, the US and Japan. Its revenue was as follows:

· China-68.6 billion USD

· United States-65.1 billion dollars

· Japan – US$ 13.4bn

Global online furniture sales are projected to rise by an annual average of 11.9 per cent between 2018 and 2022. The market value will reach USD $294 billion by the time we hit the year 2022.

This shows you the furniture market is already big and will continue to grow. The client base for furniture comprises almost all those living in the developing world. Obviously, anyone living in a house will need furniture products to put inside his / her house.

Kokoon Design Furniture Dropshipping Europe

Kokoon design is a Belgian based company specialized in the wholesale Dropshipping of modern design furniture.

Specialized in dropshipping for almost 10 years, Kokoon Design offers a complete business to business service.

All the products in their catalog are stored in their 10,000 m² warehouses in Alleur (Belgium).

This location, in the heart of Europe, allows them to deliver to your customers within 2 to 10 days regardless of the quantities.

The Kokoon Design catalog offers more than 1600 references with new features added each year.

In addition to an interesting product catalog, Kokoon Design offers a service and tools with real added value such as:

  • Automated Data Flow
  • Personal Secured webspace to to place your orders easily
  • Automatic stock update each 30 minutes
  • Automatic file injections / Tracking number
  • Cloud Server
  • HD Pictures
  • Mood Pictures
  • Product info and more…

You can place your orders independently via their Extranet or send them by email to their customer service who will encode the orders for you.

Everyone who lives in a house needs furniture. As a result, the clientele includes almost everyone in the developed world and furniture comes in all shapes and sizes, and can be bulky to store if you were thinking of selling furniture online.

At Kokoon Design they understand that. That’s why they want to give you more.

More than “just” a brand of furniture, Kokoon Design want to guarantee a complete service to your business.

With their dropshipping solution you can offer so much more choices to your customers than with wholesale. Ensuring your store only has the most profitable type of products on sale.

With one of the most responsive customer services that you will find in the dropshipping niche, a catalog and quality tools, Kokoon Design is positioned as one of the major players in furniture dropshipping in Europe.

Shopify Dropship Furniture Companies in the United States

Fast Furnishings

Based in Walnut, California, Easy Furnishings is. The supplier of dropship furniture offers goods of high quality to its customers. The delivery service is highly effective. It takes around 2 to 3 days to shipp.

The dropshippers have over 3000 products for furniture. The supplier of dropship furniture has been on the business for over 15 years. Fast Furnishings currently has 3 planes for dropshipping.

Such are:

· Entrepreneur-$ 0 will cost this program.

· Pro-The cost is $49 a month.

· Premium – It’ll cost you $39 a month. You’ll pay $468 when billed annually.

Quick furnishings Benefits:

· Efficient provision of service.

· Lots of products.

· A website which is easy to use.

· Manufacturers of dropships get reduced rates.

VIG Furniture

VIG Furniture focuses on mid-level dropshipping to high-end products. The seller’s catalog features over 6000 products. That means finding any product you may wish to sell to your customers is simple.

VIG Furniture Benefits:

· Lots of products.

· The Website of the manufacturer of dropship furniture is easy to use.

· Good customer support.

· The B2B flat rate shipping program is available to the vendor.

The emergence of lightweight and flatpack furniture has made it easier to sell furniture online and to ship it internationally. Anything can be broken down from desks, tables, drawers, lounge chairs, shelves, bookshelves, and beds to make shipping easier.

Furniture has lots of niches and styles to choose from. For dropshippers, that makes it highly profitable.

Mod Made

Mod Made is perfect for businessmen searching for both home decor and classic furnishing suppliers. The manufacturer of dropship furniture drops into 48 states in the USA. The purchase order requirement for the furniture dropshippers is not minimum.

Mod Made Benefits:

· No minimum conditions on purchase order.

· Seller dropships in 48 US states.

· The supplier offers home décor as well as classic furnishings.

· The website of the Supplier is simple to use.

