How the Chinese New Year Holidays Affect Dropshipping Business?

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How Will Chinese New Year Affect Your Store

If you import goods from China, the ins-and-out of the Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, can be recognized. In most China, the Chinese New Year brings industry to a halt, marked by factory shutdowns and a massive increase in tourism. But don’t be scared! Even if you rely on Chinese suppliers for your dropshipping service, there are some easy steps you can take to protect yourself and your customers from possible complications. This post will go into what you need to know to make sure that your company runs smoothly before, after, and after the Chinese New Yea.

When Is Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year will take effect this year on Saturday, January 25. Suppliers, on average, take a week off and spend time with their families and friends. This is comparable to North America individuals taking extra time off during the holiday season (Christmas and New Years’). So, you will find that most manufacturers shut down this Chinese New Year between January 25 and February 8, give or take a few days.

Just as during the holidays you might have a few weeks off work, some suppliers might choose to extend their holiday a week earlier or later. Before their weeklong holiday, they’ll probably start slowing down production. Therefore, to get exact dates on when they will shut down and start up again, it is essential to contact each supplier you work with. Also, knowing dates is good so that you can slow down your advertisements during the period.

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When is Chinese New Year 2020 – Saturday, January 25

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When is Chinese New Year 2021 – Friday, February 12

When is Chinese New Year 2022 – Tuesday, February 1

When is Chinese New Year 2023 – Sunday, January 22

When is Chinese New Year 2024 – Saturday, February 10

When is Chinese New Year 2025 – Wednesday, January 29

When is Chinese New Year 2026 – Tuesday, February 17

When is Chinese New Year 2027 – Saturday, February 6

When is Chinese New Year 2028 – Wednesday, January 26

When is Chinese New Year 2029 – Tuesday, February 13

When is Chinese New Year 2030 – Sunday, February 3

How Was Chinese New Year last time?

Last year, dropshipping was only marginally affected by most shop owners during the Chinese New Year. On average, most suppliers just shut down for a week, we observed. Though, some online retailers took the opportunity to reach out to distributors to get correct dates for some of their most popular products. Last Chinese New Year impacted shops that rely most on Valentine’s Day’s niche, such as lingerie, presents from couples, roses, and stuffed animals.

AliExpress Chinese New Year

A few weeks before the holiday, factories shut down during Chinese New Year. Don’t worry; however, several factories have enough inventories in place to be able to continue selling until the current week. For the Chinese New Year, we foresee the same sort of condition.

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However, the main thing to note is that you need to get in touch with each supplier. Four factories will not have a closure, but others will take a week, and two will take another. You need to reach out to the largest vendors as quickly as possible to limit consumer frustrations. And because of the Chinese New Year, you can also place a copy on your website to list order delays and give the dates when your delays occur.

How Long Does It Take for Products to Ship during Chinese New Year?

Some suppliers could slow down production a week or two in advance before the Chinese New Year. Orders issued a week or two before the final deadline could also be postponed. Also, orders issued during the week of Chinese New Year will face delays too.

For the goods, there are a few variables that affect ship time. To get exact details, you may need to call the vendors that you deal with the most. Ask each provider when they will quit handling orders, and when they are going to start again.

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Often, delivery times would be shorter if you use ePacket than if you use standard shipping.

Notably, some vendors may not even be situated in China. Because non-Chinese vendors wouldn’t celebrate the holiday, those items in your shop would not be delayed at all.

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Should I Close My Store for Chinese New Year?

Oh, no. During Chinese New Year, there is no need to shut your online store. During Chinese New Year, several blogs and Facebook groups will dramatize delays. Some go as far as advising vendors to shut down for a whole month. This is not accurate.

The industry may be affected during the Chinese New Year.

Suppliers, on average, take a week or two off. Can you shop be affected by China’s New Year? Yes, but only for a few weeks at most.

What are the store’s top-selling products? To find out just how long they’ll be off for, call the vendors who produce the best selling goods. You will determine how to continue with your store once you have this data.

Remember, company adjustments are necessary during the Chinese New Year, but fundamental changes will go a long way.

