Quick Guide to Track and Trace Your Aliexpress Order

Aliexpress is an international online marketplace operated by Alibaba Group with a client-to-client business model.

AliExpress will issue you with a tracking number when placing an order; this tracking number can then be seen under “My Orders” within your account.

1. Go to the Seller’s Website

Once your order has been placed on Aliexpress, the seller will send you a confirmation email containing details about your shipping method and expected delivery time, along with a tracking number you can use to track its progress – this information can also be found on your account page. If your package cannot be located after several attempts at tracking it down yourself, contact the seller or shipping company immediately for further assistance.

Aliexpress orders that leave seller warehouses are given a tracking code by courier services that allows for real-time tracking via online tracking apps or mobile phone applications, or from seller websites or AliExpress account pages. Once you know your tracking number, enter it into Ship24 to get real-time updates regarding its status.

Alternatively, your parcel could have been delayed at customs and so your tracking information hasn’t updated yet. Either way, eventually its status should change but in the meantime if any questions arise about this please reach out directly to either AliExpress customer support or seller directly.

Aliexpress is a Chinese E-commerce platform designed for individuals to purchase low-cost goods from international sellers at reasonable prices. A subsidiary of Alibaba Group, it complements Taobao which caters specifically to businesses within China. Aliexpress’ reputation rests upon their ability to communicate clearly with customers regarding potential delivery times and refund policies, both features defining customer service excellence.

AliExpress sources most items from China; though there may be fulfillment warehouses in the US and EU that may help to fulfill orders directly from sellers’ factories in China; buyers should expect their deliveries to take between 15-45 days to arrive.

If you are having difficulty tracking down your package, it is crucial that you contact both the seller and shipping company immediately. Sometimes your package may be delayed temporarily; check in regularly with them as well. If all else fails, open a dispute on Aliexpress against them to try and solve this issue.

2. Go to the Shipping Company’s Website

Your package’s shipping company should offer an online tracking portal where you can follow its progress. AliExpress or the My Orders page of your account can provide the tracking code needed for access, while carrier websites (UPS/USPS, for instance) may vary based on its destination country; alternatively you could use third-party tracking services to keep tabs.

The websites of shipping companies tend to be user-friendly, providing useful information about the status and timeliness of shipments. You’ll get an estimated arrival date which allows you to plan accordingly. In some cases – like with Cainiao Global Express – real time tracking updates allow for further informed decision-making about purchases.

When ordering with free delivery, the shipping company will provide you with a tracking number via email or on your “My Orders” page of your account. Typically they will deliver it directly to the nearest post office within your country; if it doesn’t arrive by its estimated delivery date however, contact both the seller and shipping company immediately and file a claim against lost or undelivered packages.

Refunds will be issued if your package does not arrive as estimated, is lost in transit, or damaged upon delivery. Before reaching out to the seller for refunding purposes, always carefully review their website and order details first. If they refuse, dispute can be filed via buyer protection section of website.

When purchasing goods from China, keep in mind that customs taxes and delivery fees may not be included in the original cost of an item. Couriers charge these additional fees upon delivering parcels directly to homes; these extra expenses can quickly add up. If in doubt about paying these extra costs, ask the seller whether or not they include these additional expenses in their price of product.

3. Contact the Seller

Online shopping has quickly become increasingly popular over time due to its convenience and variety of products available. But it can sometimes pose challenges, including long shipping times that leave customers frustrated and disappointed. If your package doesn’t arrive as promised within the expected delivery window, contact your seller right away and request an explanation as to why this may have happened.

One of the best ways to track an Aliexpress shipment is using its tracking number provided by its seller. You’ll find this in either your confirmation email or order page – or you may simply consult your order history on AliExpress website, contact customer service for help and find it yourself!

Aliexpress orders can take anywhere between 15-45 days to arrive at their destinations depending on several factors, including seller location and destination country; some methods of shipping may be faster than others and different countries have different customs procedures which could affect delivery timelines.

Some sellers provide guarantees or refunds if your item does not arrive on time, while it’s wise to review their feedback and reputation before making your purchase. If any issues arise when doing business with a seller, try emailing them directly via their address if this fails.

If the seller fails to respond, a dispute with Aliexpress can help initiate an investigation and potentially force compensation from them. All communication with sellers on Aliexpress should take place in English; otherwise there could be miscommunication and subsequent conflicts that arise as a result.

AliExpress, owned and operated by Alibaba Group, specializes in low-cost retail to individuals (B2C) and wholesale sales to companies and internationally (B2B). This site complements Taobao which serves the domestic Chinese market exclusively.

4. Go to the Aliexpress Website

Online shopping has quickly become one of the most convenient, diverse, and competitively-priced ways of purchasing items. Unfortunately, however, receiving packages can sometimes be complicated and time consuming depending on factors like seller, shipping company and buyer location – thus it is crucial that tracking information be reviewed regularly as any delays or problems should be reported immediately to the shipping provider.

As soon as you place an order on Aliexpress, the seller will provide you with a tracking number – an individual identification that allows you to track its status and location. You’ll find this tracking information both on their website and your email account; in addition, third-party tracking websites like Postal Ninja or 17track may offer further tracking information for your package.

Aliexpress’ tracking information is updated instantly and displayed on the Orders page of your account. You can also track it via Cainaio Global Express’ website or mobile app and third-party tracking sites like ParcelPanel; for even faster parcel tracking service you could visit China Post’s website or hotline directly.

Aliexpress is an international e-commerce platform offering goods at competitive prices to customers worldwide. Offering an assortment of items at very attractive rates, it provides customers with easy access to Chinese goods at unbeatably competitive prices. Plus, their excellent customer service means any queries or issues regarding purchases can be addressed quickly via phone, email, or live chat – great way to shop from China!

When purchasing products on Aliexpress, be sure to read through and accept their terms and conditions prior to placing your order. This will help prevent any potential misunderstandings with regards to how your order will be handled as well as ensure it goes through successfully. Furthermore, always provide valid addresses when purchasing from an Aliexpress seller.

When searching for reliable sellers, be sure to examine the top-rated sellers on the site and read their reviews. Look for sellers with high customer ratings and excellent track records; provide your full name and phone number when making your selection and stay in contact with the seller if any problems arise. It’s also essential that your tracking information remains up-to-date regularly and stay in touch if any inquiries or issues arise.