Ashcroft Imports

Ashcroft Imports operating base is in Houston , Texas. The manufacturer of dropship furniture has items for high-end as well as medium-level furniture. The salesman deals primarily with sofas, chairs and tables. The furniture dropshippers change their inventory periodically.

Ashcroft Import Benefits:

· Inventory updated regularly.

· It offers both high-end and mid-level products.

· Excellent customer support.

· Efficient shipping.

Furniture Pipeline

Furniture Pipeline focuses on making lightweight, environmentally friendly furniture products. Considering their lightweight design the shipping costs of the drug are much lower. Retailers can choose their own custom designs. Retailers can also design their own furniture from a list of existing design concepts.

Pipeline Furniture Benefits:

· Retailers can design their own pieces of furniture.

· The distribution prices are significantly smaller.

· The seller produces goods which are environmentally friendly.

· After signing up, retailers will have access to the SEO-driven content and product data feeds.

Shopify Dropship Furniture Companies in the UK

Online 4 Furniture

Online 4 Furniture makes it incredibly convenient for businesspeople involved in drop shipping furniture. They have a broad product portfolio. They give a 12 month warranty to their customers on all of their products. The supplier of dropship furniture offers standard delivery at no charge.

Online 4 Furniture Benefits:

· Standard Free Delivery.

· They have features that match the price.

· Lots of products.

· A website which is easy to use.

Furniture To Go

This supplier of dropship furniture has a wide assortment of products. Since 2012 the seller provides dropship and wholesale services. The dropshippers of furniture make it easier for their clients to integrate their platform into their online store.

Furniture To Go Benefits:

· USP images and product images are readily downloadable.

· You can easily integrate their platform into your online store.

· Good customer service.

· An easy to use website.

Amos Mann Furniture

Since 2013 this supplier of dropship furniture offers drop shipping and wholesale services. The services provided by the vendor are reliable.

UK warehouse of the seller always has goods ready for dispatch. Amos Mann Furniture has many items in house. You should also be able to find the goods which your customers need.

Amos Mann Furniture Benefits:

· Wide product range.

· The dealer accepts all big credit cards.

· Every seller has products in stock.

· The seller’s website is simple to browse.

Artisan Furniture

Artisan Furniture has operational base in London. The supplier of dropship furniture allows businesspeople interested in drop shipping UK furniture to enjoy wholesale prices.

Their wide catalog makes it easier for businesspeople to find much of the furniture items that their customers need.

Artisan Furniture Benefits:

· Wholesale costs for businessmen who drop their goods from their suppliers.

· Lots of products.

· An easy to use website.

· Good customer service.

The Wholesaler

The Wholesaler provides entrepreneurs with the ability to locate UK based furniture dropshippers. The Wholesaler is not actually stocking products for furniture.

There are however numerous suppliers of dropship furniture available. This means you are able to get sellers who offer competitive prices.

The Wholesaler Benefits:

· Several dropshippers of furniture located in UK.

· With more than 15 years of experience.

· Consumer problems are dealt with rapidly.

· A website which is easy to use.

Look For Interior Accessories:

Given that dropshipping big furnishings is in some cases a bit difficult, particularly to a newbie, we advise you include little and low-cost items for house interior to your variety of items. These products are in fact a lot much easier to offer.

Well, what to think about for your furnishings shop?

In fact, you might begin offering nearly whatever– drapes, lighting, furnishings covers, and so on. However still, keep in mind that the products in your shop ought to fulfill your shop idea.

Here are our suggestions on how to sign up with a group of furnishings dropshippers in an ideal method.

Best Furniture Types for Dropshipping:

Household furniture

This group of items is going to be the most popular, if discussing furnishings as a whole. However which specific house design and furnishings matches dropshipping more?

Among the most preferred items here are closets, shoe cabinets, and bag chairs.

Workspace furniture

This kind of furnishings is not in strong need online given that big business choose to handle big offline retailers. Nevertheless this subcategory likewise consists of numerous appealing wholesale providers and intriguing items. See for yourselves!