E.g., if a supplier of a famous necklace is going to take a month off, you might want to conceal the commodity in your shop briefly. If a supplier is taking a week off for a famous shirt, you might temporarily opt to pay less on advertising.

In general, if a retailer decides to take more than a couple of weeks, a week or two before the gates are closed, conceal the products from your shop to avoid delays.

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Another significant explanation of why you shouldn’t close down your company is that you would fear your clients during the Chinese New Year. Only imagine ordering from a supermarket and shutting the store a week back. Customers who have not yet collected their orders are going to freak out.

Staying active on social media, answering emails, and keeping your store up is vital.

Which Niches Will is Most Affected by Chinese New Year?

Usually, it’s those in late January or early February when it comes to which Chinese New Year niches touch the most. If you sell lingerie, for instance, orders could not arrive in time for Valentine’s Day. Depending on the year, you could lose out on Mardi gras sales if you sell masks. Chinese New Year can affect your delivery times if you have time-sensitive niches.

How to manage consumer questions about late Chinese New Year Parcels

When their package is overdue, individual clients can be worried. However, there are a few additional precautions that the firm should take to preserve the peace of mind of the client.

First, make sure that you post on your website during the Chinese New Year that delays can occur. Instead, you should mention the dates if you do not want your clients to know that your goods are from China. E.g.,’ between date-date, there might be shipment delays.’ You may want to include a sticky bar banner that states this on your website. You will also choose to have that on product pages on which you are sending your ad traffic.

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Second, as soon as they put their orders, inform the clients of delays by email. In case they skipped it on the webpage, getting automatic emails to send out reminding them of delays means they get the message. Even as they know the shipment has not arrived a few weeks back, it’s perfect for reassurance.

Third, respond to all consumer inquiries. If their package is overdue, you may get a few angry buyers. When reacting to them, though, be kind and polite. To respond to all communications within 24 hours, clients should be confident that their shipment will arrive.

Next, ensure that you have an eye on any shipment that is delivered at that period. If you find a few products have not been provided at that time, be mindful that those consumers might call you. To let them know about any delays, you may also take the initiative. It’s easier to be constructive than reactive occasionally.

Finally, on schedule, put your orders. You will avoid any future problems by putting AliExpress orders on the same day and cutting off deadlines for some Chinese New Year goods. To ensure that clients receive their goods on schedule, follow the timeframes of your vendors.

How to Keep Your Store Afloat During Chinese New Year

As a shop owner, you can face a minor hiccup around the Chinese New Year for a couple of weeks. You’ll need to make some minor changes to keep your company profitable over that time.

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First, waste less money on Facebook advertisements. It’s not time yet to ramp up. You will ramp up your ads as soon as your vendors come back from their vacation. Spend fewer on advertisements in the meantime. You’re going to have fewer orders, of course, but at least you’re going to have fewer refunds to think about.

Focus the ads on goods from vendors that are only going to be off for a week, as well. When a retailer is going to be out for a month, stop briefly marketing their goods. It would help if you also concentrated on delivering traffic to non-Chinese vendors who did not celebrate the holiday.

Second, if your shop already offers printed items on demand, you can temporarily concentrate on those products. This will encourage you to keep making cash during the Chinese New Year holiday at your shop.

Third, continue your attempts to market. Although you may spend less money on ads, you can continue posting many times a day on social media, daily blogging, and other practices to keep your brand at the forefront of your mind. This serves to convince clients who have already ordered while still developing partnerships with prospective clients.

Last, keep money in the bank account of your shop. In your bank account, you should still have liquidity. You should also be able to cover all of your monthly bills and money in your account if you have less cash coming in for a week or two. Don’t waste every dollar that you’re making.

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After Chinese New Year, when does a business go back to normal?

For most vendors, the business will return to normal about a week or two after the Chinese New Year. Any vendors might be off a little longer, but it depends on each of them. To find out more details, you’ll need to contact your suppliers directly.

Bear in mind, because Chinese vendors have been off for at least a week, they will have a backlog of orders that they need to get first, which will slow things for them a little. Throughout the process, you’ll want to keep an eye on orders and keep clients updated.