Top Print on Demand Dropshipping Companies from India

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Print on Demand is when you partner with a supplier to create white-label products, such as baseball hats and tote bags, with your own designs. You then sell them per-order under your brand.

This means that you don’t have to pay for the product until afteryou have actually sold it. There’s no need to buy bulk products or keep any inventory.

Your supplier will also take care of everything after the sale, including printing and shipping. Once everything is set up, you can fulfill an order in just a few clicks.

Print-on-demand can be used to:

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  • You can test a business concept or a new product line without having to buy inventory.
  • Monetize an audience you’ve built. If you are a YouTuber, cartoonist or social media influencer and want to spend your time creating content rather than fulfilling orders, printing on demand can be a great option.
  • Make unique products for a specific niche. is an example of a clothing line that caters to gamers who are passionate about the game.
  • Print one-off items such as t-shirts and books, shoes, bags or wall art, phones cases, clocks or laptop skins. These can be sent as gifts, or kept for your own use and that of your team.
  • You can sell photos online with your photography placed on various products for your business website.
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Print on Demand: The pros and cons

Dropshipping model allows you to create a business using print on demand. This means that the shipping and products are handled entirely by third parties. This is one of the easiest ways to source products or open an online store . However, you need to be aware of the pitfalls and limitations before you start.


  • Quickly create products: Once you have the design, it is easy to create the product and place it on sale.
  • Shipping is handled by your supplier. You are only responsible for customer support after the sale.
  • Low risk, low investment: Because you don’t have any inventory physically, it’s much easier to add or subtract products, test new ideas or pivot your approach.


  • Lower margins: Your costs per item will naturally be higher than when you buy in bulk. Depending on how you price your products and gain customers, you may make lower profits with on-demand products.
  • You have less control over shipping costs: Shipping costs can be complicated because they vary for different products. If you are looking to make an exceptional unboxing experience, your options might be limited.
  • You can only customize limited products. This is dependent on the vendor and product. When choosing which products to customize, you will need to consider the base cost, customization options, printing methods, and sizes.
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You design, we print. We sell.

Start your print-on demand drop shipping business without the upfront costs or hassles associated with managing inventory and printing machinery. Printrove is your very own printing factory, with a fulfillment service right at your fingertips. Let us do the rest.

What is Printrove’s working principle?

Shopify automatically sends Printrove products to orders that are placed on their store. The order is printed, packed, and shipped to you under your brand. Each order will be automatically placed.

These are the steps for installing Shopify.

  1. Register for a merchant account at Printrove, or log in to an existing account.
  2. Click on the “Get App!” button.
  3. Log in to Shopify by entering your URL.
  4. Click Verify. Now the app has been successfully installed.

In-house printing:

We print all products in-house using the most advanced technology. Your products will be shipped exactly as you have ordered by our dedicated quality control team.

Mockup Generator

You can use our mockup generator to create mockups of any of our products. To create a mockup, you don’t need to have a complex designing program.

Click to push products

Are you looking to make thousands of products? It can be exhausting and time-consuming. Our ‘Push products tool allows you to quickly generate and push all of your designs onto all of our products.

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Cash-on-delivery enabled:

A business’s ability to earn trust is enhanced by offering cash-on-delivery (COD). Customers can order by COD.

Shipping is easy:

You can ship packages anywhere in the world using any of the following options: FedEx, Bluedart or Ekart. Once the order has been dispatched, tracking ID will be updated and your customer notified. You can track the package live.

Services for custom branding

Our custom branding services will give your customers the full brand experience. You can add your logo to the neck of t-shirts, or you can send thank you cards to customers.

Although our story is somewhat dramatic, it is filled with passion for art and entrepreneurship. This story began in February 2014. Madhur and Pankaj were fifth-grade school friends who had to move to different colleges to live a life they didn’t like. After receiving two job offers from the same company, Madhur began to manage his father’s business. Bravo! After completing his college, Pankaj started looking for work immediately.

They lived a seemingly boring life until one day they decided to get a 3D printer and quit their boring jobs. They began printing phone covers with vector art, which is actually non-colorful. This slow technology and inability to produce good designs led to them offering this service to students as well as product designers to help with prototyping.

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They decided to keep trying and bought a laser cutter in order to speed up the process of creating vector art for the phone cases. However, the laser cutter was not suitable for cutting plastic materials like phone cases. They would not allow this to happen in their premises.