In fact, here you can discover something to utilize not just in workplace. As you can see, there are desk chairs, laptop computer table stands, and so on. People purchase items like this for their houses, do not they?

Please take notice of the truth that some products cost a lot in this subcategory. That’s why, if you chose to begin workplace furnishings dropshipping, attempt to select the most appealing items.

Garden and Camping furniture

Nowadays lots of people choose to invest their downtime taking a trip, going hiking, and so on. That’s why it’s about time to ship outside items straight to your clients!

Let’s learn what you can see in the item listings of outside furnishings on AliExpress.

In fact, the most appealing item in this subcategory is a hammock. First of all, it does not cost excessive. Second of all, the size of the plan with a hammock inside will not break the guidelines of shipment with ePacket.

That’s why here is an inexpensive item which lets you pick a quick and low-cost shipping technique. What else exists to fit dropshipping?

Furniture accessories/parts

We constantly specify that it’s much better to pick a little and low-cost things for dropshipping. They do not cost much, and they are not likely to be returned if something failed throughout transfer. That’s why let’s think about which furnishings devices are popular online to date!

As you can see, there are great deals of various furnishings legs covers made from silicone, rubber, plastic, and so on. So if you’re an online furnishings seller, this item is an essential for you due to the fact that it can offer you with high revenue margins!

How to Find Drop Shippers on Furniture?

It is not easy to find accredited shipping companies that lose furniture. Searching for “dropship furniture vendors” on the internet is almost impossible without having to run into numerous scammers.

We have some tips below which can help you find good dropshippers for furniture:

Tip 1: Begin with the Producers

Starting at Root is always a smart idea. You can contact the manufacturer directly if you wish to sell branded furniture. Depending on the minimum order quantity specifications the supplier can decide to sell the product to you.

If the minimum order quantity specifications cannot be met or if the supplier sells through distribution networks, you can request a list of distributors that you can contact.

Starting from the source will either help you get the lowest prices or at least get the list of the most reputable distributors of dropshipping furniture.

Tip 2: Contact the Drop Shipping Suppliers

Reach out to suppliers of dropship furniture on the list of distributors that you obtained in tip 1 above. The main reason to reach out to the suppliers is so you can understand their price and the minimum order requirements.

If you consider a supplier that fits your needs, you can go ahead and order samples to decide if the supplier offers items of high quality.

Tip 3: Google

Google will also help you find furniture vendors with good dropships. Using keywords concerning the furniture you want to sell.

For example,

“Sellers of dropship furniture”

“US furniture to dropshipping”

“Dropshippers Furniture UK”

“Best furniture dropshippers in China”

If you find a dropship supplier that suits your needs, use the contact details on the supplier ‘s website to reach the supplier.

Tip 4: Check marketplaces at B2B

B2B marketplaces will help you find the great suppliers of dropships that deliver what you want to sell. B2B marketplaces do have contact details for the dropship suppliers.

Using the contact information to reach out to the supplier after locating an acceptable dropship supplier.

Tip 5: Attend trade exhibitions

These events can help you come across great suppliers of dropship. Compared with using Google to search for dropship vendors, trade shows work far better.

They can help you avoid all of the inaccurate information on the web.

Best Profitable Furniture Products to Dropship

Dropship furniture is now more popular than ever. These products have seen a tremendous increase in global demand during the last year, when many people spent more time at home. With the rise of e-commerce, more people are shopping for furniture online.

Dropshipping furniture offers greater profit margins, with moderate to high prices tags. The most basic sofa is priced at $140 on Amazon, but can be purchased for as much as $2000 or more.

Product research is a key component of any dropshipping business. This article will discuss the top furniture products that you can dropship. Our algorithms are based on our personal experience and we will show you bestsellers that make a profit.

This article will help you identify the best furniture products and subcategories that you can use to find your next -winning product.

Let’s get to the point. Here are our top 10 furniture items that we dropship in our stores.

Remember to add 15-20 products to each product idea before we start with the list. This will allow you to accurately analyze the market and identify your bestsellers.

