7 Top Lamps and Led Lighting Dropshipping Suppliers

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Best Lamps and Lights to Sell

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Looking for the best marketable lamps and lights for 2020? We do a deep dive into the lighting niches in this segment, which will skyrocket in the coming year. From planetarium lights to novelty lamps, you can find a whole range of lamps and views that you can sell in your shop.

Led Lights Dropshipping

Many items can be used to make dropshipping products. High demand makes these items, clothing, equipment, and components highly profitable. Dropshipping LED lights will be a popular product in 2021. Because LED bulbs are low-cost and highly efficient, this is why they have become so popular. Dropshippers with an interest in wholesale LED lighting have a great opportunity because of the high demand. This article will introduce you to 8 of the best LED lights that you can dropship in 2021.

LED stands for Light-Emitting Diode. It is a semiconductor light source that emits sunlight when current flows through it. This popular appliance is used in many places, including indoor and outdoor lighting. It can also be used in commercial infrastructures like offices, shops, warehouses, supermarkets, workshops, and other commercial buildings. The LED lighting market is experiencing a tremendous growth as a result of the new digital innovation. The report overview shows that the global LED lighting market was worth USD 54.00 billion in 2019. It is expected to grow at a compound annual rate (CAGR of 13.4%) between 2021 and 2027. LED lights are now more versatile and efficient, making them suitable for use in areas where proper lighting is essential. Led lighting wholesale is a great investment for your online shop.

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Dropshipping LED lights is the best option in 2021 due to their low manufacturing costs and wide variety of uses. High-quality LED lighting wholesalers are being produced by top LED lighting manufacturers who are investing rapidly in new technologies. All year round, people all over the globe love brightly colored lights. Their increasing demand will positively impact market dynamics.

LED lights are also affordable, energy efficient, warm white, dimmable, and can be dimmed. This makes them a worldwide accepted product. Dropshipping is the most popular way for top LED lighting companies to reach customers worldwide.

Dropship LED lights can be used as a replacement for traditional lighting and reduce carbon emissions. Dropshippers have the opportunity to explore customer needs and benefit from the large dropship a wide range of products such as string lights, string lights or solar street lights.

Planetarium Light

There are plenty of starry nights you’ll miss when you stay in the city. City lights prohibit even people from seeing the stars in the highest towers. And if you can’t find them indoors, it’s time to bring them outdoors. Fortunately, this romantic star projector will help your customers build an at-home planetarium. Over the past few months, it has generated hundreds of orders assisting people worldwide to transform their rooms while radiating the sky.

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For this planetarium light or star projector, there are several primary audiences you can hit. First, in relationships, you can approach people because that can act as a mood setter for a fun night out in. Second, you can target people interested in sure key terms astronomy, space, stars, and related terms. Fourth, people who are fans of space-related pages like NASA or SpaceX may be targeted. First, you can also use Google to run ads that target keywords such as “home planetarium” or “planetarium projector.” You can even run advertising on Google Shopping so that customers can see the product you offer.

Photo Twinkle Lights

A fast scan of Google Trends reveals that both twinkle lights and fairy lights step up in searches. And, not surprisingly, the popularity of wall lights like this twinkle light picture will grow too.

A significant indicator of a product being a winning product is the number of suppliers who market it. We have countless suppliers on Oberlo selling various kinds of twinkle and fairy lights that you can sell at your shop.

Good news: according to Keywords Everywhere, the keyword “fairy lights” gets 165,000 monthly searches, which demonstrate the feasibility of a market around these types of items.

To promote your store’s wall lights, you can devote a whole product category to having different kinds of twinkle and fairy lights. Will you want to have your substance on the walls of your customers? Then try to take pictures of your tradition.

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If you’re not a knowledgeable photographer, contact an influencer to take custom pictures for you. And add your customized images to sites such as Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook.

Women planning their wedding or having an interest in home decor may be interested in buying these items, so keep them in mind when setting targeting options. But don’t fear to discover other demographics too.

Photo Lamp

Also, the clients search for somebody’s ideal gift: wedding presents, engagement presents, and birthday gifts. Fortunately, a lighting device currently exists that would make the perfect gift for someone’s special day.

This picture lamp lets you put a photo inside a moon lamp. You can see a photo of the person when it’s lit up. Customers may also place custom text on the lamp to customize the gift as well. Personalized products tend to perform wildly well, and this product capitalizes pretty nicely on that trend. Over the last few months, it has had hundreds of orders.

Your picture lamp can be marketed in many ways. To post your logo or marketing copy on, you can approach business owners looking for a light. To persuade them, a simple idea you might consider is to post a photo of their first year of business always to remember how they started.

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A further choice for marketing is to concentrate on relationships. You can target couples based on their birthday, an upcoming wedding or birthday date. Another option on special occasions like Mother’s Day or Father’s Day is to promote this picture lamp. Keep in mind that various countries have different Mother’s Day dates, and you want to hit those countries on their specific times instead of running each country on the American holiday.

