5 Best Dropshipping Suppliers for Fitness Leggings and Yoga Pants

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Best 5 Suppliers Wholesale Yoga Pants that will Boost Your Sales

This guide will introduce everything about wholesale yoga pants you need to know, particularly some well-known suppliers in China and the USA.

The simple commercialization of yoga pants

The global athletic wear market currently accounts for 30 per cent of the entire footwear and clothing industry. Singled out the yoga pants market has been steadily on the rise since 2011. Every year, it reports a growth rate of 7 per cent.

In fact, in 2017, there was a higher demand for yoga pants for the first time in history than that of denim jeans in the US. The forecast foresees a further rise in need in the coming years.

Tips to Buy Yoga Pants

The pant length

This is perhaps the first thing you would consider when purchasing yoga pants. We have the Capri and the Full Size. Although the full distance is long enough to cover the whole leg, capris only reach to just under the knee. The choice is either will depend on the prevailing climate and the preference of the person.

Strong Hatha, or Yin

If you enjoy gentle and relaxing yoga, because they are more comfortable, you should focus on fitting the yoga pants. Unless your workout is more intense, you should focus on yoga pants with a high waist. This is because they’re not confining themselves to the thighs or the buttocks.

Beware of the recycled fabric

You have to choose the material that fits you according to the style of yoga you practice. If you need one that quickly breathes it should be pants made of synthetic materials such as polyester. If you need something more relaxed, then you should focus on those made of cotton for less intensive yoga sessions.

The pant shade

Color should also be considered when choosing the yoga pant to go for. If yours is more vigorous yoga that leads to more sweating, as they display sweats, you can avoid light-coloured yoga shirt. You should instead go for darker colors.

Suppliers of Quality Wholesale Yoga Pants that will improve your sales


Rosewholesale.com is second in our list of best wholesale suppliers of Yoga pants. It is a home for various yoga pants models. You will get them in those suppliers for whatever color and style you might be looking for. Their goods are of outstanding quality yet quite affordable.

The pricing is always right. In reality, some items can attract up to 12 per cent discount.

We can provide that quickly since they are sourcing their goods in the niche from trusted suppliers. Shopping on their website is relatively trouble-free, no concerns about the personal information you share with them as they are used to offer what you need.

We also have efficient delivery mechanisms. You’ll have your order ready to pick in just a few days. If you are an international customer Rosewholesale.com ships its products internationally, you don’t have to worry. The other thing with this wholesaler is it doesn’t limit you to buying a specific quantity. This means personal needs are all fulfilled here as well as consumer needs.


What promises Beyondyoga.com is nothing short of relaxed Yoga pants. We are inspired to bring out the best a woman can possess. They believe you deserve the best of their clothing. Clothes that you can quickly go anywhere you wish. They’re not only trying to please you, but they are also making it happen.

When you visit their shop, you can be confident that you can get something for yourself or that your clients can love it. We not only guarantee quality but also offer fantastic prices for their goods. This bright blend of quality and price makes this store one of the best suppliers to fulfill your needs in yoga. They’re still at the top of their customer relations. Everybody walks laughing out of their premises.

That is because they consider their clients as their superiors and have sales managers who understand their clients very well.

They will promptly respond to your questions just as they arise.

Beyondyoga.com recognizes your needs with delivery and will deliver your goods at a reasonable rate within a few days. Shopping on their platform is also simple because they have a reasonably user-friendly user interface.


Trendsgal.com is another of the best retailers to find on yoga pants. They’re obsessed, as the name implies, with giving ladies the best when it comes to fashion. They are offering incredible discounts on all their items. And when you become their daily customer, you get even more benefits. You will be listed on all of your orders for VIP customers who get exclusive low rates. Also, this manufacturer provides dropshipping service for all of their goods.

It means you can market what you are offering easily before you even have it. When the customers place an order, you will still entrust them to act in delivering the product. But if you want to bring your order right to your shop, so that you can send it directly to your customers, they can give you just that.

It is done with less expense and in a short time. Value isn’t something you can think about while shopping at Trendsgal.com. They’ve been in this business for a long time now, and they take their customers ‘ needs seriously. They have entered the market, and you are not expecting them to in any way let their customers down.

Royal Apparel

Royal Apparel only treats clothes. All their issues are thereby with quality assurance. And they are not concerned with anything but clothes; all their attention is channeled to bring out the best that a woman can possess. We do get the specifics well for yoga pants. They will offer you nothing but comfortable and fashionable clothing.

Depending on your needs, you can get different styles of yoga pants here. Your consumers will have a wide choice, and they will understand what works for them. The information they gather from you are not going to land to the hands of the bad guys. They are for the sole purpose of delivering your order and to notify you about the offers you will love, just as they arise. Royal Apparel doesn’t limit you to a certain sum to do business with them.

Any customer can buy whatever they want. Nonetheless, the benefit is for the consumer who buys in bulk because the bulk purchase receives generous wholesale prices. Another aspect that makes this manufacturer one of the best for yoga pants is the fact that they use environmentally friendly materials to produce their products.

Jala Wholesale

Then we’ve got Jala Wholesale, a retailer committed to bringing out the best of women. Theirs are clearly at the top when it comes to yoga pants. We manage to deliver that because of their relationship with the region’s top manufacturers. They sell you factory pricing as they come from these producers right there.

Our brand is motivated by the passion and love of making women do our yoga without any hassle. There’s a wide range of models to choose from in their shop so you can be confident that you’ll find what works for you. The business provides the highest value for money. It ensures that you can sell your customers low rates, and yet make a profit.

Shipping takes a reasonably short time, and you’ll get your order delivered right at your doorstep within a few days. Another thing which puts this supplier at the top is the promise of security for the environment. We use renewable fabrics and materials, so they do not face environmental problems.

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