Outdoor Patio Furniture Set

Outdoor patio furniture sets are the first on our list. This type of furniture has been a rising trend in recent years. Many families and households have created an outdoor oasis to allow them to relax. Some even use patio sets indoors!

These products are in high demand, especially after a long winter. Is there anyone who doesn’t love being outdoors?

This product comes in many variants, depending on the needs of the customer. Your clients will be able to choose furniture that best suits their needs.

Clients will be very critical about the material that your furniture is made of. You should have wood, metal, or plastic options on your list.

You could upsell niches like dining sets, bistro sets and conversation sets as a bonus.

Computer Desk

Another popular furniture category that you can dropship is computer tables. It is a well-known fact that there has been a rise in demand for computers and laptops. Many people now work from home more than ever before. A positive working environment must be a requirement.

Many people now want to have a home computer desk because they can replicate the atmosphere of working in an office. Some people simply wish to enhance an existing work-from home setup.

Computer desks come in a variety of sizes and colors. Give your clients more choices such as offering corner or regular desks to help them test more products and increase sales.

Sofas and Couches

Dropship furniture is a great way to get the best of both worlds, the sofas. Every family needs a sofa to relax and connect in their living rooms.

A reclining sofa is a great way to relax and enjoy your favorite Netflix shows. Some people prefer a simple, elegant leather sofa .

Most families spend money on a sofa that fits their home design. A family might decide to place a L-shaped sofa in the corner of their living room. Dropshipping this furniture category is a great option because of the many interests you have in sofas.


Next up is bookshelves. This category offers many opportunities to dropship. Nearly all houses have a bookcase, no matter how small or large. This is especially true for book lovers.

Additionally, BookScan reported an 8.2% increase in book sales by unit in 2020. This makes bookshelf one the most desired furniture products that can be dropshipped.

This category has thousands of design options. Many people also consider the material, color, and storage space of each bookshelf. It is important to remember that buyers are looking for variety.

Dining Tables

Dining tables is fifth on our list of top furniture products that you can dropship. Dining tables are an integral part of every household’s activities. It is where families gather to eat, play, meet or work together on art projects.

We could offer dining tables in various types. You could offer different options to your clients, such as round tables or rectangular tables. You could also offer separate tables or complete dining sets with chairs.

Last but not least, remember that the material used for every table could be a deciding factor in your customers’ decision-making.


While we are reducing the number of furniture items that can be dropshipped, remember nightstands. These adorable products are attracting a lot of attention. Many products have hidden storage drawers in varying designs and colors. Others are open and have both closed and open drawers.

These nightstands can also be used as coffee tables in home offices. It is multi-functional and offers added value. We recommend nightstands with lots of storage as many customers are searching for them.

Round Side Table

Dropshipping round tables is a great idea since we already mentioned multi-purpose furniture. These tables are an excellent addition to any furniture set. To add aesthetics, these tables can be paired with a vase of flowers, plants, or a magazine rack.

We can also increase sales by adding to each product in a larger quantity than one. This is because buyers will often want to purchase more than one round table.

Office Chairs

Dropshipping computer desks is a smart idea. You can add office chair to your furniture collection. People who place orders for computer desks or office tables often order office chairs.

These chairs are essential furniture for those who work long hours. Studies show that choosing a comfortableoffice seat reduces the likelihood of developing back problems.

As ergonomic office chairs are becoming more popular, clients will be more aware of the importance it has for their backs.

Kids Storage table

Kids storage tables are a popular furniture category that you can dropship. These tables combine storage and a table. They are purchased by parents to provide a drawing surface for their children and storage space for art supplies and toys.

These hot products are great for dropshipping, so add 15-20 variants. Test them and you will find your next best seller.

Bathroom Cabinet

Some bathrooms don’t have enough storage. Many people are looking for ways to maximize their bathroom storage. Bathroom cabinets make a great furniture category to dropship. People are searching for ways to organize their bathrooms and we can sell them.

There are two types: freestanding or those we mount to our walls. To get the best out of this bestseller, make sure you offer both versions and the various colors and material types.