How to Add Track Your Order Page at Shopify?

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The most important aspects of the online industry are pre-order delivery processes, such as shipping rate estimations and inventory management. Online business owners don’t realize that order monitoring and post-sales aspects are crucial for eCommerce websites. These are critical aspects in a fast-paced world where businesses can gain an advantage by not paying attention to them. Shopify users have many benefits. It offers a wide range of Shopify order tracking apps that can help you increase your store’s conversion.

The app store ranking, overall ratings, top features, and other criteria were used to select the best Shopify order tracking app. This article should help you find the best Shopify Order Tracking Apps to fit your needs.

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What’s Order Management?

Order management is essential for warehouse operations. It involves keeping track of orders and managing the people, processes, and partnerships required to fulfill them. This includes tracking an order and handling customer information.

Order management can be described as a network that connects all aspects of ordering and fulfilling orders. Order management is essential in order to run a profitable business. Customers around the globe are used placing orders online and receiving them quickly.

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shopify dropshipping store set up
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How do you benefit from Order Tracking Apps (OTA)?

Order tracking apps can be used to track deliveries in real time. These apps can be used in conjunction with smartphones and websites. Shopify’s order tracking app offers a number of benefits for businesses that handle pickup and delivery.

The Delivery status can be updated in real time

GPS monitoring will give the admin or business owner real-time updates on delivery status. The admin can keep track of all drivers and deliveries to different locations. The admin is notified in real time about every delivery, their location and transit distances. They also receive transit times and any other relevant details about the driver and task.

Improve customer communication

A business’s success depends on its ability to connect with customers. Customers receive updates on activities and their status using last-mile distribution monitoring software. This allows for direct contact with customers before food or parcels are shipped.

Tracking performance, getting a large picture of the task

The order tracking app also allows you to track the progress of delivery drivers and officers. All tasks are currently in their current state, including any that are on time, effective, late or not as scheduled. This increases business transparency as it gives the admin a clear view of the performance of each distribution agent as well as the overall mission performance. Analytics reflect this.

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Order tracking apps offer many benefits and can be a great boost for your business. This program can be integrated with your existing framework to give your company a facelift. It includes real-time inventory monitoring, staff management, and more.

AfterShip Order Tracking

Overall Rating 4.2/5 (over 2220 reviews)

Price – Free plan, plans starting at $9/mo up to $69/mo

AfterShip Order Tracking for Shopify is one of the most popular Shopify order tracking apps. It works with any type of Shopify business. This app allows consumers to maximize their purchases and builds credibility with customers. AfterShip works great if you have it set up and connected to your Shopify store. It imports all the monitoring numbers from your Shopify store automatically.

The app allows users to manually enter tracking numbers, but they also offer a Shopify app that automates this process. The app allows businesses to create their own monitoring pages. This includes a marketing banner, an Instagram image feed and a way to increase brand awareness and interaction. The monitoring page can be customized with the logo and color scheme.

The app can connect with different carriers worldwide for regular delivery or dropshipping. The app will send regular updates via email and SMS to customers. Consumers can be kept informed about the status and progress of orders.

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AfterShip features

Automated tracking: Automatically send notifications to multiple couriers and status updates

Analytics – Analyze shipping results, and resolve any issues ahead of time so customers don’t have too much to wait

Notifications – Get real-time updates about all your deliveries from different couriers.

Integration – AfterShip allows you to connect with many eCommerce websites

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Tracking system: Provide a fully-featured tracking page for your website to allow clients to keep track of their clients’ purchases

Track button: Allow customers to track their orders Shipping Partners. It will automatically detect more than 450 couriers around the globe

Mobile Apps – AfterShip offers user-friendly updates both for iOS and Android that allow everyone to track their shipments from anywhere.

Tracktor Order Tracking

Overall Rating 4.8/5 (over 670 review)

Price: Get a 14-day trial for free, with 4 plans: Basic (from $5.99/mo), Pro (from $14.99/mo), Premium (44.9/mo), and Enterprise (19.99/mo).

Tracktor is the best shipping monitoring and order tracking app that works for all major delivery companies around the globe. Tracking takes place on your Shopify website. Customers can receive status notifications by entering their email address or order number in the order tracker. This seamlessly blends into the style.

You can also offer your customers the best after-sales service by providing order tracking services. This app mimics the success of online stores order tracking to increase trust and customer satisfaction.

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The app accesses data from more than 800 carriers around the world and allows you to monitor all orders in real time. Customers can track their packages regardless of whether they have an account. They simply need to add their email address, order number and any other information they received in their order confirmation email.

