Top Asian Wholesale Dropshipping Suppliers and Manufacturers

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Asian drop shipping agents and suppliers list (including China)

Dropshipping is one of online’s most popular companies. It is one of the few authentic companies that can start with a budget of zero and still smile at the bank.

The main objective of this article is to expose you to Asian dropshippers, including China dropshippers, India dropshippers and more regions. This article is a publication. It doesn’t matter if you are searching for wholesale shippers in Thailand, Shenzhen or Singapore as this guide will certainly help you find the best.

Dropshipping online Basics

Just like any other online company, Dropshipping starts offline. It involved meetings with manufacturers and purchasers of certain products. This time, the products will be offered at prices above what the manufacturers offer.

In recent times, all these things have changed as the internet has arrived. Dropshipping now is an automated company you can try and make a lot of money today. For example, you can contact the comfort of your home for thousands of businesses with top products. The best thing is that these products are not kept or stored by you because they will help you to make all the deliveries.

Best Chinese Drop Shipping wholesalers

As we know, China has a mature supply chain in production. Therefore, if you want to find the best Asian drinkers, the majority of them are in China. And the chinese market has an impressive understanding of online business due to their commercial development and internet.

The following are some of the largest wholesalers in shipping in Asia:

CompanyProduct CategorySign Up Cost
ChinabrandsGeneral/All ProductsFree
AliexpressGeneral/All ProductsFree
DhgateGeneral/All ProductsFree
Global SourcesGeneral/All ProductsFree
1688General/All ProductsFree


This is a top-level enterprise that has established a strong reputation over the years to meet the needs of horsepower. The best thing about it is that it does not only cover the Asian continent, as it spreads to more than 200 parts of the world. Your API can help you automatically make your order and synchronize with your own store. With just one click, YOU can easily add thousands of quotes. In addition, they have 36 warehouses worldwide and you won’t worry too long about the time of shipment. They are trying their best to develop a self-constructed warehouse that helps global salespeople to smoothly sell and dropship their products. Register it now.

2- Aliexpress

In China Aliexpress was founded in 2010 and has since become a household name. It is one of Asia’s best drinking horses. One advantage that you use this website is that suppliers are always prepared to market products per unit.

3 –Dhgate

Dhgate is a leading supplier of Asian dropshipping, established in China in 2004. It is a worldwide trusted company that not only provides high-quality products to resellers like you, but also for very affordable prices.

4–Global Sources

Global Sources provides China’s wholesalers, wholesalers, suppliers and manufacturers with another confident wholesaler’s directory. It is located in Hong Kong and was founded in 1970. It provides you with access at nearly ridiculously low prices to some of Asia’s leading products.


1688 is a dropship company in China which currently appears to grow in popularity. This is because it gives resellers access to numerous suppliers. The only snack about this company is that its communications method is currently limited because the products are described in Chinese. However, it’s still a great dropshipping firm.

Dropship Clothing Suppliers

CompanyCategorySign up Cost
LeatherskinshopClothingCharges $15 -$299
Olay SocksClothingFree
Auraa Fashion WorldClothingFree
Kems Fashion LimitedClothingFree


Leathererskinshop is a wholesaler based in Pakistan for fashion drop shipping. It is a company that specializes in making original jackets of different types. You can search for your dropshippings if you have a target audience that loves jackets. Product’s like Men’s leather shoes, Leather Bags for Men, Hats & Caps and Leather Jackets for Women are available.

2–Olay Socks

This business is dedicated to baby and child socks production. These are 100% original and very demanding socks. It is a Turkish-based company. The best thing about the products of this company is that different processes for quality control have been carried out.

3 –Auraa Fashion World

Auraaa Fashion World is a wholesaler based in India for clothing drop delivery. It is specialized in manufacturing different clothing materials, like textiles and clothing. Since it was founded in 1990, the company has provided customers with high-quality products. You can rely on everything it offers.

4-Kems Fashion Limited

It is a Bangladesh-based company specializing in exporting different models to various places worldwide.

