How to Start Dropshipping with No Money?

This article will teach you how to spend money now. Suppliers around the world are trying to start a business. However, you may not start your business with several stumbling blocks. Dropshipping is now very popular as low or no cash investment is required. If you want to invest with no money but your own time and money, Dropshipping is for you–it’s the easiest way to get to an online marketplace. Dropshipping involves looking for a trustworthy and well-founded supplier, prepared to supply products with your name.

Huge ambitions are mostly hindered by financial cuts. However, you can start any business with a low cost, thanks to dropshipping. All the basic tools and guides you need to start an online company are available to you — and they are absolutely free of charge.

The purpose is to start an online company with $0 and $65 in 14 days. The tools provide a free 14-day trial. After the trial can you buy the tools (which cost around $65) and continue to build an online business. Your objective is to generate significant sales, so don’t worry about specifics right now. In most cases, your first shop name and design of the banner are sufficient. Make sure you start your online shop quickly and focus on sales.

Let’s start building your dropshipping company.

Things you should sell in your dropshipping shop

Most people in either category choose what to use (products or services).

  • With impulse or ideas; without careful planning that does not result after time and effort is wasted
  • If you spend a lot of time (weeks and months) looking for the right business idea, the first idea will be selected.

To start this challenge, ensure that you are not in either category (preferably in the middle of both categories). However, you don’t spend so much time searching for better ideas to validate the potential of your product. Dropshipping provides a platform for switching plans and strategies quickly. So, if the first fails, don’t worry! You can try another one later.

Search other dropshipping Stores

Search for various shops and websites to find any product ideas.

Check out their products, offerings, and best-selling lists when you browse other online shops. Many online shops have plenty of information and use all departments to select and plan their products. Use these details for your benefit.

Here are a few e-commerce websites from which you can get ideas:

  • Oberlo
  • Amazon Best Sellers
  • AliExpress (Weekly)
  • Daily Deals on eBay
  • Lazada Top Sellers

Browse the Website of Social Shopping

Create an account on websites such as Wanelo, Polyvore, Pinterest, and Fancy to learn what is trendy in various categories.

More than one million products are available on social shopping websites, but most people do not really know that these websites are valuable when looking.

If you have to learn how to do without money, consider these factors when conducting your research on product ideas:

Stays off Broad Categories

Many people are daily exposed to various offers. Consider providing products which are not adequately supplied by the major players in the industry.

There is, for example, no specific pressure group or interest group for a random belt but it is easy to see that a cycling gear is perfectly suited to cycling fans and fans. Niches like women’s clothes, plus size, yoga accessories and fitness leggings are searched.

Search for products less than $ 60

With a sales price of 40 dollars or 50 dollars, profits are particularly good at the higher conversion rate, because the buy-out requires minimal consumer considerations.

Follow trendy Product

Use Google Trends to check trend products and whether your ideas are on demand. Search for products that have rising demands and not otherwise.

See these few ideas and suggestions for the product.

Fitness Leggings and Bras

Clothing and fitness activities are fashionable. Thanks to advent technology, sport is now oriented towards social media. Social media platforms (Instagram etc.) and applications such as Nike+ and Endomondo have had a major impact on sport.

Wooden Shades

Wooden shades are a seasonal product which is often classified among AliExpress’s top sellers.

MEGIR Watches

MEGIR watch is Oberlo and AliExpress ‘ top brand. It offers cost-effective, luxury-like watches and is accepted by people worldwide. Instagram and Youtube are great reviews to show the quality.

Starting a Shopify Store

Remember, your objective is to make $65 in 14 days without any money. You need a simple platform for the sale of your goods or products. A basic online shop will help you achieve your goal perfectly. You just need to use the fundamentals before you add products and eventually sell.

Select the name of the dropshipping store

Right now you should not bother to choose a store name. Think of a simple and random name like DealsDeals, WatchMan, or myShop AlwaysTrendy. If you have difficulties with creating a good name for the store, a Business Name Generator can be used.

Sign-up for a Free Shopify Account

You will need a server before that, transfer an eCommerce system to the server, use anyone to help you tweak it to suit your needs, and pay a sum to keep it. At the time, it was timely, expensive, and the overall result was still ineffective and slow. With Shopify, you can get Dropship without any money and build an online store within minutes and set up the server for you automatically.

To begin your free trial, click here, enter your shop name and click on “Create your store.”