Night Light Projector

Are the bulk of your client’s young parents? If so, you may want to support them by promoting this night light wave projector to alleviate their children’s fear of the dark.

It adds onto the ceiling a dark blue wave design to subtly brighten up the room. It’s perfect for late-night bathroom trips, as well. Projector lights represented vast volumes of sales in 2019 and are anticipating sustained growth in the coming year.

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Searches for projector lights have been stepping up in the past 12 months, especially towards the end of each year. Customers will suggest this product as a way to see better in the dark.

Because this product is operated by battery, you can easily place it in the rooms without any outlets. You can highlight the advantages of this drug so that you can see better in the dark.

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For example, if marketed as a bathroom light, it will help you see someone else in the home in the dark without a bright, yellow light waking up. The dark blue light is less intense than traditional yellow light, too. It can also be sold as a night light for kids who appear to get afraid of the dark.

Camping Headlamp

Those catering outdoor enthusiasts would love to encourage this light on camping. Walking through the dark woods at three in the morning searching for an outhouse can be a terrifying experience.

Especially if wild animals like snakes or bears walk along the same tracks, this product can help to ensure the safety of your customers as they travel the deep woods.

Surprisingly enough, each year, search volume for “headlamp” continues to hold steady, showing that this is a stable commodity that you can market. During colder winter months, the peak season begins to rise.

There are, in reality, different niches to which you can encourage this headlamp. You should sell it to outdoor lovers, including campers and hunters, for example.

Second, on those colder winter days where visibility is a matter of life or death, you should also encourage it to fitness enthusiasts, including cyclists and runners.

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These can also be useful for seasonal staffs who later work in the evening and need headgear to complete work activities in the dark. You may use Facebook’s targeting tools to approach users more closely to find your ideal customer based on their job title or interests.

Wall Lights and Sconces

Wall lights such as those sconces will begin to become more common in the coming year. According to Google Trends, people are trying to get more accent lighting.

Adding up hallways with sconces is a great way to add some subtle decoration to a home, and that is something shoppers know. Such sconces come in five colors: black, brown, green, pink, and white, making it easier for you to find a consumer looking for a particular color.

The search volume for “wall lights” indicates that this form of lighting is common at around 110,000 monthly searches. And this particular product has a rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars, suggesting that it’s a product that attracts customers.

So you can promote them on excellent home decor blogs with those wall sconces. To get more eyeballs on your wall sconces, you should reach out to blogs in the niche and ask them to add a link to your company in one of their round-up articles of lighting items.

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When, after seeing the product, people click on the link to your website, they are much more likely to purchase it than if they stumbled into your site looking for something else. You can then run a retargeting ad for this product so that shoppers who didn’t purchase it on their first visit will win back.

Selfie Night Light

But let me take a selfie first. Despite the success of Instagram going high, it is safe to say the selfie isn’t going anywhere. Luckily, now you can help clients get their best shot no matter where they are or what time of day they are.

This Selfie Night Light Ring helps customers take their selfies in dark bars, at darkest night hours, or in poorly lit spaces. Specifically, this one has had over 33,000 sales over the last six months. Gigantic!

Even this night light comes in three colors: white, black, and pink, and you can suggest different colors for people with varying shades of telephone or interests.

This light ring is compatible with several phones, including iPhones, Samsung, Sony, Motorola, and more. Want to get more phones to light your night?

Thankfully there is a relatively easy way to do that. When it comes to Facebook targeting, you may target people depending on the app they are using. So if the night light is compatible with a specific iPhone model, you can target people under actions (meaning they own it) and interests with that iPhone.

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You can also identify the type of customer who is most likely to buy your product by zero in on your ads, such as gender or other interests. You can also reach out to influencers who have taken amazing photos to plug this product into Instagram or YouTube by educating people to take better pictures on easy tricks. This product can be included as one way to take better photographs because the lighting is essential for great photography.

Rocket Lamp

The interest in astronomy is rising like crazy, with an expedition to Mars getting ready for takeoff in the coming years. And to be frank, goods such as the rocket lamp were never hotter. The smoke from the rocket lights up in the darkroom to create light. Over the last couple of months, this unique lamp has received hundreds of orders.

You can approach a few groups to promote this light, such as people who work in astronomy, astrophysics, and space agencies. You may also reach young children’s parents, as this might be a perfect lamp to encourage young children to take an interest in space. One demographic that you can achieve are SpaceX or NASA fans as people who like those pages are also possibly interested in astronomy.

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You can reach these markets more effectively by focussing on Facebook or Instagram. You can always pin pictures of your Pinterest rocket lamp using keywords like “kids space decor.” And worst-case scenario, you can always ask Elon Musk to buy your rocket lamp (just kidding).

Wholesale-leds Dropship Program

Wholesale LEDs has partnered up with Inventory Source to offer dropship automation Software to resellers. This allows for quick integration with our product and inventory data.

Wholesale LEDs Dropship Programme

Wholesale LEDs will make every effort to help its customers in the drop shipping process. Our LED drop ship service is great for any business, whether you are just starting out or an established one.