They were inspired by a vector artist and began making wall clocks using his designs. Mobicture was their first venture. It was a happy time!

They noticed that the designer was demanding more products for his designs and he also wanted his name to be on any products with his designs. They were not dumb enough to ignore his request so they began to discuss their requirements with other artists who have similar problems selling their designs.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

They realized that there was a gap in the market which could be filled by a series of steps. This would give these artists hope. They created a process that any artist or designer could use to create amazing artwork. The rest, such as printing, packaging and shipping, could be done without them being present. Super solution! It was called Printrove.

Akshay joined the team and began to dream the same dreams that the heroes. Soon, they bought a UV printer in order to add color to their designs. Unfortunately, the printer exploded within seven days and the team was on the brink of collapse.

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We found the courage to start again with 3D sublimation technology, which requires very little investment and a limited model range. Printrove was soon discovered by a few Indian designers who began to use its services and technology.



Qikink is a trademarked registered brand under HUEPress. This page contains information about Qikink. Qikink offers dropshipping (order fulfillment) and print on demand services.

Qikink allows anyone to sell products online, without the need for inventory, processing or logistics. allows anyone to sign up and sell products online.

Online merchandising is possible for those who don’t have the resources or knowledge to assemble inventory.

This was never before possible. Qikink is an online company that prints on demand and drops shipping. It was founded on the passions of digital marketers, influencers, graphic designers, and anyone who wants to sell products online.


TeeTalkies was established in 2010 to manufacture and export premium plain t-shirts for prominent labels around the globe.

Qikink started in 2016 as a dropshipping division of TeeTalkies. was founded in 2016. We began with YouTube merchandise for channels with millions of subscribers.

It was then made available to everyone with a state-of-the-art technology solution that allows anyone to sell their products online. In 2018, a wide variety of products were available with printing methods including Sublimation, Direct to Garment, Vinyl, Screen, and Paper Digital Printing.

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It has the largest product range for dropshipping and print on demand in India. We are able to attract niche brands from all over the globe to print on demand and fulfill their orders around the world.


Qikink boasts the world’s most advanced printing infrastructure for apparels and accessories. Our factory covers 4160 square feet in Tirupur (Tamilnadu). We have changed 4 locations since our inception. Every year, we double the office space.

Our printing inks have been OEKO-TEX approved, meaning that your custom printed products will be certified. The industry’s best printers produce consistent results.

This factory houses the largest selection of Direct to Garment Printers (India), Screen Printers, UV Printers Large Format Sublimation Printers, Eco Solver Printers, and Digital Printers for Paper Products.

No more printing merchandize and praying (spray on ads), for sales. This is the new way to design and sell. Market your niche by designing according to the current trend. After an order has been placed for a design, Qikink will print it. To ship them to customers, we pack single-piece orders and package them with our brand name.

Dropshipping and print on demand are two options for your merch company. You can operate your business wherever you like. Choose a niche and design it. Qikink will take care of all your orders from the moment they are placed until delivery

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For speedy processing, you can send us your designs in advance. Each design will require a png image with minimum 300 dpi and a mockup of the T-Shirt. We will not share your designs with anyone.

QikInk helps you understand its process so you can make clear decisions before you place orders. We will inform you about the available product styles, sizes and colours. You will also find the pricing details of product, printing, shipping, and custom accessories separately.

If you have enough payment balance, your order will be accepted and processed. Our system will send you an automated notice and invoice confirming the dispatch of your order. Within 7 days, you can ask for clarifications.

We will manage returns. You can re-order repeat orders by following the return instructions from the dashboard. For any manufacturing or printing-related defects, we will replace or refund you free of charge within seven days. Shipping charges will apply to all other returns.


Vendorboat, an online platform, helps entrepreneurs, designers, developers, and businesses start their own business. This is a great opportunity for them. You can upload your design, image, graphics and any other data to this website. They simply need to give us the details of the order and the client information, along with the delivery date, so we can print it and deliver it to the client. It covers all of the client’s needs and saves them a lot of money. There are many product options available, including t-shirts, mugs, phones cases, cushions, badges, notebooks, key chains and bags, as well as a variety of men-women clothing.

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Our aim is to be one of the top dropshipping companies in the world, based on the print-on-demand model. This startup-friendly business introduces new products every now and again. We continue to work towards improving our dropshipping and printing-on-demand concepts for the benefit of our users.

Product range

Vendorboat offers the most extensive Print On Demand and Dropshipping product line in Asia.

