How to Find Best Dropshipping Products on Aliexpress?

eCommerce is one of the most profitable online business ventures. AliExpress is an example of such a marketplace.

AliExpress has more than 80 million customers and over 200 million monthly visitors.

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It takes time to become a top seller on a highly competitive online marketplace such as AliExpress.

It is possible to begin by searching for the most in-demand products. These are the most popular products that customers are eager to buy.

How do you find the most popular AliExpress products? Let me show how I can help find the most sought-after AliExpress products.

AliExpress Overview

AliExpress, an eCommerce marketplace was established in 2010. AliExpress is owned by Alibaba with its headquarters in China. It boasts over 230 users.

AliExpress is the best platform for dropshippers and other eCommerce merchants looking to purchase products at affordable prices.

AliExpress offers over 100 million products

AliExpress makes it simple to find products for your online shop.

You can buy directly from the seller and then ship to your customer after you have received orders.

Many sellers struggle to find the best-selling products. Let me show you.

AliExpress Trending Products & Best Sellers Lists are now available.

AliExpress publishes a weekly listing of the best-selling products on market.

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These products are in the “best selling product” category. This will allow you to identify which products customers are buying.

It can be hard to follow this list as products may not sell next week.

The week’s sales determine which products were the most popular.

This AliExpress official product ranking is a better option. This allows you identify products that have been trending for a while, not just during the week.

Products come in many different categories. These include Consumer Electronics, Health & Beauty, Accessories and Women Clothing.

You will also find a section called “Picked For You” that lists top-ranking products based on what you’ve viewed in the past.

AliExpress’s official product ranking webpage allows you to sort the products.

Filtering by price, value, promotion and reviews can be done as well as brands and brands. You can sort by category. Select your niche to view the top-selling products and then choose specific product types.

To get the top-selling AliExpress products, you can also use the AliExpress dropshipping centre and the Booster Program.

They were designed to assist in the identification of suppliers and product analysis.

You can still use the

The majority of top-rated products have at most four stars. They are therefore highly rated. These are the top-selling products.

You can sort the product list alphabetically or orderly using the options at the top left. If they are the top-selling AliExpress product based on their official ranking, they will be labeled “Top Selling in AliExpress”. These are the products you are looking for. You can also select products based on their sales units.

To ensure you’re choosing the best product, open each one and look at the information. Review data can help you verify that the purchase decision was legitimate. High-sales products should have more reviews.

Through the Q&As, reviews and comments, you will find out what past customers think and whether or not they would buy it again. Although it’s not an easy task, it’s well worth the effort.

High quality products are the best sellers. Ratings can help you determine which products are the best. You can sort products by star ratings. Choose a filter and then the star rating option.

You can check out the top sellers on Alibaba

Alibaba is the parent company to AliExpress. Both platforms can be used for eCommerce.

AliExpress and Alibaba are B2B companies, but AliExpress is B2C.

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Alibaba is a wholesale marketplace that connects suppliers and manufacturers.

Dropshipping products to Alibaba is impossible, but the AliExpress best-selling products list can help you identify top AliExpress products.

This is because AliExpress suppliers mostly purchase from Alibaba.

Alibaba’s top sellers page lists the top sellers in different categories and regions. You can sort the list to your liking.

You can access this list by clicking on “Top Ranking” at the Alibaba homepage.

There are two tabs. The first tab lists the most-popular products while the second shows the top-selling ones.

The most requested products tab ranks products based on how many buyers have inquired.

The tab Top Selling Products ranks products based on how many views, orders and reviews they have received.

These lists are updated daily to ensure they remain accurate.

Alibaba also sells other popular products. From the Alibaba homepage, select “Trending Products For Resellers”.

Next, select your product category to see the most popular products within your niche.

Once you’ve identified the most sought-after products in your local area, head to AliExpress to start looking for them.

This is to verify that they are popular on the platform. You can also see their ratings and order numbers.

You can also consult the Alibaba Selects of Influencers or Key Oppinion Leaders.

Experts from high-potential product categories selected these products. These products may already be in style.

Amazon’s Top Sellers

AliExpress is a well-known competitor to Amazon. This is an indication that a product has become popular on Amazon.

This product will also be in high demand on other marketplaces such as AliExpress.

AliExpress could be Amazon’s best seller, so Amazon’s top sellers could also be AliExpress’s best sellers.

Amazon’s bestseller lists are the most organized and best-selling products, regardless of where you live.

Amazon has many online marketplaces in the USA, Brazil, India (France), Brazil and China.

Amazon ranks all products within each category. The best-selling products are those in the top 10-20 of your niche category.

Amazon’s bestseller list is reliable because products are ranked according their sales numbers.

This list is updated hourly to ensure that it is always up-to-date.

Amazon does not consider product ratings and reviews when determining its best seller rank.

A product can have high sales orders but low customer ratings. This product is unlikely to be in high demand.

It is important to read customer reviews and ratings before deciding on the best-selling product.

Amazon’s top-selling pages offer more value than their best-selling products.

You can also find New Releases and Movers and shakers.

The New Releases are the most sought-after products.

In recent years, sales of products that move and shake have increased.

These products make great best-sellers, as they are calculated on an hourly basis.

To see if your top-selling Amazon products are selling well, import them into AliExpress.

