11 Best Dropshipping Products to Sell in Summer with Supplier Details

Top Dropshipping Products To Sell In Summer

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Again it is the time of year. Gorgeous sunny days, end-of-the-neighborhood block parties, beach trips (if you live near a beach), and rising gas prices!

For dropshippers, summer is a beautiful time of year. Coming hot on the heels of spring cleaning purge, customers are excited about their newly found liberation from the cold, and they are ready to re-accumulate.

Summer is home to so many hobbies and pastimes that don’t belong anywhere else, giving drop shippers an excellent opportunity to meet renewed demand and make a tidy profit.


The summer dresses are a result of interest. Demand is, as you would expect, extraordinarily cyclical and predictable. It starts climbing just after the first quarter of the year and continues until it reaches its peak at the end of May and into June.

It slowly declines from there as fall and winter creep in. But what’s remarkable is that every peak since 2004 has surpassed the height of the previous year every year, except for one year. Which means dresses are becoming more and more popular every year? Summer dresses are now a huge market, and it is unlikely that this trend will change any time soon.

Be sure to stock a wide variety of colors and styles, in a wide range of sizes, as with any fashion product. It is an excellent way to leave money on the table to mislead consumers by offering too limited a field or by not stocking their size.

Hats / Caps

Hats and caps are great unisex fashion accessories that are common throughout the year but enjoy a challenging spike when warmer temperatures and sunnier days arrive. If you already run a clothing store, it’s easy to add incremental revenue to summer hats and caps by purchasing add-on items and searches unique to hats and caps.

Remember, summer hats are supposed to be lightweight and breathable. No one wants to swell below a hat designed for colder temperatures. Stock light-colored, stylish hats that absorb sweat and allow air to cool down.


That’s just no-brainer. Sunglasses are always fashionable during the summer, and they still have a large market. Sunglasses are only a handful of fashion accessories, which also serve a functional purpose and feature men and women selections.

And they break easily, so they are always being replaced. Unintentionally, dropshippers are good at disposable products.

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It’s useful to go back to look at what began to happen the previous year to try to predict the patterns. Those styles are likely to remain accessible through at least another year. You can also take a look at the designs currently popular in standard eyeglasses. The trendier are the one which translate well into the demand for sunglasses.

Round Beach Towels

Round beach towels are a beach towel mash up and a beach blanket. Both as beach towels and as conversation starters, they have become famous. Its more extensive profiles allow more comfortable lounging of the beach without winding up books and drinks.

Few people have seen, and even fewer own, round beach towels, which is why they are becoming famous. You are seen as a way to set yourself apart from any other vanilla sun-worshipper soaking up rays.

The round shape allows styles and patterns on rectangular towels, such as mandalas and other radially-symmetrical designs, which would not be possible.

Focus on these kinds of trends when determining what types to bring. We harness the unique shape of the towel and create added value. Standard patterns offer not the same cachet.


There’s nothing more summer than a casual t-shirt. Available in exceptional styles, colors, and prints for women, men, and babies, there’s probably a unique t-shirt design for every single person on the planet (we didn’t count, so don’t quote us on that).

T-shirts can fit into almost every online store category; there are printed t-shirts for every kind of hobby, pastime, and obsession. Sporting goods stores will display funny sports-related messages on t-shirts, and outdoor shops will sell outdoor-themed t-shirts in a range. Only the most obvious of many options to sell t-shirts is the clothing stores.

Gardening Tools

Yard tools and other outdoor instruments are often spiking in demand as the cold of winter starts to crack, and people begin to prepare their spring plantings. But as survival and DIY food culture simultaneously raise, unprecedented numbers of people, many of them young, are interested in starting large-scale gardens to grow their food.

This is probably a bad phenomenon for grocery stores, but for smart dropshippers, it is a fantastic opportunity. Gardening tools are all trendy this year from the standard to the specialized. Especially, during the last five or six years, if you sell specialty foods, if organic self-care items, consider adding a couple of gardening devices and seeing how they are going?

Water Bottles

With the global rise in fitness awareness, people everywhere are focusing on keeping themselves hydrated. And on that occasion, the market is rising. The planet has never seen the range of water bottle items available today, from water bottles infusing fruit essences to timers reminding you to drink, it’s the golden age of drinking water.

So the demand is massive, and with summer heat coming, this demand is already beginning to rise to summer levels. Don’t miss out on the safe phenomenon.

Drinking Straws

Summertime is equivalent to friends having cold drinks. This time of year, alcoholic or not, cold beverages are available, and no iced tea, lemonade, mojito, or Southside is full without a slow-sipping strew. Straws are a commodity that always sells but in the run-up to summer demand explodes.

The demand is likely to change a little this year, which creates new opportunities.

Plastic straws are now being stigmatized because of their role in killing animals at sea. While the question of whether straw bans do what they are trying to accomplish is not yet entirely resolved, the reality is that people demand alternatives. Providing these could generate a pleasant stream of extra revenue.

Consider storing your Straw options with paper, metal, glass, and collapsible and washable permanent plastic straws.


Like anklets, earrings are experiencing a surge in demand as women start pulling their hair up in ponytails and buns everywhere, revealing their ears to the world. This year, summer is sorts, and people often approach fashion with an attitude of “out with the old, in with the new.” Place yourself to make the most of that transition.

Consider adding an array of fun, summery designs, and simple, elegant choices for summer evenings out if you already stock jewelry. If you’re selling clothes or any fashion products, consider adding a pair of summer earrings to your offers.

Flip Flops / Slip-On Shoes

No-one on the beach wants to wear tennis shoes and socks. Socks, on the whole, have no position on the sand or around the tub. People are stocking up on easy-to-wear summer shoes this time of year that quickly come on and off and can take on getting wet or filled with sand.

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Of particular interest, since 2013, demand for flip flops has soared year after year. We are not entirely sure what cultural shift is sparking interest in this drastic and prolonged increase, but it is a clear trend that shows no sign of slowing down. If you set up a destination shop for the summer, flip flops and slip-ons must be items.

Ice Cream Molds / Ice Cream Spoons

In addition to watermelon and ice pops, there is no food more linked to beating summer heat than ice creams. Perhaps everyone has fond childhood memories of the ice cream man rolling on sweltering summer days into the neighborhood, offering a small oasis of frozen milk.

Ice molds bring home the fun of ice cream bars. Today there is a wide range of patterns available that let you make delicious home versions of the ice cream bars we bought as kids. Consider adding these to any domestic goods store, specialty food store, or summer-themed shop.