Choose a topic for your online shop

Go to the Theme Shop and select the theme of your choice. Several free options exist. To save time, select a subject that requires little change. Some famous selections include Supply New, Standard and Simple.

If you are looking for a topic, choose “Start with this topic United”

Do this to personalize your theme.

To customize your store’s look, choose ’Themes and then click’ Customize Theme 14 Day Go to the sidebar on the right, all areas of your shop’s theme are on the page: Body, header, footer, and more.

Open all sections; you can play the sections to learn the themes and how to adjust them. While you have nothing specific to change, it’s good to know what to do if you need to adapt your subject in the future

Add Your Logo

If you do not have specialized or technical expertise, put your name in the Logoshop – you can also use the ‘ Logo Maker ‘ application for Android and check the modifications until you have a nice looking logo.

Prepare your basic pages

However, it is important to have content in your online shop to start with the following sections: About us, privacy, Returns Policy, Terms and Conditions, contact us, shipping and supply details.

Go to “Online Store” to create pages and then find “Pages” and click on “Add Page”

About us— this page should show you and what you are offering. Here, people can learn about you, and the page can determine whether or not they will buy.

Delivery and Shipping Information- You can now keep this page sweet and short-many AliExpress sellers have similar delivery rates and timescale prices. The information can also be copied and pasted.

Contact us– it is important to maintain close contact with all your customers. Make sure you put a clear and visible’ Contact Us ‘ link on your online shop. Select ‘ Add a New Page ‘ button and customize the’ Contact’ template for creating your contact page.

Required policies— e-mails, visit’ Settings,’ then choose’ Check-out’ to find the Privacy, Refund and TOS segments to create a policy sample.

Add Payment Gateways

You will start receiving money by adding payment gates such as shopping payments to your e-commerce shop.

Adjust your Shipping Settings

Nearly all AliExpress sellers offer free shipping, so add free shipping to your order.

Visit “Settings,” then “Shipping,” and delete all non-international shipment zones and change international zone rates-use Free. You can adjust shipping rates much later with additional supply alternatives, but for now free shipping.

Set up the Billing Information

Before launching your e-commerce shop will include billing details in your Shopify. However, you will not be charged until the 14-day trial time frame has elapsed. Go to ‘ Settings, ‘ find ‘ Account ‘ and enter the details of your billing.

Your e-commerce store is ready!

Finding dropship Suppliers

Remember your goal: to make $65 in 14 days without any cash. You must add products as quickly as possible. Choose a method of fulfillment is your choice. Almost all of these models can explain in detail successful organizations with their methods and benefits. AliExpress dropshipping is an easy and quick way to start your business in e-commerce. In addition, 14 days is quite an enormous timeframe and something quick and easy is needed.

AliExpress Dropshipping

The AliExpress dropshipping works like the traditional dropshipping method. You can quickly copy AliExpress to your online shop and set your own prices or markups. Buy it from AliExpress after selling a product and ship directly to your own client. AliExpress dropshipping has many benefits; however, dropshipping is much more modulated than simply loading the inventory.

Aliexpresss dropshipping Advantages:

• Your own margins are managed. You are not bound to a MSRP or suggest a retail price with AliExpress Dropshipping; you can choose your own retail price.

• You can start at no cost instantly. AliExpress dropshipping without close contact with the provider is very plausible.

• You don’t need a successful company to launch your e-commerce store. But you’re going to need as you excel.

• Several products can be accessed instantly.

AliExpress has trendy products; even Chinese suppliers study trends for their research.

Aliexpress dropshipping Disadvantages:

Dropshipping makes it very difficult to gain any competitive advantage, because AliExpress makes it even harder.

• AliExpress has several copyright infringements; therefore, if you’re not careful, you’ll become part of that.

• There is no consistent return policy as AliExpress is essentially a retail site.

• It takes at least 30 days to complete deliveries to certain areas of the world apart from the United States; however, people living in those areas are used to extended delivery times. However, longer delivery times may render several customers unattractive.

Is AliExpress dropshipping valuable now? Absolutely! Absolutely! There are more than 2 200 online shops with AliExpress dropshipping, which over the last six months have earned more than $ 8,900,000.

You want to go ahead? Here’s the way…

Add some products to your list of preferences

Search for all the products that you want to sell. Visit When the item that meets your search specification is found, place it on your wish list (AliExpress account). If you are interested in selling your products in the US, make sure that the epacket delivery is used to deliver your product. EPacket delivery takes only about 9 to 14 days to reach the US, sometimes faster, whereas some delivery options take up to a period of at least a month. Oberlo Chrome Extension can also be installed free of charge to sort ePacket products into your category page.

