Advantages of Having More Products in Your Dropshipping Store

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7 Reasons Why More Products Means More Sales in Your Shop

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Whether you’ve just started an eCommerce business or running a store for a while, it doesn’t matter: finding ways to gain more website traffic, more visibility, and more interest from customers, more orders, and, ultimately, more money is a permanent task for you. In the eCommerce world, in general, ‘more’ is always better. And our experience confirms that having more products in your inventory means more orders are generated.

A few reasons why continuous product added to your store is one of the most intelligent ways of growing your dropshipping business.

The more extensive the range of the products, the higher your profits

Many sellers forget that they can accompany the already displayed products with the related and complimentary items, especially the newcomers who don’t have enough relevant experience yet. For example, if you sell phone cases, you can also add stickers and glue-on rhinestones to your product offering. These items allow people to customize their phones, and your buyers will most likely be happy to take advantage of that opportunity.

You can also consider adding screen protectors or phone chargers to your product range. They are necessary for every telephone owner, so chances are, with the help of these ‘non-profile’ items, you’ll earn a little extra — and the best part is, it’ll cost you nothing to import them into your store!

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The larger the quantity of products, the more captivating your store seems to visitors

If your store is dedicated to a well-defined niche, (This is the best scenario because it allows for precise targeting and efficient marketing)You can think of numerous items that make up this niche and remember a bunch of additional products directly related to this topic.

Adding all of them to your shop, you build an impression of a well-thought-out company focused on a deep, in-depth knowledge of this particular area. Naturally, you inspire much more confidence than a tiny store without the most exciting and challenging niche products.

The more products that you have, the more positive feedback that works for your brand image

Product reviews have an overwhelmingly positive effect on conversion rates. People gladly express their thoughts about items, and their feedback can be an excellent incentive for others to make a purchase. Visitors are getting answers to many questions, and their faith in your store is growing.

According to several research types, about 60 percent of potential buyers consider product reviews before making their purchase decisions. What is more, 63 percent of consumers prefer purchasing from the stores where customers’ input is received. Only the bad comments, which sellers are generally afraid of, are not necessarily harmful. They can, in a moderate amount, trigger even more confidence from buyers.

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The more items you’re offering, the more potential clients you can target

In reality, your target market consists of several distinctive segments: each of them has its own particular needs, desires, and expectations from your company. The more diverse your product offer is the better the chances of meeting the needs of each particular customer segment are— and the higher the chance of turning your store visitors into actual buyers.

The more products you try, the better the audience understands

How can you identify potential bestsellers if you keep working time and time again with the same items? If you change your product offer from time to time and add items to it for different reasons. (New product launch on the market, increase in demand for identical offline products, increase in relevant online searches, etc.). You get an excellent opportunity to research the feelings and preferences of your customers. In effect, this helps you tailor your product selection and reap the benefits of selling the most desirable products.

More products in your shop give you better visibility of the search and improve your SEO

You have probably heard that the higher your site ranking on Google, the more content you have. In ecommerce, the same is true for 100 percent. A more comprehensive product range and more product pages dramatically increase your chances of getting higher ranked on Google and other search engines.

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The more goods you sell the more exciting and the richer your promo operation can be

If your goal is a steady profit year-round, you’ll have to do more than send out a tweet here and there. It will take constant promotional work, and part of that will be a willingness to try new tactics.

And with more products in your inventory, you can have more ideas for your social media feeds. You can regularly offer various deals and coupons, diversify banners and email campaigns, and decide to start a referral program; you will become more attractive to partners.

And remember, there’s no need for you to stock inventory with the dropshipping model and keep your warehouse. You can add new products in minutes to your dropshipping store and remain risk-free.

With the ‘more products’ strategy, let your online business grow and become the leading shopping destination in your niche!

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