11 Beautiful Home Decor Products for Dropshipping with Supplier Link

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Last Updated on January 20, 2021

Most Attractive Products to Dropship in the Niche of Home Décor

Home decor is one of those niches of merchandise that is both fashionable and incredibly stable at the same time. Ultimately, this type of project represents goods that are required by almost everyone on the planet. Because most of us live somewhere, we like to decorate our place and make it feel like home, whether we rent or own an apartment. That is why, by 2020, the global home decor market is expected to reach almost $700 billion. As a result, the market appears to be in steady demand, and much capital needs to be made.

Yet home decoration tends to follow trends like anything fashionable. Some colors may be one year hot, and the next one out. For a while, framed motivational posters could spike in popularity, only to be replaced by something else. That can turn home decor space into an exciting niche for sale.

So every dropshipper has something to give for home decor. The novice boasts the steady, even performance of the niche. They can fill a store with timeless classics, styles that never go out of style, and grow gradually. The slot is an excellent place to play and learn.

The flexibility and fashion-forward nature of the niche allow sellers to take more significant risks and realize higher rewards for more seasoned dropshippers interested in riding trends. Exciting marketing plays that take advantage of current trends can be designed to drive popular products while maintaining a substantial performer catalog.

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Ultimately this is an excellent area within which to work. To get you started, we’ve compiled a list of some of the top categories that anyone thinking about entering the space should be considering.

Wall clocks

Wall clocks benefit from being a decorative statement that also performs a useful purpose, telling you the time. Even though many of us wear watches, and almost everyone brings a mobile phone with them, reading the time off of an attractive, room-complementing clock has something satisfying.

In addition to this, there is a high perceived value out-of-scale with the production cost of a clock, which is generally very low. This may be because of the technology involved in the production of watches, which seems far more complicated than it really is. Whatever the reason, wall clocks provide you with a very healthy markup, which means you have high-profit potential.


Curtains are a strong cornerstone of the interior decoration world. Driven by the winds of fashion, patterns, and color choices come and go, but people will always want curtains. They lend additional presence to the windows of a home and also require privacy when necessary. They are a treatment for the window and will never go out of style.

It’s crucial to stay current with trends when carrying critical home decor like curtains. Right now, floor-to-ceiling curtains are making a comeback, as are the white and dark wood shutters, both the ’70s and early ’80s mainstays. Sure there are specific designs that stay in fashion forever, but if you don’t follow the trends, you may find that you don’t store enough of the styles and patterns that people are interested in, or if you are, it’s entirely due to chance.

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Cushion covers

We know these aren’t a sexy product. But they are extremely popular with cushion covers. Side cushions and throw cushions are standards of interior decoration worldwide. They add color and visual value to every space with a rapid pop. We will help you pull colors from one section of the area into another, and they are perfect for sleeping on.

More importantly, changing the covers of a cushion for a new style can dramatically change the look of a room for minimal investment. So often people buy cushion covers in multiple forms, and just swap them out when they need a scenery change. This means high and steady demand. Just be sure you are stocking a good variety of designs and sizes to cater to as many customers as possible.


Lamps are another of the permanent and consistent products found in the niche of home decor. And with the rise of smart home and particularly smart bulbs, as popular home decor products, standalone floor lamps, and table lamps are gaining new ground.

Lamps have more concentrated illumination and general mood lighting, as opposed to the overhead lights. Thus, they have still been popular, even after the overhead lights and ceiling fan fixtures have taken over as the general lighting source for low and middle-income households.

As a dropshipping object, the only detractor for lamps is that they can be fragile and breakable depending on the design. Knowing you’re going to ship around the world halfway, it’s best to store lamps with less glass and more robust designs that are less likely to be damaged in shipping.

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Interest in tablecloths has trended steadily and consistently over the last five years, for whatever reason. Such stalwarts of home décor may have experienced a dip in popularity from which they are now recovering.

This is good news for gout shippers breaking into the niche of home decor. Tablecloths are a perfect dropshipping item as they can be conveniently shipped around the world without any real breakage chances. They’re also a product that customers will buy multiples of to have a few patterns and color choices on hand.

They’re not expensive, driving demand, and they cost very little to produce a driving profit.

Wall stickers

Those fall into the category of trendy home decor and are now white-hot. If you’ve somehow managed to miss the trend of the last couple of years, wall stickers are wall art decals that apply directly to your wall painted surface. We offer the impression of being painted onto the wall, and in a room, we can produce quite a dramatic effect. They can be removed and reapplied several times, the best of all.

Google Trends shows steady activity in this type of product. Although interest may have crested recently, there is still quite a bit of demand, more than enough to satisfy experienced dropshipper. Variety is pivotal. Carrying only a handful of designs will alienate potential buyers.

Floor rugs

Which is one thing every house and flat on the planet has? Okay, probably walls and ceilings. Back then … floors too! So what are you putting on a floor to clothe it? No, the reason is not “dirty clothing.” Marie Kondo would make you scream.

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Floor rugs are the key!

Floor rugs are never going to go off style. They complement each type of flooring material and add softness and visual appeal to any room in which it is placed. It’s important to note that as carpet sizes increase significantly, their weight so bear in mind shipping costs when you add floor rugs to your dropshipping stores.


Pillows are something that we take for granted, but they’re all over. We are lying on them, putting them on our couches, and sitting down on the floor. In every imaginable style and color, there are pregnancy pillows, neck pillows, reading pillows, throwing pillows, and bean bag chairs. A dropshipping shop that sells nothing but cushions can be put together. A reasonable pillow selection certainly deserves a place in any home decor-focused shop.


Within the home decor environment, candles and candle holders play a very different function than previous entries within our series. These are much more likely to buy as a gift to someone else who was purchased for the buyer. And that can be seen on-trend lines of search. Like clockwork search interest for candle holders begins to spike around early October and continues on a sharp, upward trajectory until early December when most people finish their vacation shopping. At this point, the line starts to trend sharply down again.

This means that candle holders and candles are valuable things to carry if your shop is more focused on gift pieces for the decor.

Artificial flowers

There is a lesson on artificial flowers to be learnt from the trend curves. That’s not a gift that people give as a product. In the spring and summer, interest in artificial flowers peaks and then falls precipitously when it gets cold, going straight into the holidays as if they did not exist. And that does make sense. Real flowers are the gift others send. People buy artificial flowers for themselves in an attempt to bring a little of the spring and summer into their homes without the need to plant or care for real plants. If your shop carries vases and other plant containers, it would be wise to add artificial flowers as well, in order to satisfy the demand for something that people are buying to put inside the vases.

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Murals are an unusual mash up of the craft of wallpaper and wall adhesive. Such large-scale prints and designs are created in your home to take up the bulk of one wall. Sometimes all you need to do to add is peel off a paper backrest and stick the print to the surface of the wall. Like the previously mentioned wall stickers, these are reasonably popular, trendy products. They definitely have the power to change the look of a room for a reasonably small investment altogether.

Appropriately positioned in online ads, murals can drive a good bit of interest in your store because of their bold presentation. Unlike any wall art, they are the ones most people have seen before. Customers can simply click on the link to see what the product is. And once you have them in your shop, the price and a description of the murderer will seal off the contract.

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