The app seamlessly integrates the tool with the store’s design. There is no distinctive theme style. Monitor links can be included in automatic emails or client updates. This means that consumers don’t need to visit your website to find them.

The app is responsive and will allow consumers to monitor their orders regardless of what device they’re using.

Tracktor Order Monitoring Features

Receive notification: Enter their order number and their email address in their store domain to track their order

Recommend to customers:Show customers smart suggestions for products that rely on their previous orders

Check your status without registering

Support: Phone, chat and email support available Monday through Friday (9 AM-5PM)

Integration The app can be integrated with more than 800 major carriers around the world, including USPS, Royal Mail and UPS.

ParcelPanel Order Tracking Pro

Overall Rating 4.8/5 (over 220-reviews)

Price – Free plan, plans starting at $9/mo and ending at $99/mo

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Parcel Panel Order Tracking allows you to track your orders online. This app allows users to view detailed information about shipment status. It can also help you identify unusual deliveries. You will then be able create a plan for your clients before they do.

The app saves you time and provides real-time multifunctional monitoring. It also includes a customized tracking page for your jurisdiction, instant email notifications, as well as visual descriptions of the tracking status. Instead of calling support, clients can input their order quantity, email address or just the tracking range. The branded monitoring website page is very attractive and entertains buyers with its many custom features.

The app also creates a customized order lookup page. This page is meant to compliment the existing theme. It includes a shipment status bar, personalized order status and an arrival date. You can also add other elements like related product reviews to increase order value.

To find where your order is, customers simply need to enter their order number, email address or tracking number. It is suitable for a wide range of business models, and it is particularly useful for drop-shippers because it integrates with AliExpress and ePacket. You can also view text in your native language with localization strings.

The app supports more than 500 carriers including FedEx, AliExpress and DHL. This app also shows customers the estimated arrival time of their orders.

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ParcelPanel Features

Create a branded tracking page to search for orders under the store domain that matches user’s theme

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Simplify After-shipping Service: Enter order number, email to track orders and avoid receiving emails from clients

Multiple order lookups : order number, email adress, tracking number

Custom Order Status: To inform clients about the process before shipping

Dropshipping Service: Provide clients with a brand shopping experience using Aliexpress Standard Shipping, ePacket Tracking, Yunexpress & CJ Pack

Track Order

Overall Rating4.8/5 (over150 reviews)

Price:Free installation, plans starting at $9.99/mo

Track Order by Shipway, another Shopify order tracking app, uses the tracking widget for tracking your website. Shipway allows you to notify your clients about shipments from around the globe. You can also lower customer expectations while improving your clients’ interactions. You can allow your clients to monitor the status of their orders via your website. The Net Promoter Score is a way for them to gauge how happy they are.

Shipway offers other useful functions such as tracking the airway bill number of multiple couriers from one location, and showing details about the shipping status. These essential features will help you and your customers reduce consumer demand and enhance the post-purchase experience. There are over 400 carriers that can assist you.

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Track Order By Shipway Features

Custom Tracking page & Shipment Notifications:be up-to-date with correct and real time tracking. Businesses can also customize tracking pages and automate shipment status to improve clients’ experience

Notify clients Clients are notified via email, WhatsApp and SMS about order status.

Customer Happiness Measured by Net Promoter Score

Dropshipping Support – branded tracking for dropshipping shops (China Post, China EMS Epacket Yanwen Yun Express, SF Express and Royal Mail, Newgistics, UBI Smart Parcel).

Trackr Order Tracking

Overall Rating : 4.1/5 (over160 reviews)

Price: A 15-Day Free Trial, Monthly $9/mo, Annual $4/mo

The app is compatible with more than 900 couriers including some of the most prestigious couriers such as Royal Mail and UPS. You can also integrate the app into your website using your theme settings. It will look like it is part of your site.

The app will reduce the number of emails you receive from people asking where your package is. The app collects real-time data from multiple carriers to give users the most current information about their purchases.

After a customer has entered their order details, the app will collect the necessary data and show the most accurate and up-to-date information about the order status. The app will notify customers if the order status changes. Customers can be kept informed about their orders by the app without having to communicate with them or send manual updates.

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You can also personalize reminder emails to make them more consistent with the brand. Personal touches such as the customer’s name and branding elements such as the email address and URL of the shop are key to a great customer experience.

Trackr displays all tracking data in English and French as well as Spanish and Chinese.

Trackr Order Tracking

Seamless Integration:Trackr is available to be embedded in all Shopify websites

Notify me: Clients can view the status of their order at their store using their shipment tracking number, orderID + email combination.

Customizable Notifications: You can add your logo, customer name and website link to your delivery update emails.

