CJDropshipping WooCommerce How to Connect Through the APP?

WooCommerce integrates well with CJ. CJ dropshipping can be authorized to your store. Once you have authorized your store, your orders will be synced with CJ. We will then fulfill your order as soon as possible.

These are the steps:

1. Go to authorization via CJ.

2. Click Add Store

3. Please fill in the Site URL and key;

4. Just click “Authorize” to proceed.

1. Go to My JJ >> Authorization >> WooCommerce on the left sidebar.

2. Click Add Stores. Authorize only one store at a given time.

3. Please fill in the URL and key to your store. Please do not include “https ://”.” in your URL. Consumer key and consumer secret are the keys. These keys can be purchased at your WooCommerce shop.
a. Go to your Dashboard >>click Setting;

b. These keys are located in Advanced. Click RESTAP or Add key.

c. You will need to complete the Permission and Description. Your authorization is only valid if you have read/written permission.

d. Generate API Key. These keys will disappear once you leave the page so make sure to save them. These keys can be filled out on the CJ authorization.

4. Once you’re done with all the operations click “authorize” to confirm.

You can then list CJ Products in your store, or link your existing products with CJ Items. The orders will automatically sync into the CJ system after you se set up auto-order import.

Common Woocommerce Store Issues & Solutions

Woocommerce is one the most popular cooperative platforms. CJ is highly regarded by WooCommerce customers. Sometimes, however, WoomCommerce issues can make you crazy.

We offer references to help you with common WooCommerce problems. If you are unable to authorize Woocommerce stores for CJ, list CJ dropshipping items to Woocomerce shops, and sync orders, there may be a solution.

The most common problem is when you try to sync orders. Your orders cannot be synced to CJ. There may be orders in the WooCommerce store. You won’t find the exact same order on CJ. We can help you. Follow these steps:

(1) Verify that you have authorized the correct store . If you do not authorize your store to CJ, we cannot sync your orders. There is an authorization. CJ dropshipping can then move on to sync orders.

(2) Verify that the products are connected to CJ. Only with a connection to CJ can we fulfill orders and products.

(3) To see if you have orders that can be fulfilled, All orders must be processed, paid and not fulfilled. You can change your order status via WooCommerce if you don’t want it to happen. CJ dropshipping will then automatically sync all your orders.

This article will discuss the issues and solutions to syncing orders through WooCommerce. There are also possible authorization and listing issues. You will find useful information in the next section.


(1) If it is part your domain name, the “www” must be visible. It must be included when authorizing Woocomerce. It is not required if your website does not begin with “www”. It is also necessary to remove “https ://””.

(2) It is very important to give read/write permission. CJ dropshipping needs to have both your read and written permission. CJ will provide better service. If you allow only one Read or Write, you will need to go to CJ and reconnect.

(3) The correct “key” (and “secret”) are required. Sometimes you get the “Authorize Failed” information. You have entered the wrong key and secret. Double-check it.

(4) Only HTTPS support is available. Authorizing the store will first visit the website that begins with “https”, so it’s recommended to upgrade to “https”.

(5) Incorrect URL, or “Plain”) permalink. Use the correct URL for WooCommerce. Click Settings – Permalinks and Common Settings. Next, choose a different one. It works every time. It works every time.


(1) “Invalid or duplicated SKU” Issue/”UGS non valide ou duplique”. It is usually out of your existing products. They have the same SKU. You can check whether the product is still available. If it is, you have the option to delete it or keep it.

(2) Too many variants. If you list too many variants, it is possible to fail. You can list a few variants to your store. You can then edit them in the store.

This page lists all current Woocommerce store issues. This list may not cover all issues.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about working with us via your Woocommerce store. We will continue to provide useful information.

Cj Dropshipping Listing Failed How to Fix

If your cjDropshipping listing is not selling, there are a few things you can do to help improve your chances of success. Here are five tips to help fix your cjDropshipping listing:

1. Make sure your images are high quality. Poor-quality images can seriously impact the overall attractiveness of your listing. Invest in a quality photography service if you don’t have the time or skills to take great photos yourself.

2. Write clear, concise descriptions that accurately reflect the items for sale. Make sure to include all the important details about each product so potential buyers know what they’re getting.

3. Use accurate prices and keep them updated throughout the listing process. Price your items attractively but be realistic about how much you’re willing to charge for them. It’s important to strike a balance between pricing and attracting buyers.

4. Be active on social media and connect with potential buyers through relevant platforms. Share updates about your products and let people know about any special offers you have going on. This will help generate more leads and interest in your listings.