10 Best Tactical Gear Dropshipping Distributors and Suppliers

The Definition of Tactical Gear

Let’s begin with the basics. What is actical equipment? How is it distinguished from regular clothing.

The main difference lies in the purpose of the clothing. Tactical clothing is used for a specific purpose , while ordinary clothing can be used to express oneself.

These uses vary greatly and are dependent on the intended use of tactical gear. A tactical gear that a police officer would use would be very different from what a hunter might wear. Both can wear equipment but their clothing must serve different purposes. A bulletproof vest is not necessary for a hunter. Law enforcement does not require additional pockets for food or water.

Remember that tactical gear doesn’t include clothing. Tactical gear includes everything from standard binoculars to night vision goggles. Extra-durable flashlights and waterproof pouches can be included in the category of tactical gear. Their robust durability is what ties them all together.

These products are used by many civilians including hikers, campers, and hunters. As a profession, many people make investments in the most recent gear. Tactical gear is not available to everyone. Tactical gear is highly in-demand because it can be used in many situations. Functional clothes aren’t just for military personnel or explorers.

Outdoor and tactical gear are two of the most popular categories you can sell online at the moment. But where do you look for the best dropshipping distributors and suppliers of tactical and outdoor gear?

You can do this by simply searching for them online. But, will this suffice to locate the best companies?

Which products are you able to dropship in the tactical and outdoor gear categories?

Camping equipment (signal mirrors water storage and filters, survival knives and tipis tents and tipis radios, emergency lights waterproof matches etc.

Camping tools: Outdoor kitchenware, knives and axes, shovels, traps, etc.

– Sports equipment (bicycles and sports gear, equipment for baseball, football, and other sports, as well as fitness equipment.

– Hiking gear (jackets and accessories, gadgets, sunglasses electronics, cables, shoes, gaiters ropes, boots, first aid kits etc.

The majority of the companies listed are U.S.-based, and have a large inventory. You can sell all kinds of emergency gear, apparel, accessories, tools, and camping accessories with them.

You don’t have to add another category or niche product to your online shop if you already have one. Dropshipping tactical and outdoor gear will only increase your profits.

These suppliers and distributors can help you sell a variety of products.

RSR Group

RSR is more of a distributor of shooting gear, with over 30 product categories that are available for reselling.

There are many options for ammunition, handguns and clothing.

RSR Group has relationships with hundreds of gun makers, including Winchester, Steyr Arms and Kalashnikov. Beretta is another example. They aren’t just about guns. You can find cool camping tools and knives on their website.

You will need a valid FFL (Federal Firearms Licence) to be able sell guns and ammunition from RSR Group. To apply for FFL you will need to visit ATF’s website and follow the instructions.

It’s easy to apply for an account and get a resale certification from the state where you live. This license is essential and you should have it or soon.

You would be disqualified as a reseller without it.

ICAN Cycling

This China-based company is a leader in carbon-based bicycles, wheelsets and frames. It’s easy for you to resell the U.S. market because ICAN has taken care of all taxes, customs, and shipping.

A warehouse is also available in the E.U. for those who are based in Germany. TrustPilot rates ICAN Cycling as excellent with a rating of 4.4/5 stars.

Recently, they teamed up with TRIAERO, another carbon bicycle company, to make a highly-rated designer bike that has received excellent reviews from its users.

Dropshipping bikes can bring in huge profits, especially if they cost less than $2000 per unit. Use the below email address to apply for their affiliate program.

QBP Quality Bicycle Products

You can choose from more than 5000 dealers all over the United States and resell over 40.000 products! QBP Distribution is the largest dropshipping market for bikes worldwide, selling some of the most popular brands for various purposes.

You can also resell Civia city bikes in New York, Salsa Bikes extreme sports bikes, or even just apparel and spare parts.

Customers will get their new bikes within one day thanks to large distribution centers located in Denver, Reno and Lancaster. The error rate is less than 15% for every 100.000 orders.

For greater profits, you can even create your own brand of bicycles. QBP is the best place to begin reselling bicycles through your online shop.

Moteng North America

They are now a combined company with Sportsman’s Supply, Inc., which is more focused on tactical and outdoor gear products.

You can find bestsellers, new arrivals and special offers on the site.

ATN, Crimson Trace and Spyderco are some of the most well-known brands.

Shipping is usually done within one working day.

Orders over $1000 qualify for free shipping. These orders are usually handled by UPS, FedEx and USPS. Their Fenton, Missouri warehouse is approximately 100,000 square feet and can hold more than 15.000 products.

You can also set up payment options with Automated Clearing House, Visa and American Express.

Kroll Corp

Kroll International, LLC, has been a trusted wholesale distributor for tactical and outdoor gear supplies, products, and accessories for over 35 years.

