9 Top Dropshipping Video Ads Service Companies and Softwares

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Last Updated on April 01, 2021


DSM is the e-commerce website that offers Web Designs, Ads, Copies, Facebook Manager, Thumbnails, and Filming for you.

DROPSHIPMEDIA makes starting fast!


Select the right provider that suits your desires best. Include any optional add-ons you’d like.


You will be asked to fill out our questionnaire when purchasing. You will be able to list any specifics required for your order here.


Via your account, you can receive your order and be updated by email. When the order is closed down, revisions are unrestricted.

What is this process?

  • Choose the number of videos 
  • Fill out our quick questionnaire with all your product details.
  • Finally, complete the order & you’ll be informed once they’ve begun working on your order. Your order will be filled within 1-3 days (or less if you ordered 12-24 hour delivery)

The distribution will take up to 3 business days when they are in high demand. On an all-important U.S weekend, they’re closed.

How much service is yours?

It costs $55.00 for one video without any add-ons. Based on the specifications, our rates range from $115.00 if you pick any extra add-ons.

Just contact us at support@dropshipmedia.com if you have a particular order that is not on the website, and they will do our best to organize everything for you!

What’s The Delivery Time?

Verified Pet Products Dropshipping Suppliers From USA and UK

Depending on what you pick, the shipping time can vary; they choose 12-24hour delivery or three-day delivery.

What’s The Fastest You Can Deliver A Video?

They provide delivery for 12-24 hours, which is an extra $35.00 per recording.

12-24 hour videos don’t sacrifice consistency; they do our utmost to offer the highest quality on time.

Do You Write The Scripts?

Yes! From inserting text, finding stuff, outro, royal free music, influence, they do anything for you. You practically do nothing; you don’t have to do something!

Where Do You Find Content?

Our video editors use YouTube images, premium stock images, and clips submitted to us by our customers to create the videos. They still produce a new video for each client and never exchange content that our customers give us or recycle advertisements that they make!

Can I Send in My Product and Have DropShipMedia.com create footage for me?

They have an upcoming service called shipping your stuff, having e-commerce videos for personalized footage.

What’s Your Refund Policy?

They would be able to give you a refund if you call for a refund within 30 minutes of ordering. The explanation why the refund window is so limited is because our team always starts editing accurately to produce 1-3 days of videos.

There are no refunds after an order is made. Both orders produced and shipped to DropShipMedia.com consumers are non-refundable because after they have started manufacturing, there is no way for us to recover our costs.

Despite our stringent policies, they give unrestricted recommendations as long as the order is available and not finished; revisions would include a fee until the order is completed unless our staff accepts under exceptional cases. They do want to make sure that our consumers are pleased with the end product.

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BandsOffAds is your go-to spot for High Quality, Quick & Powerful video ads for your dropshipping goods.

Our easy-to-use, high-quality, and compelling video advertising service is made for dropshippers. For each duty, they have committed & specialized team members. That is why our short turnaround times and top-notch facilities are preserved.

“I ordered three video ads from Bandsoffads, and I am very pleased with the video editing and the video text, definitely recommended from the first purchase, very high-quality video, they did.”

Here are some advantages that you get when you deal with BandsOffAds!

  • Specialized Video Editing Team
  • Scriptwriters’ technical squad
  • With every purchase, a Free Ad copy
  • Free thumbnails optimized for conversion

How Are They Different?

  • Time and time again, they have built proven-to-convert ads.
  • They deliver within 1-3 days to encourage you to start testing new goods quickly!
  • Providing a reasonable price while also retaining consistency
  • When working with us, they make sure they save you time & money!

Choose Your Video Ad

Choose the video kit that best suits the specifications. Include any optional add-ons you’d like.

Answer Questionnaire

You will be asked to fill out our customer questionnaire upon ordering. Here you will be able to include our editors with some notes or how you like your video etc.

Video Delivered via Email

According to the package you chose, you will receive your film, thumbnail & ad copy via the email you gave us in the timeframe.

Why BandsOffAds?

The essential advantage of choosing us over some other video provider is that our video has confirmed results repeatedly! That means you’re going to get a video with a good chance of conversion!

How to Make Free Video Ads for Dropshipping Products?