Digital printing

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shopify dropshipping store set up

For better output, digital printing can be done on garments.

There is no minimum

There is no minimum order quantity required for placing orders so inventory worries are not a concern.

Worldwide Shipping

Worldwide shipping is possible with Fedex and DHL, our courier partners.

Hang Tags

We offer eco-friendly Handmade Seed Paper Hang Tags that are made with Jute thread and come in eco-friendly packaging.

Eco-friendly Courier Bag

All-over printed, biodegradable courier bags are used to pack the products.

COD Verification

For new orders, COD verification is done via IVR calls and SMS.

White Label

There is no Vendorboat branding of products or packaging at any stage.

Next Day Remittance

The COD amount will automatically be added to your wallet the day after delivery.

Biodegradable Product Bags

To avoid single-use plastic, we pack major products in transparent biodegradable bags.

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100% Premium Cotton

Vendorboat offers 100% premium cotton tee-shirts.


For NDR reduction, IVR calls and SMS sent to your client

Custom branding

You can have your logo customized on packaging, shipping and products.

PSD Mockups

To maintain product quality, we provide PSD mockups for all products.

This is our own Service Offered by the Blog Author.

shopify dropshipping store set up

Merchant Support

Chat box, phone, email, and whatsapp are all ways to get answers.


Fashion is always changing. Fashion is dynamic. Nobody wants to wear a boring and out-of-date style. Drop shipping in India allows you to design and print your products. Our holistic drop shipping service allows you to make more money and let your customers have what they want. We offer unique t-shirts, crop tops, gift products, and other products suitable for various occasions in many colours.

PRINT ON DEMAND Drop Shipping: Earn Before You Buy

You can easily start your drop shipping business online with no upfront costs. You can print-on-demand drop ship from us. Drop ship products include phone cases, screen protectors, pop grips and mouse pads, as well as men’s and women’s clothing, keychains, beer mugs, water bottles, and other accessories. We will deliver them to your address. We will pack and ship your order once you have placed it.


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You can sell custom-designed products online under the brand of your company. It’s your brand. We won’t stop you from your goals. You’ll be able design and get every product printed. Then, you can sell them and make money. We can print, pack, and ship your products as white label or with a brand. You can create custom products online, and you can start your own business anywhere in the world.


Fast Dispatch – We promise to expedite your order.

Start Your Business Free of Charge – No upfront costs. Once you have received an order, you will only need to pay for fulfillment and shipping. You can choose to move to one our start-up friendly plans once you have started growing.

No minimums – You can experiment with your products and concepts without worrying about minimum order quantities, unsold inventory or expensive equipment.

Shipping charges at the lowest possible rates – We are partnered with some internationally recognized shipping companies that will provide you with the best product delivery service.

You are able to sell any product in India from anywhere you live, including mugs, posters and coasters. You can sell custom products online and offline using your brand name. Drop shipping from India allows you to create unique t-shirts, shirts and other items that can be printed and shipped at no additional cost. This will allow you to meet the customer’s needs.

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Doipe is what India has been missing. Doipe, a brand new Print on Demand and fulfilment company, was created specifically for Indian customers who are hardworking and highly demanding.

You can create your fashion brand by joining our board in as little as 15 minutes. There are a wide range of base products available to choose from. Combine them with your creativity and you have literally unlimited possibilities.

We offer a wide range of base products, including T-shirts, leggings and cushion covers, bedsheets and cell phone covers, as well as stationary. Get involved today and create your brand.


All-Over-Printed Leggings. Made with premium quality 95% Polyester and 5% Lycra. You will love the life-like colours that stay true to color for a long period of time.

DTG T-Shirts

The largest selection of printed t-shirts available on demand. You can choose from Normal Cotton, Organic Cotton or Organic Cotton & Lycra Blend. There are more than 55 colors and 20 sizes.


The best selection of summer swimsuits. It is made from Polyester Blend for the perfect amount of flexibility and thickness. Combine them with your design and you will have a winning product.

The Brand is Yours. We’ll take care of the rest.

Your site

You can list as many products as you like with your custom designs on your website. You can manage the brand and sell or take orders.

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Doipe will make the product for you on-demand, pack it according to your specifications and ship it directly from Doipe to your customer.

The End Customer

Your branding will be used to package the product for your customer. Doipe will not be known to the customer, as he/she will assume it was purchased directly from you.

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