Do not always go at the lowest price

The price, in most cases, hence depends on quality; when you view a similar product at a lower price don’t be too comfortable and pleased. Although lower prices do not mean that the products are poor, we advise you to stay away from such situations.

Find providers with more than 95% positive responses

Positive feedback rates and feedback score are two essential factors to be considered during the analysis. The positive reaction rate shows the supplier’s feedback rate, whereas the seller’s sales volume is displayed in the feedback scores. Make sure you want at least 2,000 feedbacks and 95 per cent positive feedback.

Evaluate the response of the supplier

For example, if a customer reports an emergency situation and conflicts on your account (PayPal) and a request for referral. In order to avoid such a situation, make sure that you check AliExpress supplier reactivity before moving their products into another country. Contact them through and see how quickly you will get an answer and a solution. You can also create a fantastic scenario by saying that you haven’t got an order. Note the seller’s time frame to react and how they handle the situation.

Setting up Oberlo

Make sure you set up the app before you load your store with products. Visit the Settings page of Oberlo and update the Price Multiplier and find out about other settings.

Import Products

If you haven’t installed the free Chrome extension of Oberlo, use the import method. Once the extension is installed, find your Wish List on AliExpress and first import all saved products. You can also go through AliExpress to search for any products you want to import; at the extremity of your browser window you will find an arrow-down button (blue in color).

Improve your e-commerce shop

Here are a few things to do to improve your shop.

To boost confidence, use the Trust Seals App

Yes, some shoppers don’t trust people to buy. Many of your potential customers, especially if they don’t know the store, can be reluctant to buy at your site. Trust Seals shows a couple of safety logos at the bottom of your page and helps to reduce customer concerns.

Prices in different currencies in the application Currency Localizer

Unlike paid traffic, it’s easy to control your traffic audience (free), and most of them are from countries. Optimize the conversion rate using a currency conversion app.

Create an FAQ Page

One of the most effective ways of answering customer questions (particularly frequently asked questions) is to create a page with various questions and answers. For example, how long does shipment take? What is the status of my shipping item? Etc.,

Collect emails and recover abandoned carts Soundest

Some 65% of the customers who have items in their cart cannot buy from you. Remember to send cart recovery e-mails to these potential customers, you can install pop-up boxes to collect e-mails from the electronic shop that provide them with an incentive and other discounts.

Designing your product banner

Use product pictures rather than custom banners because it takes a lot of time and money to make beautiful banners. Choose the banner size (1200x360px) to use a tool like, upload a product image, go to’ background,’ enter brief descriptions, insert the’ Buy Now’ button, and you’re in the forefront!

Make your first sales in dropshipping

Remember to go to Dropship without money, and make $ 65 within 14 days. Now that your business is fully functioning, make the $ 65! Explore these ideas below and look at what works for you as you leave your search.

Reddit Marketing

Your Reddit posts will succeed if you have enough up-votes to keep you ahead of other posts. In order to obtain them, make sure our posts are unique, handy, funny, interesting or adorable— do not overpromotional. Search your product or category for subreddits which relate content, and look for ways to include your brand and products–you can share your video reviews, a blog post, a post on your product or a business story.

Tumblr screenshot and Blog

A particular content is targeted to the social networking platform. It takes time to create your online presence, but it’s worth waiting and trying. Make sure you are active frequently, and always connect with several other bloggers and their supporters.

Facebook Groups

This platform is an ideal way to effectively reach many people without spending money. Nonetheless, there are several groups (Strict Guide. Search out the groups for the product that you are selling and gain your confidence by identifying them with their audiences. Comments about posts by individuals in a group or sharing non-promotional and precious contents will be helpful.

Instagram influencers

Everybody uses Instagram virtually. It is a powerful tool used to show many people worldwide your products. However, it takes a great deal of time to grow by sharing photos of your products with different hashtags. Make a list of Instagram powerful profiles and ask for your help in promoting or affiliating your products.


Wanelo is an excellent place to find ideas and also to sell your products. Install the application in your online shop, get certified and sync all products to its respective marketplace. Our goal is, finally, to give you ways to drip your way without money, how easy it is to start and how you can get the right roadmap.

Your turn now is to begin! Don’t give up if you’re not successful the first time. Repeat the process until these goals are achieved.