It is incredibly critical to know that your video editor makes videos that are known to sell. You know why it was the product that didn’t work and NOT the video where a product doesn’t work out.

While our devoted scriptwriters write copies for us, our specialized video editor’s source footage from across the web, they also provide consumers with any order with an eye-catching thumbnail.

They are a combined team of innovative & talented people who share an extreme passion for video advertisements.


They Produce Scroll Stopping E-Commerce Videos For:

  • Pinterest
  • TikTok
  • Youtube
  • Snapchat
  • Facebook
  • Amazon
  • Instagram

Your Video Creative Dirty Work, Handled

So you can focus on the non-creative parts of your business.

Product Testing

They thoroughly verify and inspect the products to ensure that they are ready for shipping and fully understand their features and functionality.


They hold multiple ideation meetings regularly discussing all the leading marketing angles, advantages & functionality of your product.


As a reference & guidance for you to agree and for the team to follow, our professional writers will script our ideas into a shortlist format.


Our Department of Casting seeks the best actors in your video to be included. Based on our roster, you’ll have the option to pick your actors.


They’re filming 6,000 sq. inside out ft: background workshop, dining rooms, kitchens, baths & more. Off-Location is a customizable order.


For a video that converts like nuts, our professional direct answer editors make the best possible cut that involves all the bells and whistles.

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Unlimited Revisions

For assured customer loyalty, they give unrestricted editing revisions until 14 days after shipping your video. No questions submitted.

Project Management

Keep updated with our Asana project management framework, where you can engage directly with our team at any stage of the process.

Custom Photography

As an added service to your videos, they have product, beauty and lifestyle photography. On the questionnaire, add them to your order!

How to Get a Video Produced:

STEP 1: Select Video Creative

They have bundled video services tailored for the media purchase squad. Select what’s right for your needs, from social media advertising to Amazon videos and full campaign kits.

STEP 2: Fill Out Creative Brief

Fill out our groundbreaking short questionnaire in depth. From core traits & advantages to expectations for actors and more… These are the assets that our creative staff will sort out.

STEP 3: Ship Your Product(s)

Send your items directly to our studio address in Orange, CA. In case something occurs during shipping or on set, make sure to ship at least four units as possible.

STEP 4: Receive Updates in Asana

You will have absolute clarity with your project and get daily feedback on where your project is from our team. Once it is ready to be shipped, you’ll receive your content via Asana!


They create Dropshipping Video Ads that SELL!

Produced by professional video editors and artists who specialize in dropshipping ads, get inexpensive, high-quality videos.

Get A Premium Video Ad For Your Dropshipping Business

Entrepreneurs like you have more options in these difficult days than at any other moment in history.

A Quick Guide About Branding Your Shopify Dropshipping Store

You’ll get USD 39 for:

  • One Dropshipping Premium Video Ad configured (30-45 Seconds)
  • One free Picture Ad
  • Shipping in 1-2 days
  • 3 Changes Revisions

How is it working?

Ok, you just have to answer our email after your order.

They need these three basic things:

  • The Product Connection (Aliexpress, Shopify store, for example)
  • Name of the commodity
  • The Shop Logo (optional)

It couldn’t have been simpler! They’re going to look after it!

Why Adsmate?

  • Very swift delivery: one day/two!
  • Each transaction receives one free ad picture!
  • With each video: -3 revisions!
  • Prevent infringement of copyright!
  • Stop disapproving of your advertising!
  • Saving time when you look for freelancers!

It’s our easy method here…

Place your order

Choose the video kit that best suits the specifications. Include any optional add-ons you’d like.

Short Questionnaire

Upon purchasing, a brief questionnaire will be submitted directly to your account. Here you’ll add some comments to our editors or how you like your video, etc.

Delivery via Email

Within 24 hours, you will receive your video via the email you have sent us. At this stage, you will be able to apply for up to 3 changes.


They make highly affordable, high-quality video advertisements that sell! 


The videos they produce are exclusive to you and appeal to your product and shop, like thumbnails.


Affordability helps you to test more goods and thus discover winners quicker!


They have an experienced team that knows exactly how to generate extremely entertaining dropship videos that draw purchases and clicks.

How to Find Promo Video Ads for Dropshipping Products?