Kroll has over 45.000 SKUs available from more than 170 brands to all its resellers. This marketplace is ideal for dropshipping tactical and outdoor gear supplies and products.

Kroll Corp. could help you earn more if your online store has enough traffic and is involved with several niche categories.

Shipping is free for orders above $500. They usually ship the next day after receiving your order. They can also offer custom business solutions to larger orders if you require a different type or partnership.

Wholesale Blades

Wholesale Blades is the best tactical gear dropshipping supplier if you are interested in dropshipping knives, blades, swords and other accessories.

They will deliver your order quickly and for no additional cost. Before you apply for membership, however, you will need to fill out a credit card authorization form.

Wholesale Blades, one of the most well-known dropshipping wholesalers for tactical, outdoor, and sports products and accessories on the Internet, is known for its large selection of blades.

You can also import the products in your online shop without a minimum order.

Brunton Outdoor

Brunton Outdoor is a leading supplier and manufacturer of outdoor gear. Many scientists, adventurers and geologists have used it for more than a century.

According to estimates, D.W. Brunton, a well-known Canadian geologist and mining engineer created the first pocket compass in 1894. This device has helped many explorers navigate through difficult terrains and saved lives.

By applying for their PRO program, you can dropship Burton’s iconic outdoor gear. All orders over $99. qualify for free shipping

The company’s growth has been remarkable over the past decades. They now partner with international distributors in Australia, South America and Europe.

L&Q Tactical

What do they do? Their specialty is designing and manufacturing tactical and outdoor gear for military and sporting purposes. L&Q

Tactical hopes to be the largest exporter of military gear worldwide. Dropshipping suppliers are open to experienced resellers, simply because major spenders are their clients.

You can see what they have for sale below and decide if you can make a profit. They deliver all over the country from their headquarters in Stafford, Texas.

If you are selling accessories, and not guns or sensitive items, then you don’t need additional licenses.

L&Q Tactical has been in business for just a few short years. Ask for discounts while you’re still small.

Nexis Preparedness Systems

Nexis Response, formerly Nexis Preparedness Systems, was founded to help customers purchase the gear they need to survive disasters.

Nexis is a top supplier and distributor emergency supplies. Nexis keeps more than 2500 products on hand at all times.

The company is able to supply customers with an additional 100.000 emergency supplies through their network of supply and distribution centers.

They are so well-liked that some of the largest corporations, including some Fortune 500 companies, have purchased their products.

It’s always good to have emergency gear in case of an emergency. You will need to first create an account before you can sell their products.

This article is not about tactical and outdoor gear dropshipping suppliers. How is Nexis on this list?

Let’s just say that they offer great camping gear, including apparel, tents, signaling devices and lighting, as well as other products to enhance your camping experience. If you market these products as we have suggested, you can make a profit from them.

Campco Inc.

Campco Inc. sells exclusive brands such as Uzi, Smith & Wesson and Swiss Tritium.

They also support dropshipping, provide images and textual content to any online store and can prepare orders in 24 hours after receiving them.

Dropshippers will find a variety of unique products at Campco Inc to sell, including military watches, jackets and vests, light sticks and binoculars as well as other useful accessories.

Before you contact them, you can review their prices and request discounts. To get to know them as a supplier for tactical and outdoor gear, see the below list.


Always look for opportunities that no one else has considered. This will ensure that you make the most of your online store.

Be flexible and adapt to the circumstances. Also, be cautious about how much you plan on selling your Swiss knives and camping tents. People enjoy camping and relaxation, but don’t want thousands of dollars to buy a few camping accessories.

Let’s just say that quantity is more important than greed when it comes to tactical gear dropshipping products.

You’ll make more if more people find out about tactical, hunting, outdoor and camping gear and accessories.

Popularity is on the Rise

As more people realize the many benefits of tactical gear, demand for it continues to rise. Even the most basic of citizens can find value in rugged flashlights. Tactical gear no longer targets a particular demographic because of their durability and technology. The right tools can be beneficial to almost everyone.

This is something marketers have recognized for many years. There are many brands that make gear that meets the practical needs of everyday life. You can easily search Google for tactical clothing to find a vast array of websites competing for your business.

However, not all of them are worthy of that business. There are many companies that just want to make a profit off of a popular product, as is the case in any industry. Before you buy tactical gear from a brand, be sure to check their history. The section below, titled “What Gear Should You Own?” outlines what you should be looking out for and what you should avoid.

Clothing and tactical gear are more than a fashion or novelty. This is why they have lasted so long. Every piece of equipment and clothing serves a purpose. Its popularity has not waned as the industry evolves to meet changing needs.

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