Check out eBay’s Top Sellers

Many AliExpress dropshippers can be found on eBay.

AliExpress is therefore responsible for most of the products sold on eBay.

AliExpress is the top seller for many of eBay’s best-selling products.

eBay Export allows you to search eBay for the most-sold products.

This page contains three popular products from all the major eBay product categories.

Only the most in-demand product categories will be available.

The eBay deals page will show you the bestsellers.

After the featured deals, you’ll see the next deal.

Unfortunately, not all top-selling products can be shown.

You cannot separate them by their categories. If you own multiple niche online shops, there won’t be any issues.

To find out if you are interested, you will need to search for that category in the list.

Another way to locate the most popular AliExpress products is through the products page.

Simply visit the product category you are interested in and then sort it with the filters.

To filter the best products, sort by completed and sold items.

This will make sure you have the most current products available.

Certain products may appear on this list more than once. Or products that are very similar from brands and sizes of different manufacturers.

These should give you an idea about the most popular products.

Click on a product to view its category ranking. This is similar to Amazon’s product ranking.

Since most eBay sellers dropship AliExpress products, it won’t take too long to track them back.

Shop for Products on Instagram

Instagram boasts more than 1,000,000 active monthly users. Many merchants can make large sales on Instagram. It is not necessary to have an online store.

This is because the platform is so captivating.

You can use Instagram’s eCommerce space to find the top-selling products that you can dropship to AliExpress.

It’s very easy and rewarding.

To begin, go to Instagram and see the Instagram Shop.

Next, visit the Editor’s Pick section. This section will display the top products in each category.

Most Instagram shops are focused on hats, boots, slippers and clothes.

Choose a product category to find the best products. AliExpress will allow you to check if they are in high demand.

Because of Instagram’s lifestyle, all product categories can be considered Fashion-related. Instagram might not work for you if your product is electronics or appliances.

Use the Instagram hashtags (#).

If you sell watches, search #watches or #watch.

Most of the posts are from watch merchants. To view the engagement, click on a product post.

How many likes and comments did it receive? And how long did it take to get them? To see the comments left by users, you can also view them.

AliExpress is a great place to check out the product if you have customers that are interested. You can see the metrics (ratings, reviews, orders, etc.). It will be able to show that it is well-liked enough to be imported.

Pinterest: Search for products

Pinterest has AliExpress’ most popular products.

This visual social media platform allows you to search for any product, and get images.

Pinterest is less well-known than Reddit or Instagram.

Pinterest is the best eCommerce website.

If you sell products for women, Pinterest is the best place to be. Pinterest users can pin whatever they like.

Pins are the most loved by people.

To find products that are most relevant to you, you can search keywords.

You can find this result by searching for “necklace”

The number of displayed pins is not shown. However, the most popular images for necklaces can be seen.

To see the product description, click on the pin.

AliExpress allows you to search for the product and see if it is trending.

AliExpress lets you search for “AliExpress top sellers products”. You can collect product pins and create best-seller boards.

To find articles on top AliExpress products, you can search for “AliExpress”, which will bring up articles written by different users.

Look here to find the most recent pins that best describe AliExpress products.

You can check AliExpress to see if they are in fashion.

AliExpress has over 2.1 million Pinterest followers.

Follow them to discover the newest, most popular products.

Facebook: Search for products

Facebook users share and discuss their favourite things all the time.

Facebook, the most popular social media platform in the world, is an excellent place to discover top-selling products. Facebook has its own marketplace.

Go to Facebook and enter the name of any product you are interested in. You can also check out the video results section.

When a new product is launched, brands release videos. Influencers can also review the product.

This result is the result from a search for “sneaker”.

You will find the most popular videos in the videos section. The view count will show you which sneakers are the most popular.

Videos with high engagement are a great way to sell products. AliExpress offers the following products.

The same applies to images. Click on images to see posts by others about the product you searched.

How many people have shared, liked, commented on, and/or shared the product can help you determine if customers love it.

To find the most popular AliExpress products in your niche, consult official pages.

Facebook is the most popular social media platform for brands due to its large user base.

This is the best method to identify potential winners.

Brands should track the reactions of their customers to new products in order to determine if they are going to succeed.

Use Google Trends

Google is the most used platform on the internet. It is used by everyone. Google Trends can help you find the most searched keywords. It’s effortless.

Go to and enter the keyword that is relevant to your product niche.

Google Trends offers the benefit of providing all the information that you require.

You can view global trends, or search for specific countries.

You can also sort trends by hour or day, week (7-day, 30-day), and many other options.

Next, sort the search category. The next step is to choose the most closely related niche to your product niche.

You can sort search results by news or YouTube, web, image, or Google Shopping.

Google Trends shows the most relevant regions to each search.

AliExpress may sell a product that is very popular in your region, but it might not be the most-sold.

Related queries and search percentages are the most important things to pay attention to.

You can gain insight into your customers’ needs by looking at the most searched keywords that are related to your initial search.

If you search for these keywords/queries, you’ll be able to find the most popular products. Google Trends lets you compare different search terms.

This will enable you to identify trends and identify seasonal products in your niche.

Wrapping up

Every business experiences growth. You can save time if you do the right things.

Most top AliExpress dropshippers don’t do anything but find the right products for market.

These tips will assist you in finding the best-sold products for your AliExpress dropshipping business.