What They’re Doing

DropshipVids is a NO-FUSS video ad provider for dropshippers that features high-quality, high-engaging, exclusive video advertising. They have 100% exclusive videos for shop owners looking to quickly evaluate goods while preventing copyright violation, growing their market, and delivering bad-ass results.

Simple as One, Two, Three:

  • Provide your Access to the product.
  • Give your logo to us.
  • They’re doing the rest.

They give you a preview until it’s all finished – you get infinite revisions.

Requires Final Delivery:

  • Your last video of your integrated badge.
  • THREE thumbnails per video contact.

Here’s How would work a standard order

  • Phase 1 – Give us your Access to the Items.
  • Phase 2 – They review the substance and build the script. Yes, every video gets its particular scripting function. Any video they create is distinctive.
  • Phase 3 – The film’s media was compiled – video samples, photos, ratings, etc.
  • Phase 4 – In compliance with the script they created, they edit the newspapers.
  • Phase 5 – The video is made.
  • Phase 6 – Music is introduced, and text is overlaid.
  • Phase 7 – The video will be reviewed to ensure that it follows our expectations.
  • Phase 8 – The video is submitted to you for analysis.
  • Phase 9 – They will do them right away if there are any modifications required.
  • Phase 10 – Give the finished package to you with your integrated LOGO.


Real e-commerce marketers who have sold millions of dollars of goods online have founded DropshipVids.

To produce entertaining video advertisements that instigate people to take action and buy, they mix conventional direct response advertisement concepts and user-generated content (reviews).

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They have competitive prices to help dropshippers quickly evaluate and deliver significant results to find winners.

  • Specialized Video Editing Team
  • An experienced squad of scriptwriters
  • Engaging video for the first 3 seconds
  • Optimized for thumbnail transfer

Dropshipping Video Ads

Why Choose Us?

  • FACEBOOK Ads Prices Decrease by 25%
  • INCREASE Interaction BY 40 percent on your articles
  • Avoid spending money on wasteful video ads
  • In making advertisements yourself, stop wasting time

What is this process?

  • Select a kit that suits the specifications.
  • For the information you need, fill out our brief questionnaire.
  • Finally, in the period you bought it to ship in, obtain your video.


They’ll appoint you a dedicated Creative Director as soon as they receive your request. He’s going to contact you so that you can be updated with your order’s success. On some other query, He\She will be your SPOC.

How are the videos developed?

Our video editors use clips (for royalty-free commercial videos) from our resource partners, Twitter, premium stock videos, and clips that our customers give us to create the videos. For and user, they always create a brand new video and always make them incredibly entertaining with fantastic graphics and engaging scripts.

They have a team of really professional copywriters who know how to write your video with the right quality.

What’s the video resolution?

The square resolution (1080x1080p) of our regular videos is excellent for Facebook and Instagram updates. However, suppose you want Instagram story vertical resolution or YouTube horizontal footage. In that case, that is also possible (You will get this option during checkout, or you can contact us for a custom offer).

Dropshipping Sports Product from Sports Direct

Do they have to ship the product to you?

NO, to make your film, they don’t need that product. They will research your product and, as described above, find the similar video. However, please feel free to share them with us if you have videos\images.

Do You Write The Scripts?

Yes! They have highly talented scriptwriters who can make unique copies of your goods.

Other than English, can you render videos in other languages?

Yeah, in any language, including French, Dutch, etc., They can make videos (however they need your help in script translation. So once you order, our creative writers will write your winning script in English. They will then send that script to you for translation)

Why should I order from you vs. others?

They have over 12 years of video marketing experience and have been in the dropshipping business since its early days. They produce hundreds of winning advertisements for customers worldwide every month. They know precisely how to make a video that grabs attention.

They have a squad of copywriters, reporters and artistic directors who are incredibly qualified and seasoned. And our founder, Ashwani Thakur, is a filmmaker who has received awards.

You can relax and be confident of the highest service if you pick us for your ad video.

In which format do you deliver the video?

They export in the recommended MP4 format by example (Full HD 1080x1080p). You may, however, also request other formats or resolution formats.

When can I expect my order delivery?

They are very concerned about timely delivery, so they still deliver the videos within the promised time.

Why Dropshipping Fitness Products and How to do it?

The arrival time of the video depends on the kit that you pick. They have two choices for you (one day and three-day delivery).