5-HK Hongen Trading Development Co. Ltd

This is a Chinese wholesaler. It is specialized in manufacturing fashion clothes through the use of handmade data.  And you can check Asian fashion wholesales if you want to know more about Asian clothing suppliers.

Jewelry Dropshippers

CompanyCategorySign up Cost
Silver BeneJewelryFree
Yiwu Collection ImpJewelryFree
Yiwu KooxusJewelryFree
Shenzhen Mascot Jewelry Co., LtdJewelryFree
Yiwu LongzhiJewelryFree

1 – Silver Bene

This company offers access to jewelry items like collars, earrings, bracelets, pendants, etc. It offers many goods at low prices you can resell today.

2-Yiwu Collection Imp

This is an Asian jewellery company which offers certain of the most wonderful products of interest to your customers. The best thing about their products is that they are cheap dirt.

3 – Yiwu Kooxus

Yiwu Kooxus is a wholesale Chinese supplier. It is a proven provider on most major Internet platforms. This is evidence that it can meet your customers ‘ quality jewelry requirements.

4-Mascot Jewelry Co. Shenzhen, S.L.

This is one of Shenzhen’s best jellyfishers in quality. You will have access to different designs that are interesting to your customers. The rings, pendants, opal series, jewelry sets and much more are available here.

 5-Yiwu Longzhi

Yiwu Longzhi is another manufacturing company that can rely on you to provide some of the best products to meet your customer needs.

Dropship Cosmetics Suppliers

CompanyCategorySign up Cost
Harbour WorldBeauty ProductsNew Dropshippers are to pay HKD 399 ($50),
Style KoreanBeauty ProductsFree
KoreasnbymalaysiaBeauty ProductsPaid
VipstoreBeauty ProductsFree
KollectionkBeauty ProductsFree 

1-Harbor World

This is one of China’s best wholesalers of cosmetics shipments. It is located in Hong Kong with plenty of packages to get you interested. It does not matter. It also provides dropshipping with discounts on their customers ‘ freight shipping fees.

2–Korean Style

Korean Style is a company dealing with different esthetic products brands. Their quality is the highest and also very affordable. It has one of the easiest dropshipping software to use.


This provider offers you access to more than 5000 beauty products, which you can buy today.


This is a Korea-based shipping wholesaler. The aim is to address people all over the world’s cosmetic needs. You get access to items from Skincare, make up products, masks, and many more.

5 – Kollectionk

This is one of Asian Dropshippers ‘ most popular cosmetics. The reason for this popularity is that both quantities and cash have been known to offer insane discounts. For example, on each order above $60 they give certain percentage of discounts. This makes it worth trying their dropshipping program.

Wholesale Electronics Distributors & Suppliers

CompanyCategorySign up Cost
Shenzhen Great Asia ElectronicElectronicsFree
Asian AdoresElectronicsFree

1– Shenzhen Great Asia Electronic Co., Ltd

The wholesale supplier was established in China in 2008, It is mainly used to export computer hardware and apps. You can obtain products with high functionality such as tablets, Android TV box and mobile telephones.

2–The Asian Adores

Asian Adores has its headquarters in India and is known also as an expert on electronic products production and supply. They offer unparalleled delivery of services across the region.

3– Epathchina

You can access lots of electronic products which can be sold as a shipper by Epathchina. These could include spy cameras, computer supplies, LED flash lights, computer items and many more.  


Sunsky-online is a top Chinese electronics company that offers its clients as a reseller today with some truly innovative products. These are items like cigarette electronics, smartphones, security devices and cameras.


This China dropshipper offers wholesale electronic goods. You therefore have a better opportunity to make profits from your dropshipping efforts as a retailer. They offer Android TV boxes, wearable devices, wearable HD devices, projectors, Android phones, and many more.

Final words

Chinese products on the global market cover every part of the world from Europe, the USA, to the Middle East and Africa. In China 70% of electronics, 60% of clothing, 50% of shoes and 40% of the home decors have been manufactured in world. These products are not only the most common in life, but also the most affordable, so increasing numbers of consumers choose to purchase Chinese products on Amazon.

After you have found the Asian dropshipper and drop wholesalers list, which of these products do you want to import from? Tell me your ideas.

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