Translation service:The application converts data from checkpoints to the language you choose: English, French or Spanish.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Order Lookup

Overall Rating : 4.2/5 stars (over 135, reviews)

Price:7 day free trial, $10/month

Venntov Order Lookup is a simple order tracker app that Shopify eCommerce store owners can use to provide real-time order tracking information to customers. Order Lookup allows you to connect an easy-to-use portal to your Shopify storefront. The app will gather real-time updates on customers’ orders status by simply asking them to enter their email address. Order Lookup can access large numbers of parcel carriers worldwide using its algorithms to monitor distribution statuses and notify customers.

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You can also use this app to set reminders and monitor details for the order you wish to share with customers. This will reduce the number of customer service inquiries you get significantly. This allows you to concentrate on customer service requests that will continue to improve the customer experience.

The app’s many features can be customized, including the display modes as well as the details. You can now access the app in many languages. It can also be translated into any language. Let’s start your free trial to reap the benefits.

Order Search Features

Client-facing portal: Allows customers to check the status of their order using their email address or order number

An easy-to-use, low-cost app that integrates seamlessly with your store

Additional notes: You can add additional notices to your orders. They will be displayed alongside your monitoring records.

Modify tracking order status:Users have the ability to customize tracking performance to show only the information they want to the consumer.

Easyship ‑ All in one shipping

Overall Rating 4.3/5 stars (over 312 reviews)

Price Free to Install, Additional costs include shipping and subscription fees

Easyship is a shipping platform that helps you save money, increase your communication speed, and market internationally. The app allows clients to track orders and send them a link that lets them see real-time orders. The app allows retailers to quickly access thousands of courier options. This helps them save time and money. Easyship provides simple shipping rules.

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Customers are also kept updated about their shipment status via customized tracking pages and email, regardless of their location. Easyship automates all aspects of shipping, including tracking numbers and packaging. The app is completely free and allows you to negotiate with couriers to get the best possible price. Clients get a great shipping experience and the best delivery options. The app also sends emails with your branding so clients can have a customized journey starting at purchase and ending at reception.

Easyship Features

Optimized app to Increase Conversion: Shipping App with the cheapest, fastest and most affordable rates. Clients are kept informed about tracking orders.

Personalize your post-purchase experience. Clients can view orders and receive emails from the brand to help reduce complaints

24/7 Support: The team is available 24/7 to assist you with any problems you may face.

AppJetty Delivery Date Manager for Shopify

Overall Rating 5/5 (9 Reviews)

Price: Free plan available. Start at $3.99/mo for a 10-day trial.

AppJetty Delivery Scheduler is a Shopify plugin which helps you keep up with your customers’ demands and streamline deliveries. Customers can choose the delivery date and time they prefer on the product or cart pages. You can also limit the delivery dates to choose a specific date for your order. You can even keep it zero if you offer same-day delivery.

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The Shopify Delivery Date manager also provides other features, such as cut-off times to limit orders and better manage delivery dates. Customers can add comments or notes to their shopping experience before they checkout, and you can set a minimum order processing time. It’s also compatible with Shopify’s POS app. This allows you to set delivery dates that suit your preferences even if there is no storefront.

Shopify Delivery Scheduler Features

Time & Date Selection: Customers can choose a delivery date and time that is convenient for them by disabling/enabling the delivery date picker.

Add Cutoff Time: Limit daily orders and move the rest to the next day.

Modify Delivery Date Picker: Change color and font to make it more appealing.

Update Delivery Time & Date: Select a date and time for your customer from the backend to update and simplify order management.

No-Contact Delivery: Offer customers a’ no-contact delivery’ option.

Shipping Configuration Add shipping configuration to product and global levels. Limit the number of orders. You can set the order processing time for collection and non-working days. Order Management: Manage orders and define the first work day. You can also show delivery on Thank You Page or email.

Shopify Shipment Tracking & Notifications App

Overall Rating : 4.2

Price: Starter- Free trial, $9/mo, Popular- $29/mo, Premium- $49/mo, Enterprise- $99/mo

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Shopify Shipment Tracking & Notifications App provides clients with real-time tracking updates and email alerts. It sends automated emails to customers if the tracking status changes. With an integrated Tracking Lookup Page and order tracking, customers are more involved in the process. Tracking Dashboard will provide real-time updates on tracking and allow you to keep track of all shipments from different carriers.

The app also sends notifications using your SMTP Email Server (It’s a special method to prevent email notifications from getting lost in spam folders). The app has a simple tracking interface that matches your website’s standards and gives the entire monitoring experience a professional feel. The interface is responsive so customers can follow their orders from their tablets, smartphones, and desktops.

The app is compatible with all major shipping companies including UPS, FedEx and USPS.