Some Great Strategies for Facebook Dropshipping Video Ads

How To Create “Money Making” Facebook Video Ads

It’s no secret right now that Facebook advertisements are a big part of our business. And a good portion of such commercials use the footage.

Many (thousands) of owners of Shopify stores actually steal and change current Facebook video ad material marginally and call it their own. Although in the near past, it might have succeeded, Facebook is cracking down on those activities.

Enjoy the video as Rito shows how lucrative Facebook ad videos can be created:

With new algorithms from Facebook, they are able to assess if the video content used in an ad is unique. Frame by frame, they evaluate and also consider the background music used.

If the content of your video ad is considered non-unique, meaning it is already being used by another advertiser, it is possible that your account will be revoked.

Holding credibility and not plagiarizing things is really necessary, particularly though you know other persons are doing so, as has been the case for many dropshipping firms.

For your own brand, you are more than ready to come up with something special! That said; let’s take a look at how you can quickly build your Facebook video ads with high-converting, stable content…

What Tools Do Advertisers Require for Facebook Video?

When making Facebook Video Advertisements, there are a handful of helpful tools to use:

  • YouTube Audio Library
  • AliExpress
  • PickVideo
  • ScreenFlow
  • Windows Movie Maker
  • iMovie

Import Products & Film Them Yourself

Hands down, importing at least one unit of each object you are selling to yourself and then recording it with your own camera is the easiest and fastest way to produce video content.

You are guaranteeing that your Facebook company account is not suspended for redundant video material by following this path. Not to mention, this is the most honest way to produce video content and advertise it.

How it should be done:

  • Export things to your home or office
  • Using the product to take pictures of you and your mates
  • Film small video portions of you and your friends using the object
  • Upload your pictures and video clips to iMovie or Windows Movie Maker now.
  • Add some extra text and music
  • Exporting and uploading to FB

Just easy!

Note: In terms of video quality, the camera on your smartphone is more than adequate.

Identify Royalty-Free Music

With a fast Google search, the best way to locate Royalty-free music is.

Only scan for the “Youtube Audio Library.”

Pick “Attribution Not Required” from the top menu under the “Attribution” tab when you find an audio library.

You can also search and download a wealth of free music to use as part of your own content.

Modify current video of brands (at your own risk)

Facebook and Google frown on any repeat videos, but many AliExpress product vendors definitely don’t mind if you use the product video provided on their listings.

It’s better to change certain product videos, so they look original when you post your content as a Facebook video ad to prevent being suspended, blocked, or sandboxed by either agency.

To import the footage, use PickVideo, and then upload the file to ScreenFlow/iMovie/or Windows Movie Creator to trim the scenes, change the soundtrack, or add text to the various clicks.

Check out the above video to see an example of how simple it is to change the output of an existing video in real-time.

ScreenFlow, iMovie, and Windows Movie Creator all make making, editing, and publishing video content extremely fast.

On Apple computers, iMovie comes preinstalled, and on other non-Apple computers, Windows Video Creator comes preinstalled.