Benefits of being a drop shipper

  • There are no setup fees Give us a call, and we’ll get you started.
  • We manage and store the inventory. There will be no excess inventory.
  • We pack and ship your products directly to your customers. Within 48 hours of receiving clear payment, shipping is made.
  • Only after your customer has paid you, do we pay you?
  • It is possible to test the market without taking any risk.
  • Your attention can then be focused on product research, marketing, advertising, and product research. We handle all aspects of inventory management, packing, and shipping.
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Drop Shipping Guidelines:

  • All orders received and paid by the due date will be shipped the next business day. Back ordered items are exceptions to this policy.
  • Non-business hours orders, like evenings, weekends and holidays, will not be processed and shipped on the next day.
  • All orders can be placed directly through our website.

Setting Up you Drop Shipper Account:

Register for an account by visiting our website. After completing the registration, please contact us to verify that your account is active. Drop shippers must have a Re-seller Permit. For more information, please contact us.


  • All orders are eligible for Priority Shipping by the United States Postal Service (USPS).
  • The weight of your order will determine the shipping charges and the Drop Shipper will pay them. Do not forget to add shipping costs to your customer.
  • Make sure you provide the correct shipping address. Unless otherwise noted in the customer notes, orders will be shipped only to the Shipping Address.
  • Once your shipment leaves our warehouse, tracking numbers will be sent by e-mail.

Wholesale Prices

  • Once your account is verified, drop shipping prices will be offered.

Home Lighting Dropshippers

Lighting is essential to the health of your home. Both inside and exterior lighting are important. Proper lighting is essential for the safety and security of your family members and friends who might be visiting your home. You can create a sense of security by properly lighting your outside area. This will make it difficult for potential intruders to enter your home. An intruder will be 98% more likely than to try to enter a home without lighting outside.

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There are many options when it comes to lighting your outside home. Lighting that covers your walkway from the driveway to your front door can be chosen. This will not only keep out intruders but also ensure safety for your family as they walk along this path at night. Your family will be able avoid unseen obstacles by using the outside lighting.

Sensor-powered lighting can be purchased to run your garage, or any other area of your home outside. The lights will only turn on when the sensor senses that there is someone or something in the vicinity. You can program these lights to remain on for a certain amount of time. It is up to you. This type of lighting is becoming more popular and homeowners are opting for it.

Kitchen light fixtures are the second most important type to think about when lighting your home. The kitchen is the most used room in your home. You may also find dangerous appliances in your kitchen. This includes electric stoves, as well as cutlery like knives. You should therefore carefully consider the lighting fixtures in your kitchen. It is important that your kitchen lighting fixtures are simple to use and provide enough light. You can take preventive measures to avoid any injury or damage in your kitchen.

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Many people don’t take their kitchen lighting fixtures seriously. They believe that all lighting is equal. If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen and cook most of the meals for your family, you need to ensure that the lighting in your kitchen is efficient and effective.

Information on kitchen light fixtures and outside home lighting can be obtained from Ask-the-electrician.com. Ask-the-electrician.com is a unique web-based service that allows you to receive answers to commonly asked questions when it comes to your homes lighting. With the resources and large knowledge base offered by Ask-the-electrician.com you will have no trouble in finding the lighting that you need to make your home safe for you and your family members.

Dropshipping Light Fixtures

Decorating your home with the things you love is what home decor is all about. Light fixtures, such as lamps, can add the finishing touch to a space and enhance the overall look. These accessories are easy to make at home, or you can update your old ones.

You can easily update floor lamps and table lamps to fit your home decor. For an easy fix, many home decor and lighting stores sell lampshades in a variety of sizes and styles. To create table lamps or floor lamps, choose shades that match the base shape. For round bases, drum-shaped shades work well. Square bases should be paired with circular shades. Repainting the base is another option for updating floor lamps. Spray paint comes in many colors and finishes, making it easy to update the lamps. For homes with a traditional aesthetic, finishes such as oil-rubbed brass or mercury glass work well.

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It’s simple and fun to create your own lighting fixtures, as there are many lighting kits available at hardware stores and decor shops. With a little imagination, you can easily recreate popular designs at home. You can make wire pendants with old wire wastebaskets or wire baskets at home. They have a modern look that is very appealing. Spray paint the wire basket in matte finish before you start to achieve industrial-chic look. With wire cutters, make a hole in the basket’s underside for the light socket. Attach the pendant to the ceiling and place it over the kitchen island or dining room table. The light bulb will be visible so choose a low-wattage one to prevent glare.

Popular light fixtures are glass-base lamps that can also be made at home. These lamps can be made from glass vases, wine bottles, recycled glass jugs, and water pitchers. You will need a lamp lighting kit, and a shade. You can fill the bases with collectibles, and then add the shade. For a nautical-themed space, fill the bases with seashells or sand dollars. Or use old nuts and bolts to make it industrial-chic. To achieve a mercury-glass effect, clear-glass can be spray painted with silver paint.