What’s your refund policy?

They are so confident that if you don’t like the video, they give a 100 percent refund. Within seven days, you will ask for a refund.

What If I am not satisfied with the order?

Till the moment you are 100% pleased, they deliver Limitless Revisions. You will apply for a refund within seven days if you do not like the video.


You spent weeks planning the dream store. It’s time to promote it now. Did you know that you’re going to fail to get sales if you have a successful website but not an effective AD? Ok, don’t panic if that’s the situation. To support you, they are here: They make videos to carry your company to the next level!

  • Stop WASTING money
  • Bad performing Advertising marketing! 

An entertaining, eye-catching video AD has been shown to boost revenue as videos are the most potent creative.

Delivery within 24 hours!

They’ll take care of everything, and they’ll deliver your video in 24 hours! Just put your order and enjoy your day.

Unlimited revisions!

If you don’t like it, just let us know until the video is delivered. When you are 100% fully-satisfied, they will check it!

In any language, they can do it!

German, French, English, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, etc. THEY HAVE NO Limits! In any language, they can do it. Only send us the script or let our staff do it.

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HIGH quality/LOW cost

They have Access to 30+ video databases that have lots of resources of high quality. Only let us know the product you want to advertise, and they will have you a high-quality and highly-engaging video AD. And you’re just going to pay a small amount. Nice, huh?!

This is our simple process:

Place your order

Choose the video kit that best suits the specifications. Include any optional add-ons you’d like.

Short Questionnaire

Upon purchasing, a brief questionnaire will be submitted directly to your account. Here you will be able to include some notes about how you like the video to our producers.

Delivery via Email

Within 24 hours, you will receive your video from the email you provided us with.


The industry of e-commerce or dropshipping can be challenging. Only to find out that your advertisements don’t convert, there’s nothing worse than spending weeks building your shop and seeking the right stuff.

How would it sound if you thought you had the most incredible possible talent any time you tried a new idea and only had to refine your shop or find a new product?

For you, it will probably alleviate a lot of tension and save you both time and resources that you would use for other, more important things.

That’s why they created a dedicated team of video editors and copywriters at Ecom Videos who can produce high-converting video commercials for you.

What you expect by working with us

They’ve completed over 11.500 dropshipping video ads over the last 12 months with 1.000+ clients, and if anyone knows what works and what doesn’t, that’s us.

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They have a penetration rate of 83 percent, which means 83 percent of our customers buy more than once. Why would they buy again if they didn’t see the first ad results?

But this doesn’t matter to you, because you shouldn’t. If they can fix the issue or not, you care.

Now let’s see if our ads can help you:

  • You’ll have peace of mind ensuring you’re going to have the best ad possible.
  • You will have more time to focus on optimizing blogs and testing products.
  • By the end of the day, you will have more cash in your hands.
  • Due to prior causes, you would feel much happier about your company and life.

Our Infrastructure

They will create Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Tiktok video advertisements. No matter which channel or medium you use for promotion, they can generate an ad for that.

In addition to these facilities, they can also create image ads, branded GIFs and write FB ad copies for your product profile. So, essentially, you have everything you need to never think about your talented people again.


What does the method look like?

How Do You Process Orders?

Choose Your Package

Choose an innovative ad kit that suits your needs.

Questionnaire Response

You will be asked to fill out our customer questionnaire upon ordering, including information about the commodity and any specific instructions you have.

Ad Innovative Supplied via email.

Via the email you sent us, you can get your Ad Creative.

What If I Would like Revisions?

An Overview About Dropshipping

In the rare event that you’re disappointed, within 48 hours of order arrival, you will submit changes. Your right is invalid by failing to apply within the said time.

How much service is yours?

They deliver the same service at a more affordable price than our rivals, including photos for as low as $10/ad. In comparison, students at EcomX are entitled to much lower discounts.

How long is the shipping time for you?

In less than 48 hours, orders made during the weekdays will be delivered. For weekend orders, please assume a cumulative delay of 1 day.

Do you offer deals in bulk?

Yes! Get in touch to hear more about our discounts.

How do I get my order tracked?

Wait for up to 2 days after placing your order and sending the product information via our website. Please check your spam folder if it extends the average waiting time, or you can contact us via our support forum.

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